Life after the Lottery Ch. 17 Pt. 1


"Oh, turn on all the lights outside and around back, I forgot."

Dawn was acting nervous, I guess she was worried how all her secret plans were going to turn out. I grabbed the remote and turned on the lights. It was now almost 5:00.

"Damn!" I hear come from Dawn.

I turned in time to see Dawn watching the twins come from the bedroom in their very sexy and reveling French Maid outfits.

"You two look hot! James did you plan this?"

"Surprise!" I said.

"This is great!"

About that time Nancy came out dressed in the same sexy outfit.

"Oh my god Nancy, you look sensational, how did James every talk you into this?"

"He is very persuasive." Nancy said a little embarrassed.

"My god you look delicious, let me look at you."

Dawn walked around Nancy looking at her outfit, she ran her hand across Nancy's ass as she walked by. I had gotten Dawn's lady at her lingerie shop to fit Nancy and the twins with these exceptional outfits. The front of the outfit was cut low, outlined with white lace, the skirt, what there was of it, was ruffled and pushed up by a white lace petticoat. I looked closely to see that the bottom of the skirt came down to cover about half of Nancy's ass. Her ass was covered by black lace panties, a black garter belt and black fishnet stockings finished the outfit. The outfit was complete with the little white lace hat and a black choker collar. There was a lot of leg showing on her and on the twin's tall frames and a lot of crotch showing if you looked.

"I can't believe James talked you into this, but thanks, it will make the party."

The twins were giggling as Dawn turned to look at them.

"You all look incredible, James make sure you get some pictures of them tonight."

"Oh, I plan on it. Nancy, you look extremely hot."

"Thank you."

The gate buzzer went off but whoever it was remembered to use the code they already had. I turned the TV on so I could see who was coming in. I was surprised, it was Katrina and Joe and it was 5 minutes until 5:00.

I walked outside to direct them where to park. I opened the door for Katrina and she stepped out in a red dress similar to Dawn's and white full length mink coat. Joe walked around to join us and he was wearing a tux also.

"Happy New Year's you two, Katrina you look very pretty."

"Thank you James, you look handsome in that tux," Katrina told me.

"This way, Dawn is waiting for everyone," I told Katrina as I escorted her into the house.

"Hi Katrina, Joe, you both look nice," Dawn said as we entered the house.

Joe was eyeing one of the twins as she walked to Katrina.

"My I take your coat ma'am?" She asked.

"Yes, thank you," Katrina said as she peeled off her mink and handed it to her to hang up.

Katrina's dress was very similar to Dawn's, just red, something I would have thought that the women would have coordinated so they didn't wear the same dress.

"Where did you get the hot young French Maids?" Joe asked me as Katrina walked off with Dawn.

"That's Nancy's daughters."

"Wow, they have sure grown up."

"And look hot too don't they," I added.

"Not much to the outfits...wouldn't mind seeing more, how about you James?"

"They do look hot, you never know what might happen tonight. Want a drink?"

We walked over to the bar. While we were standing Jan walked up with a plate of hors d' oeuvres.

"Do you two see anything you would like to sample?" She asked.

Joe and I both looked at each other and smiled.

"Sure," we said as we each selected something.

"Joe, Katrina sure looks hot tonight."

"Yes she does but she has been acting strange the last few days."

"Dawn too, I think they are all up to something."

I heard the gate beep again and knew someone else had arrived. I went to the door and met John and Carol pulling up and parking. I wasn't surprised to see Keith and Elizabeth driving up behind them. I greeted them all and led them into the house, everyone made their greetings as they mingled. The twins had taken Carol and Elizabeth's mink coats and hung them up.

Carol and Elizabeth had on very elegant evening dresses both strapless, I was beginning to get the feeling the dresses had all been coordinated. There were a lot of hugs and kisses going around as everyone mingled and sampled the food and got drinks. Sam and Amy had come down the stairs, Sam was wearing a dark green dress and Amy was wearing one that was white.

The next two couples to arrive were Steve and Liz and then Jack and Karen. By 6:00 all of the other couples that made up our group had shown up, the only couple not there yet was Sam and Olivia. The women all looked beautiful and were elegantly dressed, several of them had chosen some shorter versions of the same dresses. The men either had tuxes on or very nice suits. The men were all checking out the other women and Nancy and the twins, the twins were doing well flirting with the men.

