tagLoving WivesLessons Ch. 05

Lessons Ch. 05


Authors note: It has been interesting seeing the diverse number of opinions show up as comments to this story series. Yes this series requires the suspension of disbelief a bit more than most of my others, but then... sometimes it's good to stretch one's belief system. Remember that this whole series is about the journey this couple is on, not the past or future states of their relationship. Just food for thought.

Anyway.... on with the party!

My wife stood outside the shower, her arms crossed, clearly irritated.

"I thought we said nothing on the side." She snapped

"Yep. Would you have rather had me in jail?"

"Not exactly."

"So where were you when the cops came?" I asked her pointedly, pausing my washing to stare through the glass at her. She stood there remaining silent. "That's what I thought. If you had been you'd have known I was in trouble and made some attempt to wake me up from where I was napping... The last thing I remember is seeing you lying on a chair with a guy fucking you from behind."

"Well, you were busy with two women at once."

"So? You're the one who started this remember? If you wanna quit and go home, just say the word, I'm ready any time you are." I said, going back to washing.


I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel. "You having fun?"

"Well, sorta." She answered.

"So, how many?"

"How many what?"

"You know what I mean. How many different guys?"

"Counting you?"

"Of course not counting me."

"Ohhh, a few."

"How many few?"

"Three." She said quietly.

"Three. I'm surprised. I thought the idea was to get as many guys to fuck you as possible to make me upset or jealous or something."

"Not exactly."

"Then what exactly?"

"Well, okay, it started that way, but well...it's different now."

"Okay, explain."

"Well, I am having fun, but not in the way you think. I'm having fun flashing and teasing and getting touched. It's not the sex that's all that much fun. To be blunt as hell, your cock is better, and you fuck better. I don't have to tell you what to do, you know what I like and how to make it feel good. It isn't as much fun when I have to tell a guy who's more interested in just getting his own wickies off, what to do to get me off too."

"Ah, so what you're saying is that I'm better in bed than the other three guys you banged today?"

"Yeah, I guess so." She said quietly as I hung the towel up and headed out into the main room where Joe and Lisa were sitting on the sofa half necking half waiting for me. "How about you? Are you having fun fucking...how may so far?"

"All together or at once?" I asked, knowing it was going to irritate her.

"All together would be just fine."

"I don't know, I lost count." I answered as I started pulling on my slacks, intentionally leaving my underwear lying on the bed.

"So many you lost count? Damn Mike!" Joe said from the sofa.

"Well, I did." I said with a shrug. "Well, not exactly. Counting Lisa I think it was six, maybe seven. Oh yeah, there was also the young lady in the shop."

"Damn, I'm surprised you could get it up so many times. You haven't been cheating and using any little blue pills, have you?" My wife asked. "I figured you'd fuck a couple and your cock'd be tired."

"No, no little blue pills." I said as I pulled on the silk t-shirt she had packed for me.

"So you're planning on fucking more yet?"

"You planning on flashing more guys yet?" I asked bluntly.

"I don't know." She said evasively.

I stepped over to her and took hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it all the way to her neck, showing off her completely nude body between her neck and the tops of her thigh high stockings. "Yeah right."

"Well, ok. I'm having fun flashing guys. Is that a crime?"

"Nope. Just want to make sure you understand, if you can flash guys, have guys touching you, playing with guys or even have a guy fuck you, then I can do the same thing with the ladies."

"Okay, fine. But, this time, absolutely no leaving with someone. If you wanna fuck her do it in the same room as I am!"

"Fair enough. Same rules for you though." I said as I pulled on my shoes. "All set. And yeah, I'm starved."

"Good! I'm ready to go eat!" Lisa said popping off the seat of the sofa and walking across the room, fixing the hem of her sheer dress.

"Hey Lisa. What is it about that dress? There's something different about it." I said, causing her to stop at the door.

"Simple." She said, giving the flowery flowing hem a flip, letting me see she was pantiless. Then with a grin she tugged the top of the dress down, exposing her bare tits. "Easy access. Maybe if you wanna dance with me a time or two you can try it out." She said as she turned on her heel and opened the door.

"You asked." My wife said as she followed Lisa out the door.

"Seven? Damn I thought I was doing good at three." Joe said, shaking his head and chuckling as he walked past.

"Yeah, well, it is what it is." I said, as I followed them out of the room.

