tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 26

Life after the Lottery Ch. 26


Another long chapter, but I just couldn't find a place to divide it. The beginning of the story leads up to a big time. Enjoy.

Chapter 26

The big party -- Dawn gets crazy

There was a knock at our bedroom door waking us up. It was late Friday morning, we had sleep late because we had been up late drinking and playing around.

"Are you two up?"

I heard Lieke on the other side of the door.

"Yes, come on in," I said as Dawn began to wake up.

Lieke came in carrying a tray with our breakfast on it. I was a little surprised that she was wearing a short red kimono.

"Since you two were sleeping in I thought I would bring you breakfast."

"Thanks, that's sweet of you," Dawn said as she sat up in bed naked.

Lieke placed the tray in Dawn's lap and then poured some coffee for us.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About 10:00, were you two up late last night?" Lieke asked.

"We stayed up late drinking and watching porn in the media room," I told her.

"Sounds like you had a good time."

We chatted while Dawn and I ate breakfast. Dawn was asking more specifics about the wet t-shirt contest Saturday, her and Lieke were excited about entering it.

"Lieke, you said that the women had to be 18 to enter the contest and that you won it last year, how old are you?"

"I turned 21 last month."

"Congratulations," I said.

"Thanks, I am perfectly legal now!"

"I have to say, you look about 17," Dawn said.

"I know, I get carded all the time."

"I like your kimono," I told her.

"I had to put it on while I cooked, didn't want to get burned," Lieke said suggesting she didn't have anything on under it.

"Thanks for breakfast in bed," Dawn said. "We need to take a shower, would you like to join us?"

"I need to get started on cleaning up and the laundry...maybe next time," Lieke said with a shy smile as she picked up the tray and headed out of the bedroom.

Dawn and I got up and showered and went downstairs, Dawn had decided she wasn't going to wear any clothes around the house any more so we went naked. When we got downstairs I saw much to my delight that Lieke had taken off her robe and was wearing only a tiny bikini bottom.

"You look much more comfortable now Lieke," I said.

"I am, I am very comfortable now. Would you like some more coffee?"

We stopped in the kitchen and Lieke poured us another cup of coffee, I paused to admire her young body a moment.

"What do you two have planned for today?" Lieke asked.

"I thought we would go and visit some of the tourist shops and do some shopping," Dawn told her. "What are your plans?"

"After I finish with the house I need to go shopping for groceries for this weekend."

"Okay. James give her some cash so she can get what we need."

"We have accounts at the store so you don't need to do that."

"I would rather you just pay for everything. You may want to go someplace that you don't have an account."


Dawn and I went outside to sit in the sun while we finished our coffee, it was a little overcast and looked like it might rain.

"I hope it doesn't rain on us," I said.

"We have been lucky so far, it does rain a lot on this part of the island," Dawn replied.

I heard a phone ring.

"Someone's cell phone is ringing!" Lieke called out from in the house.

Dawn got up and ran inside. I wondered who was calling, I didn't think Amy would be calling Dawn's cell phone. I waited for Dawn while I finished my coffee while she was gone for about 10 minutes before she came back out.

"Was that Amy?"

"No, it was Jill."

"I had forgotten about them," I said. "What did she want?"

"She wanted to know if we would like to join them for dinner tonight but I told her we had plans for the evening so she asked about tomorrow night and I told her about the wet t-shirt contest we were going to. Her and Mike want to come now. I told her we were going shopping today and she suggested we come to where they are because the shopping would be better."

"That sound good, let's get dressed."

We went back in and upstairs to put some clothes on, I was slipping on my underwear and shorts when I saw Dawn putting on a pair of tight white shorts with no underwear and a snug fitting white t-shirt with her college logo on the back.

"Is that all you are going to wear?"

"Yes, I don't want to get hot."

I put my shirt on and we headed downstairs. As I watched Dawn go down the stairs I realized how thin the white shorts were. When Lieke saw Dawn she smiled because it was obvious with her snug shirt she was not wearing a bra.

"Now you really fit in with the locals," Lieke said with a smile.

"We are going to meet some people we met on the plane for the day, can you tell us how to get to the hotel on Black Rock Point?" I asked.

"Sure, get me your map and I will show you, it will take you a little while to get there."

