tagInterracial LoveLessons From The Neighbor

Lessons From The Neighbor


Part 1: The First Lesson

Megan stretched cat-like as she reclined in the lawn chair in her backyard. Her long blonde hair was tied up on her head, except for a wayward strand dangling over the dark sunglasses, that covered her bright blue eyes. Several drops of sweat trickled down her shoulders. One got caught by the cup of the small, blue string bikini she wore and another dodged under the string and ran down her tan, flat stomach to disappear into her navel.

She stretched again and looked around. Megan was restless this afternoon. She had awoken very horny and as usual her husband, the Doctor hadn't been interested in taking care of her problem. She was waking up horny a lot these days and at 36, she realized she was at her sexual peak. Harold, the Doctor, on the other hand was 52 and by her calculations that put him about 35 years past his earlier male sexual peak. In fact, he had been about 20 years past his peak when they married 15 years ago.

Megan's mother had introduced her to the Doctor when she was 20 and she had immediately fallen for his distinguished looks and charming manner. They married a year later, Megan, a beautiful, shy, young virgin and Harold, a graying, busy surgeon.

Megan had lived a very sheltered life. There were no children her age anywhere near her house growing up and she had attended a small private all-girls school. She had gone straight from living with her parents to living with the Doctor and had never gotten to experience life outside of a protected environment. She had a few friends back in school, but never a best friend until Betina moved in next door.

Betina and her husband, Jamal had moved in about a year ago. Megan had been dying for someone to talk to at that time. She did nothing all day, but sunbath, exercise, and cook dinner for the Doctor, which was usually cold by the time he got home exhausted at the end of a ten hour shift. Megan had even found herself watching soaps during the day. Overall though, she found them too raunchy for her.

Megan had observed with interest the house going up next door for months and had enjoyed talking to the nice construction workers. They seemed to come over to talk to her or to ask for something to drink, whenever she was out sunbathing. One very big man always seemed to be staring at her large breasts whenever he came over for a glass of water and he always made her feel uncomfortable. His stares always made her nervous and she would develop a funny feeling deep in her womb. This was about the same time she had started waking up horny all the time. She was glad when they finished the house, but missed having people to talk to.

Megan was excited when the moving van arrived and had been ready to overcome her shyness and run right over to introduce herself when she saw Betina and Jamal. She had never had much experience around black people and decided to stay in the house and watch them through the curtains. Betina was light skinned, kind of plump, and she was dragging a young boy behind her. Jamal on the other hand was a six and a half foot dark black giant. He was wearing a tight tank top that showed off an impressive physique. Megan could swear that his muscles had muscles as she ran her eyes along his beefy arms.

A week later, Megan had been out sun bathing, she had still not gotten up the nerve to introduce herself to the neighbors when Betina made the first move. Betina called to her over the fence and introduced herself, it seemed that Betina was just as lonely for a friend as Megan was. The two women found themselves talking for hours. Betina invited her over to their house and she had met the black couples son, Anthony and Tina's husband, Jamal. He shook her hand and she noticed how her tiny white hand was completely engulfed by his big black ones. His stare reminded her of the big construction worker and she felt the funny feeling in her stomach again, making her a little flustered.

Megan noticed some pictures on the hall walls and was surprised to see they were of a bikini clad Betina in various poses.

"That's from before I had Anthony, of course," Betina said over Megan's shoulder. "I used to be a pretty hot model. You ever do any modeling?"

Surprised, Megan answered, "No why do you ask?"

"Your figure's so perfect for bikini modeling. Why if I had your breasts I could have tripled my income."

Megan was flattered and the two women talked all day, becoming close friends. Jamal was a former boxer and didn't work except for some lessons he gave at the gym every night for a few hours. Betina was starting a job at a cosmetics company in the fall when Anthony started kindergarten and she was desperately looking forward to getting out of the house. Megan wasn't able to have children and she envied Betina her family.

Megan really enjoyed Betina's company. The only thing she didn't like was that her new friend had a potty mouth. She used words like "fuck" and "cock" all the time and she always had Megan blushing constantly. Megan also didn't like Jamal that much. He seemed to recognize how naive she was and was constantly telling jokes at her expense. The gullible Megan falling for them every time. They also appeared to have a better sex life then Megan did. Jamal apparently didn't have a problem taking care of his wife, and the way Betina talked, he "fucked" her constantly with his big "cock."