The ride down to the lobby wasn't long, although we stopped a few times to add more riders, a couple of them pretty sexy looking women wearing equally sexy outfits. Short skirts and tight shirts were always a turn on, but I was getting a new appreciation for spandex. Finally at the lobby I followed my wife to the hotel's restaurant for dinner.

I took my time, while we were waiting for our food to come, to survey the wide array of ladies and their attire. One good looking woman, close to my own age, noticed me and blew me a kiss before obviously moving her hands down under the table. As I watched she slowly spread her legs apart and pulled her dress slowly up until it was obvious that she was showing me her completely bald pussy. I felt my dick twitch as she slid the dress part way down, leaving it up to the tops of her stockings so that every time she moved a little I could catch a quick glimpse. They finished eating before we did and on the way out she stopped by the table, leaned over, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"If you come to the dance, find me and fuck me!" she whispered.

"What was that all about?" my wife asked as she walked away.

"Just asking me if I was going to be at the dance." I answered, going back to my food.

"Uh huh." She said clearly not accepting my explanation.

"Okay, if you have to know. She said if I was going to the dance to find her and fuck her. She's been flashing me her bare pussy for at least fifteen minutes."

"So are you going to?" My wife asked pointedly.

"I dunno. If I stumble across her I might."

"I'm sure she'll be sure you do." My wife said. "I'm clearly missing an opportunity here."

"How so?"

"That guy over there, the one that looks like he's thirty or so?"

"Yeah?" I asked turning around in my chair to see him.

"He's been staring at me for a long time."

"Uh huh." I said, clearly not telling her to go flash him. "You think he's interested?"

"Yeah, I do." My wife said a bit sharply. "Don't you think I can attract a nice looking guy?"

"Hey, I didn't say that." I said as I turned around to look at him again. As I watched the woman he was sitting at the table with got up and headed for the bathrooms. "Now's your chance."

"My chance?"

"You wanna play? Go walk over there, take his hand and stick it under your dress on your pussy."

"I can't do that?"

"Why not? That guy in the shoe store seemed happy enough to touch you."

"But if he's not part of the swingers club," she hissed.

"Trust me, there ain't a guy alive that's going to complain to the cops that some strange sexy woman just forced him to touch her pussy."

"I don't know if I can." My wife said quietly.

"Ohhh too late. Here comes wife." I said as the young lady walked back to the table. She sat down and I saw his gaze slide back over to our table.

"Pull up your skirt." I said to my wife. "Hurry up!"

My wife reached into her lap and tugged the hem of the skirt quickly up, flashing him her pussy. I saw the reaction in his eyes, even though he kept his expression mostly passive. With a grin I pointed to the restroom. He made no obvious sign he saw, but several seconds later he got up and headed to the bathrooms.

"Come on." I said to my wife, getting up.


"Just come on." I said, waiting by her chair. She finally stood and I walked with her to the hallway leading to the bathrooms. Instead of letting her go into the ladies room I tugged her along with me right into the men's room.

"Hey. How's it going?" I asked the guy standing at the sink.

"Pretty good." He said looking past me at my wife.

"Yeah I know. She's been trying to figure out how to flash you, so well...here." I said, turning to my wife. I tugged the hem of her skirt up and continued pulling until her pussy and tits were completely exposed.

"Damn." He said with a gulp.

"Well, anyway. If you come to the party tonight, you can probably find her. She'll be out on the dance floor someplace trying to get some guy to feel her up. You're welcome to join us." I said as I let her dress fall. It only slid part way down and was still stuck up over her tits when the bathroom door opened and another guy walked in.

He took one look at my wife, gave a little whistle and walked to the urinals. "You don't have to leave on my account." He said as he unzipped his pants.

"You like looking?"

"I do when it looks sexy, and that does." He answered as he peed.

"Well, take a closer look then." My wife said, walking over to where he was finishing peeing, flashing me a sideways "watch this" look on her way. To my surprise she reached down and grabbed his hardening cock, giving it a few strokes.

"Mmmmm that's nice. Wanna give me a blow job instead of a hand job?" he asked bluntly.

"Never while I'm eating dinner." My wife answered, pulling him by the cock toward the counter with the sinks. She hiked herself up on the edge of the counter, leaned back and pulled her dress back up over her tits so she was naked from her tits to her stockings. She spread her legs and held her knees up. "But I'll give you a quick shot."

