Lessons From The Neighbor


Megan dressed and began blow drying her hair, while planning her days shopping trip. She had to get some groceries and she had promised Harold that she would buy some sexy red lingerie to wear for him tonight. Jamal had put the idea into her head the day he had given her the blow job lesson, though he prefered white lingerie.

She wanted the doctor nice and excited for when they tried sex "doggy style" tonight. Something about being on your knees, at the mercy of a man fucking you from behind really excited her.

She grabbed her car keys off the counter and paused seeing Jamal out in his back yard. He was just puttering around doing nothing and she realized she was missing her tanning session. She had only spoken to him a couple times since the last lesson and he seemed very interested in how things were going with the doctor. It was nice having a best friend that cared so much for her. She left for the grocery store.


Last night hadn't gone as planned. The doctor hadn't seemed to like her white lingerie very much. She told him she wasn't happy with the red lingerie they were selling and would try somewhere else. Harold hadn't seemed too interested in sex that night and she had taken his litle penis into her mouth to make him hard enough to fuck her from behind. Unfortunately, he had squirted his small load into her mouth after a couple minutes. She had tried wrapping her big breasts around his penis to make him hard again, but nothing had worked. She also found it funny that his penis completely disappeared when surrounded by her large tits. Megan spent another restless night. It had been over two months now since she had felt his penis in her pussy and she was growing even more desperate.

The next day, she got up and instead of putting on her bikini, she put on the lingerie. She would ask Jamal what was wrong with it, she thought as she rolled up the lacy white nylons and hooked them to the garter. He wasn't in the yard, oddly enough, and she put on a coat and walked over towards his back door.

She knocked and waited a few minutes before hearing his heavy footfalls approaching the door. She saw the door open and said, "Hi J-." She stopped, he was completely naked, his fully erect cock all glistening and shiny before her all covered in some kind of lubrication. He had odviously been masturbating

"Hi Megan." he said smling down at the white woman staring at his cock, completely fixated on it. Underneath her coat, he saw her legs. covered in lacy white nylons and arched his eyebrows in delight. "Come on in," he said turning into his house. He watched her eyes follow his cock and like a zombie she followed it into his house.

"So Megan, not sunbathing today?" he asked as they sat down on the couch.

She shook her head, still staring at his cock now pointing straight up as he sat next to her. This was also the time of day, Jamal usually did his yard work and she would of been worried enough to check on him if he wasn't in the yard while she was sunbathing. He must be real horny to stay inside like this.

"How you been? Is Harold treating you any better?

She finally looked up at him. "Jamal, why are you naked?" she asked.

"I got real horny watching a video," he replied. "Want me to go put some pants on?"

"No!" she said, a little too hastily. "It's alright by me." Though it is a little hard to carry on a casual conversation with a 12" black cock dangling before your eyes, she thought.

"Yeah, I saw it was you and... well you've seen me naked before and when this thing gets hard it stays hard until I cum, plus it's really uncomfortable shoving it into a pair of pants, I didn't bother getting dressed."

"I understand," she responded.

"So Megan, what brings you over here?"

"I wanted to show you something."

"Go ahead," he said eagerly.

She stood up and began removing her coat. "I want you to tell me what's wrong with this outfit," she said removing her coat. "Harold didn't seem to care for it."

"Harolds an idiot, you look incredible" he said staring at her in awe. She stood before him clad in a small lacy white bra and panties. A matching garter surrounded her thin waist just below her navel. She was a dream come to life.

"Thanks," she said blushing at the compliment. "I thought it looked nice, but he wanted red."

"I prefer white," he said smirking at her. "I thought you had bought that for me for a minute."

She let out a nervous laugh to match his chuckling. There had been plenty of red outfits, but something had drawn her to the white. "So what are you watching thats got you so horny," she said trying to change the subject and sitting back down.

"Please leave it off," he said noticing she was reaching for her coat. She smiled at him and left it off. "I'm just watching another porn. It's about something I really enjoy, but my wife doesn't really care for it.

"Show me?" she asked, wondering what the very open-minded Betina could be bothered by.

She saw him hit play and there on the screen was another black man fucking a white girl from behind. She saw Jamal's hand go straight to his cock.