Lieke showed me on the map how to get there and told us about some good places to shop. I gave Lieke a handful of cash for her to stock up on drinks and groceries for us and we left. We took our time driving to Jill and Mike's hotel, stopping occasionally to take some pictures. When we got to the hotel we had the front desk call up to their room. When the desk clerk hung up the phone he told us that they said to come up to the room. The clerk walked us to the elevator and stuck the card in to take us to the penthouse.

We knocked on the door of their room and Jill opened the door.

"Nice to see you two!" Jill said. "Come on in."

The penthouse they were in was fantastic, everything was marble and glass and they had an incredible view of the ocean from the top floor.

"This place looks great," Dawn said.

"We like it, we stay here every time we come, it is a real treat. We have a butler on call so I don't have to do anything but have fun."

"Sounds perfect," Dawn said.

"You two enjoying the house you rented?" Jill said with a bit of sarcasm.

"It's great, you will have to come and visit," I returned.

Jill showed us around the huge penthouse trying to impress us a little. Mike had been outside on the balcony before he came inside. After some small talk the ladies decided it was time to go shopping. The first place they wanted to go to was some outdoor shops that were across from the hotel so we walked over there.

"There are some pretty good buys here if you negotiate," Jill told Dawn as they headed down the rows of shops.

Mike asked me what all we had been doing so far, I told him we had been driving around the island visiting some of the tourist spots.

"Have you two done the downhill biking yet?"

"No, what is that?"

"Oh, you have to do it, you go up to the top of the volcano and ride a bike all the way back down to the shore. It is about a 30 mile ride and you won't have to peddle much at all."

"That sounds like fun."

"We are going to do it Monday morning, why don't you join us," Mike said.

"I'll ask Dawn if she would like to do it."

Mike and I stopped at a juice stand to get something to drink. About that time I felt the first raindrops.

"Looks like it is going to rain," I said.

"It won't last long, it rains at least once a day on this part of the island, we just ignore it and get wet and keep going," Mike said.

Suddenly it started raining harder, Mike and I huddled under the small overhang of the juice shop with the rest of the tourist. Several minutes went by and it continued to rain hard, we were starting to get wet from the water rolling off the roof and splashing on the ground in front of us.

"I wonder where the girls are?" I said.

"Let's go find them, too many people crowding under here," Mike replied.

We ducked out from under the overhang and went looking for our wives. We had walked about 50 yards when I saw them heading toward us, they looked soaked. When they caught up with us I could tell they were soaked to their skin.

"It doesn't look like it is going to stop anytime soon, you all want to head back to the hotel?" Jill asked.

I looked around and saw some of the people making a break across the road back to the hotel.

"We are already wet, might as well stay," Dawn said.

"Okay then," Jill replied.

We did find a jewelry shop that had a roof on it so we ducked in there. Dawn was pulling her wet hair back when I noticed that her t-shirt was now transparent and revealing her breasts and nipples. Her white shorts were not in much better shape.

"You getting ready for the contest?" I asked her.

She looked down at her nipples showing through the shirt.

"I don't know, what do you think?" Dawn asked.

"I think you look good," Jill said with a big smile.

Dawn tried to pull the wet t-shirt away from her breasts but she wasn't having any luck because the shirt was so snug. She gave up and started looking around the shop at the jewelry. Jill followed her as she went.

"Your wife looks like a lot of fun," Mike said.

"She is, she really doesn't care if anyone sees her like that."

"It doesn't bother you?" Mike asked.

"No, it stopped bothering me a long time ago."

"I wish Jill was more like that."

"Hey, she put on a pretty good show on the plane," I told Mike.

"That's different, she does that because she likes to be a little dangerous when we have sex, she is a little more reserved when there are a lot of people around."

"Maybe she will change, Dawn has over the last few years."

"Maybe, I think your wife is pretty hot walking around letting everyone see her tits through that shirt, if you don't mind me saying."

"No, go right ahead, tell Dawn if Jill will let you she would appreciate it."

"James come here!" Dawn yelled at me.

Mike and I walked over to where the two girls were. Dawn had the bottom of her t-shirt rolled up and had a nice looking gold chain around her waist.

"What do you think?" Dawn asked. "This would look good tomorrow night wouldn't it?"

The gold chain did look good around her waist lying on her dark tan.

"It does look good, but it needs something."

