Life after the Lottery Ch. 11


"Well Sam, I am glad she did, Olivia has a hot body."

"So does Dawn. Does she do stuff like this often?"

"You just have to get to know her. You want to see how far we can push them?" I asked.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Let's just see how far they are willing to go, you okay with that?"

"Sure, let's do it!" Sam replied.

We set the equipment and headed out to find the girls. I was surprised when we reached the den and they were not there. We did spot a trail of panties headed toward the patio door. As we approached the door we could see Dawn and Olivia sitting in the hot tub under the deck. For the early part of December the temperature was in the upper forties but the steam was rising from the hot tub. When we got outside I noticed Dawn had turned on the big tower heater next to the tub but it was still cool.

"There you all are," Sam said to the girls.

"Shed the clothes and join us, the water is quite comfortable," Olivia said.

It was obvious that the girls had shed their panties and were now completely naked. I looked at Sam and he appeared a little hesitant. I was sure he had the same concern I did, a raging hard-on. To break the ice I started pulling off my sweats before 'it' got to cold.

"If you insist," I said stripping off my clothes.

My cock was standing out at full attention. Olivia looked with eagerness but I didn't get the usual look that women give me when they first see my cock fully erect. I walked over to the hot tub and stepped in and sat down beside Dawn.

"Come on in bashful," Olivia said to Sam.

Slowly Sam pulled off his shirt and began removing his pants. Once he had his pants removed and was standing there in his briefs, I understood why Olivia hadn't reacted. I could see the bulge in his briefs, Sam was hiding a big secret. Sam finely grabbed the top of his briefs and slid them down to his feet, when he stood up I heard Dawn gasp.

Now I have a full 8 inch plus cock and it has a diameter that Dawn can't get her hand around, but Sam was larger. As he walked toward the hot tub I could tell he was as big as I was but thicker. I was wondering how Olivia's petite frame could handle it. As he settled into the hot tub I felt Dawn's hand reach over and grab my cock and squeeze. I saw a quick smile come from Olivia directed at Dawn.

"We forgot the drinks," I sort of fumbled out. "I will get them."

"No, we can get them," Dawn said.

Dawn and Olivia popped up from the water and started climbing up the steps of the hot tub. For the first time I saw Olivia's pussy, it was completely shaved and her dark colored lips were amazing. She looked very hot with a smooth shaven pussy. Dawn would shave herself on and off but never kept it that way to my disappointment.

"What do you two want," Dawn asked as she stood there naked with Sam checking her out.

"Beer is fine." "Me too," we said.

Sam and I each eyed the other wife's ass as they walked away.

"Sam, you have been hiding something."

"I am kind of embarrassed at first but I was glad to see you're as large as I am," Sam said.

"Not quite," I said.

"Close enough. Whenever I undress in front of a new woman for the first time they all say that I am not putting this thing in them," Sam explained.

"I know, I had that problem in college. What about Olivia?"

"The first time we had sex she just looked for a while. But she managed to get most of it in the first time," Sam told me. "But now she takes all of it."

"Have you ever fucked Olivia in the ass," I asked to get a response.

"No...she can't handle it. Wish I could though," Sam said with a bit of disappointment.

"Would Olivia ever let you fuck another woman?"

"Uh...I don't think so James."

I was wondering if he would enjoy fucking Amy in the ass if he got the chance. She had taken all of mine and really enjoyed it.

"Why would you ask?" Sam inquired.

"Just wondering."

"Can you fuck Dawn's ass?"

"She has tried but it's too much, for now, but she is working on it."

The girls returned carrying the beers. The cool air had done a great job on their nipples, they were standing erect now. The each slipped back into the hot tub and handed us our beer, they each had a beer also.

"Maybe you should have brought hot chocolate Dawn," I said.

"It's not cold out here, I love the cool weather. Are you cold Olivia?"

"No, it feels refreshing!"

"Your nipples say otherwise," I said.

"Well, we can let the two of you stand out in the cool air for a while and see what happens!" Dawn said with a big smile.

"No thanks," Sam replied.

"What's up with the pool," Olivia asked as she sat down in the hot tub.

I explained to her what was going on with the construction.

"That reminds me Dawn, James said talk to you about some ideas I have for the pool while it is being fixed."

"Sure, we can talk tomorrow. Right now I am not interested in talking shop."

Dawn reached back under the water and grabbed my cock and began stroking it to make sure it stayed fully erect.

