Leprechaun Tales



"Oh...my...gawd," Soo couldn't help gasping when we emerged from between the grass covered dune and she was faced by hundreds of naked bodies. "I don't think I..."

I smiled sideways at Patty and saw she was trying as hard as I not to laugh, neither of us wanting to make her any more nervous than she already was. Poor Soo was trying to keep her eyes down as we walked by naked body after naked body, her cheeks blushing crimson.

"Is it okay here Soo?" Patty finally asked as we reached a spot right by the water in a less crowded area of the beach.

"Oh yes, fine Patty," the embarrassed girl replied quietly.

After spreading a couple of sheets and dropping our coolers and chairs, Patty and I quickly stripped and then rushed into the breaking surf, leaving the embarrassed girl alone. Returning, we found Soo sitting quietly on the sheet, wearing her little bikini.

"I don't think I can do this," she started tentatively as we sat down on each side of her.

"That's okay honey," Patty said, "do what you feel comfortable with, that's all. Don't worry about us."

"Its not that I've never seen a man before, its just...I mean so many.."

"So I guess you don't want to put sunscreen on me," I chuckled as I poured a big drop into my palm.

"Don't be such an ass," Patty admonished, but when I lifted my thick cock off my thigh and slowly slathered the white cream over it, taking extra care on my cockhead, I could feel both girls eyes devouring me.

Within ten minutes Soo had undone her top, and shyly watched my reaction as her firm little tits burst into view. Soon after we went for a swim and when we arrived back soaking at our towels, Soo quickly slid the panties down her legs. "I don't like sitting in a wet suit," she explained as she nervously watched my eyes hungrily latch on the thick, black pubic thatch between her legs.

We were getting along fine and I was staring to regret the subterfuge Patty and I had arranged to impress Soo when we heard, "Jimmmy, Jimmy, I'm here," yelled down the beach.

"Sorry sweetie, I got tied up in traffic," Nicole apologized for her lateness as she bent down and kissed me on the lips, a kiss that lasted second after second.

"Hi Nicki," I gasped to a girl I'd never met before when we broke apart. "You know Patty, this is Soo," I introduced, stunned by this incredible goddess who stood next to me.

"Hi Soo," Nicole said with a warm smile on her face as she slipped the straps of her summer dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. All three of us were staring, mouths agape at her extraordinary breastworks when she stepped out of the flimsy, purple, silk thong and stood in front of us naked.

"You're completely shaved," Patty observed while Soo and I gasped.

"The clients prefer it like that," she answered, spreading her bare nether lips with her hands, opening herself to our inspection. "Do you like it? I know Jimmy does, don't you sweetie?" she crooned.

If Soo hadn't been completely stunned by the arrival of this sex goddess, she might have realized I was as astounded as she, unable to believe that Patty knew someone like this and that she'd put on such a show for someone she didn't know.

We all had fun that afternoon, three beautiful naked girls and I. No teenage boy in the world could have asked for anything more. And they all wanted me, yes even the gorgeous Nicole. She drove me home that day, part of our plan to keep Soo jealous, and as we drove Nicole let me know in no uncertain terms that she'd be quite happy to see me again.

And when I jumped out of her car I had her home and cell numbers on a card that advertised South Florida's premier strip club.


Later, in bed that night, Patty recounted the conversation she and Soo had had as they drove home. Patty told me she had started by asking if Soo liked me.

"Gosh yeah, he's really handsome...and smart too. But gee, like what kind of chance do I have against her?" she'd complained.

"Ha, he told me he really liked you, in fact said you were really hot."

"But she's a stripper! And look at her body. I mean she's a perfect ten for gosh shakes."

"She's too old for him," my sister responded impatiently. "He'd be much better off with someone nice like you," she insisted.

Patty then went on to tell me that Soo, after a few minutes silence, finally asked, "Do you think it would fit Patty? I mean, how long do you think it gets anyway? Christ, he had the biggest one on the beach! Your brother is a medical impossibility."

"I know," my sis answered wistfully to the little Asian. "I've never seen such a big one, let alone had one in..."

Apparently they were both giggling when they got home and Patty's last words to Soo were a demand that Soo promise to give her all the details if she ever did it with me.

"She is soooo, soooo hot for you Jimmy," Patty told laughing as I knelt behind her on Moms bed, my thick prick slowly moving in and out of her welcoming cunt.


I called her two days later, asking her if she'd like to go see a movie with me that night.

"But what about Nicole?"

"She's working tonight. I hardly ever get to see her these days," I complained.

"Oh really? Okay, sure, I'd like to," she finally agreed.

She was wearing a little, sexy, silk summer dress when I picked her up later that night, a mini dress that came to just mid thigh and with a neck scooped just enough so that I could see the tops of her braless tits. As she walked towards me I could see the little bumps of her nipples and the darker color of her areoles as her firm breasts seemed to dance under the thin, shimmering fabric.

As we watched the film, a chic flic romance – ughh, I slipped my arm behind her, and caressed the back of her neck, her hair, her ear and cheek, before gently moving my hand downward over her shoulder to her breast.

"Jimmmmy," she protested quietly as I cupped the firm orb, but then felt her shudder as my thumb and finger lightly pinched a now straining nipple. Moving my now confident fingers to the décolleté vee of her top and then under the soft material, I felt her adjust her body, allowing me even easier access to her hard tipped orbs.