Megan crossed her fingers and gulped, hoping he wouldn't reject her. "J-Jamal, why don't you let me take care of that for you?"

"I'd love it Megan," he said delighted, "But you don't have to."

Megan got to her knees and crawled over to him, his cock seemed to quiver in anticipation. She felt complete as soon as her hand wrapped around the thick rod. She bent forward and ran her tongue around the head and up and down the sides. She paused long enough to say, "I really enjoy sucking on your cock. Feel free to call me whenever you want me to do it." She saw Jamal nod eagerly and she grinned knowing that once his cock was in her mouth, he wouldn't have been able to say no. He really was quite naive.

She swallowed his entire cock in her mouth, noticing it tasted like strawberries and was becoming warm in her mouth. She looked up at him questioningly and he told her that it was called "motion lotion" and it heated up when friction was applied. She returned to blowing him, thinking that his natural taste and odor were better then the strawberries. He began bucking his hips and she noticed his eyes were riveted to the screen.

Curious, Megan nibbled on the side of his cock so that she could watch the screen. The black guy was still fucking the blonde from behind. Are there any black men with small cocks, she thought looking at the screen? It was big, thick, and moving rapidly in and out of... "Oh my god!" she cried out. "He's fucking her ass!"

"Yeah," said Jamal. "This is an all anal video. Betina really doesn't enjoy doing it, but I love it."

Megan was facinated. She quit blowing Jamal and sat at his feet slowly stroking his cock with one hand while watching the movie. The men were all well-hung blacks and the women all white. "Is this another gag gift from a friend?"

"No," said Jamal. "I bought this myself. I've been thinking about white women a lot lately."

Megan found herself becoming aroused by the action on screen. The women all seemed to struggle at first, but once the cocks were all in, they seemed to enjoy it. "I thnk I'd like to try this," she said watching the screen.

"Harold's a lucky man to have you," Jamal told her and he patted her head as she continued stroking his cock. "You just be sure to use plenty of lubrication, because it always hurts the first time.

Megan watched the screen, "Jamal is it hard to do?"

"Only for the woman. It is quite painful, but that fades quickly. The few women who let men do it to them, end up loving it."

"Jamal," she said seriously. "Would you be willing to teach me how to do it?"

"Sure Meg," he said. "Take your bra and panties off and get down on your hands and knees. Do me a favor and leave the garters and nylons on."

Her heart was beating rapidly as she removed her bra and unhooked the garters long enough to slide down her panties. Megan hadn't thought twice about strpping before him this time. She got down on her hands and knees. Her pussy was soaked as she thought about what she was about to do. This was the position that she had wanted to try with Harold.

Jamal grabbed the bottle of motion lotion and kneeled behind her. She shivered in anticipation as he rested his foot long monster between her cheeks. "Wait Jamal," she said. "Anal sex isn't cheating, right?"

"Of course not Megan," he replied as he poured the gooey red liquid all over his cock and her ass. "We wouldn't be doing this if it was cheating."

Jamal removed his cock from her cheeks and leaned forward, blowing softly on her ass. He was rewarded by a soft moan from Megan as the motion lotion began heating up. He ran his finger down her crack, teasing the cute little rosebud of her ass. He felt her shiver as he pushed just the tip of his finger into her ass. He twirled it around in circles, trying to loosen her up a little before pushing his finger in up to the knuckle. Megan seemed to like it, pushing her ass back to get more of his finger inside. He obliged her and pushed all his finger in. He heard her sigh when he pulled it out. Jamal pushed two fingers in and she tensed up with a moments pain as he pushed both fingers all the way in.

Megan moaned from the pleasure coming form her ass. Her entire rectum was tingling as he continued to blow in her crack and his fingers pushed the motion lotion deep inside her.

Jamal decided that she was as ready as she was going to get and kneeled up again, resting his cock back on her cheeks. He poured more lotion on his cock and rubbed it all around making sure it was completely lubricated.

