tagIncest/TabooLesson In Fellatio

Lesson In Fellatio


Something was bothering me and I knew just whom I should see to talk about it, my Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane is married to my Uncle Dave, one of my mother's five brothers. Dave's probably around forty, but his wife is about ten years younger, so I've always enjoyed an easy rapport with her. Since I'm an only child and never had a sister, I'd long looked up to my Aunt Jane as a sort of surrogate older sister who could give me advice whenever I needed it.

And now I needed it.

Jane and I had been close from the moment she met my uncle, and Uncle Dave had always been a favorite too. I could talk to him much easier about things than I could talk to my own dad. He was sort of hip and youthful, and he understood me. And then, when he married a woman who was as hip and understanding as himself, I always went to him and to my Aunt Jane for advice, knowing I could be completely open with them and trust them without reservations.

And I also knew I could talk to my aunt about virtually anything, even the sorts of things one normally discusses only with girlfriends. Now there was something, something very intimate I needed to ask her about, something that was troubling me a whole lot.

I had just started college a year ago and was still a virgin when I enrolled, at eighteen. So not only did I have to get used to college, no easy task, but at the same time I had to come to terms that I was, finally, about to become a sexually active young woman.

It had been almost a year to the day since I had lost my virginity. I enjoyed sex a lot right from the start, and thought I had a real knack for it, everything going pretty smoothly in that department until this guy I was seeing told me something out of the blue, something that upset me very much.

So I went to see my Aunt Jane one afternoon, knowing Uncle Dave would still be at work. She had just just stepped out of the shower and was getting dressed, so she asked me to come into her bedroom as she finished getting herself ready.

"Aunt Jane?" I said, sitting down on her bed as she continued brushing her thick, beautiful hair. "You know I've only been having sex a short time, I was sort of a late bloomer in that way. But now that I've been doing it, I've been liking it, liking it a whole lot, to tell you the truth. Lately I've been going out with this guy. We fuck and all that, and that's fine, but what he really likes, he says, is getting head. And the other day he told me that I had a long way to go before I knew how to suck a cock properly, he actually pushed my head away when I was doing it to him, can you believe that! It made me feel so bad, to have him do that. So now I really want to learn how to do it right Aunt Jane, you know what I mean?"

She turned from the mirror to look at me, still brushing her hair, more slowly now.

"Maybe you can give me some pointers?" I asked, knowing my uncle's wife was a very sexy woman, and probably had lots of experience mouthing cocks, and not just my uncle's.

"Maybe I can," she said, looking right at me, a little taken aback that I should be so frank with her about something as intimate as this.

"That would be great," I said. "I'd really appreciate it a whole lot."

"Well, to begin with," she said. "Like with anything else, Penny, practice makes perfect. The longer you do it, the better you get at it."

Now she put her brush aside and sat down on the bed right next to me.

"Though many women never seem to get it right, I've gathered, talking to a lot of different guys," she added. "Some women just don't ever seem to develop a knack for it."

I can imagine men opening up to such an obviously sexual woman as my aunt about the oral limitations of their girlfriends and wives, hoping, no doubt that she could help remedy their dissatisfactions.

"Well I certainly don't want to be one of those women," I said a little worriedly.

"Oh, don't worry, you won't be, honey," she said, stroking my hair, soothing me.

"I sure hope not."

"First of all," she began, "I'd be a little suspicious of this guy you're seeing. Men who say they love getting head more than anything, sometimes they're just lazy. They're looking out for their own pleasure, sex is a one-way street for them. Is he like that?"

"Yeah, sort of," I confessed, thinking that Robbie was more than a little focused on doing what he wanted to do, when and how he wanted to do it.

"Is he a good fuck?" my aunt asked.

"Well, I haven't screwed all that many guys, Aunt Jane," I told her. "He's not bad, but even with my limited experience I've had better. I'd say he's fair to middling."

"And does he like to go down on you?" she asked.

"Not really," I continued, "I have to beg him to do that. And he doesn't stay down there very long when he does it; I don't think he really likes doing it too much."

"Figures!" my aunt said knowingly, a wry smile on her face. "Sounds like the guy doesn't really deserve a good blow job."

She moved a little closer, taking my hand.