"Me either," Olivia said as her hand disappeared under the water.

Some small talk continued as we drank our beer but Dawn and Olivia were concentrating more on keeping our cocks fully erect than small talk. As we finished our beers Dawn turned and reached around me just to set her bottle on a table on my other side. She had to stand up to reach it. After setting it down she stood in front of me, water dripping from each of her nipples. She lifted her knees up and placed one on each side of my hips on the seat and slid up and sat slowly down on my lap facing me. As she sat down I felt her pussy lips settle on top of my swollen cock.

"Olivia, do you two like having sex outdoors?" Dawn asked with her back to them.

"Olivia likes sex anywhere she can get it," I heard Sam say.

"What about your neighbors?" Olivia asked.

"Look around, we don't have any," Dawn told her.

"Great!" Olivia replied.

Dawn reached under one of her breasts and lifted it up and leaned in so that it was at my mouth. I opened wide and sucked all of it I could in. Dawn reached down and found the head of my cock and massaged it as I was sucking her breast. The cool air on Dawn's breast and the hot water and hand on my swollen cock felt wonderful. I heard water stirring as Dawn slipped her hand down a little further and started stroking my cock. I could only assume that Sam and Olivia were getting into some sort of position for their own enjoyment.

I continued switching between each of Dawn's breasts, I could tell she was getting very turned on as it looked like she was planning on fucking in front of someone else. She turned to see what Olivia and Sam were doing. I could see that Olivia had sat on Sam's lap facing us. Sam was reaching around and had a big handful of each of Olivia's breasts. Olivia had one hand between her legs and looked as if she was stroking Sam's cock vigorously while she watched Dawn and I.

Dawn pulled her tit out of my mouth and stood and faced Sam and Olivia and sat back down, taking up the same position as Olivia. I think Dawn wanted to watch more than anything. I reached up with each hand and grabbed a breast. Dawn reached between her legs and began stroking my cock. I could feel her pussy lips sitting on top of my cock. This continued for a long time as we all watched each other.

I slipped one hand off Dawn's breast and slid it down her stomach and reached between her legs. I slipped a finger between her pussy lips and began to circle her clit slowly. Dawn moaned loudly as I pushed with more pressure. Then I felt Dawn's hand slip from my cock and slide over on top my hand. She then reached further down and I felt her slip several fingers into her pussy.

Dawn started moaning more as her fingers dove in and out between her lips. I could tell Dawn was turned on by what was going on. I continued to circle her clit harder and faster. I reached up with my other hand and found a nipple and began pinching it. As Dawn fingered herself she began to slide her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy lips against my cock. Even in the hot water I could feel the heat of her pussy as she rubbed her hot lips on my cock as she slid her hips back and forth.

I heard Olivia moan all of the sudden. I leaned around so I could see over Dawn's shoulder. Olivia was fingering her pussy like mad as Sam squeezed and twisted each of her nipples. Olivia had her eyes closed and was gritting her teeth as she fingered herself like mad. I looked up at Dawn and watched as she watched Olivia while slipping her pussy back and forth on my cock. I started rubbing her clit as hard and fast as I could. I could see Olivia sliding her hips back and forth also. I figured these two were taking advantage of our size and were each doing the same thing.

Olivia began to moan more and louder. I looked at her face and she looked as if she was straining hard. I wrapped my other hand around Dawn's waist, she was beginning to lose control and was about to slide off my lap and into the hot tub. I looked over at Sam and he had a hand on each side of Olivia's hips and was helping her move back and forth.

"Oh my god!" Came from Olivia.

"Oh yes!" Came from Dawn.

I could feel Dawn's stomach muscles begin to pulse as I held her. I knew it wouldn't be long. Dawn pushed down harder on my cock. Sam had Olivia's hips moving back and forth as fast as he could control her, sliding her lips over his cock. I watched as Olivia's breath began to come in gasp. She continued to finger herself wildly.

"¡Oh mi dios soy coming," came out of Olivia's mouth.

"Sí, sí, sí! Aquí me cum," Olivia said as she came closer and closer to a huge orgasm.

"Sam más rápido, más rápido."

I knew enough Spanish to know she was telling Sam 'faster, faster'.

It seemed that when Olivia got excited everything came out in Spanish.

"Estoy coming ahora, estoy coming. oh Dios mío! Ahhhh!" And Olivia began to jerk and spasm.

She leaned back into Sam and she thrashed around while trying to continue fingering her pussy. Her hips began to buck up in the air as she groaned.

