tagRomanceLife is Complete

Life is Complete


When Krystina heard the bang on the door, she didn't know who it was or why they were there. After all, the rain hadn't let up since it started. Just a never ending storm.

She looked through the peephole and opened the door immediately. There stood Adam, her friend from high school, soaked to his core.

"Oh god! Adam, what are you doing here?!" Shivering and looking sad, Adam replied,

"I need to talk to you, can I come in?"

"Yes, of course, of course," Krystina closed the door behind him and ran to grab a towel.

"Thank you," Adam took the towel with such force you'd have thought it was the last bit of food he would ever eat.

"Adam, what are you doing here? It's almost 1 a.m. and clearly, it's pouring out. Is everything with your mom ok?" Krystina's green-brown eyes burned with concern.

"No, no. Everyone is fine Krystina... I needed to come here. I need to tell you something. God... I don't even know where to start..." Adam looked down, drops of rain dripping from his hair to the carpet.

"Adam... just say it. I'm getting worried," Krystina put her hand on his wet back to console him. She had never seen him so distraught. He breathed out and looked into her eyes.

"Do you remember when we were in high school and everyone wanted us to go to prom together?"

"Yeah, god they wouldn't shut up about it," Krystina smirked at the memory.

"Right. And you asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with you instead. And we went and had an awesome time."

"Yes... then we never did it again."

"I know. And I am so sorry for that, but that's what I am trying to tell you Krys... I never told you that that night was the single greatest night of my life and I have replayed it over and over again in my mind since. That every day I wake up and think how I never told you... I never told you Krystina... just how much I love you." His hands were shaking and he looked back down after the words rolled from his tongue. Krystina was speechless; not sure of what to say or do.

"I... I... oh wow... Adam..." Adam found his courage again and began to speak.

"I love you Krystina. I always have. Ever since junior year of high school I've had feelings for you. And I thought maybe they would go away. Maybe after six years they would have dissipated, but I was wrong. I tried to move on. I tried dating other girls, but the whole time all I could think about was you. All I could think about was how I wanted to kiss you, hold your hand, cuddle up during a movie, and talk politics with you. How I wanted to make love to you in every way a man can, and curl up with you afterwards. I have wanted to tell you for so long..."

"Then why didn't you Adam? Why did you ignore me instead of go after me?" There was a harshness to Krystina's voice that Adam recognized all too well. It was the same harsh voice she used when in a defensive stance during debates and arguments.

"Because..." The words were like boulders sitting on his tongue. He didn't know how to scrape them off without being in total pain with a side effect of death.

"Because... I... because I was afraid Krystina. I was afraid of what it would do to our friendship; do to us. I was afraid of being in a relationship. Afraid I would lose my freedom and then as we grew farther apart I felt like it was too late. Maybe it is too late, and you'll throw me out of the apartment for being crazy, but I had to tell you. I can't hide how I feel for you anymore. I love you so much it hurts me sometimes to even speak your name, because I think of everything I lost. I am so sorry Krystina... so sorry." Tears welled in his green eyes as he shook with fear for what he may have just lost. There were a few minutes of silence that seemed like hours. Krystina's head was buzzing. Did that really just happen? And more, what did she want to do about it? The answer was clear and concise.

Krystina lifted Adam's head and kissed his soft lips. She moved her kiss from his top lip to the bottom while keeping her hand placed gently on his shoulder. When they finally parted, Krystina smiled and looked into his green eyes.

"I have wanted to do that since that night you picked me up off the ice at the ice rink."

"I have wanted that since movie night at school. You remember that? How horrible it was?" Adam wrapped his arms around her waist and breathed out.

"Oh god, yeah. I mean it wasn't that bad... ok... yeah it was pretty sucky," Krystina laughed and placed another quick kiss on his lips.

"It was worth it though. I got to be with you." Adam then kissed Krystina again only with more heat and intensity then the previous one. Their bodies mashed together in a vertical tangle of tongues and love. They stumbled back into the wall next to Krystina's door. Krystina could feel her heart beating faster and faster, could feel the heat creeping up her neck. Her breath shortened and then she pulled away.