"But I'm going to give you a few pointers anyway, because you don't know who you'll meet down the road. The next guy you make it with might be just terrific, and you'd want to make him happy, with good, hot oral sex, along with everything else."

She looked over at the TV sitting opposite the bed.

"Do you ever watch porn, you know, adult tapes?" she asked.

"I've watched them a couple of times, not much though."

"Well, you can learn quite a bit watching them, seeing what different chick do to different guys, even though they're doing it in front of the camera and doing it for the money."

Aunt Jane stood up and went to her dresser, opening a drawer. Then she pulled out a video cassette.

"Why don't we watch this one, it's a favorite of mine and your uncle's," she said. "It's got scene after scene of girls giving guys blow jobs. Let's watch it together and talk about some of the things we see on it."

"Sure, Aunt Jane, that sounds like a good idea," I said, actually excited that I was about to watch sex on video with my uncle's wife.

She slid the cassette into the VCR and immediately an image came up of a long-haired blonde sucking a thick, hard cock.

"See how she does it, twisting it in her hand nice and slow while she sucks the knob?" my aunt said, pointing out the details. "And how she's got her tongue under his cock at the same time, licking him there, where guys are especially sensitive? That slut knows exactly what she's doing."

I took it all in.

"Now this one's doing it too fast," she said as we watched a chick really gobbling up a cock in a frenzy. "That can happen when you get too excited. It's happened to me. Sometimes I've gotten so turned on going down on a man that I've sort of forgotten about him and what makes him feel best. So, like with anything else you want to do well, you've got to keep your mind on what you're doing."

We watched one woman after another suck one cock after another. It was turning me on, watching this with my aunt, hearing her commentary. I could feel myself getting a little warm and moist between my legs.

"You notice how almost all the guys push the girls away just before they're going to blast off?" she said.

I had noticed that. As the guys came close to ejaculating, they liked to take over, sometimes pushing the porn sluts' heads away altogether and beating themselves off. Sometimes fisting their shafts while the girls sucked their knobs, sometimes fucking their mouths, so they controlled the pace.

"Basically what gives a guy the strongest kick is getting himself off, same as with us women," my aunt said. "We know our own bodies better than anyone, and at the crucial moment can do it faster or slower or softer or harder or whatever. That's why even up there, on the TV, the men like to take over at the moment of truth. Even with these pros, these porno actresses Those sluts have sucked a lot of cock, armies of cock! And still the men prefer their own fists to do the walking when it's blast-off time."

I took all this in, listening in wonderment to my aunt's frank advice.

"But still," she continued. "If you really know how to do it right, nothing can be more arousing for a man that having a hot pair of lips, a warm, wet mouth that knows what it's doing tending to him down there."

"That's what I want to be like, Aunt Jane," I said, sounding almost desperate, I knew. "I really want to learn how to do it just right. I want to learn how to give a guy a perfect blow-job."

Aunt Jane smiled at me and then lifted a hand to my face, bunching up four fingers.

"Here, show me how you do it. Make believe this is a cock," she said, bringing her fingers to my mouth. The four fingers bunched up like that, they were about as thick as an average erect cock.

"You want me to suck your fingers... and make believe they're a cock?" I asked, a little incredulous.

"Yeah, close your eyes and make believe this is a big, hard juicy cock which you're just dying to suck."

"Wow!" I gasped, taking this all in, closing my eyes as I wrapped my lips around my aunt's fingers and began to suck them.

"No, that's too hard," she said. "You've got to build up the pressure. Here, give me your fingers."

She took hold of my hand and brought it up to her lips as I bunched up my four fingers as she had done. Now I felt her engulf those fingers in her warm, wet, velvety mouth, sucking on them slowly and sensually. I could immediately see what she had been talking about and what I had been doing wrong. Nothing beats an actual demonstration!

"See?" she asked, pulling back.

"Yeah, I think I do," I said.

"Here, try it again," she said, feeding me her four fingers once more. Now I tried to suck them just the way she had sucked mine.

"That's much better," she said, pulling her fingers away and returning to her dresser, opening the drawer where she had kept the porno tape we had watched.

"Let's try this now," she said as my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. There she was holding a big dildo in her hand, a dildo that looked just like a real cock.

