tagLesbian SexLesbian Sex Convo (real convo) Ch. 02

Lesbian Sex Convo (real convo) Ch. 02


This is a real convo I had with a girl... all people in this story are 18years or older

This was the challenge: I challenged Sabrina to make herself wet at school, and to chat with me afterwards. And like a good girl, she did as she was told.


Sabrina: Yes, I played with it in school. I've never played with myself there before and because I felt naughty, it was so exciting! Normally, people my age take five lessons a day but my college do it differently and I have three a day. So half way through second lesson - this was around midday - I desperately needed a piss.

I got permission to leave and then sauntered over to the girls rooms. There was a queue and I was pretty sure that if I didn't go soon, I was gonna burst So I gave up and went to try the staff toilets, which were upstairs. And I remembered your dare.

I finished up, put down the lid and hauled up my tight fitting skirt. My panties were red patterned lace and vaguely see-through, so that I could already see my smooth puffy labia's before I'd even taken them off. I then began to slowly massage myself, using two fingers to rub my clit.

To make myself wet, I thought of you. I thought of you climbing onto me, sitting on my face so that I was lapping up in all your pussy juices. Licking you clean. Then I imagined grabbing your ass and pushing my tongue deeper inside you... that got me wet, quite fast. So I stopped and left, probably - like you said - smelling of my pussy juice and too horny to concentrate.

comment1800: did you love doing it Sabrina?

comment1800: I never thought my dirty slut would do it, but you have exceeded my expectations

Sabrina: yes. it made me feel so horny and naughty, knowing how wet i was underneath the table whilst still talking casually to my friends.

comment1800: if I was there with you I would have sucked your pussy lip by lip into my mouth and I would have let go of it with a popping sound

comment1800: would you have liked it if I was there to blow on your clit with warm air from my breath?

Sabrina: of course I would do it, I'm your slut, aren't I?

comment1800: yes Sabrina, you are the only toy I have, and I like to keep my toys happy

Sabrina: I like to keep you happy

comment1800: have you ever gone to school without underwear on before?

Sabrina: no.

comment1800: would you?

comment1800: it is okay if you don't want to, I just want to see what you're comfortable with

Sabrina: I'm sorry, I'd prefer if I didn't. I would wear no underwear out of school, but not in school because when my ass gets slapped or when i bend over..

comment1800: ... that's okay Sabrina... I want my slut to be a comfortable slut. lol

comment1800: after you got yourself wet today did you get your ass slapped?

Sabrina: yeah, whilst I was leaning over in history

comment1800: how did that feel Sabrina? did you feel it all the way to your throbbing cunt?

comment1800: Sabrina I want you to casually touch yourself right now if you want to as well.

Sabrina: he gave me a proper hard slap and yes I did, it made that whole area vibrate

Sabrina: I want to

comment1800: do it dirty slut

Sabrina: mmm love it when you tell me what to do

comment1800: you like when people slap and play with your ass Sabrina hmm?

Sabrina: yes, but I like people playing with my pussy more.

comment1800: Sabrina I would love to put you in a doggy style position and eat out your cunt from behind you... would you like that Sabrina?

Sabrina: so fucking much

comment1800: I would bury my face in your soaking wet cunt, and fuck you with my tongue

Sabrina: mmmm my pussy has drenched my panties

comment1800: is your pussy hot for me Sabrina? I want you to tell me how much you want me...I don't think you want me bad enough

Sabrina: I do, I want you here right now. I want you tease me and taunt me. keep touching me, then pulling away. So that I'm dripping and so desperate I would do anything, just to have you in me. I want you to watch me masturbate, i want to turn you on and want you to take full advantage of me.

comment1800: and while you are typing to me, if you are not already, go on your stomach so you can grind your pussy against you bed, pretend the bed is my face so I can eat you out. If I was there I would take you with my mouth and fingers, and I would make you want it

Sabrina: omg that's so hot, I'm grinding with so much force

comment1800: I would massage your tan ass cheeks pulling them apart and pushing them together while I assault your juicy little pussy, I wish I could see you humping like a wild dirty slut. you are bad rina

Sabrina: I have been holding in my rapture all day and now i can finally let loose. I want this so much.

Sabrina: I'm grinding and playing with my clit

comment1800: When that mean boy slapped your ass did you want him to take you Sabrina? did you want to feel him driving into your pussy, so you can get the horniness out of your system? I would love to see him take you Sabrina. I don't like to share, but I would love to watch someone take my toy out for a ride

comment1800: keep humping Sabrina I want to hear you moan

Sabrina: I wanted him to put it in me fast and hard, making my body spasm with force. i want him to do that while you're there, so I can look at you whilst he penetrates me.

Sabrina: moan for you, even though he's the one inside me

comment1800: you dirty slut, fucking whore

Sabrina: I want you sucking at my clit right now

comment1800: oh Sabrina I am sucking your clit, my mouth is wrapped around you. While my mouth is buried in your cunt my finger tips would take some of your moisture and rub your asshole, so you are assaulted by me by all sides; you would love it Sabrina. I would make you love it

Sabrina: I'm imagining it right now, i want you to, i want to feel you in me and touching all of my turn on spots

comment1800: I bet your nipples are hard right now too Sabrina, you whore; you are getting turned on by another girl... I'm turned on too Sabrina, my pussy is so wet for you, my clit is straining.

