Life Ch. 06


I told Linzy about the events in the Lowe's parking lot that night on the phone, and listened to her masturbate over the details. "What about the party last Saturday?" she asked me as she licked her fingers and caught her breath.

"What about it?" I asked.

I could hear the smirk through the phone line. "You know what I mean. I know you, I've seen you run your little taxi service for a piece of ass."

I laughed, remembering the time she did ride with me and how intently she watched from the front seat while one of my brother's friends little sister blew me in the back seat. "Well, if you must know..." I told her the entire story, Joan, Danni, and Deedee, and she treated me to the sounds of her fingers pumping in and out of both her tight little holes until she was on the verge of screams.

Then she told me about her idea. It was pretty evil, even for Linzy. She wanted me to go see Danni and work my way into her bed with a video camera. When I was done, I was to give the tape to Linzy, and she was gonna make a porno website, one you have to pay for. "I mean, of corse, one vid on a site isn't great, we'd need at least five just to launch." she told me, obviously getting excited about it.

"Well, we could always post videos of each other you know." I offered.

Linzy sucked in breath through her teeth like she'd been burnt. "Yeah... I don't know if I'm really ready to let the world look at my naked body and know about it. I mean at least Danni wouldn't know until her dad stumbled across the site."

"True, but what if I can't get into her pants?" I pointed at a hole in her theory. "I mean she was REALLY drunk, and I didn't leave her on the best terms."

Linzy was silent for a moment. "If fatty wants her purse back, she'll swallow your jizz and smile as you film it." she finally answered.

I put Linzy on speaker phone and called Danni's house from her own cell phone. Her mother answered then quickly put Danni on the phone. "Hey baby." I said.

"Who is this?" She demanded.

"Remember that party you went to a few days ago, where you lost your purse?" I asked.

"Yeah, and some jerk drove me home and dumped me topless in the driveway in front of my dad."

I nearly laughed, and I heard Linzy start to giggle. "That sucks." I offered. "Anyway, I was cleaning out the poolhouse over here, and I found your purse in our fridge. God knows how it got there, but do you want me to bring it back to you? Or can we meet somewhere?" I asked her.

There was a long silence on the phone, then I heard her whispering. "My parents are gonna be gone til about six tomorrow, bring it by then ok?" I agreed and she preceded to give me unnecessary directions. After she hung up, Linzy made me get on the computer so we could watch each other orgasm over the webcam.

I called my boss from work and told them I had to leave early on Tuesday. They took it pretty well considering I promised to make sure everything was taken care of before I left. So I left at lunch because one of the trucks was late and I hate it when the trucks are late. I stopped by Best-Buy on my way to the highway and bought a handheld camcorder the little computer nerd with the oversized tits named Georgette said was the best for publishing video online, then left for Danni's.

She answered the doorbell quickly, wearing a nothing but a thin lavender bathrobe with her wet red hair tied up behind her head. "Hi! Come on in." She said pulling me inside. "Sorry about the way I look, I wasn't expecting you so soon."

I smirked. "Oh, I don't mind at all, Danni, I'll just enjoy the view." I commented as I made it obvious of looking at her overweight body.

She blushed. "I remember you from the party, well some of it anyway." She led me into the living room and sat down on a oversized green leather couch. "The last thing I remember was you giving Ricky and his girlfriend a ride home, and then I woke up here with my dad all pissed off and a hangover."

"I'm really sorry about that." I said, sitting next to her, maybe a little too close. "I was gonna give you a lift too, but they told me you got sick and left already." I put my hand over her knee. "I was disappointed. Until I found your purse, I didn't think I'd get to see you again." I told her and moved my hand slightly.

Danni didn't push me away, in fact she leaned forward and spread her legs. As I pushed my hand up further and farther, she leaned to me and took my bottom lip between her lips and sucked. She shuttered and let me loose when two of my fingers grazed over her light patch of pubic hair and kept moving down to her pussy.

"What about my purse?" she shuddered outright as I was easing my way into her.

I sighed and removed my hand from her crotch. "Right, I'll be right back with that." I said and stalked to the Jeep. As I was grabbing her purse, I snatched my new camera too. "Here it is!" I announced as I came back inside, viewing everything through the cam.

She laughed. "What are you doing?"

I zoomed in on her, looking over every exposed piece and stopping on her face, talking as I went. "Well Danni, I just bought this, and I wanna see if I can work it correctly."

She smiled and stood up from the couch, letting her robe fall partly open; letting me see her right tit and her pussy. "Let's just see if you can work it." She walked over to me and yanked the purse away, throwing it down on the floor and following it to her knees. I filmed her hands as she worked on my belt and buttons. "I like to give head." she told the camera. "I mean, I think it's the best way to show someone how much you really want them." She kept going as she pulled my boxers down to the floor and my cock sprang up and smacked her in the cheek. She gazed up at the lens as she opened her mouth and drug her wet hot tongue and lips from the base of my cock to the head. Before Danni popped it in her mouth though, she smiled at the camera and slowly started rubbing my dick. "I even like the way yours taste." Then she inhaled it.

