My wife and I had discussed our future on a number of occasions, most importantly how children fit into the picture. Quite simply, they didn't. We spent our first few years utilizing various birth control methods, but we eventually wanted to be free of worry. So we decided I would get a vasectomy.

After having the procedure I was required to have a sperm test about two months later. Before this sperm test however, I had to have at least fifteen ejaculations beforehand, to ensure there were no wandering little swimmers still around. Vanessa and I took full advantage of doctor's orders, but for the time being we needed to continue using birth control.

When I received my results back from my sperm count test, we were elated to know that we could fully indulge ourselves without the chance of pregnancy. To celebrate this, we took a road trip to one of my in-laws houses they owned. Both residents were right near a beach and a beautiful road trip away. We just needed to stay at the one her parents were not at.

As the winding road narrowed, Vanessa and I were holding hands. She was leaning over and kissing me, whispering in my ear how she could not wait to have me explode inside of her. I started getting turned on between her warm breathing on my neck and licking my ear lobe. She leaned back and informed me, "I'm so wet right now."

"Really?" I looked over to her as my hand slipped down her thigh and into her crotch. "Maybe we should do something about that." With it being dark outside and not too crowded with traffic, I asked her to let me touch her. She did not hesitate to undo her jeans. The fingers on my right hand slid underneath her panties and found the wetness she spoke of. I quickly discovered her clitoris as well. Vanessa moaned and jerked. I touched her softly, rubbing her sweet spot in a circular motion. As she became increasingly aroused, she fondled her breasts and gyrated the best she could belted into the passenger seat. She climaxed as we reached our exit.

I licked her cum off of my finger and downshifted to the appropriate gear. Vanessa reached over into my crotch and started to rub the bulge in my pants. "How about I suck you off now?" She asked.

"Yes please," I answered lifting my right arm over her head as she leaned over and revealed my cock. As she was going down on me, she continued to moan furthering my stimulation. Driving was interesting in this situation yet I managed to steer us in the direction of her parents' house.

We pulled into the driveway and Vanessa sat up to kiss me. "I'll get back to that later." I did not want her to stop, but it was getting late and we needed to unpack the luggage. She tended to that in the kitchen while I wheeled our suitcase into the bedroom. When I was done, I met her in the kitchen. Setting down a glass of water on the counter, strolled over to me. "Now how about I finish that blowjob?" Vanessa pushed me against the counter and squatted in front of me. I had not gone completely flaccid so it did not take long to reach full erection. Her head bobbed ferociously as she lubricated my shaft with her mouth. One of her hands came up underneath and started massaging my scrotum. The other substituted for her mouth allowing for her to reveal her intentions. "Are you going to cum in my mouth baby?" She sucked on me some more. "You know I want to swallow it." My hips began to sway. Her hand cupping my balls grasped my thrusting ass along with her other one. She encouraged my pumping by pulling me deeper into her throat over and over again. Vanessa then resumed holding my balls in one hand and the other stroking me in unison with her sucking.

She moaned favoring my taste, pushing me over the edge. "Oh my god. I'm cumming." Her head held still, lips around the tip of my penis, letting me shoot my hot load into her mouth. Vanessa moaned again swallowing it. "Oh yeah!"

As she pulled back, she ringed my shaft out producing a little drop. She looked up at me as she captured it with the tip of her tongue. "I want to make sure I got it all," she explained.

"You did," I panted.

Shortly afterwards we retired to bed and slept quite soundly. The next morning we woke up and started the day with a hot shower. I was taking Vanessa from behind, pounding her hard. She grunted when my pelvis smacked against her ass. After fucking for a while, Vanessa groaned a request, "Tell me when you are ready to cum. I want to jerk you off all over my tits."

Her encouragement did not fall on deaf ears. I hammered harder and faster. "Okay," I pulled out of her. "Here it comes." Vanessa spun around and dropped to her knees. One hand held her breasts up for me to cover while the other stroked my shaft.

"That's it baby! Cum all over my titties!" She exclaimed as my load drenched her chest. Before rinsing off, she rubbed her nipple to gather some of my cum and licked it off. "Mmm. That tastes familiar." I was beyond aroused at that point.

While drying off, Vanessa approached me in two towels, her usual garb after a shower, one wrapped around her hair and the other around her body. "Feel," she directed me, placing a foot on my knee so I can caress her smooth leg.