The man that had been helping said he had something. He got out a beautiful opal about the size of a nickel and bravely hooked it on the front of the chain. It had just enough weight to pull the chain down toward Dawn's crotch, the opal was hanging just over the front of her shorts.

"Now that looks better," I said. "What do you think Mike?"

Mike was staring at Dawn's wet shorts and checking her out.

"I think it looks good on her, it really accents her waist."

"What do you think Jill?" Dawn ask as she turned toward Jill.

"It looks real nice, the shiny gold looks good against your tan."

"It looks very nice ma'am, I don't show the opal to everyone because they are expensive," the man said.

"Oh no, how expensive?" Dawn said with her best southern accent.

"The chain is $300 and the opal is $500."

That was way over priced and Dawn knew it, she had a lot of jewelry and knew what things cost.

"Oh my, that's a lot, $800?"

Dawn looked down at the opal while she pulled her shirt up a little further.

"That's a lot isn't honey, I don't think I can spend that much."

Dawn was going to play this guy. I looked at Jill and she had a smug look on her face.

"That is a lot honey, maybe you can get something cheaper," I said to go along with her.

"I guess so."

"I will make you a special deal, $700," the man said.

"Hmmm, I don't know, that is still a lot."

"Honey, do you think the opal hangs down to far, I don't want it down inside my shorts."

"What are you going to wear it with?"

"I thought it would look good with my bikini, but I think it would hang down over the front and you wouldn't be able to see it."

"Just pull your shorts down and see," I said.

"I don't have my bikini on under my shorts," Dawn said looking up at me.

"Well that presents a problem," I said.

"I'll just unbutton my shorts and see how far it hangs down."

Dawn let go of her shirt and reached down and unbuttoned the front of her shorts and unzipped them all the way down and pulled them open. She then pulled her t-shirt back up so she could see, but when she pulled it up this time she pulled up far enough that I could see the bottom of her breast. Dawn leaned forward to look at the opal.

"Shit! I can't tell, when I lean forward it drops down and my damn shorts won't stay open."

I looked at the salesman and he was cautiously trying to look at Dawn's breast and open shorts at the same time.

"Jill would you pull the front of my shorts open so I can see?"

Jill looked up at me and smiled the she reached around Dawn's waist from behind and pulled Dawn's shorts open and down some. Dawn's shorts were pretty small to start with but now we could see everything but the top of her pussy lips. Dawn looked down to see.

"It does look nice, but that is still a lot of money."

"Just for you 650," the man said as he took another look at Dawn's breast.

"What do you think honey?"

"I think it would look good when you are wearing your bikini, but that is still a lot of money."

"What do you think Jill?"

"Let me look."

Jill moved around to Dawn's front then grabbed the opening of Dawn's shorts and pulled them open and down, down far enough I could now see the top of Dawn's slit.

"I think it looks pretty nice, what do you think Mike?"

Mike leaned forward and took a look at down's exposed mound.

"Looks good to me."

"What do you think sir?" Jill asked the salesman as she moved so he could see.

"I...I think it looks lovely."

"Oh...it's too bad it cost so much, do you have a smaller opal that doesn't cost as much," Dawn asked the salesman.

"That is the only one I have, I think it looks very good on you ma'am."

"I don't know, do you have a mirror?"

"Yes ma'am."

The salesman produced a large square mirror and held it up.

"Oh good, now I can see," Dawn said.

Dawn stood up straight and pulled her top up some more so she could 'see'. I could almost see her nipples as she looked in the mirror.

"Tilt the mirror up some."

The man tilted the mirror up while he stared at Dawn's breast. The older man was really starting to take his time staring at Dawn.

"It is pretty isn't honey," Dawn said as she turned from side to side to look.

"Yes, but that is still a lot of money for something you are only going to wear with your bikini."

"Well okay, I won't get it," Dawn said with a pout.

Jill stood up with a smirk on her face and released her hold on Dawn's shorts.

"Sir would you unhook it please," Dawn said as she walked toward the poor man.

I hadn't noticed but the hook was right next to the opal hanging down over Dawn's crotch.

"Are you sure ma'am?"

"Yes, it's too much money."

"No, I mean do you want me to unhook it?"

"Yes, go ahead," Dawn said casually with a pout again.

The guy reached down with his hands and started to reach for the hook as Dawn moved forward.

