tagRomanceLife after Death Ch. 06

Life after Death Ch. 06

byExecutive Gent©

I woke up in the morning to an empty bed. The clock said six o'clock, I heard the toilet flush and Rachel walked into the room. She was still naked; she was so beautiful with her dark hair still tousled and that just woken up look. Standing next to the bed and said, "I have to go and get ready for work. Will you be ok?"

I replied, "Of course. I need to get the kids ready and as I am I'm working from home today, I'll take Alice to school for you... just take it easy and get yourself ready to go to work"

Rachel leaned over and kissed me before saying, "Everything that happened last night was wonderful for me. You were wonderful, and I am sorry that I didn't finish your fantasy; I became selfish and stopped earlier than you had talked about on the phone. I am sorry, I'll do it right next time." She looked away almost worried how I would react and suddenly I could see she was worried that I would react in the same way her ex husband used.

I protested, "That's not true Rachel. You were fantastic; it was better than I ever imagined it could be. Making love with you last night was so amazing, smiling I tried to pull her closer to me to show her again how great I thought she was in bed."

Rachel ignored me. She pulled the sheet down covering my body and straddled my knees. My erection had already started to grow. She cupped my balls and played with them. Her tongue licked the pre-cum from the tip. She copied my action of the night before by pulling a pillow from the bed and pushed it under my backside so that I was more fully exposed to her. Her tongue went down my shaft and then her mouth encircled one of my balls and then the other. She licked them and went lower; her tongue played with the bottom of my balls to the start of my asshole. I had never had that happen to me before, and the erotic feeling was intense. I gasped, "Rachel, you're killing me."

Her mouth came back to my penis. She looked up at me and I saw her; dark eyes, beautiful breasts with nipples erect and swollen. Her mouth swallowed me. Her motion began, but her deep green eyes continued to stare into my eyes; her mouth went up to the tip of me and then took me down into the depths of her throat. I felt myself coming and whimpered a warning. She ignored it. I came with a violent first spurt of cum deep into her mouth. She swallowed and I gave her more. She took it all; none escaped her mouth.

She kissed and licked my softening shaft, almost cooing compliments of how great it felt in her mouth, gasping I asked to turn her body round and let me reach her body, although she had still not stopped paying my balls and shaft attention I wanted to be close to her too. To my surprise she never took her mouth away from me, but what she did next took me by surprise, she manoeuvred herself onto my chest moving her gorgeous pussy over my face, I stared into the folds of her sweet pussy, and just as I was reaching my tongue out to lap her clit, she raised herself up slightly and her hand slid between us and spread it wide for me to see just how wet she was. I could resist tracing the out line of her delicious hole with my tongue and pressing against her nubbin with my tongue with each flick and lick, I felt her twitch deep inside telling me that I was reaching my desired goal.

Suddenly she gave up all pretence of licking me back to full strength and raised herself up on her arm s and began to grind her self against my willing mouth, moaning to herself that this was the best way to start the day. I began to harden again and my dick was being flicked as her gorgeous breasts swayed from side to side rubbing her hard nipples against my tender flesh. She became aware of this about the same time as I did, and began to deliberately flick my cock end with her nipples as she fucked my face. I began to feel her start to shudder as I licked her clit and probed her pussy with my tongue. I couldn't here her cum, because she had clamped my head firmly between her thighs as she rode my tongue but I knew when she sank her mouth back down on to my shaft that she was close. I had been stroking her arse and caressing her anus while she sat on my face but, as she started to writhe in her passion I began to insert pressure there, and gently began to insert my index finger into her tight bum hole. Nothing more than letting her know I was in her. Instead of pulling away she went crazy and her body shook and shuddered as I fingered her tight arsehole. Suddenly her orgasm washed over her as wave after wave surged through her body and after what seemed like forever, she rolled off me panting and moaning she had never cum as hard as that so quickly.

I just moaned in agreement, telling her that I was amazing she was, I didn't care that I hadn't cum again all that mattered was that she been satisfied. We were both silent for a while, cuddling and enjoying each other's touch. I looked at the time and realised that we needed to get ready for work. "I'm going to take a shower before waking the kids." I got up from the bed and kissed her on the cheek. I didn't look at Rachel as I headed for the en-suite. I knew she was still lying on the bed. The door to the bathroom was sliding wooden pocket door, turning to slide it shut, I saw Rachel go by, headed down out onto the landing towards the stairs. I undressed and started the shower, I loved this en-suite, which was done in a cream and black coloured marble. The shower had two glass walls, framed in brass. It stood next to the bathtub, in such a way that there was an unobstructed view from one to the other.