I jumped when I felt her tongue lightly twirl in my ear and then looking down saw her lift up her miniskirt and slip a hand under a lacy, almost see through pair of miniscule, thin green French panties.

I was spellbound, watching her fingers as they again and again thrust between her legs, and jumped when her other hand closed on my straining shaft. Minutes later we rushed out giggling, well before the end of the flic.

"Let's go to my place," she insisted panting as we kissed passionately in the lobby. "We could go for a swim, maybe some other things," she teased as she skipped away.

"What about your parents?"

"They're away tonight," she whispered, "visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Palm Beach."

"But I don't have a suit."

"I thought you liked swimming naked," she teased back.

It was a typical steamy, hot South Florida evening, over ninety and humid, so we eagerly rushed to her pool when we arrived, doffing our clothes as we ran, and jumped hand in hand naked into the refreshing water.

Within seconds I had pulled her into my arms, letting her feel all of me as I tasted her sweet lips. "Oh Jimmy," she shuddered as my hands moved caressingly over her back and small, firm bum. "But what about Nicole," she asked, even as she ground her nipples against my wet chest.

My only answer was to grab her two rear cheeks and lift her up as I spread her with my fingers, opening her to the fat head that rested at her gate.

"It's too big," she protested even before she had felt an inch of me inside herself.

"Shhhhh baby," I cautioned as I moved a hand between our bodies and taking my prick in hand and after rubbing him up and down her pink slit finally aligned him perfectly for her penetration.

Thrusting upward while pushing her downwards, I felt my penis struggle to enter her, felt her stretching to accommodate me as my hands pulled her thighs further apart.

"Oh Jimmmmmy!" Soo wailed as I drove another three inches deeper. "Is it all in? Oh God ohhhh," escaped from her mouth as I stuffed even more into her. "Pleasssse, noooo," she cried as I buried my full nine plus inches to the hilt.

"Its all in baby," I crooned in her ear as I started to lift her up and down, all the while kneading her firm ass, letting a finger tease her little anal bud each time I dropped her on me.

"Unnh.....unnnhhhh....unnnnnhhhhh," Soo grunted in an increasingly urgent cadence as her pussy started to drip lubricant on my thrusting piston. She had locked her legs around my waist and each time I dropped her on my hard cock she sent a rippling wave cascading across the pool.

Soon I felt the wave of sperm building inside me and the first tremors of her orgasm hit just as my cum boiled up my shaft and engulfed her.

"Fuck!" she finally said as we stood trembling and interlocked in the pool.


"Poor Kim Sung."


"My boyfriend... I mean my old boyfriend," she beamed. "Christ, you're still hard."

"You don't approve?"

"Take me inside Jimmy. My bed...I want you to fuck me in my bed," she pled.

I took her twice more before I finally slipped from her bed at three in the morning, and left, despite her cries of, "Stay Jimmy, please stay," after promising to return the next day.

With my shoes off, I tried to creep into bed without waking Mom or Patty, but seconds after entering the room, the bedside lamp came on and I faced my smiling kin.

"So, how was Miss Ling?" Patty smirked.

"The movie was okay," I shrugged as I quickly slipped out of my clothes and under the sheets. "Night Mom, night Patty," I intoned as I curled up on the side of the bed.

"WHAT ABOUT US?" the two of them cried in unison as I felt their hands everywhere on my body.

"But," I protested to no avail. And as Mom rode me while Patty planted her pink slit over my mouth I wasn't sure whether I should thank or curse the good doctor who'd made all this possible.

It was mid-August when I'd slept with Soo and over the next fifteen days I was constantly making love, Patty mornings, Soo afternoons and some evenings, and nights with Mom and Sis.

Just days before the girls were to return to school the three of us returned to Haulover, one last afternoon of nude sunbathing before the summer ended. "She's beautiful, so beautiful," Soo started as she watched sis walk towards the water.

"Who honey?"

"Your sister."

"Yeah, she's nice."

"Do you ever want to have sex with her?"

"Huh, she's my sister."

"She the sexiest woman on the beach. Look at her Jimmy," she ordered as she watched Patty standing knee high splashing in the surf. "I'd like to fuck her if I was a man."

"But your not sweetie," I answered, hugging her to me. I was tempted to tell her, shit, I'd wanted to bring her home to Mom and sis for two weeks. "Besides, you're the prettiest girl here."

"I wish," she whispered in my ear while I wondered if she believed me, knowing she'd sensed the sexual electricity between Patty and me.

"I'm going to miss you Soo," I promised as the sun continued to bake us.

"You've still got Nicole; all I've got is..."

A week later, during the first week of September, first Soo and then Patty left for school, leaving Mom as my sole lover. But I knew there would be others – already I was thinking...watching... planning...

I knew I was going to fuck that bitch Christy, Miss Prom Queen Slut, she'd been making fun of my size for years...

And Mrs. Joanna Simpkins, my stuck up guidance teacher who'd once suggested in her prim, superior manner that maybe I'd have a future in the circus...

Or LaTawanda Jones, a golden skinned beauty who had driven me wild with her long sexy legs all last term...

But earlier tonight I went to the 'Pink Pussy', which just happens to be the number 1 strip club on Miami Beach and just by an odd coincidence was the club where Nicole was presently working.

She was standing on a stool, dancing naked for an old guy in the corner, rubbing herself against him when she saw me reflected in the wall mirror. "Jimmmy," she yelled as she hopped from the stool and ran into my arms. "YOU CAME"

...But that's another 'Leprechauns Tale'.


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