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Sarina awoke to the sound of a light thump emanating from the other side of the room. She turned over and squinted as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Her eyes narrowed as she spotted an empty dog bed. Then, off to the right, she spotted her. Katryna lay on her back, her legs splayed so that they were to either side of the corner of the girl's own dresser. She was awkwardly propped up on her elbows, vigorously, yet cautiously humping the corner of the dresser. Sarina smirked as she silently watched her pet's desperate humps. Sarina and her accomplice Steph had cuffed Katryna's already coned and useless hands behind her back for good measure, but she'd still found a way to attempt and sate the yearning desire in her loins. Suddenly, Katryna froze as she heard the familiar squeak of a body moving on top of her own bed, the bed Sarina was sleeping in currently. If she'd woken up either of her two captors, she was sure more sex and humiliation would be in her immediate future. She peered around and was horrified to see Sarina climbing out of bed with a malicious grin on her face. She stepped over the prone Katryna and flipped on the light switch, causing Steph to stir as well.

"Whats going on?" Steph inquired grumpily.

"Our little slut-pet here can't control herself." Sarina replied.

Steph's eyes narrowed as they locked onto the now frozen Katryna, perched on the floor. "We told you that WE were to decide when and where that little slutpussy of yours cums. This requires punishment." Steph declared menacingly.

With that, Steph, too, climbed out of bed and went over to the pile of shopping bags from yesterday. She quickly fished out two ropes and walked back over to Katryna, who was still frozen in fear. She plopped herself into a sitting position on the girl's stomach and went about tying the first rope to katryna's left ankle. When she had done this, she instructed Sarina to take the other end, and tie it to Katryna's bedpost. She then tied the other rope around the other leg, and started tying this around her own bedpost. Before making their final knots, both girls pulled their ropes tight so that Katryna's legs were splayed out at an angle not far from a straight line. Katryna whimpered, afraid of what new depths she'd be forced to sink to now that she'd awoke her two torturers.

Steph smirked as she pulled off her nightie and knelt down to uncuff Katryna's hands. She brought them up over her head and recuffed them, so that Katryna lay flat and entirely spread on the floor. Her pussy lips were red and swollen; the insides of her thighs were sticky with her own secretions. Now naked herself, Steph positioned herself so that she was standing above Katryna, her feet on either side of Katryna's head. She stared down at the splayed pussypet beneath her, and instead of smirking, a positively malicious sneer now described her face.

"What do you have to say for yourself lezzie?" she asked in a raised voice. "We own your pussy now. Here I was thinking you'd learned your place and wouldn't cause us any trouble. Instead I wake up to you grinding and humping on the corner of a dresser. That pussy you were trying to get off is MY PUSSY!"

Steph then did a 180, and lowered herself, ass-first, onto the pouting mouth and face of Katryna. She rested the four fingers of her right hand on the swollen pussy lips in front of her, cupping them, feeling for the faint hum of the vibrating capsule still inside her pet's pussy. She felt the throbbing moistness of a pussy teetering on the edge of destruction, screaming for release. She raised her right hand up, and with a vicious efficiency, brought it back down with great force, which resulted in a resounding smack echoing throughout the room. The pitch of Katryna's screech was only slightly muffled by Steph's asscheeks, which encompassed the pathetic captive's airways. In the meantime, Sarina had decided that she was content with being a spectator for the time being, and began to play with herself as she laid back and watched Steph punish their lezzie lick-slave.

Steph was unmerciful and relentless in the doling out of punishment. She continued to ferociously smack the wide open and vulnerable pussy in front of her, delighting in the gentle sobs that escaped from Katryna between each scream that echoed up into her ass and pussy as she smacked the defenseless girls's loins.

"I want you to count them for me." Steph said as she raised her hand in preparation for another blow.

Katryna nodded her understanding into Steph's ass, and a second later, felt the excruciating slap rain down on her lips.

"One" Katryna panted.

"One, thank you Mistress!" Steph corrected in a menacing tone. "Start again."


"One, thank you mistress."


"T-two, thank you mmistress."


"Threeeee!, Thank you mistress."

"Threeee?" Steph inquired, "I didn't ask you to sing them did I? I asked you to count them. Start over! Make it to ten and maybe I'll stop."

Steph smirked as she lifted her hand once again, knowing that she wasn't going to allow Katryna to get to ten for quite awhile. She began to tease her index finger into Katryna's pussy between smacks, stimulating and teasing, but never allowing for the all important release. Katryna felt like she was going to explode. Steph would build her up again and again, and then SMACK! Just like that the pleasure was replaced with agonizing pain. Steph allowed her to get to nine before scolding her for neglecting to lick her ass throughout the ordeal. She was made to start again. Steph was getting off on the domination of her pussy pet - a girl who had so recently been her roomate and equal, and now here she was, tied on the floor licking Steph's ass in between the counting of each merciless smack to her pussy.

