tagNonHumanL'hotel Fourrure Ch. 02

L'hotel Fourrure Ch. 02


You feel the touch of fur on your arm. The long, soft hair gently caressing your skin sends a chill up your spine. The delightful sensation causes your body to tense up and pull against the ropes that bind you.

"Relax, Amélie!" says the voice from behind you. "Concentrate on the fur!"

The soft, chinchilla fur blindfold covering your face prevents you from seeing what your Mistress is doing to you. Your arms are tied, outstretched, between two strong wooden posts. You stand naked and helpless in the center of the fur dungeon. Your breathing is slow and strained. Mistress Dominique detects the slight quiver in your body as you exhale in a long, tense breath.

"What is it?" she queries in a dark voice.

The fur moves along your arm, to your shoulder, then circles around your back before it makes a turn and slowly starts to head south. You ready yourself for the burst of pleasure you will feel when it finally reaches your ass.

"Amélie! You are stalling!"

She glides the fur back up to your shoulders then down your other arm. You sigh in protest. Your mistress hears your complaint and drops the fur to the floor.

"It's a fox!" you exclaim.

"What kind of fox?"

"It's either a silver fox or an arctic fox. I can't tell."

You hear footsteps moving around in front of you. You feel fur caress your cheek. You turn your head toward it. Your Mistress buries your face in it. You inhale the musky scent deep into your lungs. She knows the smell intoxicates you. You take another deep breath. It arouses you. You feel your mind drifting away to another place. She pulls the fur away. A moment later, she drags you back to reality with a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Arctic or silver?"

"I don't know."

Your Mistress lets you stand there in silence to ponder the question. You hear her circling around you. Your mind is drawn in two directions at once. On one hand, you are trying to guess what kind of fur it is. On the other, you are wondering what she's going to do to you next.

Fur brushes, ever so lightly, against the cheeks of your ass. You shriek. The feeling of pleasure causes your muscles tense up. The fur covered ropes around your ankles snap tight against their bindings. You try to stand still for the next round of attacks.

She wraps the fur around your right leg and slides it up your thigh towards home base. More fur envelops your other leg and traces a path, sensuously upward. Two fur covered hands wrap themselves around your waist, encircling you in fur. You grind your hips in slow circles, causing the fur to rub you in all the right places. Mistress Dominique rubs your belly and continues upward, wrapping your entire body in fur.

You feel her hot breath against your shoulder. She nibbles your ear lobe.

"Feel the fur!" she whispers into your ear.

Her hands cup your breasts. Your nipples stand erect. You moan in pleasure. You feel your Mistress grinding her crotch into your backside. Your mind starts to drift again. One hand moves down, between your legs. The other is busy furring your breasts. She pulls you close, into a tight embrace. You swoon as she swirls you in fur, from your shoulders to your knees. The two of you move in unison, dancing slowly to music that only the two of you can hear. She brings you ever so close to sweet climax but she never lets you get quite close enough.

You know your Mistress won't let you cum until you guess what kind of fur she's torturing you with. You've been through this a hundred times. You don't care. She could do it a thousand times. You would love it just the same. You drag it out as long as you can before you give your answer.

Your lips tremble as you say, "Silver fox...", in a barely audible voice.

Mistress Dominique grunts in disapproval. She throws the fur down, onto the floor. You hear and feel a sharp "Smack!" across your ass when she spanks you with her bare hand.

"Tabernac!" she curses.

She rips the blindfold off your face and holds the fur up for you to see.

"Silver fox?! Does this look like silver fox to you?!"

She throws the fur down and marches around the room in a fit of anger. Her hands fly up into the air to emphasize her rage.

"Amélie! What am I going to do with you!?"

"Amy! Why do you keep calling me that? My name is Amy!"

"You do not speak like that to me!"

You can see the fire in her eyes as she picks the fluffy, white fur up off the floor and shakes it at you.

"I own you like I own this fur! You will be called by whatever name I choose. Your name is Amélie!"

Your heart fills with anger. You want to lash out at her but your hands are tied -- Literally! The only choice you have is to keep your mouth shut and accept your fate.

"How are you supposed to become my apprentice if you can't even tell a silver fox from an arctic fox?!"

