tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLibrarian Lolita Part 1

Librarian Lolita Part 1


Cielo shifted nervously in her seat, well aware of the lustful looks she was getting from a table in the far right corner of the library.

She swept some of her lustrous black locks from her face and adjusted her glasses. She could feel her face burning up. Not being able to stand the tension, she got up and walked quickly to the bathroom.

Nick laughed to himself as the Hispanic beauty whizzed past him. He knew he was the cause of her nervousness. Ever since he came to the library and saw the lolita sitting at the front desk, he and his friends became regulars at the library. If only librarians were as hot when he was younger..then he wouldn't have problems with going to the library for books for his research papers. This woman was a real beauty. She had this amazing black hair; it was thick and shiny and very touchable. She wore glasses, but behind them were these big almond-shaped brown eyes, framed by long "come-hither" lashes. Her lips were full and juicy. Her complexion was flawless, and so was her figure. Under her bland "librarian" clothes, he could make out a ripe chest, a flat stomach, and hips/ass/thighs to die for. Just gorgeous. His friends have noticed her, too. They all wanted to fuck her, but had yet to plan how.

Cielo took off her glasses and splashed some cold water on her face. She was angry at herself for letting herself become so embarrassed. She had been the librarian here for only a month, and all that tension was causing her to think twice about this job. She wanted some quiet..a new start. That's why she quit dancing at Tommy's Go-Go. She wanted to get away from the sex..to get away from men. But after she quit, that was all she thought about. She got away from the stress and attention of her previous profession, and she was facing the same things now..as a librarian! How did that happen?

The ringing of the little bell on her desk brought her back to the reality of her job. People were waiting to take books out. She put her glasses back on and fixed up her hair, and went back to her desk. Sure enough, a line had accumulated. She apologized and started checking people's books out.

It was only an hour 'til closing time, and there were less and less people in the library. She glanced around, and saw, to her relief, that the guys from the far right table had gone. She sat back in her chair and waited.

Finally, 8:00 came around and everyone was gone, except for the janitors and some helpers. She took a bag from under her desk and went to the bathroom to change her clothes. She always came in wearing her "librarian" clothes (usually consisting of a dark skirt suit or plain trousers and a shirt; and flat shoes), but left in her regular clothes that she brought with her. This was a Friday and she had plans to go out with her friends after work, so she also brought her makeup, perfume, and other cosmetics.

Cielo quickly changed into a dark denim skirt that could qualify as a mini, a black deep-V top, and black sandals. She put some silkening crème in her hair to make it sleek and sexy, and applied makeup. She sprayed some perfume (Ralph Lauren's "Romance"), and packed up her previous clothes. She left the bathroom, and as she walked through the library lobby, she smiled at the janitor who nodded in approval at her appearance.

She felt good about herself and couldn't wait to go for drinks or clubbing. She walked carefully down the steps to make sure she wouldn't twist her her ankle in those stiletto sandals. It was already dark outside, and she held on to the railing as she made her way down.

"Be careful", a voice startled her and she almost went flying down the stairs. She turned around and saw a man...the man that would ogle her body and make her so uncomfortable..the one that she dreamed about as she touched herself in bed..the man from the library. She stared at him for a moment, unable to speak. He was very good-looking. Amazingly good-looking, in fact. He had dark hair and dark features; looked Mediterranean. He looked very masculine, especially with his tight muscles on display since he was wearing jeans and a black wifebeater. But there was something about him that she didn't like. He was probably one of those guys who know they are good-looking and are real assholes about it.

"I'm Nick", he said, breaking the uncomfortable silence. He extended his hand. "Oh..I'm Cielo.." she said, extending her hand towards him and gasping when their hands touched. "I know who you are", he said to her surprise. "So where are you off to?" Nick asked. "I'm just going to meet my friends for a few drinks.." she muttered. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you?" he inquired. He was surprised to hear that she was going out for drinks. She didn't look a day older than 17-18. "I'm 21, turned 21 last week actually" she replied. "Wait a second, Nick, I just realized something..what are you doing here at the library at this hour?" she asked, suspicious of his presence.

"Waiting for you", another voice said and out of the shadows came out the three other guys that she would see in the library with Nick. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she began to feel very uncomfortable. "Look, I have to go right now.." she said and began to continue walking down the stairs, when one of them grabbed her hand. "Come on doll, stay for a few", said the guy who was holding her arm. He was also good-looking, with dark hair and dark features. "Let me go you asshole!" she yelled and pulled her hand out of his grasp. She looked around to see if there were people around. Unfortunately, the library was located in a non-residential part of town, behind a big park. There was no people out there at this hour. "We'll have some fun babe...don't go.." Nick said. But Cielo wasn't even looking back. She wanted to get to her car as soon as possible. Suddenly she slipped and fell, hitting the back of her head on the stairs. She was out cold. Nick and the others came running down to see if she was ok. After examining the sprawled beauty, they found that she had just knocked herself unconscious. "She'll be alright..let's get her out of here", Nick said. His three friends exchanged glances. He picked her up and brought her to his car, a Ford Expedition, and lay her on the back seat. Conveniently, her skirt rode up and he got a glimpse of sexy red thong panties. "Damn this one hot librarian..." he thought. All four of them got into the car and drove away.