Megan smiled and closed her eyes as she felt Jamal pushing down on his cock as he slid it between her cheeks. This was what she wanted, to be kneeling before a man with her crotch thrust up, to be used for his pleasure. She moaned as his cock slid down to her rosebud, poised to enter her. "Oh Jamal," she moaned, "please put it in." She clenched her eyes tight as she felt him push down so that the head began to enter her, stretching her wide. Megans eyes flew open when the pain hit, this wasn't what she had expected. "Jamal stop! It hurts." Jamal hadn't heard her and she pushed up on her hands to crawl away, crying out as her action pushed another inch inside. She tried to crawl forward, but his strong hands gripped her waist, holding her tight. She let out a little scream as he pushed yet another inch inside. His cock was so hard and unbendable that her ass yielded to it, stretching out even further. "Jamal," she said crying. "Please pull it out. I changed my mind.

"Shut up and take it slut," he yelled. "Once you give your ass to a man there's no going back." He looked down at his cock and saw that about four inches was disappearing into her stretched out ass hole. The thickest part was inside, so that the worst of it was over. She tried to struggle again and he held her still as he began pushing more in. "Don't worry, I'm only going as deep as your husband will. You should be grateful."

Megan cried out again as he pushed eight inches in. The pain wasn't as bad now, but it was still uncomfortable. "I l-lied," she sobbed. "Harold's penis is only four inches. Please take it out." Megan jumped when his hand smacked down on her ass cheek and then he switched and spanked her other cheek.

"This is for lying slut," he growled as he rammed another two inches in. "Never lie to a man. Your purpose is to serve."

Megan was huffing and puffing like a woman giving birth, as she tried to get used to it. He had stopped and was just holding her still with ten inches of his steel hard cock buried in her ass.

She was begining to think that she was doomed to spend life with his cock buried inside her as the minutes passed. The pain was slowly fading. Jamal was starting to scare her. His friendly demeanor was slowly disappearing with each lesson, to that of a strong, powerful man who used a womans body for his own pleasure, from grabbing her head to fuck her mouth to relentlessly pushing his giant black cock inside her ass. The heat from the lotion and the combination of pleasure and pain from her stinging ass cheeks began to produce results. Megan felt her juices dripping down her thighs and found she liked the thought of being taken by a man and serving him. Some of the tension left her and she softly moaned.

Jamal felt her sphincter relax and he began to slowly move his cock around inside her.

"Yes," she moaned. "Fuck my ass."

"You didn't say the magic word," said Jamal holding his cock still again.

"Please fuck my ass."

"That's better," he said with a smirk on his face. Jamal pulled his cock out so that the ridge of the head popped out and then he slammed ten inches back in. He began fucking her hard so that he was pushing her forwards, her nylon covered knees scraping the carpet. "You like having my cock in your ass. Don't you slut?"

"Y-yes," she said still huffing and puffing. "I love having your cock in my ass."

"Would you like to cum, slut?"

"Y-yes p-please."

"Then beg!" he shouted.

"P-please J-jamal," she gasped. "Make me c-cum. I need to cum."

Jamal grabbed her shoulder with one hand and brought his other down under her leg to her pussy, teasing her slit with his fingers. "If you want another A, your going to have to take it all."

His teasing was driving her insane. "I want an A," she cried. The pain returned briefly as he pushed his entire cock inside her, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as his fingers entered her pussy and began playing wth her clit. It felt like her entire crotch was exploding as she had the biggest orgasm yet. Her ass and pussy clenched tight as she screamed with joy and collapsed, passing out.

She awoke to the relentless pounding of his cock in her ass. He was fucking her hard and fast, his big oversized balls slapping against her thighs. His fingers were still circling around her clit, slowly moving, waiting... Megan gasped feeling him swell up even bigger and his fingers speeded up again. His cock was so tightly held by her rectum that it couldn't jump as he started cumming, but she felt the blood rushing through the large vein on the bottom and it was pumping, pumping her full of sperm. His fingers triggered another orgasm and she screamed once again from the unbelievable pleasure.

Megan finally felt him pull his cock out of her ass, hearing farting sounds as the trapped air was released. Her rectum didn't seem to contract very much and she was afraid that it would remain a gaping hole forever. She looked back over her shoulder at her ass cheeks, still red from where he had spanked her.