She took half the shaft at first, running all over it with her tongue while her hand continued to work on the shaft. She jerked me slowly, pushing more and more in her mouth and eventually down her throat. I moaned and nearly dropped the camera when she started swallowing and her esophagus pulled the head of my penis past her tonsils. It wasn't long before her hand was massaging my balls and her head bobbing earnestly, orally fucking me with plenty of slurping and drool and sexy looks at the camera.

"You wanna cum in my mouth or on my face?" She asked me quickly while breathing.

"You decide." I told her.

She smiled and sucked my pole all the way down quickly over and over until she felt it boiling in my balls. As I was groaning, she had the head of my cock on her bottom lip, jerking the shaft madly while her tongue teased the hell out of the slit. It wasn't long before the first rope of cum shot across her face dripping the last bit into her open mouth. She kept jerking and three more jets of sperm striped her face before she sucked the head back into her mouth to swallow any that was left. "Mmmm... I like to swallow too." she commented as she wiped her hand across her face and licked jizz off her palm.

"Com'ere." I told her and pulled her up by her hand. I led her over to the same couch as before and made her slouch down while I filmed her pale freckled nude body. She groped her huge tits and pulled on her sand dollar sized pink nipples til they stood erect, then traced her swells and curves down to her pussy and it's thin track of red hair before pushing her thighs apart and showing her tiny pale pink pussy to the camera.

She spread her lips apart with two pudgy little fingers and asked. "Are you gonna fuck me or what?" I stripped my shirt and tossed it aside as I stooped to her level and filmed an extreme close up of her hole as I forced my cock inside. Thank god for cunt juice, because I don't think I would've been able to get more than the head in that tight tunnel without it. I zoomed out as my own pubic hair came into view and caught Danni's O-face amidst the heavy blush that consumed her from the shoulders up. When she started breathing again I started shafting her tight box slowly, pulling all the way out just to watch her lips get stretched on the way back in. All Danni could do the whole time was moan lowly and grit her teeth. After her second orgasm she reached down and pulled her legs back farther "Harder, dammit, I can take it."

I smiled and put the camera on the table next to us, facing so that it could see everything except my face, then grabbed her by the belly fat and pulled her further off the couch so I could shove my cock into her over and over. Her too-tight pussy pulled at my dick and her sweaty back stuck to the leather cushions as I fucked her so savagely that the couch slid back and forth, scarring the hell out of the hardwood floors and making angry noises almost as loud as Danni's grunts. My hands were buried in her sides as I jerked her body toward my thrusting hips and my balls slapped against her fleshy ass.

When the blush spread so far that her pubic hair disappeared against her skin, I pulled out and sharply slapped the side of her ass. "On your knees." I panted and wiped sweat from my face and smacked her wet ass with my wet hand as soon as she rolled over. I spread her ass open and shoved my cock back into her now greasy distended cunt. I held onto her wide hips and fucked her, stomach slapping against her ass as she moaned and groaned through another pussy-clenching orgasm.

As she quieted down, she reached over and grabbed the camera. "Do you see this?" she spat as she aimed the lens at her own face. "Do you see me, Daddy?" She said and my cock jumped inside her. "Your little girl is getting fucked on your $2000 couch. Your fat little girl is getting sweat and cum all over this piece of shit that you're so fucking afraid I'll break." I let go of her ass and grabbed a hand full of red tangles and pulled Danni's head back and got deeper in her cunt as she kept talking. "Oh god... I rubbed my ass all over it first, now my knees are poking the seat and my tits are slapping the head rest. Yeah, Daddy, I'm getting fucked on your couch." I started pounding her harder and felt my balls tighten up. "Oh god, Daddy, he's fucking my tight little pussy. Daddy, I think he's gonna cum!" She screamed. "Ohhh! Daddy, I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over his big cock and your stupid fucking couch, I'm cumming Daddy!"

She almost dropped my camera but I took it from her and aimed at her back as she fucked herself on my dick until I started to cum. I pulled out and aimed at the back of her head and as she rubbed her wet cunt on my balls I shot my load all over her back and ass. Danni reached around and drug her hand through my sperm before turning around and licking it off for the camera. Then she slowly licked my rapidly softening cock clean as I turned the camera off. "This is a damn nice camera." I joked as Danni squeezed the last drop of cum out of my dick into her mouth

"Yeah, and you're one nice fuck, too." She panted.

I pulled her up and kissed her on the forehead. "You're not to bad yourself." I grinned. "But you might wanna go take another shower before your parents get home."

She smiled and pulled her bathrobe back on. "Nah, I'll just let them wonder about the smell. Besides I kinda like it."

After getting myself dressed, I stuck around long enough to tell Danni I'd call her later, then nearly ran to get on the road home, and on the phone with Linzy.

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