tagLetters & TranscriptsLexy and Angelo in Cyberspace

Lexy and Angelo in Cyberspace


IM transcript:

Parker: Hey Babe just met cool Tucson guy here in Instanbul Lounge.

Alexandria: Yeah? How cool?

Parker: he saw my screensaver, and said "UUUUFFF. That is some screensaver...I want a download from that site..."

Alexandria: Which fotos he see?

Parker: Well, the screensaver is that soft file...xmas fotos, just leg shots, breasts, like that...But then, since BOTH of our flights were delayed, I cropped your face out and showed him some of the more daring ones...

Alexandria: hmmm, I am half pissed at you and 80% turned on by this...

Parker: he thinks you shd hv ur own website...or make up anon, gplus site...

Alexandria: That sounds kind of HOT.

Parker: He wants to meet u, anyway. He will be back in town the week before me

Alexandria: Funny. just while talking here set up new account. Lexylee!

Parker: Want his addie?

Alexandria: u trying to get rid of me?

Parker: U know how I feel...I don't want u bored at home when I gone

Alexandria: Is he cute?

Parker: en serio, I think you wd think so

Alexandria: well send it over bitch

Parker: that's my gurrrl

From: Lexylee

To: Angelo

Hi! You don´t know me, but you have seen parts of me in the Istanbul transit lounge.

From: Angelo

To: Lexylee

Hi back atcha! Did I like what I saw?...Were you by any chance on a certain screensaver?

From: Lexylee

To: Angelo

Bingo. I was on a certain screensaver.

From: Angelo

To: Lexylee

Care to IM? Or is that too invasive?


IM Transcript:

Lexylee: hi again

Angelo: I DID like what I saw on the screensaver. I liked even more what I saw after the two hours of single malt...

Lexylee: that RAT. He never could hold his liquor!

Angelo: Don't be mad. Be proud! You are smokin' hot. I would never guess that we were the same age. I LOOK my age, alas, haggard old bastard that I am...

Lexylee: So what did he show you after the single malt...

Angelo: This whole trove where you are, shall we say, playing with, and wearing xmas lights...Methinks you might have a little exhib streak going there...Plus some in a car, where your skirt is hiked up to the top of your stockings. There was nothing exposed except 2 inches of naked thigh, but it was obvious in a car, and super erotic...

Lexylee: Uh, wow. I guess I am flattered...and I feel a little something else, as well. I had better go now.

Angelo: Don't go!

Lexylee: Not comfortable feeling this way..talking this way with non-husband. Sorry. Didn't mean to tease or anything. Bye

Lexylee: hi again.

Angelo:It appears that u r back. Gonna tell me to delete ur addie and lv u alone?

Lexylee. Haha. No talked to hubbie. Told him that I felt u and I were flirting..and that I started feeling a little...

Angelo: finish the sentence. A little what? Sneaky? Guilty? Dare I say it...horny?

Lexylee: Yeah. All of those.

Angelo. Sorry. I guess.

Lexylee: He was funny: "Babe, anything that brings u pleasure and doesn't require stitches or treatment for STDs is OK with me" direct quote.

Angelo: good man. That is more or less what he told me in Turkey. He adores you, wants u happy, not bored

Lexylee: I adore him more. But I wouldn't be happy if the email was on the other foot...

Angelo: gotcha. But the email isn't on the other foot. He doesn't have the same...needs that you do...opportunities that u do...he lives in mining camps, and when he is gone he works 14 hr days...so he is content with his side just wants to make sure u r too... he said "he always u to feel like u had gotten a good deal." Direct quote!

Lexylee: Ahhh, I love that man. I got the best deal.

Angelo: Ok enuff about HIM. Lets talk about u somemore. What are u wearing now? PSYCHE! Listen gotta go. Nice chattin!

Lexylee: Good evening!

Angelo: and good morning to u

Lexylee: u abt ready 4 bed? Or can u talk a bit?

Angelo: always will stay up 4 u,dear

Lexylee: flatterer!

Angelo: truth. Wish I had way to store u so could hv u when ur not online. Wish I had been bold enuff to ask hubbie to share that screensaver file...

Lexylee: Perhaps something could be arranged. Maybe if u begged me!

Angelo: this is me on my knees...

Lexylee: I like a man in that position. And men like me in that position. Oops! Did I just say that?

Angelo: uh, u did.

Lexylee: that sounded flirty. And dirty. So sorry

Angelo: well u make it hard to fall asleep when u say things like that

Lexylee: Now ur doing it: u said "Hard"

Angelo: I will rephrase. U make it difficult to fall asleep. But, sadly u make it hard as well. And I did say that.