"I tell you what, just for you because you are out in this rain, 575." He said as he pulled his hands back.

Dawn turned to me and pleaded.

"Honey pleeeaasssee, I'll let you fuck me in the ass tonight!"

"Okay then."

Dawn let go of her shirt and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Dawn exclaimed as she jumped up and down.

"Let me get you a box ma'am."

"That's okay, I'll just wear it."


I turned away from the salesman and pulled out my money clip and peeled off 6 $100 bills and put my money clip back in my pocket and handed the money to the guy. He got my change and receipt. Dawn was buttoning up her shorts as we waited.

"Thank you sir, ma'am."

We went to leave and noticed the sun was back out and the rain had stopped.

"These showers never last long. I think your jewelry looks hot Dawn, I like the way you negotiated," Jill said.

Jill and Dawn laughed as we walked back in the sun. We walked through some more of the shops and looked around. Dawn found some trinkets she bought and stopped at another juice stand and got some pineapple juice.

"It is getting hot and steamy out here, these wet clothes are starting to stick to me," Dawn said as she stood in the hot sun and drank her juice. "I need to find something to change into."

Dawn walked across to one of the many t-shirt shops. She looked through the t-shirts and found a blue one that said 'Maui' on the front and held it up to her chest. It was big and baggy and hung down to the tops of her thighs.

"What do you think," she said as she turned to me.

"A little big," I said.

"I'll take it, pay the lady."

The lady that had been helping Dawn said the shirt was $25. I gave her the change I had from the jewelry store.

"Thank you sir."

Dawn handed the bag she was carrying to Jill and then reached down and grabbed the bottom of her still wet t-shirt and began pulling it up. Since it was so tight it took her a minute to get it over her head.

"Ma'am!" The lady I gave the money to said.

Dawn took the new shirt and held her arms up and put it on. I looked around the shop to see if anyone was watching and saw a young guy looking through some shirts watching.

"Damn Dawn," Jill said.

"It's wet and sticky, this is better."

Then I watched as Dawn reached under the shirt and unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down around her legs and stepped out of them. Mike was watching closely. Dawn took the wet shirt and shorts and asked the lady if she had a bag. The lady got her a bag and Dawn put her clothes in it.

"Thank you," she said to the lady.

"You are welcome."

"This is better, Jill you want to get out of your wet clothes?"

"I'm okay."

"At least get out of that wet shirt and bikini top," Dawn egged her on.

"Yes, honey why don't you get out of that wet top," Mike prodded as he held a red shirt up to her.

"I can't."

"Nobody is watching, go ahead," Mike said.

Jill paused and looked around a moment, she noticed the young guy looking at us.

"Here, I'll help." Mike grabbed the bottom of Jill's shirt and began lifting it up.

Jill let him pull it off over her head. The bikini top Jill had on was pretty skimpy and showed a lot of her breasts.

"Okay, give me the shirt," Jill said.

"The wet top too," Mike said.


Mike stood there holding the shirt waiting.

Jill slowly reached behind her and untied the top then reached up and untied it from around her neck.

"Give me the shirt," she said as she held her top up with one hand.

Mike handed her the shirt, she tried to put it on with one hand while she held her top but it wasn't working.

"Oh hell!" Jill said as she handed Mike her top and pulled the shirt over her head.

"You happy?" Jill said as she looked at Mike.

"Very," Mike said with a laugh.

Mike paid for the shirt and Jill got a bag for her clothes and walked back out in the sun.

"Dawn, I can't believe that is all you are wearing," Jill said as we walked.

"I hope it doesn't rain again," Dawn said with a laugh. "I'm hungry."

"There is a burger shop at the hotel by the pool," Mike told her.

"Let's go then," Dawn said.

We walked back down the road and back over to the hotel. As we entered the lobby and walked to the pool the concierge approached Mike and Jill.

"Ma'am are you stopping at the pool before you go to your room?"

"Yes, we are going to grab some lunch," Jill told him.

"May I take your bags up to the room for you?"


Jill handed him her bag and Dawn's and he walked away.

"Nice service," I said.

"That is what you get when the room is $3,000 a night," Mike said.

"It should come with something for that price," I told him.

We walked on out to the pool and found the burger place. We found a table with an umbrella and sat down. A waitress came out and we all ordered.

"Dawn, you are crazy!" Jill said.

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