Now, here it was, a week since Betina had started her new job and Megan missed her already. She stretched on the lawn chair again and fidgeted in her seat. Jamal was starting the lawnmower over in his yard. He wore nothing but a tight pair of jeans and she could see the sweat pouring down his black torso, causing his chest to glisten in the sunlight. He always seemed to be in the backyard during her daily 90 minute tanning sessions. He would either mow the lawn or lift weights while she sunbathed. He tried to talk to her a couple times but she always ended the conversation quickly since she didn't like being around him all that much.

Megan admired his body though, she tried to picture the Doctor with Jamal's physique and wondered what it would be like to be crushed beneath a muscular body with a big cock pounding into her. Ooops, she thought, Betina must be rubbing off her. She'd have to watch her mouth, besides if Harold had hands that big he'd make a crummy surgeon.

Megan was delighted to see Betina pop out of her house for a second and wave at her. Then Megan had an idea. Betina apparently had a great sex life, maybe she'd be willing to give Megan a few pointers on how to spice up her own.

Megan stood up and toweled the sweat off her body before running over to the gate in the fence to talk to Megan. Jamal had just finished the back lawn and she waved at him as she ran into her friends house. He watched the thong disappearing between her ass cheeks as she walked up the steps to the deck and the sliding glass door.

"Hi Megan," said Betina snatching up her car keys and purse. "How are things?"

"Oh Tina," said Megan, "I miss you so much."

"I miss you to honey," said the plump black woman, who gave Megan a quick hug. "Can't talk now though, I have to get back to work."

Megan sighed as her friend ran over to the door. "Tina, I have a problem, I was hoping you could give me some advice."

"Gotta run, honey," said Betina. "Ask me later or get Jamal to help you," and she ran out the door.

Megan turned to see that Jamal had followed her into the room and he was standing in the doorway to the back yard.

"What can I help you with Megan?" asked Jamal.

Oh nothing," she sighed. "I just wanted to ask Tina for some help with something."

"I'd be glad to help," said the black man.

"I couldn't, it's kind of personal," responded Megan. She started thinking it over. Maybe a man's perspective wouldn't be all that bad. "Jamal, maybe you can help me." Then remembering how he was always pulling her leg she added, "but you have to promise me you won't laugh or tell anybody."

"I promise," said Jamal adopting a dead serious expression on his face.

She took a deep breath a proceeded to fill him in on the lack of attention Harold was paying to her and her desire to improve her love life. How her and her husband only had sex about once a month with the lights off in the missionary position. Megan was relieved that instead of making fun of her, Jamal paid rapt attention to everythng she told him, interupting with questions every now and then.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Jamal.

"Well the first five years were ok, but the last ten sex dropped off a lot. Harold's always so tired after work and everything."

"So it's been ten years since you've had an orgasm?" Jamal asked.

Megan blushed, she wasn't really comfortable talking along these lines. "Sort of," she replied. "I think I had one the first year we were married."

Jamal nodded wisely. She had never had an orgasm. This was a dream "cum" true. A horny inexperienced white woman was asking his advice on sex. "Go sit on the couch, I think I have something that might help you."

Jamal went into his bedrom and started leafing through his box of porn. Then a wicked thought occured to him and he reached further back and pulled out a second box, a box that his wife didn't know about. This box contained all his interracial porn. Jamal had been dying to fuck a white woman all his life. He had grown up in a poor black neighborhood and hadn't had any chances to nail any white girls until his boxing career started taking off and by then he had met Betina. He pulled out a video entitled "Interracial Blow Jobs: See Hot White Chicks Sucking the Biggest Black Dicks. He popped it into the bedroom vcr and fast forwarded it past the title. Jamal ejected the tape and forced the grin off his face before returning to Megan.

Megan was siting on the couch in her little thong bikini fidgeting from nervousness. She looked up at him and he could see the hope reflected in her blue eyes.

"Well Megan," said Jamal popping the cassette into the living room vcr. "First things first, it sounds to me like neither you nor the Doctor have much experience with sex. So I'm going to start by showing you how to please him." He hit play on the remote.

