tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLessons from the Emperor Ch. 02

Lessons from the Emperor Ch. 02


The two young virgins are deflowered at the hands of the Emperor and his staff.

To fully appreciate this episode the reader needs to be familiar with the earlier chapter Lessons from the Emperor


When Junius and Lara arrived back at their villa that evening they were quiet and thoughtful for a long time. Dinner was prepared by servants who could not understand why their young master was dressed so strangely.

Yes, he was an attractive young man, even sexy, but now he was dressed in women's clothes, as a street walker, a cheap whore. To the servants' embarrassment most of his backside was showing. Even though the bright red lipstick he had worn that day was now faded, its remnants could clearly be seen.

Dinner was eaten in silence. At first Lara was not able to look at the man she with whom she had fallen in love, but the longer they sat together, she began glancing at him more and more.

He was not upset. He looked quite buoyant, happy and fulfilled. He was even smiling to himself. "What are you thinking about?" she asked finally, knowing in her heart what the answer would be. "Him" was the anticipated response.

"What did Davian do to you, Junius?" she asked. Junius sighed. "He took me to places I never dreamed existed. His cock was so strong, so enormous, and so masculine. It filled me up, took my cherry and my heart, Lara. I must have more of that cock. More in my mouth and in my arse. I must have it. And I must have more of his sweet cum. I was born to be his plaything in any way he wants me. And if he wants me as his slave, even his slave girl, I want it too. I am so sorry my sweet."

Lara began to weep. "We must be at the palace tomorrow by his command" she said through her tears. "Yes I know" said Junius. "We must rest tonight and look our best tomorrow. Davian wants to give you a lesson tomorrow."

"A lesson in what? I haven't got a cock like you. What is he going to teach me?" Lara sobbed. "I thought we were going to be married, and have children. What are our families going to say?"

"We can still be married", said Junius, "it will just be a little different, and we'll live at the palace while we still are of interest to the Emperor.

Lara flung herself into Junius' arms. "Oh can we!? That would be wonderful!" As she said this she noticed she could smell his strangely perfumed body and feel his now smooth and hairless skin underneath the silky feminine clothing he wore. She ran her hands through the dark hair of the wig he had left on from his sexual encounter with the king earlier.

It was clear Junius had meekly accepted his new sexual identity. At first Emperor Davian had deceived him and had him dressed as a whore against his will but now it was clear that his real sexual character had been changed or maybe revealed. Even as he walked up the stairs with Lara to their room, his hips swayed. He padded softly up the stairway as any young woman would. He still felt tingles in his anus from the pounding it has received. But he loved it. He wanted more. He now felt more like a woman than he had even felt a man and his life was now changed forever.

Lara was catching on. She still loved Junius and she didn't want to lose him. When they got to their room, Lara went through her clothes and found a simple shift that her new 'girl friend' could wear to bed. She also opened up her lipstick and applied two new coats to Junius' lips.

As they clung to each other under the sheets, their lips met in a true lipstick kiss. And Lara played with her lover's cock but also his arse. At one stage having three fingers inside his anal opening. From the look on his face, he was back in the King's 'entertainment room' being fucked mercilessly by Davian until he came on the couch and then taking the royal seed down his throat. Yes he was dreaming of the royal cock and how and where it would penetrate him next.

Lara was a little put out that no one had asked her about her ordeal at the palace earlier that day. Until now her focus had been on Junius but she too had had a day full of sexual initiation. She had been led away nude from her fiance after being forced to leave her robe with a randy soldier by order of the perverted Emperor.

She was not the first young virgin given to him by the Emperor. As with the others before her, she was taken down to the palace barracks and paraded in front of the twenty young men, perhaps the most cheeky and randy soldiers in Rome.

They had demanded that she dance for them on pain of worse things happening if she didn't. Of course, she had no choice. As she danced, her naked breasts swung this way and that. A magnificent sight for the men, whose collective manhood stood to attention like the soldiers who bore them. Quickly they shed their clothes and danced lewdly with the young lady.

She was beautiful. Her dark brown hair shone, as did her body, as her sweat began to cover her from the exertion. She even began to look at the young men's bodies. They were very muscular and well toned. Their cocks also wagged obscenely and they laughed and laughed at the young girl's predicament.

The something happened. Lara began to have fun. He nipples rose and she tingled all over. She bent over and shook her arse at her admirers. They loved it and then she was lying on her back, legs nice and open, her trimmed pubic hair hardly visible at all as she showed them the insides of her virgin pussy. Brilliant pink and very, very wet.

Something inside her snapped and she had said her randy companions. "Come on boys, you know what to do". And so Lara, left her virginity behind in a blaze of wild crazy fucking. A gang bang as fine as Rome could offer. Cocks were everywhere, male hands were everywhere. The men surrounded Lara, jerking off over her face and body. One after the other they plunged their dicks into her open hungry pussy, sliding in easily and pumping in and out of her until they sprayed their jism into her ex-virgin womb.

No one could count the number of times they came in her mouth. She learned that each one tasted differently, although she loved them all. She loved their feeling of their vein covered root sliding along her soft tongue and she loved it when they tensed and blasted their cum into her mouth. She loved their hairy balls bouncing on her chin while she sucked them deep and hard. When they came she swallowed every last delicious glob.

From virgin to cumslut in a day. If it was a dream she would have woken when at last she found herself in a full house – jerking on a cock in each hand, sucking hungrily on one in her mouth, humping on a huge cock in her cunt and then the only black skinned soldier sliding his python cock into her crinkly arsehole. One by one, each cock spurted cum onto her or into her. Finally there was a ringing sound. It came from a bell in the corner of the barracks room linked to the throne room.

The soldier who had brought her down for the orgy looked into her dazed face and said to her "I think the Emperor wants you back now. Get your clothes on missy. Let's see what your lover boy says when he hears how you've been entertaining the troops."

"Oh Junius" thought Lara, what am I going to tell him?" She needn't have worried.

When she was taken back to the Emperor's rooms, she saw Junius transformed from a manly hunk into an effeminate pansy, in ecstasy with his arse being ploughed by Davian and then sucking the kings cum down his throat, not thinking about his fiancé at all.

What would the new day hold for the pair when they arrived back at the place of their deflowering. What would the perverted Emperor have in mind for them? And why were the two young people, who had suffered so at the hands of a sexual monster and his helpers, smiling as they drifted off to sleep, perchance to dream ...

to be continued ...

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