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Liar Ch. 06


Hello Everyone!

I want to start by saying that I appreciated all the feedback I got on Chapter 5. I appreciated some more than others, but I appreciated it all.

I apologize for the obvious mass confusion and the only explanation I can provide is that Chapter 5 was originally a lot longer, but I decided last minute to break it up. Obviously that wasn't the best idea. My ass still hurts from the new one I was ripped about it, but I'm going to take everything in stride and assume that the reason for all the harsh backlash was because I'm this totally awesome writer and you guys expect something more from me. Right?? LOL. One can only hope...

Anyways I just want to say a big thanks to those of you reading this. Thank you for sticking with me and having faith that I'd somewhat mend whatever damage I did with Chapter 5.

Also thanks to those who gave the positive feedback giving me inspiration to continue.

Without further delay, I give you Chapter 6.

Or Chapter 5, Part 2....whatever...=)




Sloane watched as the concern on Gabe's face dissipated into disbelief.

"You can't help me out here?" Sloane thought she heard him say. She wouldn't know cause the statement was directed more towards the heavens then to her.

"Un-fucking-believable." Gabe said pushing past her in the direction of the door.

She heard that loud and clear.

"Look, I'm not happy about this either." She said following him.

"That's not what I mean-" Gabe started to say, before stopping himself. He didn't want to fight with her. Instead, he centered his strength on yanking hard on the door.

"What are you doing? I already told you it's locked."

Gabe ignored her and kept trying anyways. His efforts were futile. Aggravated he turned to face her, "Give me your phone."

"Don't you think I would've thought of that?"

"Sloane!" He snapped before lowering his tone, "Just give me your phone. We'll call someone. They'll come up. Crisis averted."

Sloane opened her mouth, then snapped it shut, "I kind of don't have it."


"I must've left it in your room. Along with my clutch." Sloane said, telling herself mentally that she needed to stay calm.

"You seriously need to have that damned thing taped to you."

"Why don't you use your own damned phone?" Sloane replied. She watched Gabe feel his pockets and his jacket. His face broadcasted the outcome, "Of course you don't have it."

"We wouldn't be in this predicament if some genius didn't come up here in the first place!"

"Who's the idiot that chased me up here?" Sloane replied heatedly as Gabe sucked in a strained breath to calm himself. He spoke after a long minute.

"Okay we need to call a truce. Arguing isn't going to change the fact that we're stuck up here and God only knows how long that's going to be."

Sloane eyed him up curiously. He was serious.

This was going to be interesting.

"Fine. A truce it is." She shrugged as casually as she could before excusing herself to take refuge on the far wall.

The sooner she got away from Gabe the better. She needed remain calm around Gabe or who knows what she'd say. The last thing she needed was getting upset and saying something she'd regret. Sloane shuddered at the thought of Gabe's reaction if she let her secret slip.

It wasn't the only thing that gave Sloane chills.

She wrapped her arms around her shivering body. The temperature had dropped since she was out on the terrace earlier in the evening, not to mention the wind was a little stronger up on the roof. As she leaned back against the wall, the cool surface sent more chills down her spine.

"Here take this." Gabe said. She watched as he shrugged out of his jacket and handed it to her.

"I'm okay, but thanks for the g-g-gesture." Sloane declined politely, unable to stop the involuntary chattering of her teeth, "It's not that bad."

"Quit being stubborn and take it." Gabe said tossing it to her before taking a seat beside her.

Sloane was too distracted with pleasure her body felt from warmth his jacket provided to remember that she was trying to stay away from Gabe. Still warm from his body heat, Sloane almost pulled the lapels up to smell his scent on it when she remembered herself.

"This is where you say, Thank you Gabe," Gabe said watching her closely.

"Thank you Gabe." Sloane repeated monotone.

"Why, you're very welcome Sloane."

Neither said anything for a long time after that. When the silence between them was bordering on extremely awkward, Gabe glanced at Sloane only to see her twisting the edges of his jacket, staring ahead wide eyed. She looked so tense. And nervous. He locked eyes with her when she snuck a peek at him out of the corner of her eye, before she bit her lip and quickly looked forward again.

Gabe couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny?" Sloane asked strained.