Sabrina: yes, yes I am. Another girl has never made me feel this way before. My pussy is aching.

comment1800: I would make you lick me Sabrina; I would make you taste my juice. I would shut your whore mouth by filling it with my cunt

Sabrina: sorry, I'm typing slow... I'm in an awkward position and one of my hands is currently soaking in my juice

comment1800: I don't care if you type slow Sabrina, I like that you can't control yourself, you are a fucking animal.

Sabrina: I just licked my lips. i want to taste you, i would suck and lick every ounce of your juice from your pussy. I have been controlling myself all day, I need this,

comment1800: rub yourself until you come

comment1800: I wish I was there so I could see your juice

Sabrina: I'm going to pretend it's you rubbing me

comment1800: I would want to suck and tuck on your juicy fat tits

comment1800: If I was at your school Sabrina you would walk around with a wet spot on your skirt all day. I would make you sit in your juices Sabrina, I bet people don't know what a dirty slut you are Sabrina, but I do. I like you slutty, it makes this game so much fun

comment1800 tell me when you come Sabrina. I want you moaning Sabrina

Sabrina: if you were at my school, I don't know how I would stop myself from touching myself

comment1800: I want to stick my tongue in your mouth Sabrina and have you finger my pussy, I would keep you there until I came

Sabrina: they don't. I someone everyone gets along with, with good grades and a positive attitude to everything... they don't expect me to act like this

comment1800: oh you are such a slut Rina

Sabrina: make me come, please, I'm so close

comment1800: okay Sabrina

comment1800: I want to suck on you, you slut

comment1800: I want to feel the walls of your pussy closing around on my tongue

comment1800: as I stick it in you

comment1800: I want you to rub yourself Sabrina

comment1800: get the fuck off

comment1800: you have been waiting all day for this

Sabrina: ohh my pussy's making squelching noises.. it loves the sound of that

Sabrina: you've made me so wet

comment1800: that dirty boy slapped your ass making your pussy throb

comment1800: cum Rina

comment1800: listen to how wet your pussy is and come for me

comment1800: hmmmm

comment1800: I am wet too Sabrina

Sabrina: I'm going to go get my vibrator... I want YOU to tell me what to do with it

comment1800: oh Sabrina, you have a vibrator? unf

comment1800: are you ready Sabrina? I want you to stick your vibrator in your cunt Sabrina get it nice and slick with your juices, when you put it in your pussy in and out, in and out... slowly at first, but on every time you take it out, I want you to put some vibration on your clit

comment1800: okay Rina?

Sabrina: mmmmmm

comment1800: then I want you to take it out of your soaking pussy and taste the vibrator

comment1800: you probably taste really good Rina

comment1800: I would share that vibrator with you if I was there my tongue would meet your tongue and we could share your juices together

Sabrina: I love how I taste.

Sabrina: while its vibrating in our mouths

comment1800: I want you to stick it back in you and I want you to start squeezing your tits and pinch your hard brown nipples. I want you to put the vibrator in our pussy and push it in and pull it out of you fast and hard, and on ever out motion tilt the vibrator up toward your clit

comment1800: I wish I could hear the sound you are making, I wish I could hear the sounds your pussy is making. If I were there I would go in a 69 position and make you eat my pussy as shoved the vibrator in and out of your tight cunt.

comment1800: I want you to start playing with your clit as your fuck yourself with the vibrator

Sabrina: oh my god, i would love you to do everything you've said to me. you would be such a good fuck.

comment1800: I want you to do that until come. I want you to tell me when you come Sabrina

comment1800: come for me Rina. I know you can do it. I would take the good girl you are and turn you into my personal slut. you are my secret slut right now Sabrina. I like that no one knows how wet you are for me Sabrina. I am the good girls dirty little secret

comment1800: you fucking slut, I would dirty your mouth with my cunt if I was there with you, I would have you eat me out. I would tease you turn you on and then leave you Sabrina. I would always leave you wanting. I would constantly have your pussy throbbing, throbbing like it is right now

comment1800: unf Sabrina, are you coming for me baby? come for me you slut.

Sabrina: my pussy is throbbing like mad, I'm about to come

comment1800: do it bitch

comment1800: come for me

comment1800: fucking whore

comment1800: shove it in you

comment1800: and take it baby, take it all

Sabrina: ohhh you make me wanitttttfd it so bad

comment1800: I want to watch your pussy hole leak with juice

comment1800: I want to fuck you Sabrina

comment1800: I would make you fuck me Sabrina, and you would like it

Sabrina: I've came

comment1800: good girl

comment1800: did it feel good rina?

Sabrina: it felt so, so good

Sabrina: i removed the vibrator slowly, giving my clit one last flick and felt all my juices run down

comment1800: OMFG, you fucking slut

comment1800: I have to leave for work in literally 5 minutes

comment1800: and now I am going to be wet

comment1800: fuck you rina. lol

Sabrina: I love how you make me feel

comment1800: I love how I can make you feel, I love how my slut listens to me

Sabrina: your sluts going to come again

comment1800: I wish I was there to see the juices flow out of you and hear the vibrator pop out of your cunt

comment1800: as you remove it

comment1800: on that note I will email you later... I have to go

comment1800: bye rina

Sabrina: see you later... email me anything you think of.

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