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Lesbian Love Affair


After prompting from a friend, I've decided to write about a sexual escapade which I have actually experienced, rather than just fantasised about. The following situation is entirely true, unembellished and related just as it was. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (or maybe guilty is a more appropriate choice of phrase?)

At the time, John and I had been dating for about six months, and I had never felt so strongly about anyone before. I was a virgin before I met him, and very innocent sexually. Together we experienced the first awkward sexual fumblings: it was with John that I had experienced my first orgasm, and with John that I had perfected my blow-job technique.

John was tall and well-built, and he certainly knew how to show off his physical attributes. He typically wore faded jeans that hung off his tight ass, and t-shirts showing the faintest hint of his firm chest. He also knew just how to work my body in the bedroom, which had obvious benefits. I wanted to give myself entirely to him, to allow him to pleasure my young body, to buck and scream and fall in love. I couldn't wait to fuck his brains out that evening, and for some reason, wanted to make it extra special for him that night. John made me so happy, and repaying him sexually was the least I could do.

At about 7pm, we made our way over to Lottie's house, where we typically spent our Friday nights. John was bestfriends with Deva, Lottie's boyfriend, and the four of us used to spend a lot of time together.

My close friend Lottie was dark and tanned, curvaceous with enormous breasts. Her face was framed with glossy dark hair, and decorated by her beautiful green eyes. Physically, she was my opposite: I have bright blonde hair and fair skin, with a slender frame and an average 32 C bust. Our differences did not stop at our physical appearance. Lottie was rebellious and outrageous in comparison to me, and was also totally devoted to her boyfriend, Deva. I honestly thought that girl would do anything for him. And considering his personality, that was quite a dangerous situation to put herself into.

I'll be honest with you. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I'd always felt extremely attracted to Deva. John had won my heart through his personality and affection, but with Deva it was totally different. I didn't even particularly like him much - I found him manipulative and patronising - but he was completely gorgeous. Like Lottie, Deva was dark and tanned with piercing blue eyes. He was not as well-built as John, but he carried himself extremely well, and made up for it in confidence and charisma. Deva generally treated women very badly. But sometimes you just can't help being intensely attracted to someone, even when you try your hardest not to. Maybe even especially because of that.

I remember that night so clearly. It was about midnight; Lottie and I were sitting on her bed in our nightclothes, whilst the boys were downstairs getting some drinks. The four of us had been drinking solidly for about an hour, and I was feeling slightly out of control. When I get tipsy, I have a dangerous urge to live out my most outrageous sexual fantasies without thinking of the consequences. I'm usually quite a responsible person, and I don't generally act on impulse, but alcohol brings out a whole new side of my character.

Lottie and I were both wearing long, baggy t-shirts, as we lay sprawled out on her bedcover, chatting. I was slightly uncomfortable because I was only wearing a thong under the shirt, so I kept having to tug it down to cover my ass cheeks. I wasn't so bothered with Lottie, we were close friends and there wasn't any awkwardness between us, but Deva had a way of always making me self-concious around him.

"You must be glad John's back, huh?"

"Yeah, I really missed him. It seemed such a long time!" I admitted, taking another sip from the whisky bottle that we were both drinking from. By this point, we were both very much under the influence of alcohol. I kept having to suppress the irresistable urge to giggle, and by the flushed look of Lottie's face, I could tell that she was pretty far gone too.

"A long time without sex you mean," Lottie joked, squeezing my arm and giggling.

I nodded vehemently, and couldn't help noticing the way Lottie's dark nipples were visible through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She was lying with her arms above her head, which made the material stretch tightly over her two orbs, with her two erect little nipples clearly distinguishable, pointing upwards blasphemously. Idly lifting a leg into the air, I couldn't help glancing at her smooth, tanned calves. Lottie's body was so sensual. It pleased me, somehow, the knowledge that my own body could look so beautiful as this: naked, feminine, sexy.