After about ten minutes or so, Steph finally tired of her game, and allowed her sobbing pussy-pet to reach ten. Before rising, she took both her hands, spread her asscheeks wide and pushed them down and around Katryna's face, smothering her with the overlarge rear. She held that pose until Katryna started to wildly buck and writhe in her bonds, desperate for oxygen, and for respite from the asshole pressed against her face. Steph finally got up and looked down at the tear-stained face gasping for air.

"Have you learned your lesson slave?" Steph taunted.

"Y-Yes Mistress" Katryna fearfully nodded back. Her pussy lips were still on fire, but underneath the pain was still the now-familiar throb of a pussy yearning for release - the faint vibrations of the mini-vibrator still humming gently inside of her. Steph crawled back into her own bed, exhausted as it was still the middle of the night. Sarina, however, had continued to play with herself, and took the opportunity to use Katryna to finish herself off now that Steph had lost interest. She got up off the bed and hungrily straddled Katryna's face. She leaned back and cupped Katryna's swollen pussy as Steph had. She slid her thumb into the slit, while she used her index finger to search for the girl's asshole. She quickly found it, and cruelly worked the dry digit into this hole as well. She worked her fingers around, prodding and exploring as her defeated lick-slave lived up to her new name and slurped away at the dripping pussy over her mouth. Sarina came within minutes, using her free hand to pull Katryna's head further into the depths of her humping hips. Pussy juice cascaded into the open mouth of Katryna, causing Katryna to cough and splutter at the sheer amount of it. Sarina then took her two fingers out and brought them to the face nestled between her strong thighs. Sarina scooted down a bit so Katryna's mouth was free.

"Lick" she commanded simply as she stuck the fingers in Katryna's face. Katryna dutifully opened her mouth and began to slurp both the ass-finger and pussy-finger.

"I think we'll keep you like this until morning" Sarina said. "We need you to get some sleep for tomorrow's party."

Katryna slept fitfully for the remaining hours of the night. She woke up with the sunrise, but Steph and Sarina didn't get up for about 2 hours after that. When they did, neither paid attention to the bound and naked girl that lay across the bedroom floor as they went about beginning their days. They simply stepped over her as if she was a piece of furniture. It had now been about 36 hours since Katryna had been subjugated by her two dominant roomates, but it felt like it had been an eternity.

After breakfast, Steph and Sarina finally broke their silent treatment and untied Katryna from her splayed position on the floor. The insides of her thighs were sore from being stretched all night. Sarina lead the naked Katryna to the bathroom by the leash while Steph followed behind with some towels. Both girls quickly got undressed, and lead Katryna into the shower with them. They made Katryna hold the luffa in her mouth and comprehensively scrub each of their bodies, forcing her to get down on her hands and knees to service their more intimate areas. When Steph and Sarina were finally clean, the focus turned to cleaning Katryna - they would, after all, be entertaining guests today, and they wanted to have their lezzie slave nice and clean.

Steph held Katryna's arms behind her back while Sarina plunged her fingers into the smaller girl's aching vagina. She fished out the mini-vibrator, and was happy to find that the batteries weren't quite dead yet, meaning there had been no respite to Katryna's torture so far. Sarina leaned over and tossed the spent tool in the trash: they'd bought plenty of those anyway. She then took the detachable shower head and began using it to clean Katryna's petitte body. She brought the shower head to her sex, causing waves of pleasure to course throughout Katryna's pussy, but the pleasure was fleeting.

After the shower, Steph and Sarina dried themselves off before tending to katryna. They brought her back to the bedroom, and began to dress her, the first time she'd been allowed to wear clothes in a day and a half. They dressed her in a scandalously short red skirt, and a tight-fitting white tee with the clever phrase "LEZPET" etched across the front in bright red letters. Neither a bra nor panties was part of the equation. They arranged her hair into two ridiculous looking pigtails, which, coupled with her baby-face, made her look far too young for highschool, let alone college. Katryna was scared and confused, but she hadn't said a word since the girls had awoken, scared to face any further punishment after last night. She had no idea what Sarina had meant when she had said they were having a party today, but she felt that it in no way was going to be good for her. And she wasn't very far off. Steph had recently joined the women's rugby team at the school. The team was known around campus as the unofficial extracurricular to join if you were a lesbian and wanted to meet and hook up with other lesbians. Steph had invited some of her new lesbian rugby friends over to hang out, drink some wine, and see where the day took them. Little did they know they were in for a much bigger treat than some free wine.

After putting her hair in pigtails, Sarina fastened her pet's collar while Steph fished around in the mound of shopping bags that still populated the far end of the bedroom. She pulled out two identical pink dildos, along with a large roll of medical tape.

"Hold her down, Sarina, so we can get these hooked up" Steph said.

Sarina obliged and pushed Katryna down onto her back. She straddled the scantily clad girl and trapped her left arm tight to her body as she sat down on top of her torso. Steph kneeled down and grabbed the girl's free right arm, placing the base of one of the two dildos in her palm. She then took the medical tape and began to wrap it around and around, firmly securing the dildo to her palm. When she was done, she did the same with Katryna's left hand.Sarina got up, and the two girls admired their handiwork. Katryna was horrified: Steph had used the entire roll of medical tape so that her hands were completely enveloped. Steph had used so much tape that there was absolutely no sign of katryna's hands beneath the wads of tape, and it looked as if the dildos were merely extensions of her arms.

