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Les Senior/Les Junior


When she first saw him she knew she had to have him. Les was everything a girl could want, tender, sensitive, and he had a killer body. Melody played it shy, as she knew he was a bookworm for all his muscles and eventually they were dating. She wondered how someone so smart could enjoy being on the wrestling team. What she hadn't expected was that Les would be so reluctant. She could tell he enjoyed kissing her, but they were never alone long enough for it to go any farther. Everyone kept saying how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like him, but her body begged for more. She had been to his house a few times and so she went over Friday afternoon dressed to thrill in a red dress that barely qualified as clothing. She sat in her car for a few minutes rubbing herself to a quiet and all too short orgasm. She had been fantasizing about this weekend on the ride over and it had gotten to point where her body had begged for release. She got out of the car a little more relaxed but what seemed like twice as horny. She walked to the door glad that her coat covered her up as she moved. She knocked on the door and opened her coat. Her cunt was aching to be fucked as the door swung open. She blinked a few times, and saw that it wasn’t Les.

"I'm looking for," she paused, whoever he was he was good looking and she realized how she smelled when his eyes slide down my body. "May I come in?"

Whoever she was, she was certainly a sexy number and he could smell her arousal. He noticed the wide-eyed look on her face as his eyes scanned over her and he let her in.

"I'm looking for Les," she said as she took her coat off and draped it over the nearest chair. She felt flushed, trapped, and something else she couldn't identify.

"I'm Les," his voice was low and rumbling as he noticed the wet spot on her dress.

When she turned to face him she noticed the bulge in his pants and felt her body calling out for it. She barely resisted ripping her dress off and impaling herself on him. "Then it's you I'm looking for," she suddenly realized this was her boyfriend's father.

"You found me," he murmured trying to figure out who she was and who had sent her.

She followed her impulses and moved to him capturing his lips before he could say more, and she felt his hands grip her ass.

Suddenly her lips were on his and like some wild animal he responded. His fingers were kneading her ass feeling that she was wearing nothing under her dress, if it could be called a dress. He let himself be swallowed up in the kiss as he felt her fingers tugging down his loose sweat pants. He had just showered and hadn't bothered putting on any underwear either and he felt her hunger in the kiss.

Melody was on fire as her fingers slide his sweat pants down feeling his bare skin, caressing the shaft feeling how warm it was. Her tongue conquered his mouth as she pressed against him.

He struggled to pull away and ended up sitting down, trapped, and unable to resist as she sat down. He watched the lustful look in her eyes as she slides her dress up exposing a coppery nest of curls between her legs. He found himself pulling her into him, kissing her hard, one hand entangled in her dark auburn hair. He felt her fingers guiding him and then he felt her body surrounding his cock. He moaned into the kiss and stopped thinking as she rode him.

Melody was driven as she slid him inside her and began moving. Thoughts of her boyfriend only briefly clouded her mind as their lips fought passionately. It had been too long since she'd had sex. Les Senior responded with all the passion and tenacity of a man who has gone too long without.

Les felt her lips leave his and he gasped for breath, watching her head tip back, and her mouth part in a sensual moan as he felt her body clinging and grasping his cock. His body responded all too quickly and he wished it weren't over.

Melody sank into his lap kissing his neck before she could say anything he was thanking her. "For what?" she murmured huskily only half aware of logic.

"It's been a long time," seven long years he thought, more actually as it had been that long since his wife left him.

"How long?" she murmured as she settled in his lap enjoying the feel of his warm cock nestled inside her.

"Years," he muttered. Les could tell his cock wasn't going down, if anything it seemed harder than before.

"Why?" she softly asked as she felt his hands on her hips gently moving her back and forth. She picked up his need and continued moving as she pulled his T-shirt over his head exposing his chest.

"It's a long story," he said after his shirt was off. He moved to take her dress off but noticed how she glanced at the windows and he thought better of it.

"Tell me," she softly said wondering as she kissed down his chest. She noticed every shift of his body, as her lips got closer to his nipple and the tremor that went through him when she kissed and sucked it.

