tagIncest/TabooLet Me, Daddy

Let Me, Daddy


Hello, Daddy. I'm so glad you're home. I've been waiting all day for you. I missed you so much Daddy. Come in, here, sit down, relax. Let me, Daddy, let me just loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt collar... unbuckle your belt... let me Daddy. Have you missed me, Daddy, your pretty little daughter, your 19 year-old whore, your grown up little girl? Did you miss your pretty pet while you were gone all day?

Oh, Daddy, of course I was a good girl while you were at work today. You told me not to touch myself, not even to squeeze my breasts, or rub my thighs together too tightly, and I didn't. That's just for you, isn't it? Or... were you hoping I'd be bad? Were you secretly wishing I'd be a bad little girl, so you could punish me when you got home? I think you were, Daddy. Is that why you teased me so much this morning? Is that why you wouldn't let your baby cum before you left? That was so mean, Daddy, so wicked, but I was good. I know you like to tease me, Daddy. You know I like it when you do.

Let me just unzip your fly, Daddy, and... oh, my god, you're so big. Let me wrap my hand around my Daddy's cock. You're already hard, so thick, I can barely wrap my little hands around you. Oh, watch me, Daddy, watch your little girl, here between your knees, stroking Papa's big cock. Did you think of me today? Did you miss your baby, all alone at home, waiting just for you? Did you imagine me, naked, spread open on our bed, touching myself? Working my fingers in and out of my little pussy, breaking your rule, disobeying you? Is that how you like to think about your babygirl? Did you hope you would come home to find me there, fucking myself, playing with my warm creamy slit without your permission? Because then, Daddy, then you would have had to punish me. Then you might have bent me over your knee, and spanked me, hard, on my bare bottom, on my wet, slick pussy. I know you say you never want to punish me, Papa, that you always want me to be good, but sometimes... sometimes I think you like it best when I'm bad.

Oh, Daddy, you're so hard, and so hot, in my hands. Can I lick it, can I lick your cock, Daddy? Can I kiss it? Yes, Daddy, I want to, Please Daddy, can I? Can I run my little tongue up your steel hard shaft? Oh, thank you, Daddy. I know how much you love it when your baby sucks her Daddy's dick, when I start at the bottom and lick the whole way up your hard shaft, kiss the spongey soft head. And then I take just the tip between my lips, so softly, and slowly work my way back down, inch by inch, taking your cock to the back of my throat. So slowly, so soft, looking up at you the whole time. And then I work a hand underneath you, to massage Daddy's balls with the palm of my hand while I suck his cock. I know my Daddy loves that. Yes, Daddy, push against me, fuck your baby's hot little mouth, I want it, Daddy. Watch your beautiful, cockhungry daughter suck your thick, throbbing shaft. Mm, yes, god, you taste so good Daddy. Harder, Daddy, yes, grab my hair and hold me, press my face into you, force your cock down my throat. Watch me struggle to take you all in, take all of you while you fuck my pretty face. You know how wet I get, Daddy, how slippery creamy wet my little pussy gets when I suck your cock. What's that, Daddy? Oh my god, yes, take me to bed, Daddy.

You want me here, Daddy, laying on our bed, spread open for you? Can you see how wet I am? I'm dripping, Daddy, down my thighs, my juices running for you. I've been so good, such a good girl today Daddy, please. Your little baby needs Daddy's cock inside her, please. Fuck me, Papa. I know you love it when I beg, but god, please, I've been so patient, I've been such a good girl, and I need you. I need you to fill me up, to fuck me hard. I need my Daddy to make me cum. Oh, yes, Daddy, get on top of me, kneel between my legs, rubbing the spongy head of your hot cock up and down my slit, teasing my clit, pressing in to my pussy, oh, god, Daddy, please. Please. Yes, yes Daddy, push your long, hard dick inside my tight little pussy. Fuck, Daddy, so slow, I can feel you inside of me. God, I love feeling Daddy's cock so deep in me. Yes Daddy, fuck your little girl. Yes, Daddy, so good, you're so deep. I can feel you so deep inside me, feel you move through my pussy when you pull out. Yes, fuck me slow, I want to feel your rigid cock sliding through my wet cunt. Does that feel good, Daddy, gliding through my tight, creamy hole? Oh, I want more. Harder, please Daddy! Yes, slam that daddydick in my pussy, yes, oh god, so good Daddy, so good... when you fuck me... when you fuck your baby...

Daddy, let me get on top, let me ride you. Oh, god, yes, you're so deep, all the way inside my tight cunt, your little baby girl's hungry pussy. Watch me fuck myself on your hard cock, while I rub my clit for you. Watch my little fingers rubbing and pinching my swollen nub. Little circles over my clit, then rubbing harder, it feels so good, Daddy,You want me to cum for you, cum with your dick inside me? Oh, god, Daddy, I'm so close, tell me Daddy. Tell me you want it. Tell your little girl to cum for you, tell your baby to cum all over Daddy's cock, yes Daddy. Fuck your baby. Oh, yes, Daddy, can I? I can? I'm so close. Please Daddy, don't you want to feel your little baby's cunt milk your cock, milk Daddy's dick so hard. I get so tight when I cum, I know you love it when I cum around you. Please Daddy? Please? Yes! Daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, so hard. Oh my god, fuck me hard, please, pound me... fuck... please, yes Daddy...

Are you close, too, Daddy? Cum with me Daddy, yes, god, so hard, cum for me, Papa. Cum inside your little girl. Fuck, yes, I can feel it, feel you throbbing inside me. You're so close. I want it inside me, Daddy. Oh yes, there, yes, you're cumming Daddy, shooting your hot cum inside my pussy! Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy's hot, sticky cum inside me, oh god, thank you Daddy. That was perfect, Daddy.

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by aoSolitude196404/19/18


This was adorable, sweet and lovely! Thank you...

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