I was getting worried about Sam and Olivia when I heard the gate beep again. I met Olivia and Sam at the door, Sam said that he had had an emergency with one of his customer's alarm and had to stop and fix the problem.

"Olivia, you are looking as beautiful as ever," I said.

"Why thank you, I hope we are not too late," Olivia said.

"No, grab a drink and say hi to everyone."

I escorted Olivia and Sam into the den to meet everyone. I noticed Olivia had on a dress just like Dawn's, I was still fascinated by the fact the two of them could pass as sisters. I got Olivia a glass of her favorite expensive tequila to sip on.

Several of the men had pulled me aside asking why their wives had refused to have sex with them for the last few days, I had to tell them that I had no idea. Mark and Chris had asked me why their wives had been asking about having sex with other people.

"I am not sure Mark, what did Stacey want to know?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, she has been hinting at it for a few days," Mark said.

"Mark, I know that is not an issue with you two."

Mark smiled real big.

"Jill has too," said Chris.

"Well what did you tell them, what did they asked?" I said.

"I told Jill that it sounded like fun, I have always wanted to ask her about it but she was the one that brought it up," Chris told us.

"What about you Mark, what did Stacey ask?" Chris asked.

"Well...we had a threesome once."

"Once? With a man or a woman?" I asked.

"With another woman."

"Well maybe Stacey thinks it's her turn now, do you have a problem with that?" I asked.

"I don't guess so, I just don't know what brought this on."

"Maybe the women are wondering what might happen at this party, they all had a good time at the last party didn't they?"

"Yes, we had a blast, what do you have planned for this weekend?" Mark asked.

"I don't know Dawn has planned all this."

Everyone mingled for a while and admired Nancy and the twins while they snacked and had drinks.

Seven o'clock came and Dawn announced that it was time for dinner. Everyone moved to the big dining room and sat where their names had been placed. Dawn had us sitting at one end of the table and Sam and Amy at the other with rest of the couples sitting down each side of the large table.

Nancy and the twins came in serving the first course. All the guys took plenty of looks at their asses as they leaned over to serve. The twins were hot but Nancy was getting plenty of looks. As everyone finished up the soup they came around and picked up the bowls and the brought out the salads. The twins had begun flirting with the guys that were making comments to them. John and Carol were sitting on the corner of the table next to us, I saw him place a hand on one of the twins a couple of times as she moved around him and Carol.

We continued with dinner as the main course was brought out and served and we all ate very well. As usual Nancy's food was excellent and everyone took their time enjoying the main course. As everyone was finishing up and Nancy and the twins were collecting the dishes everyone was talking and laughing and having a good time. Once the table was cleared and everyone was waiting for dessert, the twins came out and stood in the corner of the room by Dawn and me. I stood up and made an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I hope everyone has enjoyed this wonderful dinner."

Everyone agreed and I had Nancy come out and everyone clapped for her.

"I know you all enjoyed the food and it seems that you also enjoyed the nice outfits that the twins and Nancy have on."

A couple of flirtatious comments were made.

"Now, you all remember that I told you to bring your checkbooks tonight for a fundraiser."

"Yes, what is that all about?" John asked.

"Well, Nancy's girls start graduate school this fall and I agreed we would help them raise some money for their tuition. These lovely outfits that they have on or now up for auction."

"What?" Dawn said.

"What do you mean James?" John asked.

"Before dessert is served Jan and Jill have agreed to auction off each piece of their outfits, one piece at a time, the high bidder gets to remove a piece and keep it. The auction will continue until everything is sold then dessert will be served."

"Oh wow!" Someone said.

"James you are kidding?" Dawn said.

"Now we all know how much 2 years of graduate school cost so I expect everyone to bid high and bid often for the pleasure of removing these two lovely young ladies clothes, okay?"

"This is going to be great!" John said.

"This sound like fun," Carol added.

"Amy and Sam will you keep up with the bids and how much everyone owes at the end?"

"Sure," they said.

"Jan would you like to start?" I asked turning to her.

Jan walked up next to me and stood.

"Now each one of their outfits has nine pieces, we have to buy them all one at a time and the opening bid for any piece is $500. Now what do I hear for Jan's cute little hat?"