She stomps around the room, flailing her hands as she talks.

"I should turn you into a sofa bed!"

Your eyes widen at the prospect of becoming a piece of furniture for the rest of eternity. Still, the idea of being able to trap any man deep inside of you, folded up within your furry frame, excites you.

"Please, Mistress! I will do better next time! Please don't curse me again!"

You remember the last time you failed your fur test. She turned you into a fur hammock and left you like that for a month. You remembered the looks on men's faces as you ensnared their naked bodies in your fur. You laughed to yourself as you watched them struggle. No matter how strong they were, you were stronger. No matter how hard they fought, you always won. Slowly, sensuously, you rubbed their bodies with your fur, strategically hitting every erogenous zone until you broke their resolve. You reveled in the passion you felt as their screams of horror turned to screams of pleasure. You could turn any man to putty in mere minutes but you enjoyed prolonging their torture, sometimes for hours. The lust you felt was overwhelming! She sense of euphoria you felt when you wrung the last ounce of energy out of their bodies as they writhed in your grip was intoxicating! The POWER!

But, just as you felt powerful to bring men to the heights of pleasure you felt the depths of despair when you were alone. The long days of agony, waiting, wondering and wishing for your punishment to end were an intolerable cruelty you do not want to endure again. You learned your lesson last time. You wonder how Renonis was able to endure one hundred years of torture. But, now that you are with him, you know he is happy again. He tells you every night when he cuddles you to sleep in his fur.

"I think you like being punished!" Mistress Dominique lashes out at you. "You fail your test on purpose just to taunt me!"

"No, Mistress, no! Please don't transfigure me again!"

"You will never learn that way! I have a better punishment in mind for you!"

Mistress Dominique picks the full length arctic fox coat up off the floor. She drapes it over her shoulder and strolls across the room to her walk-in fur closet. She opens the door to the giant vault. Animal noises fill the air as she enters. Hundreds of furs of all types and colors writhe and boil as her naked body is slowly consumed in a sea of enchanted pelts. She disappears for several minutes. She is clearly enjoying herself. You wish you could be in there with her!

When your Mistress returns, she is holding two furs, one draped over each arm. They are almost identical except one is made from silver fox and the other is made from arctic fox. She drops them on the floor in front of you.

"You will never succeed me if you do not learn your furs!"

She reaches for the jeweled silver amulet hanging around her neck from a leather thong. She dangles it over the pile of fur at your feet.


The furs start to move. They rise up and scuffle across the floor. They wrap themselves around their Mistress's feet. They snuggle her like a cat sidling up to its master. Your Mistress reaches down and strokes them as if they were pets. She looks up at you and smiles with a sly look that can only mean trouble.

"These are two of my favorite furs."

She pauses and looks you straight in the eye as she plays with her pets. They writhe and purr and they twirl around her. It looks like they are enjoying the attention she is giving them.

"To teach you a lesson, I am going to give them to you..."

Her eyes squint and her expression turns cold.

"Or... Give you to them!"

Mistress Dominique stands up and points her finger at you.

You can not speak. Fear grips your vocal cords. You can not even make a peep! You pull against the fur ropes that bind you, secretly hoping to break the clasps that keep you locked in. They are enchanted. They can not be broken.

In a steely voice she shouts, "Erudio!"

The two furs turn from their Mistress and focus on you. The scuffle across the room, toward you. They reach your feet and pause a moment before beginning to wrap around your ankles. They ooze, slowly up your legs. You try to kick them away with your feet but the bindings around your ankles prevent it. They give you just enough room to squirm but no more. The two furs cover you completely, from the floor up to your knees. Every movement sends a thousand sparks of pleasure up your legs. The sensations travel upward, to your crotch. The arctic fox tickles its way up to your left thigh. The silver fox does the same to your right. The twin sensations of pleasure cause wetness to grow between your legs. It's only a matter of time before the two furs meet in the middle.

Mistress Dominique walks up and stands before you, looking you right in the eye. She watches the expression on your face turn from fear to anticipation of fur rapture. Her eyes survey your naked body. You look at her standing nude before you except for the silver amulet around her neck. She snaps her finger in the air.