The shower was starting to heat up. I never figured out if it was because the room was joined to the bedroom, or because of what we cleaned the mirrors with, but the bathroom mirror didn't ever fog up no matter how long you ran the shower. I opened the door and the sound of the water was louder. I entered the shower and relished in the feeling of the warm water covering my satisfied body. It felt good to wash off the juices from our lovemaking, however spectacular they might have been, it still felt so good to cleanse my body again. As I stood there under the hot spray, Rachel was, of course, on my thoughts. I thought about how I felt about her. The more I thought about her, the more I knew I was falling deeply in love with her and as I thought of her the more erect I became. I started imagining that she was lying in the bathtub and we were watching each other through the glass. I faced the tub and, in my mind, I could see her naked body. Her legs were spread slightly and her right hand was between them. Her fingertips were starting to caress her pussy. I started stroking my dick as I created the image in my mind. I had a pretty good rhythm going, so much so that what happened next didn't register with me straight away.

With a bump, the heavy door slid fully open. Rachel was standing there, looking at me. I was so surprised that I didn't stop stroking myself right away. I also didn't immediately recognise that she was smiling at me. She had just caught me masturbating although less than ten minute earlier we had been pleasuring each other. More importantly at that moment was that she seemed to be enjoying watching me. I guess I was so shocked by the realisation slowly crossing my brain that it took me a few more seconds to realise that she was still totally naked. The body I had been imagining lying in the playing with herself in my bathtub was now on display in front of me again. When I realised this, I became harder still as she slowly walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She glided toward the shower door. Normally, the embarrassment of being caught masturbating would have been enough to make me lose my erection. At least, I would have stopped stroking. Not this time. The situation was unfolding slowly, almost dreamlike, and I was powerless to change anything I was doing. I continued stroking as she opened the shower door. Her voice was clear and cheery when she spoke.

"That looks like fun. Can I join you sweety?"

I still can't believe I stood there, holding my erection, in front of Rachel, listening to her. I was so turned on by what was unfolding between us, that my eyes were not drawn to her breasts, not to the juncture of her thighs covered in dark brown hair, but to her face. It took me a second or two to grin,

"Yes, ofcourse."

Her smile became even brighter as she stepped into the shower. The water started to bead on her breasts as she closed the door. The sound of the door closing made me hornier than ever. The two of us were in the shower, after such great early morning sex made this seem so special, so intimate. I was hard and still stroking myself, as this realisation flowed across my distracted brain, I abruptly removed my hand.

"Don't stop. I like watching you. Please carry on darling."

She hugged her naked body to mine, feeling the warmth of her body, the smoothness of her skin, the hard bumps of her nipples pressing into my chest. My erection was sandwiched between our stomachs. I could feel her pubic hair against the bottom of my shaft and my balls. We felt somehow closer than we had ever been before. She put her arms around my neck as I instinctively placed my arms around her shapely waist finally coming to rest on her lovely bottom.

Her skin glistened as the water cascaded over our bodies, mesmerised by the sight of the water flowing through the thick channel between her lovely breasts, looking into each other's eyes, she leaned up to my face and closed her eyes as I softly bent down and pressing my lips to hers. The feeling was electric as our lips touched; my erection was throbbing, as if trying to bury itself in her stomach, teasingly she ground herself against me, the warm water adding to my already heightened state. I lovingly opened my lips a little, pressing my tongue through them to tease her lips. To my pleasure her lips opened and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I was exploring the inside of her mouth, our tongues locked into a wrestling match. She began to slide up and down a little. The effect was to stroke my dick with her wet stomach. A moan escaped her mouth, the sound muffled by my mouth. After a few minutes, our mouths parted. We gazed at each other, smiling, a little out of breath.

"I can feel how hard you are," she breathed.

I smiled and stroked the slopes of her breasts and said;

"I can't help it. Seeing you, feeling you... After what we have just done, my dick has a plan of its own."

