Lessons Ch. 1


At that, many of the girls made "eew" sounds again.

"Do women like that?" Zafellia asked.

"Some women like men with beards," Jasmina said.

The Dora nodded. "In Tarlak, where I am from, nearly all men wear beards. The women find it very attractive. Southern men, and elves, do not have as much hair on their faces or bodies. The skin is smooth, like Rick's. You may each touch him if you'd like."

Rick strode among the desks, the muscles in his chest and arms and back flexing easily. Most of the girls reached eagerly enough to touch him, some just brushing their fingertips, others stroking more surely. When he reached Octavia, she rubbed firmly, then traced her fingernail down his stomach to the waist of his trousers. Then she seized his hands and brought them to her own bosom.

"Octavia! " Herunia blurted, horrified.

"It's all right," the Dora said. "Any of you who wish for Rick to touch you may ask him to do so."

"Oooh," Tavi moaned, throwing her shoulders back and closing her eyes as his large hands cupped, then squeezed her breasts. "Wait, let me undo my gown!"

"Let me help!" Rick deftly unfastened the long line of pearl buttons that held the front of her gown together. She shrugged out of it, leaving herself in nothing but her chemise. As she'd said, it was silk, pale yellow and as sheer as Jasmina's veil. It clung to her figure. Her nipples poked at the thin silk.

Rick paused to admire her for a moment, then resumed touching her. She moaned again.

"Is it nice, Tavi?" Cordelia asked breathlessly.

"Very! You should try it!"

"I don't know ..." Tavi looked like she was enjoying herself, and the others were watching with varying degrees of envy. Cordelia knew just by looking at her that eager Jasmine would soon take her turn. She made her decision. "All right, but over my gown."

Rick turned to her, caught her wrist, and pressed her palm against his chest. She could feel his heart beating beneath the warm skin. He was so close she could even smell him, musky and masculine. He touched her cheek through her veil, then let his fingers slide down over her neck, her shoulder, down, down, along the modest slope of her breast, until he found the stiff nipple.

He grasped it gently and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. The friction of cloth against sensitive skin was overwhelming. Cordelia gasped in pleasure that verged on pain. As if he knew it was too much for her, he released the nipple and caressed both breasts.

"I'm next!" Jasmine said, plucking her buttons open. She hadn't been jesting earlier; she wore no chemise at all. Her sash caught her gown at her waist. Her breasts were smaller than the Dora's, but upright and well-shaped, their nipples a dark plum color.

"It looks wonderful, but I wouldn't dare!" Cordelia whispered back. "Besides, do Rakvian men even do that?"

"I hope so," Jasmine said.

"I can barely sit still," Tavi complained. She wriggled in her seat, tugging her chemise up to her hips, and put a hand between her thighs. "Ooh! Mina, try touching that spot! It is pure magic!"

Jasmine, whose gown still hung open to her waist, undid the rest of the buttons and let it hang from her shoulders like a loose robe. She bent her knee so that one foot rested on the seat of her chair, and peered at her own hairless mound, opening it so that the glistening folds were visible. She covered it with her palm and giggled. "It's so hot!" Then she pressed the first two fingers of one hand onto the little dark red button. Her entire body jerked. "Oh! Oh, Tavi, you're right!"

Cordelia longed to try it, but just couldn't bring herself to hike up her skirts right in class. Fascinated, she watched her friends, both slouching back in their chairs with their heads thrown back and eyes shut in pure pleasure.

"Need some help?" Rick asked from right beside Cordelia. It wasn't until he spoke that she realized that the entire class and the Dora were watching Tavi and Jasmine.

Both opened their eyes, and neither of them looked the least bit ashamed at their sudden audience. Jasmine spoke first. "Yes, please!"

Rick knelt in front of her and she braced her feet on the edge of her desk, gripping the back of her chair over her head. "Please do to me what you did to the Dora! " she said.

"My pleasure, and hopefully yours too," he said, and bent to her open legs. Cordelia couldn't see much because Jasmina's thigh was in the way, but she could hear as Jasmine wailed in ecstasy.

"All of what you've seen is pleasurable," the Dora said, raising her voice to be heard. "The pinnacle of Dorian's Gift of Pleasure is the climax. The man's climax releases his seed, which is necessary to help Dorian give us the Gift of creating new life. Usually, a man is spent after one time and must rest before enjoying more. Some women, however, are blessed to experience many climaxes. If you are fortunate, your husbands will be willing to share many with you before even reaching their own."

Jasmine shrieked and her heels drummed on the desk. "Dorian! " Her body quivered uncontrollably. She nearly fell to the floor but Rick caught her. She curled sideways in her chair, gasping and softly repeating the goddess' name.

"Jasmine has just experienced one," the Dora said.

"How was it?" another of the girls demanded.

"Huh," Jasmina said. "Oh. Ummmm."

"That means she liked it," Octavia panted. Her hands hadn't stopped moving while Rick was pleasuring Jasmine, and she now turned desperately to him. "Please?"

"Gladly." He lowered her to the floor beside Cordelia's chair.

Cordelia stifled a pang of disappointment as Rick moved to Jasmine and began fondling her. Would that she were as bold!

But Jasmina turned out to be bolder than she'd thought, for within moments she had urged Rick's mouth to her breasts and was enjoying even greater delights. Her gold-painted nails dug small crescents into his shoulders, her pulse fluttered visibly in her throat, and her ecstatic moans filled the classroom.

When Rick moved on to give other classmates their turn, Jasmina collapsed into her seat. "I hope my father finds me a husband soon!" she panted. "This is better than panda root!"

"You're so brave, Jasmine," Cordelia said enviously. "I didn't even undo one button!"

Octavia chuckled. "We have a saying in my village: market doesn't close until the last buyer's left. Class isn't over yet."


Continued in Ch. 2

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