Megan gasped in disgust, when she saw the screen. "Yuck," she said. "I heard there were movies like this." The tv showed a big breasted blonde slut crawling on her hands and knees over to a naked black man. The black man was huge and had what looked like a ten inch penis between his legs. It was the biggest, thickest thing she had ever seen and she gasped again, this time with fascination.

"What's wrong," asked Jamal fast forwarding it to the next scene.

"That penis," she exclaimed. "It's huge!"

"That one," Jamal said, pausing the tape at the part where the cock was spraying it's seed all over the white girls face. "It's about average." Jamal smiled at the look of shock on Megan's face. Then her expression changed to one of perplexion and Jamal knew she was comparing her husband's penis to the well hung studs in the video.

Megan watched him fast forward it past another scene. The black penis in this scene was about an inch shorter then the previous one but it was a lot thicker. "Jamal, are all these white women with black men?"

"Yeah, sick isn't it." he lied. "One of my friends gave it to me as a joke."

"Here we go," he said stopping at the next scene and hitting play. The tv showed another blonde kneeling between the legs of the first black man. The blonde unzipped the man's pants and took out his long cock. She began kissing around the head and licking the sides lovingly. "I love sucking your black cock," said the blonde.

"You want me to do that," said Megan, a disgusted look on her face.

"Megan, a blow job is the greatest pleasure a woman can give a man. Look how much she's enjoying it. Trust me, you do this for the Doctor and he'll get so turned on he'll fuck your brains out."

"Jamal!" she said, surprised at his language, but loving the idea of having her brains fucked out. "Does Betina do this for you?"

"Whenever I tell her to."

Are you sure he'd like this?" she asked still staring at the tv screen.

"There isn't a man alive who doesn't like his wife to be on her knees sucking on his cock.

She blushed at his choice of words. She watched the blonde taking the black cock into her mouth on the screen and wondered how she managed to get it all in. It looked difficult, though her husbands penis was so much smaller then the black cock on screen that she would probably be able to do a fairly decent job on him. "Alright Jamal, I'll give it a try," she said nervously and stood to leave.

Jamal sensed her nervousness and said, "Good girl Megan, I just hope you do a good job cause....."

"Cause what?" said Megan sitting back down. His hesitation playing on her anxieties.

"Well, most women are pretty good at it by the time their twenty. I'm just worried that if you don't perform all that well, you might actually end up turning him off of sex even more then he is now."

Megan sighed, that was exactly what she was worried about. "What can I do Jamal, I'm desperate."

"Well there is one thing," he said feeling his heart beating rapidly in his chest. "No, never mind."

"No please tell me," she said taking his hands and staring into his eyes with a look of pure desperation on her face.

"I was thinking you should practise on me," said Jamal, adopting a very serious expression.

A look of horror and disgust crossed Megan's face. "Jamal, you should be ashamed of yourself. I can't cheat on Harold and just think about Betina."

Jamal tried to look indignant and then he laughed half heartedly, "Oh I get it, you think that oral sex is cheating." He tried to look hurt. "Megan, oral sex isn't cheating. I could never cheat on Betina or ask you to cheat on Harold. Only intercourse is considered adultery." I should teach acting instead of boxing he thought to himself when her expression went from angry indignation to one of confusion.

"I..I'm sorry Jamal. I thought that...."

"Its ok," he interupted. "I don't want you to do anything your not comfortable with. I just thought it could really help you out. If you want to risk it without practising then...."

"No your right, I'll do it," she said coming to a quick decision. "I'll do anything to improve my sex life."

And you will to, thought Jamal. "Good choice Megan, It's not hard to please a man once you've had a little practise."

"Just tell me what I need to do to please you."

"Well," he said. "I'm not going to get much pleasure out of it, you being my wife's best friend and all. I'm just doing this to help you out."

"Thanks Jamal," she said a tear in her eye. "I think this may be the nicest thing anybodys ever done for me." Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. "Where do we start?"

"Well, I'll pretend I'm Harold coming home from a hard day at work. You greet me at the door with a big kiss and I will say I'm really tired and go sit on the couch. You come over and kneel before me and look up at me while you take my cock out. I'll grade you on how well your doing so that you know what will make your husband happy. Just don't give up if I give you a bad grade.

"Sounds reasonable," she said thinking it over. "Just remember, I'm not Betina. I've never done this before. Just don't think I'm stupid or anything."