As he drove to his apartment, he couldn't take his mind of the unconscious lolita. How sexy this girl was. When he saw her exit the library his cock immediately came to life. Those smooth shapely legs of hers..in those sexy black stilettos. That red thong! "Muy caliente" he muttered under his breath. His friend, John, that was sitting next to him, laughed. "Learned some Spanish..eh?" "John, how do you say 'I want her sexy lips around my cock' in Spanish?" Nick asked. "I don't know, man, but I think it's something like 'Yo quiero sentir sus labios alrededor mi pinga'." Nick repeated it and laughed. "We are going to have us some latina pussy tonight.." "Hell yeah!" The others agreed.

Cielo slowly opened her eyes. Her head throbbed. She groaned in pain.

"She's awake" someone said. "Finally" said another. She turned her head and saw 2 guys sitting on a couch next to her. They were looking at her. She blinked a few times and quickly got up. The throbbing in her head worsened. "Oww..my head.." she moaned and sat back down. Nick came into the room with some painkillers and water. "Here, this'll help", he said and gave her the pills. She swallowed them, washing them down with water. "Where am I?" she asked. "You are in my apartment.." he replied. "Why?" she asked. "'Cause you fell and hit your head, and we brought you over here." She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to recap what had happened to her. She remembered being at the library, and leaving the library..she remembered Nick and his friends...

She opened her eyes and suddenly stood up. "I have to leave..right now...and what you are doing is called kidnapping!" She was getting up when he pushed her back down onto the couch. "Would you rather have had us leave you there sprawled out on the stairs? You should be thankful, bitch." Now she got scared. "Alright, alright, I am thankful, but I have to go now." "You aren't going anywhere until we're done with you." "Done with me? What do you mean?" Nick laughed. "Done with you as in 'Done with fucking you' baby" The others chuckled.

Before she was able to react, they grabbed her and took her to Nick's bedroom, laying her down on his king-size bed. She wasn't even able to kick or scream. They tied her hands to the bedposts and taped her mouth shut (for the moment) with duct tape. Then they stood there admiring their captive. Her raven-black hair was a wild mess around her face, her denim mini was hiked up, leaving her sexy thick thighs and red panties on display.

"Since when do librarians wear red thongs?" asked one of the guys. "Since they work as strippers first" said Nick, surprising everyone. "What do you mean?" asked John. "This girl used to work at Tommy's Go-Go bar..I remember her from Ray's bachelor's party.." "Oh shit..so we've got ourselves a stripper-turned-librarian lolita here..", said John. "Tell me baby, is it true that librarians do it quietly?" All of them laughed. Then Nick said, "Trust me, she'll be screaming and begging for more before we're done with her" Cielo just lay there, her big brown eyes wide with fear.

"Ok guys..we're each going to take turns with this sexy piece of ass..and I'm going first...so get out of the room.." Nick said. "Can't we watch? I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I've already got a throbbing boner.." said Mike, one of the guys. "No, but there's some pornos in the living room...go play with that.."

Cielo watched all of them except Nick leave the room and close the door. He came up to the bed and looked at her body, while rubbing his cock through his jeans. "Baby..you don't know how hot you make me.." he said and took off his black tank. Then he sat on the bed next to her. She felt a chill go up her spine when he touched her thigh. He ran his hand over the smooth skin of her thigh, savoring the feel of the soft flesh. "Such soft smooth skin..."he whispered. Then he moved his hand to her stomach, lifting her shirt up to reveal her flat stomach. He ran his fingers over her stomach and then up to her large mounds. "How big are your tits? 34 D? 36 D?" he asked as he reached under her and unhooked her bra. Since her arms were tied, he couldn't take the bra off, so he slid it up along with her top, exposing her breasts. They were large with light brown areolas and topped with dark brown nipples. He bent down and licked each nipple, and then blew cold air on them, watching the areolas wrinkle up and the nipples harden. "Beautiful.." he said, and bent down to suckle on her gorgeous tits.

Cielo couldn't help but utter a moan as her captor's hot mouth engulfed her nipple. It felt so good, and it's been a while since she's had her titties sucked.

Nick cupped the other breast and fondled it as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple. He was enjoying himself very much. Her skin was so soft and fragrant. He switched his attention to the other breast, making her moan again as he took the other nipple in his mouth and gently bit down on it.