"Very nice," I complimented.

"It's all for you baby. All for you," she stepped down and I grabbed her. "Yes?"

"I want to eat you out now."

"Okay," she enthusiastically responded sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. I leaned over and brushed her face with my hand. Holding her head from her neck, I leaned in and kissed her. Our tongues wrestled and our lips contorted in passion. My kissing gradually worked down to her neck. "Ohhhhhhhh." Then to her breasts where I flicked her hardened nipples with the tip of my tongue before sucking them. As I moved down her stomach and to her pussy, Vanessa started to massage her breasts and nipples. That only encouraged me more. I pecked the inside of one thigh, lightly licked the other. My fingers promoted her stimulation by finding and spreading her wetness. Not too far behind was my eager tongue. I love the taste of Vanessa. I love being able to get her off. I love watching her gyrate while I please her orally. And that she did. The tip of my tongue slid into and around her vagina until I found her clitoris. There, I focused all of my attention. First my probing tongue brushed her from side to side, then up and down, and finally in a circular motion. Vanessa held my head in place making sure I did not attempt to abandon my post. As she climaxed, I stuck my tongue inside of her, feeling her muscles contract. Her body quivered in orgasm. She laid still to catch her breath I continued to kiss her legs and then her hips and then returned to her belly. Vanessa held me tight and let out a sigh of happiness.

She pulled me to lay beside her and gave me a peck. "You make me feel so good," she said. "I love you so much."

"I love you more," I returned her kiss.

"I can't wait to feel you cum inside of me, all over my pussy walls."

"Neither can I," I brushed the hair from her face. "I've wanted it for so long."

The remainder of the day went quickly. We went into town to get some more groceries that we did not bring with us, grabbed a bite to eat, and went for a walk. As dawn grew closer, Vanessa and I made our way to the nearby beach to watch the sunset. It was pretty cool outside and we presumed it would be colder closer to the ocean. Either way we were prepared. We brought a number of blankets and beanies to keep us warm as well as a tarp if we decided to lay on the beach.

When we arrived, it was warmer than expected. We gathered our gear and hiked out onto the sand until we found a favorable spot. Vanessa and I laid out the tarp and one of the blankets. Then we sat down bundled in blankets, beanies pulled down over our ears. I sat behind her with my arms back supporting our weight. She sat in between my legs, head resting on my chest. As we relaxed watching the sun dip behind the horizon, we noticed other people sharing our view along the beach. The sky became various shades of yellow, red, purple and then the sun was gone. Stars began sparkling and with the moon not yet full, it became dark quickly. The other sky watchers dispersed gradually and pretty soon it was just the two of us.

Vanessa turned her head slightly allowing my lips to find hers. My arms wrapped her tightly. She moved my hands to between her legs. "Touch me," she whispered. I assisted her in undoing her pants just enough for me to slide my hand down her panties. My fingers combed through her trimmed bush and found her moist again. Using my right hand, I traced her labium and clitoris in the same route my tongue traveled earlier that day. Vanessa's head turned away as her breaths came heavy. Instead of kissing her lips, I turned to her neck. This drove her crazy. In a matter of moments, she was able to cum. She made sure not to be too loud in case there were still some wanderers nearby.

Once she caught her breath, she turned around and kissed me passionately. "Your turn," she grinned. Vanessa rolled over onto her back and removed her bottoms. I scrambled to get in between her open legs. She reached out and helped me undo my pants and freed my hardness. "You ready?"

I positioned myself with the head of my penis barely touching her opening. "Ready," I confirmed staring into her beautiful eyes. My member glided into her. We both smiled wide as I penetrated, knowing this was the moment. Steadily I thrusted, maintaining eye contact with her the entire time. One hand on my upper back, the other on my lower, Vanessa embraced me closely. The thrusting quickened. It was time. "Alright," I warned her. "I'm going to cum."

Vanessa's hands wrenched me deeper by my buttocks. "Cum for me baby! Cum for me." She raised her head and forcing me to kiss her, and to mute my howls of satisfaction. I shot my cum into her. We were liberated from the need of hindering condoms. No more worrying. No more smell of burned latex. From now on, it would only be her and me, no boundaries, perfectly fitting like a puzzle.