Deva and John entered the room, looking slightly worse for wear and wielding two bottles of alcohol, I don't remember what they were drinking. John sat down on the bed behind me, running his fingers lightly over my naked ass as he kissed me on the lips. I sank bank into his arms, enjoying the feel of his chiselled chest against my back. Deva remained standing, aloof and cocky as usual. I noticed his eyes passing over my bare legs so I slowly crossed them, stroking one against the other. I relished the sensation of his eyes on me, provoking him, enjoying the feeling of control.

Suddenly he averted his eyes from my thighs, and stared at John, smirking. "Do you know Lottie shaved her pussy?"

Lottie blushed bright red, squealed and threw a pillow at Deva, who caught it, laughing.

"Deva!" she reprimanded her boyfriend, but not looking entirely displeased. John shot her an admiring look, and she cheered up considerably. An image of Lottie's bare little cunt shot through my mind, shorn and naked. I'm not afraid to admit it turned me on.

Deva sat down and started stroking Lottie's leg, trailing his fingers from her ankles right up to the hem of her nightshirt, which had slid up her thighs considerably. "How about a game of strip poker?"

"Can't play poker," I retorted cheekily, swinging my bare legs over John's lap and leaning back on my elbows.

"Pontoon then. No excuses anymore."

I paused. Trust me, I'm not a thoughtless slut, I'm usually pretty reserved. My body is generally reserved solely for my boyfriend. Although I take great pride in both my appearance and my good body, I don't flaunt them. Well, not too much anyway.

"Come on, it's just a little fun. Don't be boring."

On the other hand…you're only young once, right? And there really wasn't any harm…we were all close friends. The feeling of complete control, of being desired so intensely - it couldn't be topped. I loved working my curves and watching the other persons reaction, it's like the best kind of drug. I'm sure everyone will know what I mean.

John intervened at this point. "Shut up, Deva. Just do what you want." The bulge against my lower back told a different story, however. Despite what he said, I knew my boyfriend was more than up for a quick strip tease.

"Sounds like fun," Lottie agreed (predictably) with Deva. She was giggling and rolling around on the bed, obviously drunk.

The alcohol had really started pumping inside me now: blood was flowing thickly underneath my skin, and I was feeling slightly lightheaded. Deva caught my eyes, and we held each others gaze for a few moments. He was challenging me: I wasn't going to back down now.

I shrugged. "Go for it."

We all sat up cross-legged on the bed, whilst Deva fetched the cards. John was still holding me tightly around my waist, planting little kisses over my neck. His breath was warm against my skin. I could see the little triangle of Lottie's knickers under her t-shirt, noticing that they were red lace. For some reason, the thought turned me on even more: I could imagine her shaved little pussy pressing up against the fabric. Again, I regretted my lack of clothes. If I lost just one round, I would be sitting on the bed wearing only a thong.

"Okay." Deva was, predictably, dealer and very much in control. He snapped down our first round onto the bedcovers.

Gingerly turning over the corner of my cards, I discovered that I had a 7 of spades and a 4 of clubs, totalling 11. Pretty safe bet.

"Hit me baby," I challenged Deva, winking at him.

He dealt me the 9 of hearts: with a total of 20, I was safe for that round.

"That'll do me just fine." A faint look of disappointment flashed over Deva's face for an instant, which gratified me. He wanted to see me naked. He wanted to look at my breasts and hips, to drink in my curves and let his imagination run riot. He wanted to sleep with me. And strangely enough, the thought of turning Deva on appealed to me more than driving John into a sexual frenzy. I'll be honest with you. Before I had started seeing John, I had desperately wanted to be with Deva - who had bluntly rejected me. His blue eyes were still roaming over my body: I happily played with the idea that he was now regretting his decision.

Lottie foolishly twisted on her turn and went bust. Perhaps she secretly wanted to strip off all her clothes, I wouldn't put it past her. Her dark skin coloured up to the roots of her brown hair, and she smiled coquettishly around the room.

"Off with the shirt, Lottie," Deva ordered, a little too eagerly.