The lights in the room instantly go dark.

You feel her hands on your body, sliding up your sides, converging on your breasts. Her fingers circle your nipples. They respond, instantly, to her touch. Her hands slide, slowly, back down to your hips again. A moment later she speaks.

"On your left side is the arctic fox." You feel it crawl farther up your leg, stopping only an inch away from your pussy.

"On your right side is the silver fox." It, too crawls higher, halting just shy of its target.

"Before this night is over, you will know the difference!"

She slides her finger between your legs, into your pussy. A breath of hot air is forcefully expelled from your lungs. She massages your clit with expert technique. Her lips meet yours. You kiss in the darkness. In less than a minute, she has you balancing on the razor's edge of bliss. She is melting you.

Something soft and furry tickles your taint. It crawls up between your legs and snuggles up the crack of your ass. You would scream out with pleasure but your Mistress's tongue in your mouth prevents you. She stops kissing you and pulls away.

"My silver fox will pleasure you, now."

She pulls her hand away from your pussy. The fur takes over. This time you can scream. This time you do! Mistress Dominique chuckles quietly to herself.

You are now covered in fur of one kind or another, from your navel, down to your feet! You feel your labia being massaged and tickled. There are twanging sounds in the dark as your arms and legs pull against their bonds, making the ropes vibrate like guitar strings. The fur alternates tickling and torturing you from the front and the back. Your hips gyrate back and forth in response. You feel your labia being spread wide apart as if a set of furry fingers were opening them like a curtain. The fur dives deep inside you and starts working its magic on you. You are about to have a gut-wrenching orgasm but you know the rules.

"Please, Mistress!"

A moment later, it hits you! You scream and your legs give way beneath you. You are hanging from your arms, shaking and screaming out of pure pleasure. The fur forces you to cum for more than a minute. You have crossed the bridge from pleasure into pain.

"Thank you, Mistress!"

The fur stops fucking you and slides away from your pelvis. You hang, limp and out of breath until you regain enough strength to stand up again.

"Notice the texture of the fur." your Mistress instructs. "Notice the length of the fur. Feel the density of the hair. This is silver fox."

The sensation between your legs begins again. This time you do feel a difference in the fur! It crawls up your ass again. It tickles and teases your cheeks. It wraps around you. You know where it's headed. You welcome it inside. It tugs and teases your pussy lips. You can discern a certain "fluffiness" to this fur. Your clit is enveloped in fur. You can no longer withstand the torture. You beg for relief. The fur makes you cum until you can't take it anymore. You beg for an ending. Your torment ceases. Your, now sweaty, body hangs down as you recover from your second go-around. Your mistress speaks.

"Notice the fluffy texture... The length of the fur. Feel how fine the hairs are. This is arctic fox."

You feel fur crawling up your body, enveloping your breasts. The fur gently massages you in circles. You begin to moan. The pleasure continues for a minute then stops.

"What is this?"


You feel a sharp nip at your left breast!

"Ouch!!" you cry out. "Something bit me!!"

"It will, again, if you keep getting it wrong!"

The furring begins again. The pleasure drives you to distraction as you try to analyze the fur just by its feel.


You feel another nip! "Ouch!!" you cry again.

Your Mistress admonishes; "Your body will be covered with teeth marks if you continue at this rate!"

Again, you are furred. Again, you guess. "Arctic?" You tense up your entire body in anticipation of the pain. But, this time, the furs keeps going. They pleasure you to a third wonderful orgasm. They give you only enough time to recover from your state of post-orgasmic bliss before they start again.

"My pets will keep you here until you answer correctly, ten times in a row."

"J'me suis fendu le cul en quatre pour toé!"

"No! I break my ass, trying to teach you!"

She mutters some indecipherable curse words under her breath.

"This is the thanks I get?! Chienne!"

You hear Mistress Dominique moving across the dark room toward her chamber door.

"You have nine more correct answers to give!"

You hear the door slam shut as she walks out of the room.

The furring has already resumed. You make a quick guess, thinking you have it right, this time. There comes a nip at your ass!

"Ouch!! Dammitt!!"

You know you are going to be in for a long, long evening!