We collected our wits and realized how damn cold it was. Vanessa and I hurriedly got dressed and raced back to the car. Teeth chattering, snot icicles forming, we rushed home. At the house, we giggled climbing under the covers fully clothed. We were freezing. To speed the heating process we held each other snug. As we grew warmer, we grew more comfortable and relaxed, eventually falling asleep in each other's arms.

A few hours later we awoke to find we forgot to change into our pajamas. We shared another good laugh. As the humor faded away, our eyes were gazing into the others'. I placed on my hand on her cheek and went to kiss her naked. Vanessa met me half way. While we were making out, we stripped each other. The bed linens were toasty from our short nap. It was a welcome feeling to our bare skin. Laying on our sides facing each other, we started to have sex again. There was no hoots or hollers, just concentrating on each other. Throughout the first moments, if our lips were not locked, our eyes were. Pulling away from a kiss, Vanessa said, "I want to fall asleep with you inside of me."

Without another word from either of us, she turned over, adjusting to have her butt against me. I maneuvered into position and entered her again. Our rhythm was steady and purposeful. She gripped her pillow tightly as she felt me near orgasm. I clutched her hips and burst into her again. Muscles fell limp and we remained silent. We soon fell asleep, with me remaining inside of her.

Vanessa and I viewed the sunset the previous night, but we missed the sunrise all together. We awoke midmorning after an incredible night's sleep. It was still extremely cold so we put on our pajamas and our bathrobes. I lit the fireplace while Vanessa pulled out food from the fridge. "How about some French toast?"

"That sounds great," I joined her in the kitchen and kissed her. "Anything I can do to help?"

She looked around as she mixed the batter. "You could cut the bread."

"I can do that," I kissed her again and patted her on the tush. In the past I have attempted to make complete meals for Vanessa. They have failed, miserably. The lesson I learned was to provide assistance, mainly staying out of her way. Since she is vegetarian, she would leave me in charge of the meat courses, sometimes. To compliment her delightful French toast, I grilled up some breakfast sausage.

With breakfast in hand, we adjourned to the couch to watch some television. As usual, I promptly finished my meal and poured myself a glass of milk. I sat back down with Vanessa and continued watching the tube. When she was done, I took her plate into the kitchen and started to wash the dishes. With her doing most of the cooking, I took it upon myself to do most of the cleaning afterwards. As I finished, I noticed Vanessa had turned off the television and was looking into the kitchen, at me. "Come here," she directed me.

I strolled over to the couch to discover Vanessa was now only wearing her bath robe and socks. She had me sit at her side and began kissing me. Next, she aided in the removal my pants. Sitting beside her she reached under my robe and began stroking my penis. I reached under her robe then and began rubbing her cunt. "I really enjoyed last night Jack," she told me. "I want you again." She kissed me more. "First, I want you to bring your cock up here and fuck my face." Vanessa remained sitting on the couch as I straddled her and loosened my robe's belt. My member shot forth and she took it in her mouth, moaning seductively. I braced myself against the wall behind her and pumped my hips back and forth. Vanessa gripped my ass tightly encouraging my pushing. This went on for a few moments. I backed up a little. She stared up at me and stroked my shaft. Keeping eye contact with me, Vanessa began to lick my shaved scrotum. "You like that?" She asked between laps.

"I do. It feels so good."

"Good," she licked me once more. "I'll keep that in mind for later. Right now though I need you to fuck me. Can you do that?"

I jumped back off of the couch landing on the floor between her legs. "I can definitely do that." Vanessa spread her legs further allowing me full access. She was more lubricated than before. While sucking on me, she was touching herself with her free hand.

We were going at it wildly. I could not wait to discharge in her again, but I needed to taste her. I needed to indulge in her savory juices. Following a rapid succession of hard pushes, I fell to my knees and brought her to orgasm. I reinstated my throbbing cock and resumed pumping. Vanessa rooted me on until I climaxed. "That's it baby! Fuck my pussy! Just like that! Yeah! Yeah! Oh yeah! Fill my tight pussy up with your hot cum! Yeah! Fuck me! Oh yeah! I feel it! I feel you cumming! Don't stop!" I pushed as long as I could. Exhausted, I rolled off her and sat next to her once more. "Ooh baby." She leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder.

