tagLetters & TranscriptsLetters from the World Ch. 02

Letters from the World Ch. 02


  Sonny Rocksin                                                       February 18, 2007 Austin, Tx


I must admit, I may have overreacted some in my excitement about this new quest, I mean, look at me, it has only been what, four days since the adventuresome Aussie and here I am in Matamoros, Mexico watching the sunset from my balcony. Yeah, reckless as it was, I booked a Southwest (tm) flight to Harlingen and rented a car and drove down through Brownsville and then crossed over to Matamoros. Not wanting to drive any further into Mexico, I parked at the first tourist trap hotel and checked in.

Alone, really alone for the first time in my life I sat in the room here and just cried as I thought of us, how good we were together. Remember that trip to Biloxi at the Beau Rivage when you hit a jackpot on the video poker game? You cashed in the ticket for one dollar bills and then covered out bed with them before we made love. Then we had room service and you tipped the bellman with the bills still damp with our cum.

Remembering how it felt back then I got undressed and climbed onto the bed, spreading my legs and imagining you slowly slipping your cock into me. I then ran my palms over my nipples remembering how your lips felt on me. Moving my left hand down to my pussy, I slipped my finger inside to coat it with my wetness and then slipped up to my clit. Picturing you fucking me on top of all that money I came.

After that I went as far as picking up the phone to call you and beg you to come down and join me when another picture entered my mind. Instead, I got dressed, called for a cab and rode into the Market. Apparently even in the Market an unaccompanied American woman needs to be careful. At least half a dozen gallant men warned me of the dangers there in Matamoros and offered to escort me.

I turned them all down until a well-dressed older gentleman was simply too charming to ignore and I accepted his offer. After a nice stroll through the shops I accepted a ride and an invitation to dinner. As we ate I couldn't help but gaze at this man. He was just about the opposite of you in every regard, from his dark skin tone, his dark black hair with the distinguished graying at the temples, the thin mustache and his thin, angular body.

He had long, thin fingers that gently caressed my hand as we sat at the table and later, in the hotel he took me to, ran down my body in such intricate and affectionate patterns as I stood naked before him. While still fully clothed he ran his hands over me, first at my face and down over my neck, then downward. By the time he reached my breasts my nipples were hard, aching for his touch, which he teasingly denied me for what seemed an eternity as his fingertips slid lightly around my breasts. Gently kneading me, he began circling them, slowly moving inward, closer and closer to my nipples so when he finally touched them my body was trembling.

Oh what he did to my nipples made me dizzy, as he gently held them between his thumb and index finger. He then began alternating between just barely holding the nubs and pinching them, each time a bit harder. I was gasping for air when suddenly his hands moved down over my stomach, brushed lightly through my pubic hair and then he found my slit.

I was so wet by then that his fingers entered me easily as they probed and then circled inside me. The fingers were so long and slid so deep inside me I found myself pushing against him, my wetness soaking his hand. Then, oh God then he pulled his fingers out and touched my clit in a caress that was gentle, yet firm and assertive. It took only seconds before I was coming and he suddenly stood and lifted me up, carrying me to the bad.

I watched him undress as my pussy was still quivering from my orgasm. He stood at the edge of the bed and pulled me toward him, pushing his cock into me in that one motion. My pussy was so wet by then he slid in easily and quickly began thrusting into me with his long, thin cock. It was very odd what he did when he reached the hilt, he kind of turned his hip to one side and withdrew and after the nest thrust he turned the other way. I don't know what exactly was happening, but that slight odd movement sent a tingling through my clit that simply drove me crazy.

I must have cum two or three more times before I looked up and saw his face wince in pleasure and he filled me with his cum. Funny thing, I don't know whether it was the spicy foods he ate or whether he simply fucked me raw, but it felt as if his cum actually burned a bit. I didn't mind, he simply showed me what a good Latin fuck was all about.

I slept with him that night and in the morning I awoke to a beautiful tingling between my legs and when I looked down I saw his face nestled between my legs. Oh Sonny, his tongue was even more divine than his fingers or cock and I came two more times as he sucked on my clit and pushed those long fingers into me. When he finished he lifted his head and smiled, his face glistening in my juices.

Well I simply rolled him onto his back and took his cock into my mouth as my hand slid up and down his long shaft. He was the second uncut man I've been with now and I just loved the feel of that extra skin sliding around. Just as he was coming he reached down, grasped my head and held me as his spicy cum flowed into my mouth. It must be the diet here, but his cum was bitter with an intriguing aftertaste. Something I'll have to try again some day.

Would you look at the time. Sorry love, I have to run so I can drive back into the states and then up to Harlingen to catch my flight. I have such delicious plans for my "Two of Seven." Don't worry, I be writing you with all the sexy details.

Your Loving Wife,


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