Lexylee: How hard? No don't answer.

Soooo, what kind of fotos, hypothetically speaking, would a guy like u like to see?

Angelo: Honey, any kind that a hypothetical hottie like u wanted to share.

Lexylee: Hypothetical hotttie. I like that. Listen I shd probly let u go so u can get to sleep.

Angelo: well,I wont be able to sleep anytime soon after this convo

Lexylee: Really?

Angelo: Really.

Lexylee: Hmm, if I hv this effect on u, why do u need fotos?

Angelo: u will hang up and I will be left...in a certain state

Lexylee: OH SHIT. I just saw the clock I DO have to leave. Sorry. Bye.

Lexylee: Did u get the foto I sent from work today?

Angelo: let me check....yes there is something from u... Niiiiice. I like it. From your fone? You fill that blouse quite nicely...

Lexylee: Thx. First time I have done that in a long time...foto of myself.

Angelo: ladies room?

Lexylee: Locker room. Over the sink. It has huge ass mirrors in there too for some reason. U could fotograph an entire elephant in there...or HALF of one of my co-workers..

Angelo: Uh, have some of them let themselves go...

Lexylee: that is a delicate way of saying that I work with a bunch of lard asses, yes.

Angelo: So you are the only hottie there?

Lexylee: ther u go again, with the flattery. Feel free to keep it up.

Angelo: I'll try to keep it up

Lexylee: so did u fall right to sleep last night?

Angelo: What do u think?

Lexylee: Maybe that u had a HARD time falling asleep.

Angelo: U wd be rite, my little tease.

Lexylee: I am NOT a tease. I deliver!

Angelo: Promises, promises.

Lexylee: Chk ur mail

Angelo: Let's see...Whoah. That's what I'm talking about.

Lexylee: Can u rt click and chk the time foto taken?

Angelo: let's see. Tucson time...is 10 hrs behind, so...10 minutes ago?

Lexylee: yeah. Took a few to connect camera and load...

Angelo: So those are ur fingers. Covering...well mostly covering...

Lexylee: A few more for u on way.

Angelo: Wow u are a busy girl this morning.

Lexylee: This evening... I am in my jammies. Multi tasking. Shooting and loading...and?

Angelo: I LIKE ur jammies. They look smooth and silky like u

Lexylee: I am very smooth. I got waxed today after work

Angelo: wish u hadn't told me that...oh, your LEGS waxed. I was going for the Xrated gutter version.

Lexylee: The gutter version is what I had done. The girl loves me there. She leaves me breathless evertime I go in. She puts these warm clothes on me, then rubs in soothing lotion over the whole area, front and back when she is done.

Angelo: sounds erotic as hell

Lexylee: I almost came today

Angelo: again didn't need to hear that..not helpful.

Lexylee: telling u is helping me...Im typing one handed...can u hear me moan

Angelo: U are taking this to a whole new level...

Lexylee: I am ready to go there. Will you help?

Angelo: are u touching ur self


Angelo: can u switch to voice so ur hands free?

Lexylee: Yeah. Good.

"Lexy, are you getting wet?"

"I am soooo wet. This has me so hot"

"Are you playing with those gorgeous titties?"

"With my left."

"Tell me what your right hand is doing? Where is your right hand?

" OHHH, I am rubbing my clit. And sliding up and down my lips to keep it wet...I love how I feel...I am so smooooth and wet and hot. I am so horny now."

"Shove two fingers inside yourself...I want to hear the sucking sound as you pull them out!"

"Oh, yess. Can your hear that? Can you hear me fucking myself with fingers?"

"Yeah...I wish I was there to see it! I wish I could watch you make love to yourelf."

" I wish..."

"Tell me. Tell me what you wish?"

"I wish you were here,too. But not watching..."

" Do you wish that I was touching you?"

"Yessss. I do. I want you to touch me!"

"Do you wish I was stroking your smooth thighs?"

"Uh Huh..."

"Do you wish I was kissing your throat?"


"Do you wish I was sucking on your gorgeous breasts?"

"Uh, huh..."

"Do you wish I was there licking your sex?"

" God, yes..."

"Do you want to feel my breath on the back of your neck?"


"Do you want me to lick and finger your rosebud?"

" Do you want my hardness rubbing up and own your lips, getting lubed, getting ready, do you want to feel me press against you, all my weight, driving into you, ramming MY HARD COCK IN YOUR HOT PUSSY, EXPLODING INTO YOU? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT NOW!!!!?"

" I doooooo...Ohhhhhh, God. Oh, God. Fuuuuuck, fuck ME!"