"$500," came from Stacey.

"Sold to Stacey for $500."

Jan walked over to Stacey and bent over and she removed her little hat, while she was bending over several of us got a good look down her top.

Jane walked up and got $500 for her hat. Then I sold off the choker each of them where wearing for $500 each.

"Now we will move to the shoes, I know there are several of you guys in here that really like spiked hills so I expect more money from you."

I turned to Jan.

"Jan would you walk around and show the ladies and gentlemen your lovely shoes."

Jan slowly walked around the table pausing at some of the guys and lifting her foot up and placing it in one of the guy's laps. The guys and women weren't so much looking at the shoes as they were looking up Jan's leg at the thin material covering her pussy. Jan seductively moved her leg around showing off her stilettos. She was standing with her foot in Keith's lap.

"$750," Keith said.

Jan walked around the table and placed her foot up in Mark's lap.

$850," Mark said.

Jan walked around and placed her foot in a few more laps but Mark won at $850. She walked back over to Mark and placed her foot in his lap while he slowly removed first one shoe and then another, taking his time to rub Jan's leg as he did.

"Now that was entirely two cheap, Jane would you please show us your lovely shoes."

Surprisingly Jill bought them for $900. She took her time removing them while Chris looked on. Jane walked back up to stand with me and Jan.

"Now ladies and gentlemen we are getting to the interesting items, Jan is now taking bids for her lacey white petticoat. Remember if you are the high bidder you get to take it off for her. Jan would you show us what we are bidding for."

Jan walked around the table lifting the black skirt of her outfit displaying the petticoat; lifting it up to show that is was covering her very thin black panties.

"$1000," came from John.

"$1250," came from David.

"$1500," came from John.

No one else bid any higher so Jan walked over to John and he reached under her skirt and slipped her petticoat down and off her legs. Jan giggled as he ran his hands down her legs as he did.

"Now Jane would you please show us yours."

"$1000," came from David.

"$1500," came from Steve.

"$1750," came back from David.

David won and he slowly removed Jane's petticoat also slowly running his hands down her legs as he slipped it off. Julie laughed as she watched.

"Now, Jan and Jane will be auctioning off the top of their French maid outfit, I expect to see some serious money spent for this. As you can see it has a very long zipper down the back that you can take your time pulling down. What do I hear for Jan's?"

"$5,000," came from Sam, Olivia reached over and hugged his arm.

"Very good, do I hear more?"

"$6,000," came from Jack.

"$7,000," came from Katrina. Joe turned to look at her with a smile.

"$8,000," from Sam again.

Jan walked around the table slowly as everyone looked and talked. I waited and no one else bid so Sam won at $8,000. Jan walked over to Sam and turned around. Sam slowly unzipped the back of the outfit and slowly slipped it off Jan's shoulders and down her legs. Jan stepped out of it and was now just standing in her lingerie.

"Now Jan looks beautiful doesn't she and Sam got to look first for such a cheap price."

Jan turned and stood behind Sam and Olivia.

"Jane will you please go next."

"$7,000," came from Katrina.

"$8,000," came from Elizabeth.

Jane and Jan did look hot but I hadn't expected this much interest from the ladies.

Elizabeth won at $8,000. When Jane came over she let Keith take off the outfit. He took his time and ran his hands down Jane's body as he slipped the outfit off.

"Excellent, this is what these two beautiful young ladies need to continue their educations. Remember that they cannot start serving dessert until each item is sold. Now Jan is ready to give her garter belt to the highest bidder. I'll start the bidding at $5,000."

There were no other bids so I got to remove Jan's garter belt, leaving her in just her bra, panties and stockings.

"That went way to cheap, who will start the bidding for Jane's garter built?"

"$5,000." came from Jack and he got it. Jack took plenty of time unsnapping her stockings and slipping her garter belt off.

"It's time to get serious now. Someone now gets the pleasure of removing Jan's stockings, what will someone start the bidding at?"

"$5,000," came from John.

"$6,000," came from Dawn

"$7,000," John countered.

Dawn looked at John and smiled, she let John have it for $7,000.

Jan walked over to John and he took a very long time rolling down each of Jan's black fishnet stockings while Jan giggled.

"Jane you are next," I said.

Jane slowly walked around the table in the little clothes she still had on.