What she did next was yet another surprise, she grasped my right hand with her left and delicately wrapped my hand around my throbbing shaft. Guiding my hand in an up-and-down motion as she looked deeply into my eyes and said,

"I want to watch you,"

With an expression that sounded so desperate it was almost pained. Then she turned us both around so her back was against the corner seat in the shower.

Sitting down, she effortlessly extended her legs so each one was parallel to a shower wall. She was spread in a 90-degree angle, with the apex her dark-haired pussy. Seeing this, I remembered how she had told me that she had studied gymnastics when she was growing up. She was apparently still quite flexible. Next, her left hand folded around her right breast and her right hand descended to her lower lips. She gently caressed her slick breast, squeezing the hard nipple between her fingers. Her other hand was sliding up and down along her exquisite pussy, pausing at the top ever so often to draw circles over her clit. My mouth hung open as I watched my lover masturbate herself in front of me. She brought me back to reality with;

"Please, I want to watch you too my love."

I gripped my dick harder and started stroking myself rhythmically. The fact she was seated meant that her breasts were level of my dick. She had an excellent view of what I was doing and she was obviously enjoying it immensely bending forward she just kissed the tip as I stroked. God, it was so erotic, just a single kiss that's all, was driving me mad. I was torn between watching her one hand manipulate her breast, and her other play and caress her pussy. I must have looked strange with my eyes darting from her breast to her pussy, as my eyes moved up and down to take in both sights. As my excitement grew, I reached down with my left hand to join her in fondling her right breast tweaking her nipple as she played with the rest. When she realised what I was doing, she moved her hand to her left side and mirrored my movements, as she moved she leant forward this time, lightly licking the end of my shaft this time. The position wasn't the easiest for her, but this way both of her breasts were getting full attention. Her eyes closed a little as we mutually pleasured each other and ourselves.

"I'm starting to get close," I said, almost grunting. The vision before me was making it difficult to last any longer.

"Me, too," she said, almost groaning. Her voice was growing in pitch as her fingers spent more time over her clit, now only straying down to her opening every five or six strokes and her fingers pinching her swollen nipple.

I wanted to be sure she understood what was about to happen. I didn't want to startle her. "I'm about to shoot off."

"On my tits lover!! I need to feel your cum on me, cum for me Babe, splash your hot cum on me!!!!" she moaned at me.

I wanted to reply, but my dick spoke for me. Hearing her words was all it took to drive me over the edge. I was pretty worked up after the earlier session we had had together. I grunted softly as I felt my body tense up for the explosion, my first spurt leapt from the end of my dick so hard, that I felt like I was turning inside out. It landed on her lovely body, draping from the right side of her throat across the top of her milky smooth breasts to lay in the valley between her them. I think I jerked with the throes of my orgasm, because the next rope of sperm landed on her face, across her mouth. Her mouth was open, her eyes almost closed as she moaned. The feeling of my sperm shooting onto her body had pushed her over the orgasmic cliff as well. Her tongue darted out and tasted the sperm that had landed on her lower lip.

Seeing her tasting me gave renewed strength to the next spurt leaving my body for hers. This one hit from her nose, across her mouth to her left breast and hand. I was still stroking madly, but otherwise out of it. I felt as if I was watching the scene from a distance. I don't know what was more pleasurable - the intense orgasm I was having, or watching her orgasm and shudders intensify as each spurt hit her naked body. Finally, the spurting was reduced to a dribble. She seemed to really be enjoying my cum, reaching out with her tongue to claim as much as she could and using her delicate finger to gather the rest off her face. So I leaned forward and wiped the last from the end of my shaft onto her lips. Her tongue immediately darted out to claim the gift. She looked up at me, smiling through the lines of cum from her body that were starting to be washed away by what spray wasn't shielded by my own body.

"Wow, that was amazing" I said, really breathless this time.

"Yeah," she added laughing, her eyes twinkling with warmth.

That was about as coherent as either of us could be at that moment. The hand on her pussy was now moving slowly, as if massaging her lips. I wondered if the puddle on the seat was her cum, my cum or the spray from the showerhead. Probably a mixture of all three, I just stood there, taking in the delicious sight of her naked body as the spray danced off her. The room could have been on fire and I wouldn't have known. I just wanted to be with her. She was looking up at me, obviously having a similar experience. It was almost five minutes before either of us spoke.