He could barely think and she was asking him why he hadn't made love in years? "My wife left me with a young son." He groaned he had never had his nipples sucked on. "She pretty much lost all interest after our son was born." Les managed to say as her lips slowly kissed over to the other nipple. He inhaled deeply as she suckled on him. "My son wanted my time and said as long as I did not have a woman stay overnight he wouldn't have a girl stay overnight."

"Seems a little simple to get around," she softly whispered before their lips met again.

He took a deep breath staring into her eyes feeling her rocking against him; "Well he kept a pretty good eye on me and worked pretty hard to keep me from dating." He noticed her nipples were straining against the fabric of her dress and he leaned forward and captured one in his mouth. Her moan echoed through his body as he felt her body go nuts. Les struggled to keep from cumming but it was too late. "Besides when he got older it was nice to know he wasn't knocking up his first girlfriend."

She noticed the bitterness in his words as she slowly pulled away. Her cunt was pulsing and tingling with heat. "You sound as if," she trailed off as she saw the pain in his eyes.

"I was too stupid too think about protection then," his eyes went wide as he realized he had done it again. Except that with his wife she had to coax him into doing it and then had just laid there and seemed happier when he was done.

"Relax, birth control has come a long way. How old is your son?" She knew the answer but wanted to hear the story from him.

"Nineteen, and probably still a virgin." He chuckled, his son had done something he never could have, and probably kept him from a second unhappy marriage. "Sometimes I wish I had more kids."

Melody smiled and said, "Why can't you?"

He laughed, "Besides the obvious? Heck, I'm thirty seven."

"Men older than you have had children."

"Are you offering to?" his eyes slide over her body and he wondered how old she was.

"Maybe," she snuggled in closer to him and gave him a slow kiss.

"How old are you?" he asked as he slowly stood picking her up with him. He felt her legs wrap around him and watched her face as she replied.

"Twenty five," Melody realized she hadn't told him her name as he carried her to his bedroom. The bed was huge and soft as he laid her upon it. She was trembling as his fingers slowly worked her dress off. She watched his face as he looked at her body.

She had this unnamable quality, he decided as she laid back on the bed. She looked vulnerable and secure at the same time as her fingers slide between her parted legs. He felt as if she were inviting him to watch and he quickly removed his sweat pants and laid on bed perpendicular to her facing her. Les licked his lower lip as his eyes darted between her body and her molten eyes. He watched as she pleasured herself, noticing how her leg twitched as she rubbed her clit. It had never been like this for him, with his wife it had always been hurry up and get it over with.

She felt shy and bold at the same time as her fingers did the trick. Melody hadn't expected him to watch, the guys she had been with had been eager and often left her needs in the dust. When she could speak she whispered, "Care for a taste?" as his eyes looked on hers.

He couldn't speak as she offered her body to him; he merely nodded and began kissing up one leg, keeping his eyes locked on hers. He felt swallowed up in her eyes as his tongue brushed her hot warm flesh. He noticed every shift of her body, as he got closer to her clit. He felt inept, the past few years had only taught him how to please himself. He had wanted to go down on his wife but she had always gotten fidgety and told him to just stick it in and get it over with. Les felt the tiny bud and gentle lapped at it, noticing how her eyes grew wide and she began purring. She tasted tangy, somewhat salty, he noticed as he felt her legs twitching. He knew he was on the right track and gently sucked the bud, when her eyes rolled back and her hips tightened around his head. He couldn't hear her moans as her legs clenched his head.

Melody finally relaxed and sank into the bed. She wondered why his wife left him as he timidly kissed his way up her body.

He was overwhelmed as he kissed a trail up to her lips. He brushed a sweaty strand of hair off her forehead, feeling her body under his. Every breath of air was causing a rush of blood to course through his body. He felt her legs parting, and saw the sensual look in her eyes as her legs wrapped around him. "Are you always this insatiable?" he asked as their bodies shifted and met. He loved the way she felt, warm, welcoming, as if to say she belonged to him.

"It's never been like this before," she softly said as their bodies moved together naturally. It was as if he knew what she wanted before she said it.

"Good," he felt better somehow as he kissed her.