"Ohhhhhh, GOD!"

" I don't let you clean it up...I make you put on a short skirt and take you to dinner with my discharge running down your legs. The waiter notices, too, and he can't stop staring at your thighs. I order you to take your cloth napkin and go into the bathroom and rub one out, then wipe all of the juice up with the napkin. I order you to write your telephone number on it and hand it to the waiter, asking for a new one because this one is soiled...he takes it from you and brings it his nose...It gives him an instant, unhideable erection...When we leave, he slips you his number, and I tease you about collecting yet another playmate..."

" Oh, FUCK. Oh FUCK. Another. Stop. Not one more word. I can't take anymore... That is the hottest thing I have ever heard."

"You good?"

" That was incredible. Holy shit. Holy shit. Those were the strongest orgasms I can remember having."

"Well, I am glad to have played some small part in it..."

"Oh, man...Your part was not small...I never cum like that, just by talking..."

"I couldn't SEE you, but I think maybe you were doing more than talking..."

"I mean usually I need Penthouse letters, or Literotica, or maybe one of my vibes..."

"Oh well, cool. What I loved is that there are people walking right outside my door, but with the mike and headset, and the fact that I am the only English speaker in the building, basically..."

" I love your voice, and imagining what you look like...I loved the part where you ORDERED me..."

"Well, clearly we can never meet now, because my looks never fail to underwhelm...But I LOVE ordering you around...I am hard as rock right now..it definitely worked for me..."

"Bullshit. Hubbie said I would think you were handsome..."

"Two things to keep in mind...1)Hubbie was into his cups...I caught him ogling a Chrome Percolator, and 2) Most people find me to be hideous. I am short, balding, with a sad, sad, combover, a scraggly worm of a mustache, erectile dysfunction, and in a cruel twist of fate, am plagued with boils and pustules and acne, even though I am practically old enough to be in the AARP."

"I think you might be prone to exaggeration."

"Perhaps a tetch. Listen, this has been the most fun I have had all year, but I must take my repulsive visage to an utterly pointless project meeting, where a fat guy in a bad suit will flick through an irrelevant set of powerpoint slides, captions in Cyrillic, of course, and I will try to avoid thinking about you, and this conversation because erections are hard to hid in khakis..."

"OK...Bye then. I feel bad, though...leaving you like this. Greedy. You know the best thing? I have this little Sony recorder, I have the whole thing, this whole conversation stored...I can relive it anytime I want."

"Send me the file and we will call it even. But seriously, truly, you gave me the nicest gift possible...trusting me like that. To share that degree of...intimacy. I am grateful. Bye!"

Email Transcript:

From: Lexylee

To: Angelo

Attachment: Lex Ang(date).mp3

Dearest A., After hanging up with you, I was, amazingly, able to reach hubbie. He was on standby in his room, waiting for them to clear a blast, so we were able to videochat. I gave him the background, and then played him the recording...We both CAME, listening to it. He also loved where you order me, and goes, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Of course, he had the added benefit of watching me, watching me tweak my nipples (they are SO sensitive right now), watching my fingers speeding on my little joystick, then finally the fingers buried deep inside... And I loved getting to see him spurt all over his yummy trail...

So, It was crazy, but he genuinely seemed delighted, and God knows it worked for us a second time ( well, third for me, once for him, zero for you, stuck in that meeting), and he blew me away by asking If I wanted to pick you up at the AIRPORT!

I said, "No way, this is perfect...I would rather have fantasy baseball than BASEBALL any day."

He goes, "Just remember, you will be alone for a whole additional WEEK, because with all of these delays at this end, no way will I be home when planned."

Crazy, huh, my husband basically arranging a playdate for us? A freakin' sleepover!

Well, thanks again, hope your meeting was not as awful as you feared.

Love and wet kisses, L

PS. Recording attached

Email Transcript:

From: Angelo

To: Lexylee


I imagine you sleeping soundly in your big bed, snuggled up to a pile of pillows after your busy, juicy evening. Wish I was there, spooned against your back.

Your husband is a funny man. But of course you are absolutely right, meeting would be disastrous. For one, I hate it when people vomit on my shoes (they are real LEATHER, from a COW), and sadly that is the inevitable response to me when people first meet me...I used to think it was just my rank, fetid odor, the fact that I have the hygienic habits of a Bedouin slacker, but apparently it is equally my revolting, deformed aspect. Did you know that Sergei (Brin, Mr. GOOGLE, to you), wrote me to say that I was one of two people who had their profile photos on Gplus flagged...for non-obscene content? True fact. Were you to attempt to google me, you would be greeted with one of those frowny face black square and white circle icons. The other case was that set of Chernobyl Siamese quintuplets that I am sure you are familiar with from reading "World News."

