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Let Me "Rock" Our World


Good Morning Darlin',

I just had a wonderful dream and thought I'd write it down and share it with you. I really hope you like this, because-it just may turn into reality…

I looked at the clock and I saw that you'd be home any minute, excitement made my body tingle. I heard your van pull into the driveway and I got into position. The door opened and I watched you walk in from my hiding place.

You looked handsome in the blue suit you had worn to work. I watched as you pulled the dark blue tie loose from your neck. You looked tired. I hoped my surprise would make you feel better. A weary hand slid through your raven hair, making it look roguish.

"Honey, would you do me a favor?" I said loudly from my hiding place, stifling a giggle.

"Sure Hun, where are you?" You asked, coming towards me.

"Please turn on the stereo and have a seat on the couch." I replied. I watched you, hidden from your sight. You shrugged and walked towards the stereo and turned on the CD I had set up for your surprise. You pushed play and sat down on the couch as I had asked. The song, "Men in Black" began to play.

I walked out from behind our bedroom door and into the room. I was wearing your black dress suit, your black fedora and spiked black heels. (We both knew I couldn't fit into your dress shirt, my boobs are too big, but go with this, it was a dream anyway!) The dress shirt was unbuttoned halfway, with your black tie on my neck like a collar, hanging between my breasts. A pair of dark sunglasses on my face and I wore your favorite dark red lipstick. (the only color on my entire body) My curly, auburn hair was cascading over my shoulders. I saw your eyebrows shoot up and then a very sexy smile crossed your handsome face.

I began to dance to the beat of the music, at first I kinda goofed around acting like I had a gun in my hands and I was looking for an alien. Then, I smiled as the music increased in tempo, then I really started to dance for you. I slowly removed the tie, turned and looked over my shoulder at you as I slowly pulled the silky tie from my neck. I laid the tie on a near by kitchen chair, that for the first time you noticed was in the room.

Next, I turned towards you, and very suggestively began to remove the suit coat by sliding each side off my shoulder, knowing the movement opened the gap in the front of the dress shirt. Gleaming glimpses of my cleavage flashed in and out of your vision. Hints of my breasts pushed up from my bra drew your attention. I let the jacket slide off my arms and over my hands….My hips never stopped undulating and swaying to the music. I placed the jacket neatly on the floor behind me.

I reached to my waist, I unbuckled the belt and pulled it through each hoop as I walked towards you. I placed the belt around your neck and gave you a soft sexy kiss on your lips and quickly moved away before you could pull me against you. I smiled and winked.

I pulled down the zipper and turned away from you once again, I placed my hands on each side of my waist and wiggled my hips as I pulled the slacks down over my hips, then over my bare tail. The only thing covering my behind was the thin red satin strip of my thong dividing my ass cheeks. I let the slacks pool around at my feet and made a big show of bending over to pick them up, and laid them neatly with the jacket.

I turned around and walked over to the chair, moved it to a few feet away from you. "Not too close, you mustn't touch!" I told you. I danced around the chair, opening the shirt. It opened to your eyes showing that I have only on a red lacy bra and a tiny lacy red thong.

Leaving the shirt hanging just off my shoulders, I sat on the chair facing you. I removed the shades and tossed them carefully onto the pile of clothes behind me. My hands went to my hair, pulling it up. I looked long and sexy into your eyes. I then leaned over completely, flipping my hair over, almost letting it touch the floor. Then I sat up again flipping it over my back, leaving it wild for you.

Leaning back in the chair I placed my hands on my knees and spread my thighs wide for you, an animalistic look of pure lust shone in your blue eyes.

You watched me as I placed my hands back in my hair, then slid my right hand downward, over my neck, between my breasts and over my tummy to rest between my open thighs. I moved my hand slowly over my silken mound, gyrating my hips in little circles. I turned my head and closed my eyes, enjoying the sweet sensation of my hand and your voyeurism. I almost came playing for you, but stopped short , wanting to share with you the orgasm building inside me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that you also been playing on your own, by having your swollen cock out of your pants and stroking while I petted myself. I stood and removed my thong, tossing it to you. A swift wave of passion floods my excited body as I watched you pick them up off your chest and raised it to your nose inhaling deep, taking in my scent. You smiled.

I stood and walked over to you, straddled your thighs and rubbed my dripping pussy against your sweet cock. Up and down I moved, stroking your cock as I undulated my hips. I wrapped my arms around your neck and kissed you, your hands slid down my gyrating body to firmly grasp each muscled cheek.

Reaching between my breasts, I opened the hooks of my bra and remove it tossing it on the floor. I placed one of my hardened nipples into your mouth. I moaned loudly as I ground against your cock, my sweet wet pussy slid over the hard muscle of your cock.

Your hands lifted me up a bit, then down, pushing your cock deep inside me. We watched each other's face as we quickly moved against each other. I could feel your cock deep and hard inside my soft wet tunnel, each movement driving me wild. It wasn't long before we both cried out in excellent, body twitching orgasms.

Still straddled over your thighs and wearing your Fedora, I cuddled into your strong arms. Your hands brushed some errant strands of hair from my face as you kissed me slow and deep.

"I love you Darlin', welcome home." I said as I kissed you once more.

I hope you like this Darlin', I'm hoping that when you get home, that we could play this out! I love you and hurry home, I'm warming your dinner for you!

Love Forever,


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