"God, Aunt Jane! That looks just the like the real thing," I said.

"It should," she said, handing it to me. "It's supposed to be molded from an erection of a very popular porn star. I've actually seen one of his videos and I must say it does look like a carbon copy."

I held the heavy hunk of rubber in my hand, secretly thrilled to be handling it.

"What do you do with this?" I asked stupidly.

"What do you think, honey? I slide it up my cunt and fuck myself with it," she said calmly.

"But-- but does Uncle Dave know you have it? That you use-- uh-- masturbate with it?"

"Of course he knows," she said. "He bought it for me. Dave goes on these long business trips and he wanted me to have something on hand that could take his place when he was away. Of course it really doesn't quite do that, but it does get the job done."

She looked over at me holding it, gazing down at it.

"I thought I'd bring it out and maybe you can watch how I suck it. Then you can try sucking it yourself, Penny," she said.

My heart was beating excitedly and I wondered whether Jane could hear it. This cocksucking 'lesson' was becoming more exciting by the minute!

"Hold it up to my mouth," she asked. "And watch."

I brought it up to her mouth as she began to lick it, then slowly wrapped her lips around it, demonstrating all the moves she had mentioned, showing me what oral finesse was all about.

"Now you try it," she said, taking the dildo from me and holding it up to my mouth.

I took a deep breath and then proceeded, slowly licking the dildo before taking it in my mouth and sucking it just the way I had seen my aunt do it.

"Very good," she said, watching me keenly. "I think you're getting the hang of it, Penny."

Suddenly my uncle Dave appeared in the hallway, staring right at me as I sucked away at the rubber cock. I knew my face went a deep shade of pink as he caught me in this most embarrassing of circumstances -- there in his bedroom, with his wife, sucking on a rubber cock!

"Hmmmmmm, now what's this?" he said, naturally very curious as I immediately pulled my mouth from the dildo, lowering my eyes, my cheeks blushing.

"Penny and I have just been talking about the correct way to suck a cock," my aunt explained coolly. "Your niece has been telling me she's had a little problem with that particular technique, and so I thought I'd give her a few pointers."

"Well, no one is better equipped to give pointers on that than your aunt," my uncle said, looking straight at me and making me blush even more.

"Why thank you, dear, that's very sweet of you to say," my aunt purred, walking over to her husband to give him a kiss as I stood there stupidly, watching, my hand clasping the dildo.

Now my aunt turned to me, a bright gaze in her eyes.

"Say, Penny? Why don't you watch me do it to your uncle, watch me suck a real cock. That's the only way to really show you exactly what it's all about," my aunt said.

I was more than a little taken aback. Jane was proposing to suck her husband's -- my own uncle's -- cock right in front of my eyes and having me watch. She was going to give me a cocksucking demonstration for real! And with my own uncle Dave supplying the cock!

Uncle Dave smiled broadly, perfectly happy to oblige, it seemed.

"I know this may all seem strange to you, Penny," my aunt said. "But your uncle and I have always thought you to be delightfully sexy. And so we'd love nothing better than to help instruct you in the finer points of sexual pleasure, to be your guides."

"Yeah, honey," my uncle said to me. "It's important to have mentors in life, even for such intimate things as sexual love."

"Not only that, Dave," my aunt said, winking at me. "But I happen to know that your sexy young niece just loves watching it done. You should have seen her staring at that cocksucking tape, the one you like so much. Her eyes just about popped."

There she was, making me blush all over again!

"So I'm sure," my aunt said, looking right into my eyes. "That Penny would love to watch her uncle get a nice, sexy blow job from his wife, wouldn't you, honey?"

"Uh-- yeah-- I guess I would," I mumbled.

"Plus, it should be very educational," she added, reaching for my uncle and unbuckling his belt. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them off as he fell back on the bed. Naturally the first thing my eyes did was gaze at his crotch and I could see a nice, big bulge under his briefs. Our eyes met and I blushed again, unable to believe that this 'lesson' my aunt had started to give me was about to take this new, outrageous turn. I was actually going to watch Uncle Dave get his cock sucked by his sexy, experienced wife, my blow-job instructor!

