tagMatureLife in a Northern Town Ch. 08

Life in a Northern Town Ch. 08


Jessie couldn't believe what my mother had done but she wasn't surprised. I'd called ahead so she had an overnight bag made up for me when we got to the house.

"I hope your dad doesn't soften up when he gets here."

"I don't think he will." I picked up the bag and smiled when Peter took it from me, slinging it over his shoulder. "He was pretty pissed off."

"Maybe this will be his wake-up call."

"I can only hope." I gave her a kiss and a hug. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"You'd better."

From her house, we went to Peter's apartment and I was very surprised to find that little had changed about it, except that it was clean. While he went in his bedroom to collect some things, I explore a little, touching the beat-up tea kettle that had served us a lot of tea in the past and the Russian nesting dolls in a neat row on the counter by the telephone. It was then I noticed the large frame of pictures and they were all of me. Memories bubbled anew as I remembered where each of them had been taken.

"Remember that one?" He had snuck up behind me and pointed to one. The two of us were arm-in-arm, smiling at the camera with Styrofoam cheese wedges on our heads. He had a friend that was from Wisconsin and we'd worn them at a Packers party he'd thrown. The heat rose in my cheeks as I also remembered that we'd fucked in the bathroom during halftime.

"Yes, I remember."

His arms came around me, holding me close as we looked at the pictures together. "I look at this every day before I leave and I think about you. I'd wonder where you were. I'd wonder if you were thinking about me."

"I always thought of you, Peter." I turned in his arms, searching his eyes. "No matter how hard I tried, I could never forget you." We kissed again and just held each other for a few minutes, savoring the closeness.



"If we don't leave now, we'll never get out of here."

I laughed and then kissed him. "You're right."

We headed over to the hotel and Peter pushed the door open, grabbing me before we entered. "Let's pretend that it's our wedding night."

"I won't have to pretend."

Peter's smile warmed me from my head to toes and it was all I could do to keep from shaking apart as he kissed me, tilting his head and forcing my lips apart with his tongue. The feeling was so sensuous, so raw that I could barely breathe. I pressed my body against his, sighing at the feel of his hard cock through his clothes. His hands grasped my hips and ground himself into me, making me shiver again.

"I want you so badly." I heard myself whisper. I couldn't seem to get enough of him. The tweedy, bookish smell of his jacket, the soft musk of his Old English after shave and the rising scent of his arousal all combined into the most potent aphrodisiac that I'd ever felt and my body responded to it. His hands seemed to leave electric trails wherever they touched my skin and I trembled, overcome by passion.

Peter seemed to know exactly what to do. I had forgotten how skilled of a lover he'd been. His mouth burned me from earlobe to neck, working downward as he opened my blouse and let it slide to the floor. He went for my nipples, licking and sucking through the lace while his fingers pulled the straps off of my shoulders. When his lips connected with flesh, I moaned so loud that I was sure that everyone in the surrounding suites could hear me.

I yanked his jacket off and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, aching, desperate for skin. Peter moved us into the bedroom, our mouths still connected as we traveled. Somewhere between the entrance and the bed, we lost our pants and I welcomed his weight on top of me, enjoying the feel of his tongue in my mouth and his hands on my body. "Please, Peter. Don't make me wait any longer."

After all this time, I wanted him inside me. I didn't care if it was frantic; I only cared that he was inside me. So, he pushed against me, his hips pressing my legs farther open as his cock rubbed against my already dripping pussy. I was ready and I let him feel that I was and his eyes seemed to darken before me, the beast ready to leap out and conquer. And I wanted it. A slight tilt of my hips sent the head into my body. Peter growled and gritting his teeth, took every ounce of patience and seductive power that he had to slowly, inch-by-maddening-inch slide his pole into me.

I thought I was dying. I'd never felt something as exquisite as his entry. The breath left my throat in a long gasp and I closed my eyes, pushing onto him. I wanted him closer, deeper. He breathed into my ear, a deep, masculine grunt that made tingles spread through my body and we settled into a rhythm shared by hundreds of lovers through the ages. He pumped, I pushed and we met in the middle, rocking together until we were both gasping from our approaching orgasms. I went first, moaning into his mouth as my pussy clamped onto him and he whimpered a moment later, filling my womb with hot, ripe seed.

We laid there for a long time, our bodies still connected and our lips still pressing tiny kisses across each other's faces. I snuggled closer to him, loving the way that his arms tightened around me.

"Peter," I said softly. "I hope we just made another baby."

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