"You need to chill out." Gabe said laughing, "You're so tense over there, you're making me nervous. You don't have to worry, I'm sure there are a number of things we can talk about that doesn't leave you wanting to kill me and me wanting to strangle you."

"Don't be so sure of yourself..." Sloane murmured.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Sloane responded quickly. "What have you been up to?"

As long as she could keep Gabe talking about his favorite subject he wouldn't ask her about what she had been up to. And then she wouldn't have to worry about lying to him more than she already had.

'Not telling the entire truth is still lying' she often told Ethan.

She was such a hypocrite.

The lie she had told her family all those years ago replayed in her mind, "It was a one night stand. The guy was from out of town, he doesn't even know."

She had tried to justify the grave statement by telling herself it wasn't a complete lie. So maybe it was a two night stand. But she did live in California, so technically Ethan's father was from out of town.

And he sure as hell didn't know.

After she told her parents about her pregnancy and scandalous conception, Sloane swore she heard her father's uproar all the way from California.

Abortion was something Sloane briefly considered before throwing the idea out the window. When her father realized that she wasn't going to have one, he told her to return to Reston immediately...or else he'd fly out to California and drag her back.

His threats relented only after a combined task effort from her mother and grandparents. Sloane would stay in California only if she moved in with her grandparents after Ethan was born. When Sloane decided to stay, her father took her decision as a blatant act of defiance resulting in an unspoken strain on their relationship. Sloane had always been a daddy's girl, so the drastic change devastated her.

She soon learned it was the first in line of many changes.

Sloane was sure she wouldn't make it to her due date, she had gotten so huge in fact that she had went to the doctors numerous times to induce labor. Her son apparently inherited her stubborn gene and came a week after his due date. Sixteen grueling hours later Ethan had been born and Sloane's life changed forever. With her scholarship intact for the next year, Sloane spent the summer settling into her grandparents' home and adjusting into her new role in motherhood. When school started again in the fall, Sloane traded college parties and whatever sliver of a social life she had for a part-time job and a life dedicated to her son.

Had it not been for her grandparents' unwavering support, she wouldn't know how she would've gotten through the most difficult and most trying year. The heavy workload for the school year was only intensified by the stress of being a new mother. Not to mention a single mom.

"Me and you, baby. It's just me and you." Sloane would say often after coming home to Ethan drained and exhausted after a long day, especially during the times when the loneliness threatened to consume her.

"Hello...Earth to Sloane." Gabe said drawing her out of her thoughts, "How are you going to ask me a question then zone out on me?"

"Sorry, it's been a long day." Sloane replied, "I'm a little worn out."

"Between Walker and JJ, I'm surprised you had anything left in you." Gabe said jokingly, causing Sloane to shudder at the thought of Walker. Gabe laughed at her reaction, "You didn't seem to mind Walker when you kissed him earlier."

"You're lucky you came out when you did. I was about to show Walker exactly what was on my mind." Sloane said. Gabe knew she was good for it, "At least I was able to walk away from Walker looking decent and not like I rolled around in the sandbox. Seriously? Was a tackle necessary?"

"I thought I was saving you." Gabe chuckled, trying to defend himself, "You should actually be thanking me."

"Oh right." Sloane said sarcastically, "Thank you Gabriel Jennings for ruining my dress and messing up my hair. Oh and I think you messed up my elbow so thanks for that too."

"Very funny," Gabe replied, "I meant that you should be thanking me for helping you look more like yourself now then you have all night."

"Oh thanks..." Sloane said offended.

"Don't look all hurt. You could be wearing a potato sack and still be beautiful." Gabe replied.

"Listen to that line..."

"It's no line. I just have to say that it's weird seeing you all put together. Shiny." Gabe said distantly, "Perfect."

He was still lost in thought when he looked at Sloane's gorgeous face. His conscience flashed danger, he cleared his throat, "You know, compared to the car wreck you were."

"This close to being a gentleman for once in your miserable existence," Sloane said gesturing with her thumb and pointer fingers, "Then you go and ruin it with an asshole statement like that."

"Creature of habit," Gabe smiled sexily down at Sloane.

"So I've noticed." Sloane said returning his smile.