"$7,000," came from Joe.

Since most of the group still thought of Joe as a quiet guy they seemed surprised.

"$8,000," from Dawn.

"$8,500," came back from Joe.

Dawn let him have it. Jane walked over to Joe and he slowly slipped off her stockings.

"Now we get down to the real fun, now I know what they have left on is thin and you can see through it anyway but we all want to see these two young beauties in their natural state. So, this last bid is for the remainder of their clothes. The winner gets to remove the bra and panties, now I want to get some serious bids. Jan are you ready?"

"Yes I am," she giggled.

I turned to see that Nancy was standing in the room now smiling as her two beautiful daughters showed off their perfect young bodies.

"$10,000," John bid.

I knew that at this price range there were really only about 5 couples that could bid at these prices.

"$11,000" came from Chris. I was surprised at this, I knew he was a successful banker but I really didn't know much about his finances.

"$12,000," from John.

"$15,000," from Chris.

There were a couple of gasp. No more bids followed.

Jan walked over to Chris and his wife. Chris unsnapped Jan's bra in the back and removed it so we could see her beautiful set of young perky B breasts. Jan giggled as Chris slowly pulled her lace panties down and she stepped out of them. Jan stood and spun around letting everyone see her perfect young body. Nice nipples and a shaved pussy topped it off.

Several couples applauded as she spun around.

"Jan, will this help you out some for school?" I asked.

"Oh yes, thank you everyone."

"Now Jane, do you think you can top your sister?"

Jane stepped up and sat in John's lap.

"I don't know, but I will try."

John had the kind of money that this was nothing for him to spend.

John looked at Carol and she smiled and then he looked at Jane, "$15,000."

Jane hugged his neck and sat in his lap.

"Jane maybe you should walk around and show everyone else what they are getting."

Jane got up and slowly walked around the table letting everyone look.

As she walked by Mark he said "$16,000."

John looked at Mark sharply as Jane wrapped her arms around Mark's neck.

"This is the last chance you will get to undress one of these magnificent sisters!"

"$17,000," came from Jill.

Jill was a successful woman in her own right, her husband Chris was a banker but she came from money and had been very successful in the real estate business. I didn't get any more bids so Jane walked over to Jill and we watched as Jill removed Jane's bra and then her panties, running her hands over Jane's body as she did.

"Very good, this will help Nancy put these two young ladies through school. Nancy would you like to come up here and say anything?"

Nancy smiled and walked up next to me and stood.

"My daughters would like to thank you for your help. You all know I appreciate all the business you send me and I don't know how to thank you all for your help."

"Nancy do you think Jan and Jane got a fair price to show off their beautiful bodies?"

"I think they will really appreciate this."

"Well they come from good stock, we can see where they get their beauty from," I said.

"Why thank you James," Nancy said.

"Amy, how much did we raise?"

"A little over $40,000 each."

Nancy put her hands up to her mouth and gasped.

"Nancy how far will that go?"

"It should cover their first year or so, thank you."

"Nancy, I have an offer for you, how would you like to take care of a lot of the second year and keep the girls home at night?"

"What do you mean?"

"Each of your daughters raised about $40,000 each just by taking off their clothes and offering to serve dessert that way, we see where they get their beauty from. I'll give you $50,000 if you let me undress you right now and you help them serve dessert."

Nancy looked up at me surprised.

"This is what you meant by a surprise isn't it?" She asked with a smile.

"What do you say? Your daughters aren't bashful, what about you?"

"I raised my daughters to appreciate their bodies so if you would like to see me naked also, you have a deal."

Everyone clapped and cheered. Nancy walked next to me and I began taking off her accessories. After I had removed her petticoat I unzipped her outfit and slipped it down her body slowly. I knew Nancy had a nice body for her age but I could now see that she really had an excellent body. She had a nice set of breast like her daughters and her body was very firm and toned, I had underestimated her.

I sat down in my chair and removed her garter belt then rolled her stockings down. I paused a minute to look at her standing there in just her bra and panties. She turned around for me and I unsnapped her bra and removed it, when she turned back to me I was really impressed. Nancy was looking at me and smiling when I hooked my fingers in the sides of her panties and pulled them down revealing a perfectly shaved pussy just like her daughters. I slowly slid my hands back up her legs and over her ass.

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