Time passes. You don't know how long it has been. You don't remember how many orgasms you have had. You don't remember how many times you have been bitten. The only thing you do know is that your entire body is sore. You desperately want to get out of this hell hole. You concentrate all your thought on the fur dancing around your body. It curls around your legs and in between. It winds around your stomach and up your spine. It tickles your backside and your breasts at the same time. It feels like it's everywhere at once! The fur zooms in on your crotch. You let it. You don't even try to prevent it anymore. You think about your answer. You are starting to cum again.

"Arctic fox!" you shout. This time you know you are right!

The orgasm comes immediately but it's different than all the others. The furring is a bit more gentle. The strokes are longer and slower. The sensations are deeper and more fulfilling. The contractions between your legs are stronger and longer lasting. This is your tenth correct answer in a row. The fur is giving you a final reward.

You feel the ropes around your wrists release. You fall to the floor in a heap. The fur is still pleasuring you. You roll over onto your back and spread your legs. You feel the silver fox fur join in. The pleasure takes your breath away!

The fluffy, white arctic fox concentrates on your chest. It tickles and nibbles at your breasts. I squeezes them and licks at your nipples. The feeling is so delicious it makes you want to cum from the tit massage alone.

The silver fox tortures you from below. Grunts and groans emanate from deep within you as you feel your labia being parted. The fur slowly crawls inside of you, filling you with delight. You squirm and wiggle as it finds your clit. Bursts of pleasure wrack your body with each flick of its for covered tongue.

"OH!!" you scream in a final crescendo of pleasure. The furs are going to make you cum until you pass out! You feel your head spin. You see stars in front of your eyes. Your mind grows dim. There is a distinct smile on your face as your body becomes completely calm and still.

When you wake up again, the room is completely quiet. You lie in the floor, trying to get your bearings again. You feel the warmth of a silver fox fur against your front and an arctic fox against your back. Your Mistress's fur pets are snuggled up against you, sound asleep. They are as tired as you are!

You get up onto your knees. The room is still too dark to see. You raise your hand in the air and cast a spell.

"Lucis sublustris!

A dim light fills the room. You look around. The room is still the way you remember it. The two wooden posts where you were tied reach from the floor to the ceiling. Fur torture implements line the walls. Fur covered ropes extend from "D-Rings" placed all around the walls of the room. A person could be tied up in virtually any position in this place. You know. You have been tied up many times in this room, before. You decide to beat a hasty retreat before your Mistress comes back.

You try to stand up but your legs feel like limp spaghetti. You sit back down on your knees for another minute to regain your strength. You stand up again and wobble your way to the door.

You hear a shuffling sound coming from behind you. You look back to see the two furs scuffling along behind you. You hear one of them whimper like a puppy dog. You turn around, bend down low and pat your knee. Your new furry friends race across the room to your side. They snuggle your ankles for a moment then climb up your legs. It isn't long before you are enveloped in a two-tone full length fur coat. It feels wonderful. The fur closes around in front of you, caressing you just so as it does. You pet the fur surrounding you with both hands.

"YGood boys!" you say in a patronizing dog voice.

You hear a foxy, little growl come from the coat. A wordless thought flashes in your mind. "We like you better than that witch! You appreciate us!"

You stroke the silver fox fur on the front of your new coat. You snuggle your face into the arctic fox collar. You won't soon forget the difference!

"You can stay with me as long as you want." you say to the furs.

The furs growl and caress your backside.

"Ouch!" you exclaim. The fur hit you right in a sore spot.

"We're sorry! We didn't mean it! The witch made us do it!"

"I know. I forgive you."

You leave the room and walk back down the hall to your chamber. A nice, long hot soak in the Jacuzzi would feel good, right now!

You schlepp your way to the bathroom and draw a hot tub full of water. You pour in a generous helping of bath salts and lavender. The scented steam wafts up and fills the room with a rejuvenating fragrance. You lean over and inhale deeply as you take off your fur coat. Your muscles are sore. This will feel good!

You hang your coat up on the hook. You look at yourself in the mirror. Your body is covered with dozens of small bruises! There are scratches on your skin from the bites you received! You are horrified at the sight!

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