Video chat? You never said you had video. You selfish, withholding individual!

To think, I could have been ogling you remotely all this time...

Cheers,p AKA "El Feo"

PS the meeting was even WORSE!!!!!

PPS Thx for mp3. will listen when can!


Google voice transcript:

"Did you get my note, and the recording?"

"I did, and I sent you a note back...How did you sleep?"

"Ah, there it is...I slept like a champion. Nothing like a multiple before bedtime!"

"Glad to hear it!"

"Soooo, what are you going to ORDER me to do today, master?"

"I like the sound of that. Uh, well the first order is I order you to tell me what you are going to be doing today...Work? Errands, what?"

"Not work today. Getting a tooth filled with some fill in dentist-my regular guy is gone, but this is starting to hurt, so I'm not going to wait for his return...That's at nine, and then...let me see, at eleven I meet a landscape contractor, here, and we make a run to the nursery to pick out plants...and I guess that is it for 'gotta dos'"

"Excellent. I order you to wear something that is slightly scandalous to your appointments. I order you to drive early to the dentist, and masturbate in the parking lot. I order you to take a picture or two of yourself in the car, ideally with something recognizable in the picture, or in one of them...and again in the dentist office...Take your voice reorder and leave it running in the dentist office, and ask to be put under, because you faint from the sound of the drills...As far as the next, well, I leave that appointment to you...But you see there are always ways to work a little flash, at least, into your day... and then of course, send me a full report. Oh, you have two hours...set up a gplus acct and include me and your hubbie, if you want, in your circles. It is a convenient way to swap files with Picasa...and if you start posting slightly racy materials...well you might find it to be surprisingly enjoyable."

"Oh,my God. I'm already getting wet again, just from your instructions! I don't know if I can wait until the dentist to rub one out..."

"OK...I'll tell you how it goes..."

Email Transcript:

Angelo: +Lexylee has added you to her circles on Google plus...

Email Transcript:

From: Lexylee

To: Angelo:

Dear Master,

I hope you are sleeping well. Your orders were filled by your humble little slave girl as well as she was able...See fotos of the day's events on my new Gplus page. So far they are private, only for you and me. I'm not sure if I want Hubbie to see this yet...And, here is the log in info...if you want to broadcast any of my material...well, you're the boss!

I decided on a white lace demi bra and thong set, a fairly short, but ok, pleated navy skirt, white hose (thighs highs, of course) sandals, and a fairly sheer blouse. Navy blazer. I did as directed and rubbed one out in the parking lot-thank God for tinted windows, took some snaps, both of me in the car, with my leg spread, in action, and then one where I am leaning against the car, with the door open for more cover...skirt pulled all the way up over my hips and street sign and dentistry sign behind...

Checked in, got ogled by a teen in the waiting room, nice, then followed the (male) tech/aide to my chair. I removed my jacket when I sat in the chair, and then discretely turned on the recorder, opened one more button on my blouse, and arranged myself in the chair so that my stocking tops were just barely visible-no skin, just the band...

The tech (Ryan), carefully reclined me to the fullest, and attached my drool bib, managing to almost graze my boobs. His hands were shaking. It was crazy. I felt so powerful. Then the young dentist showed up, no clue what his name was, and he was very chatty, as he proceeded to set up the gas...

I wake up however much later, and the first thing I notice is a digital camera on the tray...wasn't there when I sat down. The next thing I notice is that my blouse is no longer tucked in, and that it is buttoned up higher than when I fell asleep. Son of a bitch. Ryan sticks his head in and tells me to come out when I"m ready. I pop the SDcard out of the camera, pocket it, make my next appointment, and head for home...

I was fucking blown away when I saw what was on the card...I dumped the whole thing to an album called DDS slimeball. There were pics of at least 10 women, all out, gassed and drooling, and those two clowns with their hands all over us...Blouses open, skirts up, panties pulled aside, zippers undone...I feel really good about stealing the card! And that with the sound file-they were giggling like school boys...

Anyway, I didn't have time to check that out before meeting the landscaper. He was not attractive, and I didn't give him any reason to look hard at me...I kept the blazer buttoned, and the skirt pulled down. We'll see who he sends to do the work though...

Well, I guess that about wraps it up. Hope you have fun checking out the picasa albums!

Ciao for now, L

PS.Some of those other girls on the dentist's memory card were really hot. You might want to see if you can track them down...

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