Locking away her dangerous feelings, they both succeeded in avoiding the big elephant in the room, or more appropriately, on the rooftop. She listened to Gabe talk about how he went against his father's hopes of him being a lawyer in lieu of becoming a detective. When Gabe said that he had recently started his own private detective agency, Sloane tried to control her paranoia.

It would be nothing for him to look her up and discover the truth.

Unfortunately, the only savior from her paranoia was guilt.

With the absence of Ethan as she recapped the last 6 years of her life, not only did she confirm with herself how lackluster her life was without him but it left big holes in her timeline.

'That's what happens when leave out the most important thing in you life,' her conscience scolded.

"So was everything okay with Ethan?" Gabe asked suddenly, successfully stopping Sloane's heart.

"Ethan?" Sloane squeaked out.

"Oh come on now. I was standing right next to you when Jude told you to call him. Friend... emergency...remember...?"

"Right, my friend Ethan." Sloane said slowly, breathing out a sigh of relief, "Yeah, he's fine. Everything is fine."

"Ethan is lucky to have a friend like you." Gabe said.

"I'm the one lucky to have him. He's like a kid really." Sloane said, smiling at her little inside joke.

"Which probably explains how you were able to handle JJ." Gabe commented.

"What do you mean?"

"You're a natural when it comes to that kid," Gabe said, "Between Connor and JJ, I don't know how Jackson and Layla do it. Children are a handful."

"Interesting," Sloane said quizzically.

"Oh come on, don't pretend that you didn't notice," Gabe looked her humorously, "Little Jackson Jr. is wild."

"He's not so bad. He actually seems tame compared to mine." Sloane said mindlessly before realizing what she had just said. 'Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god...'

"Mine?" Gabe asked.

"Uh...mine? Mine..." Sloane said grasping for a recovery, "Mine friend! I mean, my friend's son."

Gabe eyed her curiously, "You're English is horrible. You need to get a refund from that college."

Sloane couldn't help but laugh. In the last minute alone she had went through so many highs and lows it was bound to end in mental breakdown.

Gabe eyed her curiously, clearly aware of her skittish behavior, "You're acting very strange, you know that?"

"I'm just tired." Of lying.

"Clearly." Gabe said.

Their conversation carried on easily to Sloane's surprise. Their playful banter didn't escalate to the heated arguments they usually did. Sloane caught glimpses of the man from that night all those years ago invoking feelings from all those years ago.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she let a yawn slip. Her eyes grew heavy as she laid her head on Gabe's shoulder and listened to the soothing nature of his voice.


Gabe's eyes shot open. He looked around trying to remember where he was.

Sloane shifted against him and he suddenly became very aware that he was hard and even more aware of her body tucked into his. She was fit perfectly against him, resting her head on his arm as she curved her body intimately into his. He had his arm tucked around her waist, pinning her against him.

He'd been catching up with her before realizing she was fast asleep. Rather than wake her, it seemed easier to lay down with her. He had watched for a long time. Fighting the jealousy that surged through him every time she had murmured 'Ethan' in her sleep.

This was torture. He wanted her. Which was completely crazy. He reminded himself that Sloane was leaving soon.

His logic was lost with a groan when he felt her stir against him. He felt every inch of her against him. She stretch lazily, rubbing herself over his stiff cock before she turned in his arms to face him. She opened her eyes and blinked up at him.

"Hello." She said breathily.

"Hello yourself." Gabe said.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Sloane asked, squinting up at him.

"You snore." Gabe said smiled down at her.

"No I don't!" Sloane said wide eyed.

When she opened her mouth Gabe pulled her up to meet his lips.

Six years of pent up emotion came to a head as Gabe delivered a punishing kiss. Sloane kissed him back, unable to tear her mouth away from his.

The sound of fabric tearing and rustling of clothes echoed into the night as he covered Sloane with his body. He felt her hands all over him as she untucked his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. He shifted quickly, spreading her thighs for him and pinning her underneath him. He groaned when she slipped her hands down and gripped his ass. He nearly lost it when she started grinding herself up and down the front of his pants, her thong and his pants acting as the final barrier to where he wanted to bury his cock most.

As he soon as he slid his pants down, he lifted one of her legs to wrap around his waist. He was unable to control the grin that spread across his lips when he found that she was wet and ready for him.