She turned to look at me as she slowly pulled down his briefs. I just about gasped as she revealed it, thick and swollen and well on its way to standing at full mast.

"Your uncle's got a real nice one," she said, noticing how intensely I was staring at it.

"Now watch this," my aunt said, wrapping her fist around my uncle's penis. "Like I told you, make sure to use your hands. Don't just bring your mouth down to it, always take hold of it first. Stroke it nice and easy. Don't just jerk it, caress it like this, sensually. Take your time, play with it, admire it. I've been married to your uncle for eight years and, still, when I take hold of his cock it's like the first time I ever held it."

It was quickly stiffening in her hand as she stroked it, and after a minute of her skillful caressing that cock of my uncle's was thick and big and rigid as a bar of steel. I couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful sight!

She turned towards me as she lowered her face to his cock.

"A mistake a lot of women make is the first thing they do, they start sucking on it. But you shouldn't rush it. Actually sucking it, that should come last. You need to build up to it. First kiss it, then start licking it real softly. Tease him, make him really yearn for it."

Now my aunt lowered her face to it, staring right at me as she began to kiss his cock, all the while sensually twisting it in her hand, skillfully stroking the shaft as she covered every inch of his ample penis with soft, tender kisses. Then she brought her mouth down to his balls, kissing those.

"When you're ready to go to work with your tongue, start here," she said, licking his scrotum. I watched as she sensually glided her tongue all over his balls while she fisted his shaft.

"Many women make the mistake of sucking or squeezing a man's balls much too hard," my aunt broke away to tell me, continuing with her lesson. "A man's very sensitive, very vulnerable down here, down in his balls, so everything you do here you have to do softly, very gently."

She licked his balls a few more times, then slowly began to drag her tongue upwards, licking the shaft, licking its underside until she made her way all the way up to the tip.

"And here's where you want to pay special attention," she said licking the underside just below the cockhead. I had read enough sex manuals in book stores to know that this was supposed to be an extra sensitive spot on a man's penis.

"Now you can actually began to suck it," she said, opening her mouth and slowly wrapping her lips around his smooth, perfectly shaped knob. She sucked that knob while fisting the shaft, all with the same easy rhythm. Then she lowered her jaw a bit and I could see that she was licking the underside of his cock as she was sucking it.

"Work on him with your tongue, keep licking it while you keep sucking it," she instructed as I watched in frozen awe. The only part of me that wasn't frozen was my pussy, which I could feel was just oozing with excitement and arousal!

Now she began to take more and more of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. I thought that after awhile she'd have to stop because Uncle Dave was pretty hung, better endowed than most of the guys I'd been with. But she didn't stop, taking more and more of his rigid shaft down her throat until her lips were actually pressing against his balls, the entire shaft out of sight, wedged in her mouth and her throat.

Then slowly she released his cock from her oral grip.

"That, as I'm sure you know, is what we call deep throating," she said. "It took me a while to be able to accomplish it. But you can too, Penny, with practice. And men do love it, don't they, honey?"

She looked up at her husband.

"They certainly do," he growled,

"At first it'll make you gag, but you have to learn to sort get into a trance, to relax your throat muscles and then you can do it."

She demonstrated once more, taking the full length of my uncle's penis down her throat one more time.

Now my aunt looked right into my eyes.

"Maybe you'd like to try it, honey, try kissing and licking and sucking your uncle's cock while I watch and see how you're doing it?" she said.

A shiver ran through my body as I pondered this utterly outrageous suggestion of my aunt's.

"Uh-- kiss and lick and suck Uncle Dave? Kiss and lick and suck his cock!?" I asked, shocked at the proposal.

"Sure," my aunt said soothingly. "I won't mind and what better way for you to learn than right here, with your uncle and me? I know that kind of thing is supposed to be very taboo and stuff, but we've always been very open with you, haven't we? Your uncle and I?"

They certainly had, never failing to be uninhibited with me about anything.

Plus, the weird thing was that I'd long had a secret crush on my Uncle Dave and had fantasized doing things like sucking his cock. And now here was my own aunt -- his wife! -- suggesting that I do exactly that!

"I-- I-- uh-- I don't know if I really should," I said, letting prudence get the better of sheer desire.

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