Just then the doorbell rang, and both Sarina and Steph smiled and nodded at eachother. Steph went down to answer the door while Sarina fished around in the bags, and produced a ball gag. She shoved it unceremoniously into Katryna's mouth, and fastened it behind her head. She then cuffed Katryna's dildo stumps to her bedframe before walking to the door.

"We better not here a sound from up here til we come and get you" Sarina threatened before leaving. Katryna just stared back dumbfounded. About an hour or so passed before Katryna heard footsteps on the stairs. The bell had rung a few more times since then, and she had begun to hear a general chatter of girls down in the living room. Steph opened the door, and looked hungrily at her outfitted pet. She seemed a little uneven on her feet, and Katryna could smell alcohol on her breathe. She came in, uncuffed katryna, attached her leash to her collar, and violently lead her out of the bedroom. As she came down the stairs, her stomach dropped. She heard her own voice emanating from the television: "I'm a little lezzie lick slave and mistress Sarina and mistress Steph own me forever." This was followed by a general cackle of drunken female laughter. They were watching the video Sarina and Steph had made two nights ago, when they had first taken control of Katryna. As Steph reached the bottom of the stairs and jerked Katryna into plain view by the leash, there was a general intake of breath from the assembled group of girls watching on the couch.

"No fucking way" one of them said incredulously, her hand subconsciously wandering to a spot between her legs. In all, there were five girls, other than Sarina and Steph, lounging on the wraparound couch, wine glasses in hand, staring at the sight in front of them - an absolutely adorable pigtailed girl, lead by a leash and collar, with a ball gag in her mouth, and two pink dildos for hands.

Katryna's face was scarlet. She'd grown accustomed to the indignities Sarina and Steph had committed against her, but she didn't even know these girls, and here she was, dressed like a fool, at their whim. She kept her gaze fixed straight down at her bare feet, too humiliated to look any of them in the eyes. Steph saw this and angrily jerked the leash. Katryna understood the unspoken command and fearfully looked up at the couch where the enebriated Rugby girls still sat gawking at her.

Steph cleared her throat before addressing the group of speechless lesbians "Girls, for your pleasure and entertainment, Sarina and I are offering the services of our lezzie lick slave to you today. She'll do anything you want, and if she doesn't, we can all decide how she'll be punished."

Katryna looked desperately into each of the girl's faces, searching for a sign of doubt or remorse - some inkling of sanity in the circus her life had become, but instead, she saw 5 pairs of hungry eyes staring back at her. These girls could see that Katryna was firmly in her roomates' grasp, and there would be no consequences for the things they planned to do to her. Danielle, the captain of the team, and the unofficial "leader of the pack" was the first to break the silence. She got up, and said "Alright, well then lets get started," in a tone that was half matter-of-fact and half excited. Danielle had an athletic build; she was 5'7, and 170 lbs. of solid lean muscle. She was curvaceously attractive despite this.

She walked up to Katryna and roughly pinched the nipple that could clearly be seen underneath the skimpy tee-shirt she wore. Katryna's brow furrowed, and a squeak of pain escaped past the ball-gag in her mouth. Her hand wandered down between Katryna's legs and hiked up the piece of cloth that was somehow passing as a skirt, and smiled at the bare pussy that greeted her.

"Oh, no panties? You really enjoy being a little lezzie lick slave, don't you slut?" she taunted.

Her finger found the pronounced clit, and she squeezed it cruelly, her smile widening at the muffled squeals of protest that escaped from Katryna, along with the looks of discomfort etched across her face.

"Can we take the ballgag out?" Danielle inquired "Her mouth looks like it was made to service pussy."

Steph nodded and popped the ballgag out of Katryna's mouth so that it was still buckled behind her head, underneath her pigtails, but the ball rested just underneath her chin. A copious amount of drool came out with the ballgag and dribbled down her chin and onto her chest.

"I want one of those dildos in your pussy and the other one in your mouth while you watch me get undressed," Danielle commanded, her voice suddenly becoming very authoritative. Most of the other girls had begun to disrobe to some degree, and as Katryna fucked herself in the pussy and mouth with her own dildo-hands, a single tear streaked down her cheek as she watched all seven of the other girls in the room take their clothes off. Once she had finished, Danielle eagerly grabbed the pigtails like a pair of handlebars, wrapping them around in her hands until her two fistfuls of hair rested on Katryna's head.

"Take it out of your mouth, I have something thats much tastier"

Katryna obeyed, removing her lefthand dildo from her mouth while her right continued to pump in and out of her pussy. Using her makeshift hair handlebars as reins, Danielle backed up and sat down on the couch, dragging Katryna along with her. She raised her left leg up onto the coffee table, creating a lude display of her vagina less than a foot away from Katryna's immobilized head.

"C'mon now, Kiss my pussy cutiepie," Danielle cooed, "Make me cum!"

With that she brought Katryna's face to her shaven lips, and Katryna, knowing the drill at this point, extended her tongue out and began to service the third pussy of her life.

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