tagFirst TimeLessons In Love Ch. 01

Lessons In Love Ch. 01


Grant took a chair and tried not to stare at the other people who occupied seats in the classroom. He had spoken with only one other person when he entered and he was too embarrassed to introduce himself to any more. After all, what would he say to someone else who had the same problem as he did?

He pulled the brochure from the pocket of his jacket and busied himself with reading it until he could safely glance up at the others. The woman he'd spoken to was seated almost directly across from him. Helena was her name, he remembered. Older than him for sure but nice, clean and polite. He wondered why she would be here. She was talking to a thin blonde who seemed to jump every time the door slammed after someone entered. In his mind, that marked her as being someone who was being subjected to violence although he couldn't be sure.

A man with bright red hair sat next to him, nursing the remains of something that had been made with cinnamon and looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. The last of the group was another gent, this one with strawberry blonde hair and a scruffy beard peppered with gray. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be napping but Grant doubted that, considering that he was slumping closer to the blonde in an attempt to look down her blouse.

"Good afternoon!" The leggy brunette that strode in was a fresh breath of confidence in a room full of uncertainty. She would be Sunny, the instructor. He wasn't sure that that word correctly described her responsibilities. "Welcome to the Virginity for Dummies class." The red head snickered and she threw an angry glance at him, quieting him instantly. She took a seat near him, beaming as she lowered herself into the chair. "I'm Sunny. Let's go around and introduce ourselves, first names only, and tell what you want to achieve in this class."

Her blue eyes fell on Helena and the older lady turned to address our group. "My name is Helena." She looked down at her lap, clenching and unclenching her hands together. "And I've never had an … an orgasm."

"Ooo, baby! I could take care of that for you!" The napping gent muttered, cracking an eye open.

"That will be quite enough of talk like that or you can just leave!" Properly admonished, the man settled back into silence and Sunny turned to Helena. "Welcome, Helena."

When Sunny's eyes traveled to the blonde, the woman looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She sat stiffly upright in the chair, her eyes flitting to each person like a hummingbird to a flower and even jumped when Helena reached over and patted her leg.

"It's all right, dear. Everyone here has a problem like yours."

The words seemed to comfort the young woman and she nodded her head in appreciation. "M-My name is Bitch." The blood drained from her face so quickly that he thought she'd been stabbed. "I … I mean, my name's Gwennie."

Everyone looked at each other as she withdrew back into her shell. The redhead was still staring at her when Sunny cleared her throat. "She didn't say what she was here for."

Gwennie looked as if she would shatter into pieces if she was forced to speak again. Helena patted her leg again, this time letting it remain, imparting its warmth. "I think she's said enough for the time being, eh, Sunny?"

She shook her head in agreement. "Gwennie can answer later. Please go on."

He huffed. "My name's Seth and it's pretty obvious what I'm here for."

"Not to us." Sunny gave him an encouraging smile and he scowled back.

"I've never had anal sex before."

"Why is it important for you to have anal sex?"

Helena's innocent question brought a shade of anger to Seth's face, making her immediately regret asking when he tersely answered through gritted teeth, "That's none of your damn business."

Sunny then turned to the sleeping man and Seth gave him a stern elbow. He roused himself, drawing himself upright and pushing a hand through his unruly black hair, creating spikes. "And you?"

"The name's Archer." He stretched and looked bored. "I've never done a blow job or had anal." The others in the group nodded in acknowledgment but his smile drooped a bit. "Don't you want to know why?"

"Not really." Helena murmured, looking at him for help and he sat forward on his chair.

"My name is Grant and I'm here because I've never had sex before."


"Never." He shook his head toward Seth who just scowled even more. "I am here to hopefully get rid of my virginity."

Sunny patted his shoulder, looking out across the gathering. "We are all here for that purpose, Grant. Each and every one of us is here to experience the loss of a type of virginity and with that loss, to gain knowledge of our bodies and ourselves. We will be working toward these individual goals as a group so that every one is supported in his or her progress. Does anyone have a problem with that?" When no one answered, she continued. "There is a first time for everything, ladies and gentlemen. Shall we begin?"

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