"I don't think that," he lied. "It's just that your inexperienced that's all. Now lets get started." Jamal smiled at her then went out his front door. He came back in a second later and yelled, "Hi honey I'm home."

Megan smiled at him. He was trying to look all worn out and tired form work, like Harold did every night. Having a giant black man with a Herculean physique pretending to be her pudgy old husband was funny. She walked up to kiss him, but he stopped her.

"Wait, this isn't working," he said.

"What's wrong?' she asked worried that she wasn't going to learn how to please Jamal. I mean please Harold, she corrected.

"You should surprise your husband by wearing something really sexy. Do you have any skimpy lingerie at home? White garters really turn me on."

"No," she said worried. "I don't own anything sexy. Isn't my bikini small enough?"

"Yeah, but I'm sure the Doctor has seen you in that a lot and I see you in it almost everyday. I'm used to Tina being naked when she sucks me off, because I like to play with her breasts. I'm just not sure I can mantain an erection long enough to teach you anything." Jamal felt his cock throbbing in anticipation.

Silly man, she thought, the solution was odvious. "I guess I can take the bikini off."

"Great idea," he said. "Just imagine how shocked the Doctor will be when he comes home to find you nude and it just might help me out also. Go ahead and strip."

Her hands were shaking when she reached around to untie her top. "Can you turn around please? Harold and I only do it in the dark and I'm not used to anyone seeing me naked."

"I'll just go outside and give you a couple seconds," he said going out the door.

Beth slipped off her top, jumping slightly as the material rubbed across her sensitive nipples. They were rock hard for some reason which was odd cause she wasn't the least bit cold. She slid off her thong feeling the wetness between her legs. Great, she thought, first I wake up like this every morning and now I'm starting to get horny in the middle of the day. In front of my best friend's husband no less. I hope he doesn't notice.

Jamal squeezed his cock through his jeans. I swear I can smell that needy pussy through the door, he thought. He reached over and turned the knob. "Hi honey I'm....," he stoped in exasperation. He was about ready to push the bitch to her knees and shove his cock into her mouth. She was standing slightly hunched over with one arm covering her breasts and her other hand covering her pussy. "Megan, what good is being nude if you cover yourself up?"

"I'm sorry," she said. "This is hard for me."

"It's hard for me too, but you've got to let me help you," he said adding. "Tina was right when she said you had a body good enough to be a model. You should be proud of what god gave you. Now lets try it again."

Jamal's teeth were clenched. If his wife had ever behaved like this he would of spanked her ass with his cock before stuffing all 12" into her rectum. He took a deep breath and opened the door. "Honey I'm..." he stumbled over the words in awe of the beautiful nude girl standing before him. Her pussy was adorable. It was well trimmed to fit into her bikini and it was as blonde as the hair on her head. Her aureola were tiny compared to the size of her breasts. They were only about the size of a quarter, but the nipples were gigantic, jutting out about three quarters of an inch. "I'm home," he finally finished.

"Hi honey," she said shaking from nervousness at appearing nude before a man for the first time in her life. She leaned up to kiss him and found herself being crushed against his bare chest. She could smell the sweat on him from mowing the lawn, but she actually found it pleasant instead of offensive. His tongue was pushing against her lips and she parted them to let it inside her mouth. Megan found herself melting in his arms, but came to her senses and pushed him off. "Jamal, what are you doing?"

Still holding her, he said, "I'm just giving you my welcome home kiss."

"Harold doesn't kiss like that."

"He doesn't? How's he kiss then?" he said feeling her lips against his. They never parted and they touched his lips for a fraction of a second. It wasn't even a peck. "You two really do need my help. We'll try it again and this time you initiate the kiss. One really good kiss can have your husband ready to do whatever you say."

This time the "Hi honey, I'm home," was barely out of his mouth before she had thrown her arms around his broad shoulders and her tongue was pushing into his mouth. Jamal reached down and put his hands on her ass cheeks pulling her tight against his body so that she could feel how big his cock was. She seemed to pause for a minute when he rubbed his cock along her belly but she continued to kiss him. They kissed for several minutes before he pulled her off and said, "Alright Megan, I give you an "A" on kissing ability." He watched her beam with delight at the good grade before saying, "I've had a really rough day at work." Jamal went over to the couch and collapsed on it, spreading his legs. "What's for dinner?"

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