Lottie turned her back to us, and slipped her shirt quickly off over her head. Three pairs of eyes were staring at her. Her back was curved like an hourglass, with smooth dark skin that simply begged to be touched. Her waist was encircled by her little red lacey panties, teasing and provocative, hiding her pussy from the three hungry onlookers. All of us wanted her. Until that moment, I considered myself a poker-straight female, no questions asked. But I wanted to run my tongue over all of Lottie's smooth curves, to play with her clitoris, to tease her to orgasm, to feel her supple young body buck and scream because of me.

"You can't stay with your back to us forever, Lottie," Deva said with a smile.

She slowly turned around, cupping her hands around her breasts. They over-filled her little hands, bulging out of the sides, milky-smooth skin and undulations. I was overcome with the irrepressible urge to take them into my mouth, to suck on them and run my tongue around her nipples. It was inexplicable: but there all the same. Lottie was giggling, her head tilted to the side as she looked round at us.

She dropped her hands, and her heavy tits sagged slightly. Her little dark nipples were noticeably erect. They looked like little buttons, perfectly formed for squeezing and pinching and rolling between your fingers.

"You have gorgeous tits Lottie," I admitted, taking another swig from the bottle.

She crawled over the bed on all fours, her breasts hanging downwards, swinging little from side to side as she moved. I felt myself getting wet. And then I couldn't help it: the urge to touch her, to feel her soft tits was just…overpowering.

I reached out and cupped one of her drooping breasts in my hand. Her little erect nipple was pressed up against my palm, tickling, whilst I dug my fingers into her soft, forgiving, milky flesh. Her breast was heavy in my hand, perfectly round, as though God had created them simply to be held, just like this. Christ, a woman's body is so beautiful.

Lottie giggled and lay back down on the bed, my hand still firmly clamped over her breast. For once, Deva was silent. I don't know what got into me…perhaps it was the fact that I was so wet, maybe it was due to the alcohol.

But I got up and straddled Lottie. The t-shirt I was wearing hitched up slightly to bare my ass which was naked beside a thong. Even though I didn't turn round, I could still feel Deva's eyes watching my ass closely. I leant forward (baring still more of my buttocks) and kissed Lottie on the mouth. Her eyes closed as our lips met: soft lips, moist lips. Kissing a woman is so very different to kissing a man: it's tender, more intimate, less raw and strong but just as passionate. My hand was still on her breast, and I began to roll my palm over her nipple, stimulating it further whilst it grew into a hard little ball. Lottie parted her lips mid kiss, and suddenly slipped her tongue into my mouth. I was slightly surprised, but very pleased. Our kiss was hot and heavy, and very wet. As our tongues danced, I began to knead and tweak her little dark nipple with greater urgency: hell, I was getting so turned on.

Suddenly Lottie began to rip off my shirt, and by this point all pretence of innocence and dignity had been thrown to the wind. I was scarcely even aware of the boys' presence in the room (and can remember very little about them) all that I knew was that I wanted Lottie, right now. We looked at each other with wide, hungry eyes and I realised right away that she was longing for me just as badly.

My shirt was pulled over my head, baring all of my naked chest and skin. I was vaguely aware of Deva's involuntary exclamation of pleasure behind me, and then Lottie had pushed me backwards onto the bed. I lay, breathing heavily, my two breasts rising and falling with each exhalation. Lottie immediately launched herself on my breasts, her hot, wet little mouth encasing the nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned, as her tongue flicked over each erect pink button, lapping and stimulating. Her other hand clenched and squeezed my other breast with urgency, titillating me as only a woman knows how. I was biting my lip, feeling bolts of pleasure run from my two sensitive nipples, feeling Lottie's soft, smooth legs squeezing against my sides, feeling her wet tongue and urgent hand…it was so sensual, the most passionate sexual experience I had ever had.

Lottie sucked and squeezed my breasts for quite a long time, and by this time I felt as though my pussy was about to burst unless it shared out the attention. Whilst Lottie continued to kiss my left nipple, I grasped hold of her hand and dragged it downwards, planting it firmly on my crotch. Lottie looked up for a minute and caught my eye, and smiled at the expression in my wild eyes. She was utterly in control by this point, I was wet and foggy-headed, and dazed.