She was so aroused by his touch and the whole situation that she could feel the juices leaking out of her pussy. She wanted some attention down there. As if he had read her mind, his free hand wandered down between her legs, stroking her pussy through her panties.

She moaned at his touch and opened up her thighs more. The combination of him fondling and sucking on her breasts and touching her pussy felt so good.

Nick could feel the heat radiating from her pussy under the soaked panties. She was so hot and wet. He slid the panties to the side and rubbed his fingers along the length of her moist slit. She reacted by spreading her thighs even more. Her hips gyrated as his fingers explored her warm wet folds. He let go of her breasts and moved down on the bed between her legs. Her pussy was glistening with juices and the aroma was intoxicating. He pushed her skirt completely up so that it bunched up around her waist, and pulled her soaked panties off. She was now laying in front of him with her juicy naked pussy on display. And what a pussy it was..Cielo had tan lines from obviously a thong bikini, and that was incredibly sexy. Her mound was covered with a neatly trimmed upside-down triangle of fine black hair, but the rest of her slit was hairless. Her outer labia were small, so her pink clit, already engorged and erect, and inner labia were lewdly exposed. The sight of her pussy was immensly erotic.

He wanted to let his cock out and plunge into her right then, but he also wanted to taste that pussy first. He lowered his face down between her thighs and inhaled the scent of her wet cunt. Her scent was so delicate and feminine. He grabbed her thighs and pushed them up so that he now also had access to her little puckered ass hole. And then he started licking her, from her anus to her clit, pressing hard into her sex with his tongue, coating it with his saliva. He licked up her juices, dipping his tongue into her love hole for more. He sucked on her clit, making her thrash around and buck her hips. He nibbled on her labia, making her squeal. And when he pushed his tongue into her anus, he could feel her tense up and then her body started shaking. She moaned as she climaxed, but her moans were muffled by the tape. He continued licking her, slurping up the juices that were flowing freely from her hole, until she stopped convulsing.

Cielo was breathing heavily, her pussy muscles still spasming from the orgasm. She couldn't remember the last time she had such a powerful orgasm, or the last time she was eaten out like that. Her last boyfriend wouldn't perform cunnilingus on her, but this man..Nick..oh god..His tongue was amazing..

Nick sat up to see Cielo with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open. He could see beads of sweat on her forehead and between her luscious tits. He wiped his pussy juice-covered face and moved up beside her. "Now this might hurt a little" he said as he pulled off the duct tape from her mouth, making her wince. Then he moved closer to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Delicious pussy you have there, mi amor" he whispered. "Now you're going to do me a little favor..and I'm sure you won't mind" he said, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them off. He sat on the bed beside her with his hard cock straining against the fabric of his boxers.

She could tell that his cock was big. It's outline was clearly visible.

"I'm going to untie your hands, but you better not try anything. Nobody's going to hurt you if you cooperate." he warned her, and then leaned over her to free her hands.

Cielo weighed her options. Did she want to stay here and be fucked by 4 guys? 4 HOT guys? Or did she want to attempt to escape...was it even worth it? This situation brought back memories..negative memories about the night she was raped by Tommy, her previous boss..and his friends. She had been gangraped and then kicked out on the street. What if this is the same situation? "Sure.."she thought. "he did pleasure me first, but what is going to happen later?" She had made up her mind.

As soon as both her hands were free and he was still leaned over her, she grabbed him by the shoulders and kicked him in the stomach as hard as she could. He let out a loud groan and rolled off the bed. Then she made a run for the door. She fumbled with the lock as Nick got up again and was running towards her. "You bitch!" he snarled and was just about to grab her as she finally opened the door.

It was inevitable that she was going to be caught. To get to the front door, she had to go through the living room..and in the living room, Mike, John, and Danny were sitting on the couch watching a porno. She realized her defeat as soon as she ran into the living room. Nick was right behind her. Mike looked up to see naked Cielo running for the door, and immediately got up and grabbed her by the waist, moving her away from the door. "Let me go you bastard!" she yelled and started hitting him. Danny and John helped by holding her arms and legs tightly. Danny, who was holding her legs to prevent her from kicking, couldn't help but stare at her naked pussy, still wet with Nick's saliva. It was inches away from his face, and he was itching to taste it. But he would wait until later. Nick came up to Cielo and grabbed her throat, forcing her head up. "Listen, bitch, and listen good. I told you, nobody is going to hurt you if you cooperate. Are you a masochist or something? Do you WANT pain? I mean, there was no reason for you to do that. I'm sure as hell you were enjoying it when I ate you out...When I licked and sucked that delectable cunt of yours..but since you have decided to be uncooperative, we will do this the hard way." He let go of her throat. "Go move her to the couch and make sure she doesn't try to escape again." he said to his friends. "I'll be right back."

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