Melody wanted to ask the same of him as his lips pressed hers silencing all thoughts. It was just him and her, and the feel of the sheets. She laid back and enjoyed it for once; normally she had to work to keep her partner from cumming too quickly that she rarely got to enjoy herself.

He noticed her eyes close and watched her expression flicker back and forth between pleasure and bliss. Her body was tugging on him begging him to release. He was sure it was only because he'd already cum twice that he was able to last this long. It was only when she whispered, “please,” that he let go and came inside her again. As he withdrew he realized he had tasted his own cum from her body earlier and it didn't bother him. "Hungry?" he softly asked. He glanced at clock she had gotten there at about six and it was well into the evening.

"Starving," she replied her eyes slowly opening. He looked so vulnerable yet strong, she thought as he slowly stood up.

"I'm afraid there's not much in the kitchen."

She watched him pull his sweat pants back on as he looked back at her. "I'm sure we can find something edible." Melody stood and snagged a bright blue dress shirt that had been lying nearby and put it on.

How did she manage to look so sexy in a blue business shirt? He asked himself as he moved towards her and captured another kiss. "The only thing I'm sure of is frozen pizza."

Melody glanced at the clock and worried that Les, her boyfriend, would come home and find her with his father. "Is your son going to be home anytime soon?" she asked.

"Luckily no, he's got a wrestling meet this weekend." They walked back to the kitchen and he couldn't keep his hands off her as she tried to search the kitchen.

"That's good," she replied and turned towards him, surprising him with a long kiss. "Will that hold you while I look in the freezer?"

He smiled enjoying the impish look in her face as he saluted and promised to only look at her while she searched.

"It looks like frozen pizza it is," she smiled as she turned back to him and turned the oven on and prepared the pizza. She bent over to slide the pizza in when she felt a playful pinch on her exposed behind. She closed the oven and turned to him looking at his innocent expression. "Now I'm going to have to punish you."

The way she said the words brought blood rushing back to his dick. "How do you plan to do that?" Les asked as he realized he didn't know her name or why she had been looking for him.

"If I told you it wouldn't be a punishment now would it?" She moved towards him enjoying a leisurely kiss feeling his body responding to her. "Who's insatiable now?" she chided as her fingers slide against his skin and began playing with his cock.

"It's only because of the beguiling creature who makes a little kiss feel like magic." He lowered his lips and kissed her. His mind drifted back to his original thought, "Why were you looking for me?"

The question startled her and she wasn't sure how to answer. "I don't want to tell you. I think that shall be your punishment."

"Can I at least know the name of the beguiling creature who I've made love to?" The words fell from his lips before he could stop them.

She half smiled as she heard the words and saw that he was being honest. "My name is Melody Carter."

"That's funny my son is dating a Melody Carter." It seemed less funny after he said it out loud and put the pieces together. A lump formed in his throat, his son was dating her. "I guess this means that you were looking for him?" He wasn't angry it was more like deflated.

"We haven't slept together if that's what you are thinking. Your son barely touches me, I came over tonight to seduce him, but when I saw you all other thoughts left my head." She paused wondering how life got so screwed up. "I'm surprised he even mentioned me."

"I was wondering if he was gay when he told me he was dating this nice girl named Melody Carter. He wouldn't tell me anything else. Aren't you a little old to be dating a nineteen year old?" Les was confused, upset, and still attracted to her. He could easily see what had drawn his son to her.

"Your son is more mature than most of the guys I've dated."

"I guess I can see that," his hand was still running along her back, under his shirt wondering why he had assumed she was looking for him in the first place. "He didn't tell you about the wrestling meet?"

"He didn't mention anything to me. It doesn't surprise me though." She pressed herself against him needing to feel him.

"How does he resist you?" he asked after a long deep kiss.

"He never lets us be alone." She returned his kiss with one of her own, at least now she had an idea why he hadn't wanted her to meet his father. "He didn't want me to meet you, or perhaps vice versa?"

Les thought about it and it made sense, if he had seen his son with a woman like her he would have assumed they were having sex and started dating. "I guess my son really doesn't want me to date."

"Why do you think that is?" she softly asked running her hands along his bare chest.

"Maybe he's afraid I'd be dating women his age," he said with a smirk feeling her hands slide up behind his neck.

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