Megan crawled over to her lingerie and stood up, feeling his sperm squirt out of her ass as her cheeks clenched. She didn't bother getting dressed, putting her coat on around her nude body and shoving her underwear into the pocket.

"A+," said Jamal as she passed him.

Megan just nodded walking to the door, Jamal following her.

She walked bowlegged back towards her house, feeling his semen squirting out with each step. Her legs could barely hold up her body weight and she looked down at them seeing that she had ripped her nylons around the knees. Now that the sexual high was gone she felt a little sick to her stomach. He had used her, calling her a slut and she had loved it. She looked back at him, still with awe, but the adoration was gone replaced by a look fear. Not fear of him, but fear of how her body was responding to him. Megan decided then, that she would avoid him and not look back.

She looked back... he was still watching her.

Chapter 4: The Final Lesson

Megan was a wreck as she saw her husband off to work, several days after Jamal had taught her about anal sex. She had played with the doctor's little prick the previous two nights and he hadn't been able to get an erection. Megan had gotten used to constantly yearning for a cock in her pussy, but she wasn't used to needing a cock in her ass. She desperately wanted to get butt-fucked again. Finally, last night, Harold had gotten a partial erection. She had told him to put it in her ass and he had given her a look of such disgust, that he had made her feel ashamed of herself. With one beat of his heart, his erection had shrunk and he turned his back to her, to go to sleep. He had still seemed upset with her as he left for work this morning.

Jamal had lied to her. Something had been gnawing at her brain since the second lesson he had given her. Now it was odvious, He had lied about her sex life improving or... he didn't no the truth himself. Harold, and the white men in the videos with their small penises, they could never truly satisfy a woman. Only big cocks, black cocks, could give a woman what she needs. Megan was doomed never to be satisfied during intercourse.

Jamal had scared her the last couple times they had been together. The first time, he had roughly grabbed her head and fucked her face like she was just an object designed to make him cum. Last time, he had slammed his entire cock into her ass, telling her that it was her purpose to serve men and calling her a slut. He had spanked her cheeks and she had told him how much she loved having his cock in her ass. Megan had felt completely used and humiliated by his treatment of her. Worse then that, she wanted him to do it again.

Megan decided at that moment, that if Jamal didn't butt fuck her again, she'd go insane. She ran upstairs and took a quick shower. After drying her hair, she put some make-up on and grabbed her bath robe. She put the robe on over her nude body and walked out the back door.

Jamal answered his door after several knocks. He didn't look the least bit surprised to see her and he stepped aside so that she could come in.

"So Megan," he said, sitting down on the couch. "What can I do for you?"

Megan let the robe fall to the floor and said, "I want you to fuck my ass again."

"But, I've already taught you how to do that," he replied.

"The doctor won't do it. I NEED you to shove your big cock in my ass again."

"Get on your hands and knees."

Megan flushed with excitement and dropped to her hands and knees, turning around so that her cute little ass was pointed at him.

"Not yet," he said. "First, I want you to crawl over to me and beg me to fuck your ass like the slut you are. Then, I want you to suck my cock until I tell you I've had enough."

Megan felt humiliated, but her body was automatically responding to his commands. She felt the moistness between her legs as she crawled over towards him, but then she was always wet around Jamal.

"Please Jamal, fuck my ass," she begged. "I need you to fuck my ass again. I need your big black cock inside me."

"Why?" he asked.

"Becase I loved it," she said, crying now, "and because my husband won't do it."

Jamal looked down at Megan. She was between his legs now and unbuttoning his pants. "Your husband's a loser," he said as she began pulling his trousers off. "He'll never satisfy you with that little worm of his. He doesn't even know how to kiss a woman."

Megan nodded, it was all true. She yanked down his briefs, unconciously licking her lips as his big cock came into view. She watched it grow a little more with each beat of his pulse, before taking it once again into her mouth.

Jamal grabbed her blonde hair and held it off her face so that he could watch her suck him off. It felt great having a well-built woman kneeling before him, while swallowing his black monster into her pretty white face. He let her suck him for about twenty minutes before telling her to turn around.

Megan eagerly complied and quickly spun around. She felt him kneel behind her and then his cock's plump head was nudging at her back door. "Oooww," she jumped when he pushed the head in.

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