"Oh god James, that's so hot!" Dawn exclaimed to me.

"Yes she is!" Slipped out of my mouth.

"James finger me harder!" Dawn yelled out.

I leaned Dawn back against me, she had to let go of my cock. I drove two fingers into her slippery pussy and violently ran my fingers over her G-spot so she would have a deep orgasm. Dawn's hips began to buck as I held onto her.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" Dawn screamed out.

And then with one huge trust of her hips up in the air I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers. Dawn began to buck her hips up and down as she screamed.

"Oh god, I am coming!!"

I could feel the muscles contracting throughout her body. She thrashed her hips several more times and then sat down hard in my lap.

"Ohhhh god!" Dawn screamed as she reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled it out of her pussy.

I grabbed her hips and held her tightly as she leaned back on me. I could see Olivia pretty much in the same position, she had her legs spread and her dark pussy lips looked great. My cock was throbbing with excitement. I looked over at Sam and he looked back and smiled then looked down at Dawn's exposed pussy.

As our ladies laid back recovering, Sam and I admired pussies. Dawn and Olivia both were rubbing their crotches.

After a minute I grabbed Dawn under each arm and said, "Now it's our turn!!"

"What!?" Dawn responded as I lifted her up to a standing position.

I walked as much as pushed Dawn over toward the side of the hot tub beside Sam and Olivia.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked.

I pushed her to the edge and then pushed down on her shoulders bending her face forward over the edge of the tub next to Sam. Dawn figured it out and placed her knees up on the seat beside Sam. If Dawn wanted to fuck in front of someone else, I was going to make sure she got it hard.

"You too!" Sam said to Olivia as he lifted her up and turned her around and pushed her down directly beside Dawn.

Sam and I looked at each other then looked to see the two beautiful asses sticking up in the air at us. Sam reached down and grabbed the head of his cock and slipped it up next to Olivia's pussy. I did the same to Dawn but I was really interested in seeing him slip his huge cock into Olivia.

Sam pushed forward and his massive member slowly spread Olivia's lips apart. Inch by inch he slipped into her. I had forgotten about Dawn as I watched. Sam now had about three quarters of his length into Olivia as she moaned. I looked back down at Dawn's ass and began to push inside her. She was wet and slippery from the water and her orgasm. Her pussy was tight as I pushed hard and continued to push.

"Oh god!" Dawn moaned as I pushed further and further into her.

I usually entered her slowly as she stretched to accommodate me but right now I wanted to be buried up in her. I felt my cock reach the end of her un-stretched tunnel. I continued to push.

"Oh god James!" Dawn let out.

I looked over at Sam and he was entering Olivia's pussy as he neared having all of himself in her.

"¡Oh mi dios Sam, están presionando demasiado duro!" Olivia shouted.

Sam began to push harder.

"Demasiado duro, muy duro, ralentizar Sam!" Olivia screamed.

My guess was that he was pushing too hard for Olivia also. I pushed all the way in until Dawn's ass was touching my groin. I felt the resistance of her pussy because she was not stretched out yet.

"Oh my god James, slow down!" Dawn screamed.

"You slow down too!" Olivia managed to get out in English.

Almost in unison Sam and I pulled out about half way and began to slide in and out. We had gotten carried away.

"Better!' Dawn said.

"Mucho mejor también te agujero del culo," Olivia said to Sam.

Sam laughed at that, I guess he understood her Spanish.

Sam and I both began a slow and steady in and out. The girls appeared to relax. Just looking at these two dark skinned beauties getting their pussies filled with huge cocks was really turning me on. I watched as Sam's huge cock pulled and tugged at Olivia's pussy lips as he went in and out. I saw that Sam was watching me slide in and out of Dawn. Sam and I began to speed up in unison. Dawn's pussy was tight since she had just had an orgasm, it felt good. I was sure that Olivia's pussy was just as tight.

We held on to the ass in front of us and continued to pump, pulling all the way out and then slamming all the way in. The girls would grunt each time we hit bottom. Sam and I looked at each other and smiled as we continued. I was wondering if he wanted in Dawn's pussy as much as I wanted in Olivia's.

"Oh god yes!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Yes!" Olivia said.

We increased the pace, more grunting and moans came from the two girls. The cool air on my body and the hot pussy on my cock was quite a sensation. Dawn and I were always coming out to the hot tub in the winter and usually ended up fucking like this but this time it was an extra turn on. Dawn always enjoyed the feeling of her tits pressed against the cold surface of the patio while I pumped her from behind, and I was enjoying watching Olivia getting impaled.

