tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLevels of Transition

Levels of Transition


"Lift your skirt." He demanded as he pointed the gun at her. The guys behind him stood anxiously. "We can't fuck you if you aren't wet, and we sure as hell are fucking you." She started to sob a little. "Play with yourself." He instructed. She hesitated, crying, shaking her head. "Do it!" He yelled shaking his gun at her.

She moved the crotch of her panties to the side and put her fingers in between the lips of her vagina and began to rub her clitoris slowly. The men's eyes were fixed on the display. "Faster!" He demanded. As she moved her fingers faster with silent tears streaming down her cheeks, the three men behind the dominant one began to unfasten their pants and get their cocks ready. "Make yourself cum. No bitch I ever fuck is going to say she didn't get hers. Come on, faster!"

She let out a small whimper. "Oh, yes, moan like that. You know what you're going to get." And he began to skillfully unfasten his own pants with one hand while still pointing the gun at her with the other. They could tell she was cumming by the way she held her breath and stiffened her body.

"All right, Joe, you go first." A big man came towards her with his pants around his ankles, a flannel shirt and a John Deere baseball hat on. She wondered vaguely if he would keep these clothes to remember later or dispose of them out of guilt. His cock was thin as he shoved it in her wet pussy.

"Go on, get her!" another man with a red sweatshirt said, cheering him on. "Look at that pussy, she's aching for it."

He heard his dog "Murphy" barking from the inside of truck. He hoped Murphy didn't manage to open the glove compartment again. The last time he spilled his bottle of Old Spice all over the floorboards. He tape the door up with a bumper sticker that said, "America: Love it or Leave it." But he didn't know if it was strong enough to keep Murphy out.

"I read that all women have rape fantasies." Said the man with the gun. "Is that true?" She didn't answer. "It must be true," he said putting his face very close to hers and lowering his voice. "Look how wet you are."

Joe pulled out and moaned as he came all over her stomach. "All right Dan, your turn."

The red sweatshirt man came forward and slid his cock into her swollen red pussy. "Damn, she's tight!" He said. He was much bigger than the first man and his thrusts made her squirt uncontrollably.

"She pissed on me!" He yelled stepping back. The man holding the gun came over to get a better look.. He stuck two fingers in her wet pussy and tasted them. "That's not piss, you idiot --that's cum. We've got ourselves a squirter!"

The red sweatshirt man approached her again, shoved his cock in her and said, "Oh yeah...." As if he had past experience with this. She dripped down her own legs and squirted on his. He would go home smelling like her. Would he be able to shower before his wife noticed? Would he ever be able to make his wife squirt like that? What was he thinking? His wife hadn't let him fuck her in months.

Her hot cum covering and drenching his cock was an erotic feeling that was new to him. He may not have even minded if it was piss because the sensation was so fantastic. He couldn't hold it any longer. He pulled out and came all over her thighs before he could even aim for anything else.

"Jason, your next. Have a go." Said the man with the gun. Jason was an athletic looking black man, shaved, muscular, solid and thick. He stepped up to her with a bit more poise. His pants were unfastened, but still hanging on his hips. He stepped to the side of her and began to gently unbutton her blouse. Her mind did flips. His big gentle hands confused her. He cupped her large breasts with his hands and pinched her nipples causing her to squirt again. Her mind was racing. Her clitoris was throbbing. He took his cock in his hand and straddled her, rubbing it between her breasts as he squeezed them tight around it and continued pinching her nipples. Then he shifted forward a slight bit allowing the head of his cock to brush against her full lips. The anticipation made him let out a soft "oh." She subconsciously opened her mouth and he slid his cock in slowly and deeply. This is what he wanted. Holding the base of the shaft and massaging his balls, he began methodically fucking her face with slow deliberate strokes.

"Oh yeah," said the man with the gun. "That's the way to take her."

The vision of her reminded him of the time in high school when the cheerleaders decided to "reward" the team for winning the state championship. Caitlin Evans had been "assigned" to him, and she let him straddle her on her parents' couch at the party she had when they weren't home. But she wouldn't let him cum on her face. She had all these rules.

She couldn't help but to slide her tongue around the head and up and down as he fucked her; showing her gratitude for giving her pussy a little bit of a break. After some time, her lips became numb from the friction. He saw no point in holding it any longer. He took it out, stroked it a few times over her mouth and came all over her face.

"Damn!" Said the red sweatshirt man wishing he had thought of that.

"Now," Said the man with the gun, "It's my turn. Stand up and go over and face the wall." She did as she was told as her mind ran through many different scenarios wondering what he might do. The man handed the gun to one of the other men, and took both of her hands in his one large hand and held them far above her head. With the other hand, he slowly lifted her skirt as his fingers slid up her cum-covered thighs. All of those juices mingling and trickling down her bare legs. He reached under allowed his hand to become covered in her juices and began rubbing the cum all over her already wet ass and sliding a wet finger in her asshole. Her whole vagina started throbbing. He could feel it.

He put his cheek next to her tear-stained cheek. "This is what you want, isn't it?" She didn't say anything. He jammed two fingers in her ass. "Isn't it?" He repeated louder. She nodded her head.

He spread her legs with his own and then took his hard cock and plunged it into her drenched pussy while his fingers were still working her ass. She was over-whelmed with the feeling of being stretched to her limits. His thrusts were long and hard as if each one were punctuating a point. As he was getting close to cum, he took his fingers out of her ass and thrust his cock in.

"Oh, Oh OOOOHHHH!" he yelled. as he shot his load deep in her ass. He leaned forward to her cheek and said in her ear. "This is my gift to you. As my jism slowly drips out of your ass throughout the day, you will remember this experience, and it will stain you. Now, say 'thank you.'"

In the smallest whisper, she said, "thank you."

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