"Do you want to clean up?" I asked her.

"I suppose we should, as long as I'm in the shower," she said with an almost coy laugh.

I extended my hand to help her up and helped her under the spray, then picked up the flannel and soaped it, starting at her neck, I began to clean away the remnants of what I had deposited on her, most of it had washed away, but I was taking great delight in washing her body. My right hand held the flannel and washed, my left following along to touch and caress. I worked my way down the outside of each arm, then back up the inside. When I finished, I took a really long time cleaning her breasts. I rubbed her nipples with the soft cloth. By the way she was reacting, she obviously liked getting really clean. I washed her stomach, because I know I had leaked a lot of precum all over her there. Then, I turned her body and lovingly washed her back. The feeling of her soapy buttock against my groin and shaft was getting me hard again.

"Someone is ready to play again," she sighed as she felt my dick between her legs, pressing up against the crack of her bum.

My hands were now caressing the globes of her bottom. After I had thoroughly soaped that part of her body, I stepped back and turning her round to face me once more, I knelt down so I could really pay attention to ensure her pussy was really clean. I was now completely erect as I "cleaned" her pussy, washing over the lips and hair first, parting her lips with my left hand, I expected her to jump but she just sighed and then moaned, and as I washed - first with the flannel and then with my fingers. Although, she did jump a little when my fingertip passed over her clit. I reached behind me and into the spray and rinsed the soap from my right hand, running my extended middle finger up and down her slit. After about 30 seconds or so, I changed the angle of my finger and entered her. She almost hissed my name, groaning and grinding her mons against my hand. I couldn't believe how hot and wet she was. As I stroked in and out a few times, then withdrew the finger, I looked up into her eyes, and stuck my finger in my mouth to taste of her.

"Your dick jumped when you did that," She grinned.

"I like the taste. I guess it got me even more excited," I replied.

"I didn't think you could get any more excited." Rachel was looking directly at my shaft now, I went back to washing her, enjoying the feel of sliding my hands up and down her shapely legs as my face stayed even with her pussy. I was trying to memorise how she looked there. I knew how deeply I was falling in love with her and I wanted to be able to remember this moment when I was fantasising about her in the future. Once I had washed her legs, I had her lift one up so I could delicately wash her foot. Then she shifted position and lifted the other foot. It amazed me how her lips as her legs moved and I found myself needing to kiss her there as I washed, just butterfly kisses to let her know how she was making me feel.

I stood up, reluctantly, when I finished. I did manage to rub as much of my body as possible against her wet skin on the way up. I could see it in her face that she liked it too, when my dick slid along her pussy.

"My turn," she said slowly and seductively. She took the towel from me and washed my chest. It felt so good to have her hands on me like that. Between the feel of her hands and the sight of her tits bobbing as she worked, I was mesmerised. She took care of one arm, then the other. Next, she hugged me as she bathed my back and ass. As she passed the washcloth between the cheeks of my ass, I held her tighter. "Oh, so you like that. I'll have to remember that." Now it was her turn to kneel in front of me. She came face to face with my full erection and softly said, "Oh, wow. Your precum is actually flowing out. I've never seen a you this excited before."

"What do you expect? I was being fondled by you," I offered.

"Flattery will get you laid," she promised.

She took my dick in her hand and sucked on the end, as if drinking my precum. It was a small flow, but enough to form a continuous stream from my tip to the shower floor. She only suckled on it for a few seconds, then took it out of her mouth to bathe me. I wouldn't have believed anyone could handle me there so gently. It was as if she was cradling a newborn kitten. She was so delicate and my dick was relishing the attention. I thought at one point that I would cum on her again and we would have to start cleaning up all over again. She washed and stroked, then help my dick up as her other hand cleaned my balls. Reaching back further, she scrubbed towards my ass. She again passed the washcloth over my opening, feeling my dick jump in her hand as she did it. After she giggled without looking up, she worked on my legs, then my feet. When she was finished, she put the washcloth on the seat behind me and stood up. Taking a clue from me, she rubbed against my body on the way up, but continued rubbing up and down when she was standing. "Mmmm, this feels even better than using my hands."

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