The guy gave me a quick look and then stepped between her legs stuffing his cock inside her pussy with a quick shove.

"Only rule is you can't come inside me. I don't want your cum leaking out of me all night."

"Where do you want it?" He grunted as he started plunging his cock in and out of my wife's pussy.

"How about my tits?"

"Oh yeah." He grunted.

My wife pushed her dress up and tossed it to me. "Here hold this honey!" she said with a smile.

"Ok I'm getting ready." The guy grunted after only a few more moments of stroking into her pussy, his hips slapping her ass making her tits wiggle and joggle with each smack.

He pulled out and my wife slid off the counter, squatting down with her legs splayed wide apart, stroking her own pussy as he stroked his cock, quickly bringing himself off and squirting his cum across her tits in several long white streams.

She got up and walked to the paper towel dispenser, pulled one out and wiped the cum off her tits while the guy zipped up.

"Thanks!" he said over his shoulder as he opened the door and walked out.

"Well, that was kind of fun." My wife said as she took the dress back. "What happened to my other admirer?"

"He headed out when the guy started fucking you." I said as we both washed our hands. I led her back out to the table and we finished eating, Lisa giving us both looks and Joe just chuckling.

"Party doesn't start for an hour. They have a nice walking path, wanna take a walk?" I asked my wife.

"If she doesn't, I do." Lisa said.

"If you don't mind, I'm gonna go check the scores. I'll meet you all back down here in an hour." Joe said walking away.

"You're not going to walk with us honey?" Lisa called.

"Nope. You know how I feel about long walks." He said over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I know." She said sullenly. "Well, you'll just have to take care of both of us Mike."

"Yes ma'am." I answered, letting each of them loop an arm through mine.

The walking path was quite nice and the warm evening was equally pleasant as we wound along the concrete path down to the river front and along it. There were a variety of benches back in little alcoves along the river wall, some of them with trees in the middle and others with just the bench in a little circular sitting area.

"Michael, can I ask a personal question?" Lisa asked quietly as we meandered along the walkway.


"Last night, when you were shaving me and you started to lick my pussy, did you like doing that?"

"Of course, why?"

"Well, it felt kind of funny, but I was enjoying it a lot."

"Sweetie, doesn't Joe do that for you?" My wife asked quietly, slipping out of my arm and stepping around to Lisa.

"Oh. Well...actually, no."

"Oh honey, why not? Mike does that for me...well whenever we have sex."

"Joe doesn't like the way it tastes. I guess it must taste pretty bad."

"Not really. I kind of like it myself." I answered.

"Come on over here." My wife said, practically dragging the two of us to the next little seating area. "Lay down hon, on your back."

"Sure, why?" I asked as I sat down on the free standing concrete bench.

"Easy, I want you to make her cum with your tongue."

"HUH?" Lisa asked suddenly. "Out here, in the open? I'm not so sure I like showing off like you do. I mean it's kinda fun to flash a boob or something, but having sex in public?"

"Oh don't worry. You're wearing a dress, no one is going to see your pussy besides Mike, and he's already seen it, right?" My wife said as she guided Lisa over to me and lifted her skirt, pushing her back until she was straddling my face.

"Down a bit lower." I coaxed from under her skirt, her pussy still hovering six or more inches above my face.

"Okay," She said, spreading her feet a bit farther apart so that she could keep them straight.

I reached up and pulled her hips down a bit farther, reaching my tongue out and gently stroking it along her soft wet lips.

"ohhhhhhhh," she said, shivering slightly.

I spread her lips with my tongue and pressed deep between her soft inner lips, sliding my tongue along her slit and flicking across her hard clit, drawing another shiver from her.

"Oh god, I love it when you flick across it like that." She moaned.

"Then I'll do it again." I chuckled before pressing my tongue between her lips again. I pushed deep into her pussy, driving my tongue into her tunnel entrance and then sliding it along her slit until I found her clit. I concentrated on it, flicking my tongue across it over and over again. With a little grin to myself I closed my lips around it and sucked it slightly, pulling it into my mouth and rubbing my tongue back and forth across it.

"Ohhhhhh god! That's incredible." She moaned loudly.

I continued to suck and flick her clit, reaching my hands up around her thighs to the top of her dress and pulled it down, sliding my hands back up to play with her now bare tits.