Catching our breath, we returned to bed for another nap. Sleeping and fucking. Not a bad way to spend the day. We did go out for dinner though. I dressed up in my Espirit jeans and long sleeve shirt we purchased for me during our trip to Europe. Vanessa sported a black dress that looked stunning on her and her silver Banana Republic necklace. There were not many upscale restaurants in the area, yet we were able to find a quaint spot. The food was not half bad, the price was reasonable, and I could not ask for better company than my beautiful wife. That night, back at the house, she and I had another steamy love making session. After showering, she told me to go out to the living room. I got comfortable laying down on the couch in my Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I wore them especially for Vanessa who said they enhanced my package quite nicely. Shortly later I heard her walking my way, still in heels. She turned the corner still bearing the necklace along with a black bra, a black garter belt, and black thigh high stockings. Her amazing eyes were looked at me from behind her glasses. "Hi," she walked up to my side. "How do I look?"

"Delicious," I answered.

"Good," she replied bending over to expose my penis through the opening in the boxers. "Now if you don't mind," she took me in her mouth again. Vanessa's body was positioned to where I could reach over her ass and begin touching her. I probed her opening inspiring her to get wet. Occasionally my fingers passed by her anus. "You want to finger that, don't you?"

"I want to do more than finger your ass," I confessed.

She already knew that and continued to tease me. "Good things come to those who wait sweetie," she stood up pulling me into a sitting position. Vanessa threw one leg over my waist and straddled me. She proceeded to ride me. Her glasses did not budge as she rocked up and down. I held her ass firmly and kissed her cleavage. I was tempted to remove her bra and suck on her tits, but she looked too damn good in this outfit, and I wanted to keep her in it as long as possible.

As she pulled away from a kiss, I asked to go down on her, to make her tighter for me. She obliged by permitting me to slide underneath her. Now she was riding my face. The forefinger and middle finger on my right hand slithered into her tunnel as I devoured her pussy. "Tell me when you're ready," I gasped when catching my breath. "I want you to cum all over my face." I resumed eating her out.

Her undulating and moaning progressively accelerated hinting she was about ready. "I'm going to cum baby! Stick your tongue in me. Stick it in my pussy." I extended by tongue into her as far as was able to. I felt her muscles contract as she released a primal scream of ecstasy. Vanessa's head fell into her arms on the back of the couch, overwhelmed with pleasure. I stood behind her placing my penis between her butt cheeks. She got the hint and stuck her ass up in the air, "Mount me Jack. Fuck me from behind."

I took a step forward and bored into her. "Oh my god. Your pussy so tight."

"See what you do to me." I pounded her hard and deep for several minutes. As amazing as it felt, I had something else in mind. I contracted my equipment and settled on the couch. Vanessa presumed one thing slipping down to her knees in between my legs. "Do you have something for me?" She began blowing me. A hand of hers reached through the opening of my underwear and brought forth my scrotum. "I know you like it when I lick you balls." Her tongue lapped my sack a few times before she surprisingly took it in her mouth sucking on it. On either side of my rod and her stroking hand, her eyes were fixed on mine.

Normally I would love to shoot my load in her mouth, but not tonight. I caught her off guard by asking for something else. "Will you bounce on me?"

"Of course," Vanessa replied. She stood up, spun around, straddled my legs, and lowered herself upon me. Watching myself enter her was one of the most arousing things I have ever seen, but it was almost as arousing as only seeing my penis driving into her vagina repeatedly. This was the view I had as her ass bobbed up and down on my piston like member. She leaned back supporting herself with her arms, on the back of the couch. My hands stretched around her and cupped her breasts. In this position, she was able to feel my full size. "Oh Jack! Your cock is so hard! It's so deep inside of me!"

"Yeah! Fuck that cock baby!" I concurred. When I began to cum, Vanessa ceased bouncing and started to grind. One of her hands reached down and massaged my balls as they emptied into her pussy. Gradually we came to a stop but she remained sitting on my lap. "Thank you." I hugged her from behind.

"Thank you." She returned the hug. We retired to the bedroom where I helped her remove the garments.

I understood that getting dolled up was a hassle for Vanessa at times. Thankfully she knew how much I loved it. Although we did not partake in it often, it never failed to deliver a night to remember. I held her close when we were ready for bed. "Good night my beautiful."

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