Lottie kept her mouth on my breast, and then slowly but heavily dragged her fingers downwards across my pussy yet still through the fabric of my thong. I shuddered, tremours of pleasure coarsing through my body. Yet still she did not finger me directly, but instead pressed her own groin deep into mine, dry-humping me. I threw my head back, squeezing my eyes tightly shut, all I could feel was the weight of Lottie's cunt pressing down on mine and her sweet lips kissing and sucking my two heaving breasts.

"God, Lottie!" I couldn't help but cry out, moaning and gasping. I was thrusting my hips too, bucking in a desperate attempt to stimulate my pussy further. She was driving me wild.

Finally Lottie slipped her fingers downwards again, gently pushing aside the fabric of my thong. Her fingers felt cool against the heat of my lips, and easily glided inside me as I was dripping wet by this point. She slowly thrust one finger deep inside my pussy, feeling my walls stretching to allow the penetration. I cried out at this point, and Lottie found my mouth hungrily with her lips, kissing me passionately whilst she slipped another finger inside my cunt. I was beside myself now, moaning and running my fingers urgently over Lottie's bare skin: her back, her perfect ass, her cheeks, her hair.

Suddenly Lottie stood up, stopping her glorious assault on my body.

"Where are you going?" I asked, somewhat desperately, as I lay naked and dripping, flushed and hot.

I hadn't noticed that Deva had left the room until now, my attention had been so consumed with Lottie that I was totally oblivious to the boys. Deva was flushed and his eyes were wide, he had obviously been deeply affected by the two naked girls before him. And who wouldn't be? We were beautiful…our bodies: so smooth and voluptuous, engaged in sexual activity that had come so naturally to us. And yet, at that time, I didn't care about Deva. All I cared about was Lottie.

And I also cared about what Deva had just brought into the room. I cared about that a lot. Lottie smiled cheekily at me whilst she held the dildo in her hand. "Oh my God…" In normal circumstances I would have protested…but by this time I was choking on my randiness, I needed to orgasm - if I didn't, I would go insane.

Lottie crept onto the bed, so that her face was inches away from my pussy. I couldn't drag my eyes away from her as she looked at my very essence, drinking in the perfume, the appearance, loving me. Then she pressed her tongue firmly into the entrance to my cunt, and licked slowly all the way up, diving my lips. She stopped at my throbbing clitoris, sucking it gently. My eyes were tightly shut again, I gripped the pillow with my fingers, the sensations that shot through my body were all-consuming.

Lottie flicked her tongue over my clitoris, stimulating all of it, massaging and titillating it as only a woman knows how. This was far and away the best oral sex I had ever received. And then I felt the dildo pressed at my entrance. At this point I was moaning audibly, writhing on the bed in response to Lottie's expert tongue and in anticipation of the huge dildo penetrating me. My hands were running over my breasts, tweaking the nipples - right now, I was oblivious to everything apart from my intense pleasure.

Still sucking on my clitoris, Lottie slowly pushed the dildo up inside of me. I gasped, the first entry into my tight cunt is always slightly painful yet entirely pleasurable. At first she did shallow thrusts, but soon I was crying out and ordering her to "fuck me harder" with it. And then the dildo was entering me hard and fast, pushing deeper and deeper inside me, fucking me… whilst Lottie was licking and stroking and teasing my clitoris, sending shudders and trembles coarsing through my body… and it was all too much, as I rode the wave of my most intense orgasm, and threw my hips upwards into the air, and shut my eyes, and lost all feeling and sense of anything apart from the beautiful reaction of my body, shivering and bucking and shaking. I had the kind of orgasm that only happens once in a lifetime, the kind of all-consuming, powerful, glorious orgasm that unites your mind and body, the kind of orgasm that you can never re-create again. And then I lay, throbbing and convulsing, perfectly at peace.

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