I felt a hand undo my pants and pull out my rock hard cock, wrapping around it and sliding slowly up and down the shaft as I continued to attack Lisa's pussy. I closed my fingers on her nipples and tugged and twisted them as I worked her clit with my tongue, her trembling legs giving away her approaching orgasm.

I felt a hot wetness slide over my cock, the pussy slowly sinking down my shaft until I was completely encased in her heat. I wondered what had gotten into my wife, but I wasn't going to complain as she began to slide up and down, slowly working my cock as I continued to work Lisa's clit.

"Ohhhhh shit oh shit oh shit.....I'm going to come!" Lisa squealed suddenly. "Ohhhhhh shit! Here it comes!"

I felt her shaking increase so I pinched her nipples harder, tugging them out from her tits, stretching her soft breasts.

"OHHHH FUCK YES!" Lisa squealed again as her body suddenly spasmed, gushing juices out over my face. I felt her whole body trembling and jerking above me. She suddenly pulled off of me and knelt down by my head panting. "Oh fuck that felt good." She said, but I hardly heard her.

I was staring at my wife, completely nude, riding up and down my cock.

"That's it lover. Just let me ride you a minute more. Watching you make her feel good....." She panted " made me realize why I enjoy you so much."

"But hell, sweetie, we hardly ever have sex anymore." I groaned as she rode up and down my cock.

"I know. My fault mostly. I just need to get turned on and it wasn't happening. I think I found out how now though. God I can't believe how turned on I am right now, riding your cock, knowing that anyone walking by can see my tits bounce or your cock sliding in and out of me! I can't remember the last time I was this damn horny!"

"I'm not going to argue." I groaned as she continued to ride.

"Me either, because I'mmmmm going to commmmmmmeeee!" she gasped with a shudder. "FUCK FUCK!" she groaned as her body trembled on me, her pussy contracting around my cock as she sat on me, unable to slide up and down any longer. She sat and gasped for air for nearly a minute before she slid off my lap and picked up her dress. She put it back on and then helped me get up and fixed my pants back together, leaving my cock rock hard.

"I'm not going to make you come. I want you to save it for the party."

"You want me to fuck other women tonight?"

"Uh huh. I want to have a good time. Might as well enjoy every bit you can tonight, we have to go home tomorrow."

"Okay, if you insist." I answered, as the two looped their arms in mine and started walking us back to the hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel, met Joe and then made our way to the party. As we walked in and showed our invitations we were given three numbered chips, my wife and I getting thirty seven and Joe and Lisa thirty eight. "These are for the blind overnight." The young lady said as she handed us our chips.

"I'm sorry. I don't understand." I said.

"Oh, first time? If you'd rather have a blind overnight partner, all you have to do is put your blue number chip in the jar at the bar. This time it's ladies night, so at the end of the night the ladies will each pick a blue chip. You keep the white one so you remember your number. The men go spend the rest of the night in the room with the lady who drew his number. Overnight ends at eight in the morning."

"I see. And if we don't want to do that?"

"Oh you're free to choose your own partner or to keep your own. Some couples may choose to go together and just do an overnight swap. Purely up to you."

"Ok, thank you." I answered.

"Oh, one more thing." She said from behind us making us pause and turn back. "While some brief nudity is allowed, and to some extent encouraged, extended periods of nudity and blatant sex is frowned upon. However, whatever you do subtly, making out, kissing and even a bit of feeling up your partner is highly encouraged." She said with a grin and a little wink aimed toward me.

"Looks like that little hottie was hot for your form." My wife whispered, giving my arm a squeeze as we moved around the partitions blocking those outside the room from looking in, and moved off into the main room. There was a dancefloor with a few couples already dancing.

The array of ladies outfits was quite interesting. They all had one of several themes evident, obviously accessible, sexy or slutty, some covering more than one. I walked my wife to the bar, got us a couple drinks and then found a table to sit down and survey the area. The room was large, with the dance floor in the middle, and the bar and DJ stand at one end. Lighting was quite low, with a variety of rotating lights sweeping the floor slowly, periodically briefly spotlighting dancing couples. Around the outside of the floor were a number of round tables, at one of which we were sitting, and then around them, an array of large potted plants, and such, breaking up the area between the tables and the wall. Many of the large potted plants and six foot high Caribbean travel posters made effective places where one could get out of the limelight for a little necking, kissing or more. I idly wondered if I was going to be one of the users of these little nooks and crannies.

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