She moved her thong aside and grabbed his cock, lining it up for him. He moved her hand away and rubbed it along her slit, "What do you want Sloane?"

"Please," she whispered and watched as his nostrils flared. She moaned when she felt him begin to push inside, whimpering when he stopped.

"Tell me what you want Sloane." Gabe demanded.

"Gabe," Sloane breathed out roughly, her eyes staring daggers up at him, "Do. It."

"Not until you tell me what you want." Gabe continued to tease.

He was unprepared for the quick shove that Sloane gave him resulting in him staring up at the night sky.

He looked just in time to watch her swing her leg over his body. She sat on his exposed cock, rubbing herself up and down his length of his shaft but not allowing him to enter.

She shifted slightly grazing her clit against him causing her to gasp with pleasure. Gabe watched spellbound as she bit her bottom lip, throwing her head back and repeated the motion. When she looked down at him to start unbuttoning his shirt, she resembled nothing of a sex vixen. Her green eyes seemed to glow with anticipation as her dark hair was mussed as if they already had sex. Most tempting was her full lips swollen from kisses.

"A little eager, aren't you?" Gabe chuckled, staring up at Sloane amazed.

"Feel free to stop me." She retorted, raising an eyebrow at him but not stopping her task of unbuttoning his shirt.

She frowned slightly when she got the dress shirt open only to reveal the other shirt he had worn underneath, "You have way too much clothes on."

"Let me help you." Gabe said sitting up as he shrugged off dress shirt and pulled the other up and off of him. His movement moved Sloane back onto his muscular thighs.

"Much better." Sloane replied, kissing him hard on the mouth while she rubbed her hands all over his chest.

Gabe used his free hands to seize her hips and bring her closer to his waiting cock.

"Tell me who's the eager one now, Gabe?" Sloane taunted seductively against his mouth. She was using his own words against him. He grinned against her lips as she lined his cock up at her entrance.

"Show me what you want, Gabe." She said seductively licking his lips.

He responded by gripping her hips and shoving hard, filling her completely to the hilt. Sloane cried out as Gabe went stiff with blinding pleasure.

When he managed to get a hold of himself, his body was coated in a cool sweat. Luckily she hadn't moved. He slightly loosened the death grip on her hips to raise her off of him. He slid back in, feeling her walls clench around him as he entered her deeply for the second time. She was tight and her muscles clamping down on him was making it harder from him to concentrate on not bursting before she reached her pleasure.

Slow and steady, Gabe thought, slow and steady.

Gabe filled her deeper than she remembered. Before she had a chance to register the initial discomfort, he gripped her hips and raised her off of him. If it was possible, Sloane felt him go even deeper when he slid back in. He took it slow thankfully, but after a few minutes his leisurely pace was driving her crazy.

Sloane gripped his shoulders as she took control. She met his thrust and moaned when it forced him deeper inside of her. He hissed her name when she did it again. He slapped her ass and spread her cheeks and when he thrusted up again, he sunk another inch of himself inside of her.

"Oh god..." Sloane moaned as she started riding him harder, grinding her clit against him.

"That's it, babe." Gabe moaned, moving her on him. She threw her head back in ecstasy, squeezing her eyes shut as she let Gabe fuck her from beneath.

She started to feel the familiar build up inside of her when he stopped abruptly. She tried to move but he tightened his grip on her hips to stop her movement. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her wickedly before flipping her over and pinning her underneath him.

"Hold on," Was the only warning he gave as he wrapped her legs around his waist and slammed back inside of her. The air left her lungs and she raked her nails down his back so hard, she probably drew blood. He withdrew slowly and pushed her thighs open so far it was almost painful. When he locked eyes with her, he looked like a man possessed. She squeezed her eyes shut when we slammed back in roughly, drawing out a moan. Before long he was slamming in and out of her tight wet cunt.

The sex was rough and raw and Sloane reveled in it. The sounds of their moans and frenzied coupling echoed in the night. Not holding back as his powerful body pounded into hers relentlessly, he reclaimed her body with a vengeance.

When Sloane started coming she bit her lip to refrain from shouting his name. Her resistance went unnoticed to Gabe, who roared her name as his seed filled her. He slumped down on top of her kissing her neck as he came down.

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