As Sam and I continued to slam the two girls Sam leaned toward me and whispered. I shook my head yes. I removed my left hand from the grasped I had on Dawn's ass. He leaned over and placed his hand on Dawn's ass cheek and began to rub. I reached over and started rubbing Olivia's ass. I hoped the girls wouldn't look back but they were too busy getting slammed.

I looked down as Sam slid his hand from one ass cheek to the other, grabbing and massaging my wife's ass. I returned the favor and rubbed and squeezed Olivia's ass. Both of the girls were moaning even more now. I whispered quietly to Sam. He looked at me puzzled. I shook my head encouraging him.

While trying to continue his pumping Sam slowly slid his hand to the middle of Dawn's ass. He looked at me again and I nodded. Sam then took his index finger and slowly began to rub and finger Dawn's asshole. Dawn let out a long moan. Dawn's ass was already wet from the water so Sam slowly slipped his finger into her. I watched closely as another man's finger disappeared into my wife's asshole. He began to slowly work it in and out. Dawn began to moan louder. Sam kept sliding his finger in and out of Dawn's asshole for several minutes. Dawn was moaning loudly each time he slid it in. Sam finally pulled his finger out of Dawn and looked at me and nodded. I slid my hand toward Olivia's asshole. I slowly began to probe her tight little asshole with my index finger. Olivia moaned something in Spanish. After working it around at the opening for a minute I began to push it in.

"¡Oh que feels so good Sam!" Olivia moaned loudly.

I pushed my finger in farther and probed her insides.

"¡Oh mi dios, usted sabe I gusta eso!" She moaned again.

I slowly began sliding my finger in and out of Olivia's tight ass. The feeling of having my finger in her ass was incredible.

"Oh Dios! Usted se va a hacer me cum Sam!" Came loudly from Olivia.

"I'm going to cum with you!" Sam said.

I slid my finger out of Olivia's asshole and Sam quickly replaced it with two of his, working them vigorously in and out. I moved my hand to Dawn's ass and quickly inserted two fingers in Dawn's asshole, working them in and out.

"Oh my god James!" Dawn said.

Sam and I looked at each other and smiled and begin to slide our fingers in and out harder while we began slamming our cocks in and out.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Dawn yelled as I felt her pussy muscles tighten.

"Más, más, mucho más. Más duro, más difícil Sam!" Olivia yelled.

I didn't completely understand her Spanish but I was sure she was about to come.

I pulled my fingers out of Dawn's ass, grabbed each side of her ass and began to pound her as hard and as fast as I could. I could feel my balls ready to explode. Sam did the same thing. Sam and I were lost now in fucking these women as hard as we could.

A mixture of "Estoy coming!" and "I'm coming!" cries were coming from our girls.

I watched as Olivia and Dawn both were jamming their asses back to meet each thrust. More screams from the girls. I felt Dawn's pussy clamp down on my shaft. I began to slowly pull almost all the way out and jam my cock back in as far as it would go. A scream came up from Dawn, I think. Harder and harder I jammed. Dawn was shoving her ass back as hard as she could to meet each of my thrust. Her back arched up and then back down, I could feel her orgasm hit her, I pulled back and jammed once more as hard and deep as I could, Dawn screamed again and I felt myself coming hard in her. I thrust with spasms as each contraction hit my balls. I thought my legs were going to collapse in the hot tub. I continued to pump load after load deep into Dawn. She was making all kinds of sounds. I guess she was as turned on as I was.

As my cock pumped itself dry I slowly began to slip it in and out of Dawn as I felt her jerk over and over.

"Ahora!" Olivia screamed as she shoved her pussy back hard onto Sam's cock.

Sam threw his head back and let out a yell. He began to shove into Olivia, I was sure he was coming hard in her. Olivia's back was arching up and down, she was having a huge orgasm. After several hard thrust from Sam he began pumping her hard and fast.

"Oh, sí!" Screamed Olivia.

Sam threw his head back again and screamed out as he buried his cock into Olivia, jerking as he continued to fill her. Sam jammed her one more time and then fell over on top of her.

I could hear Olivia and Dawn moaning softly. I began rubbing up and down Dawn's back. She turned her head to look at me. I slipped my softening cock out of her and pulled her up to me. She turned and we kissed deeply.

"I need to sit down," I said to Dawn.

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