tagNonHumanLife as a Rogue

Life as a Rogue


This is my first submission so be gentle please. No sex in this chapter, but soon. I'll like to thankKrisKrossedUp for her help, you were great.

Chapter 1

"Amy, Mr. Roger wants you in his office in five minutes," Jack, the bellboy, informed Amanda Knight in a whisper. Amanda was known to the employees of Grand Gate Hotel as Amy Parker. Amy looked up at the light pink face of Jack and smiled, only to see his face turn dark pink.

"Thank you, Jack," Amy said politely as she closed the book she was reading.

"N-n-no problem." Jack watched as Amy finished her coffee in one gulp, noting the paleness of her face.

"Are you all right, Amy? You look pale," Jack said. "B-b-beautiful of course, b-but pale."

Amy chuckled at Jack's shyness. "I'm fine Jack, just tired. I need a full night's sleep, that's all." She kissed Jack on the cheek "You are sweet Jack." She chuckled again as pink deepened into a red.

She exited the employee's common room and went to the restroom. She nodded to the fellow occupant before splashing her face with water.

"Are you all right, Amy? You look pale," said Angela Potter, also known as Angelina Bradford.

Amy groaned. "You are the second person to ask me that today."

"Are you coming down with something?" Angela pressed the back of her hand to Amy's forehead. "You fell warm. Take the rest day off Amy, it might help."

"I can't. Mr. Roger called me to his office. And I'm fine, just a little tired. I only have three more hours until I'm off anyway. Don't worry about me."

Angela didn't believe a word she said. Amy never let anyone know what she was feeling, except maybe Leo. Angela huffed as she reached out and pinched Amy's cheeks. "There, that's better," she said as Amy's cheeks turned pink.

"Thanks, Angie." Amy turned and walked out of the bathroom and to Mr. Roger's office.

Any knocked on the door labeled Mr. B. Roger, Staff Manager. "Come in," she heard from the other side of the door.

"You called, sir," Amy said to Mr. Roger, as she nodded her head at Jasmine Masters, the manager of the Grand Gate. Masters' presence meant that Amy was getting a promotion or being let go. Either one was fine with her; Leo had said it was almost time to move on as it is.

"Yes! Yes! Sit Amy. We have just been informed that our most esteemed and important guests are going to arrive in less than half hour. Now usually Mary manages them, but we have decided to give you a chance to show us what you can do," Mr. Roger said.

"You have been with us for almost six months now," Masters started, "and have shown great potential. I have yet to receive a complaint against you. You will be the host for our guests, and if you live up to your reputation, you will be promoted. Consider this a test."

"And if I fail?" Amy asked.

"That depends on how badly you fail dear," Jasmine said smiling.

"Go on now; you don't have much time to prepare," said Mr. Rogers as he shooed her out of the office.

Amy went to the reception area, "Harry, what can you tell me about the important guests arriving today?"

"We have three guests coming today, Amy. Which one do you want to know about?"

"The most 'esteemed and important guests' is all Rogers told me."

"Are you sure it was 'esteemed and important' and not 'important and wealthy'?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure," said Amy.

"That'll be Jared Donovan. He is not a regular, but is the owner's personal guest so we always make sure he receives the best service we can give. I'll book the presidential suite for him; you should get it ready, as it's just been empt.... AMY!!" Harry ran around the table as Amy swayed on her feet, her face as white as a ghost.

Amy held on to Harry as she tried desperately to get her heart to start beating again. Swallowing a golf ball sized lump in her throat she said, "I'm good now, Harry, thanks."

"What the hell Amy? You nearly fainted! I'm going to tell Mr. Rogers," Harry said as he picked up the phone.

"Don't!" Amy shouted as she cancelled the call. "I have to do this, okay? If I do this right, I'll get a promotion."

"You won't get shit if you faint on the job!" Harry hissed back at her.

"I won't faint. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast, but once I do, I'll be fine. Please, Harry, I need to do this. Please don't call Mr. Roger."

Harry glared at her. "Fine, we don't have time anyway. I'll be keeping an eye on you though."

Amy nodded as she headed for the staff room. The arrival of pack members was not good. Even if it were members of the neighboring pack. Rogues were trespassers and hence, not tolerated.

Leo we got trouble.

What's wrong?

Evacuate now. Take everything and leave as soon as possible I'll try and buy you more time.

Leo was her closest friend and beta. When she had made the decision to leave her pack, Leo had helped and supported her. She wouldn't have gotten this far without him.

Angie! Get in the car and wait for me.


Huge trouble. We got a pack member coming.

That's super bad. Why aren't we leaving?!

He is close. We can't leave with others; if he catches our scent, he'll alert the Clair pack. Then our chances are shot to hell. We have to give our guys more time to move out.


We'll get out of this Angie I promise.

Yeah! I know. I trust you.

Twenty minutes later, with a lot of shouting and running, Amy got the suite ready. The sheets had to be changed, the floors swept, swabbed, and cleaned, new flowers placed, and the bar stocked.

Amy's heart was beating a million miles a minute. The threat of being caught had her instincts screaming to run away and suppressing them made her twitchy as hell. She walked to the reception, "Harry I'm done with the suite. Buzz me when they come, I'm gonna get something to eat."

"You're going to have to skip food; they'll be here in two minutes"

"They? I thought it was just Jared Donovan!"

"Both the reservations are under Jared Donovan, but he always comes with friends...Damn it Amy!" Harry started around the table as Amy's face turned white. As a ghost. Again.

"I'm not fainting!" Amy reassured Harry. "Just relax alright."

Amy walked over to the foyer to avoid questions from Harry. She smoothed her skirt and kept her head down trying desperately to calm her thudding heart. The automatic glass doors slid open with a hiss. Amy watched as three men, the hotels most esteemed and important guests, walked in.


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