tagLetters & TranscriptsLetters from the World Ch. 05

Letters from the World Ch. 05



Sonny Rocksin                                     March 18, 2007

Austin, Tx


I need your help. I know I may not deserve it but please, please read what I have here and get in touch with Marcus Alsace at the address on the card I've enclosed in this letter. He is a lawyer here who can get me home as long as I can get a spouse or male relative to come and sign for my release.

I know this is a lot to ask, especially considering how I have been acting over the last few months but it is the only thing I can do. I have been in touch with the U.S. Embassy along with a number of other officials from the area and it has simply come down to getting someone to come, vouch for me and take me home.

To help you better understand what got me in this trouble, I will tell you what happened, and while in the past I admit I was flaunting my actions just to hurt you, now I'm telling you everything so you might better understand the situation I am in. Had I been almost anywhere else I probably would have gotten off, perhaps paid a small fine or received some stern warning, but with the religious situation here in Istanbul it's much, much worse.

As I mentioned in my last letter, I had planned to travel over the bridge to the Asian part of the city. Isak, the butler, helped me arrange for a driver for the day, a driver, as it turned out, actually was born in and had grown up in the Asian part of Istanbul. He had just returned to the country after attending college and living in the United States for a while, so he spoke excellent English.

Of course, considering the quest I had been undertaking, I immediately realized I no longer needed to search for an Asian man to have sex with. I had the man I wanted driving my car, all I needed now was the appropriate place to do it. Initially, I sat in the back seat, but after we stopped for a tea at a small café, I slipped into the front seat.

From that point, the seduction was on. As the driver showed me some of the various, beautiful sights through the city, I slowly worked on hiking up my ankle length dress. With the length of the dress, which I didn't dare wear any shorter in the city, I didn't need to bother with any hose and I didn't wear any panties either. Anyway, after a considerable length of time, I finally had my dress worked up where I was showing a bit of my knee and thigh.

Initially, the driver seemed to ignore the flesh I had exposed, but when I began running my hand over my thigh, I knew I had his attention. I continued moving my skirt up, showing more and more, until finally he could see it all. It was disappointing when the driver continued driving, doing his best to ignore me, so I finally reached over and placed my hand in his lap.

Well, then I knew that he had noticed me because he was hard and when I whispered, "Why don't we find a quiet place to stop the car?" he sped up and quickly pulled into a nearby park.

When we stopped, I already had my dress hiked up, so I turned in my seat while he dove in between my legs, kissing my thighs and then quickly moving his tongue to my pussy. He pushed his tongue into me and then moved to my clit, licking it furiously. Well, after the length of time it took to work up to this moment, I was so worked up, that I came almost immediately.

I moaned, "Fuck me now," and he quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was another, beautiful, uncircumcised one which I quickly guided into my pussy. Well, no sooner had he worked his cock into me when I heard some screaming. Looking around the car I noticed a group of people coming toward us. They began banging and rocking the car speaking in a language I didn't understand.

The driver quickly started the car and tried to back out, but the group of people didn't move. I pled with him, "Just go, just go... they will move," but before he could do anything a police car pulled up. The group of people frantically shouted at the police who came to the car and knocked on the windows. When we opened them up, they led us out of the car and into their vehicle.

After that it was just crazy. After a few days someone from the State Department did stop by and recommend a lawyer for me. My lawyers tried to convince me to accuse the driver of rape, but I couldn't do that. Well, anyway they were able to work out something with the court so all I need is to get some male relative to take custody of me and I will be released.

So, Sonny, I know I have hurt you and I don't know how I can make it up to you, but please, get in touch with the lawyer and help me get out of all this. I will even give you what money I have left from what I took if you do this.

Your Loving Wife






John Thurston                                     March 25, 2007

Attorney at Law

Austin, TX


Pursuant to our conversation early this month, I attach another letter from Christine, which I just received. As we discussed, the letter is unopened, just like the last ones I sent you. I will advise you when she returns to the United States so we can decide upon what to do beyond the separation. As before, you have my permission to open and read these letters as needed for the preparation of the divorce proceedings at your convenience.

Thank you for your help and counseling.


Sonny Rocksin

Austin, Texas.


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