"Adam... I want you to make love to me. The way you said. The way I've always wanted us to." Adam looked into those burning green/brown eyes he loved so much.

"You're sure that's what you want?"

"Would I have asked if I wasn't?" Krystina smirked and they continued their lip locked position from before. They stumbled into her bedroom and onto the bed. Adam began to plant kisses all up and down her neck. His tongue lapped its way around her collar bone and down further. Krystina pulled his shirt off and tossed it to a heap on the floor. Her lips planted themselves on his chest, toying with his nipples.

"You like it a little dirty?" He asked.

"What can I say? I'm just a dirty white girl," she laughed and they continued on. Adam ran his hand up and down her body, feeling every piece of her he could. Savoring each fiber of her being. A small moan escaped her mouth as he lightly bit her neck. She ran her fingers down his back, clawing as their movements became faster and faster.

Adam moved his hand up her shirt and found the soft mounds that were her breasts. He began to rub his fingers over them slowly, letting the sensation last. Krystina's breath quickened and she began laying more tongue filled kisses to Adam's bare chest and stomach. Adam slowly slid off Krystina's purple tank top, revealing her bare chest. He stopped for a moment to gaze in wonder and the beauty that was his woman.

His woman.

She pressed herself against him and they became lip locked again. Fingers restless as they ran through hair and down hot skin. Adam moved his hands to Krystina's back, pressing her further into him. He could feel his erection growing larger and larger, as did she. Krystina began kissing Adam's stomach. Playing with his belly button with her tongue before she went further to his waistline. Adam grunted slightly as she undid the button of his jeans, pulling down the zipper ever-so-slowly in an attempt to tease him. Her flirty taunts would not go unpunished as Adam flew forward and pinned her down.

Krystina giggled as Adam went down to her waistline and ever so slowly took down her shorts. He began to kiss her wet vagina through the underwear, giving her only a taste of what she could have. He moved his kisses to the inside of her thigh, making her arch her back in a moment of great pleasure. He let his tongue play with her skin as she moaned in pleasure.

"Oh god that feels good." Adam smiled to himself. It was only the start.

Krystina could feel a swelling building up in the pit of her stomach that was building by the moment. Krystina pushed Adam to his stomach when he finally came back from below. She slowly began to lather his spine with tongue filled kisses, letting her finger glide afterwards. Shivers ran down his skin and his erection only grew. Like the tease that she was, Krystina slowly began to take down Adam's boxers. Then gave him a light spank, and rolled them back up.

"God, such a tease!" he laughed and climbed on top of her, rubbing his crotch against hers extremely fast. The feeling in her stomach began to grow and grow as her feet scraped around the sheets.

"Mmm oh god...so good Adam." Krystina began to buck her hips to feel more of the impact, but Adam quickly pulled away from her. She looked at him with such hunger and intensity in her eyes that Adam had never seen. She bit her bottom lip like a child in trouble and begged,

"Please. I need you, please." Adam toyed with the idea and then gave her a devilish grin followed by a heated kiss that moved down, down, down until her got to her waist line. Carefully he moved her blue/grey underwear down her legs to the floor. Leaving kisses along her legs as he did so.

"Condom?" Krystina pointed to the middle drawer of her dresser. Quickly, Adam ran over and slipped one on. When Adam turned around, he found Krystina laid out on the bed, completely nude, biting her lip and beckoning him over in a "come hither" fashion. His erection got harder if that was possible.

He stood before her; she placed a quick kiss on his wrapped dick before grabbing him and pulling him on top of her. They continued their earlier position, tongues locked with one another; hair messed through lingering fingers.

Adam slipped his penis into her and she let out a small puff of breath that smelled of untimely pleasure. They then began to make love to one another. All of their teenage dreams coming true in a single moment.

Adam began moving his hips in rhythm with the rest of his body. Grinding himself with Krystina's pelvis. Krystina bucked and arched her back, craving more like a junkie after his first high.

"Uhh... yes... yes... harder... god yes..." Each one of her words made Adam thrust harder, wanting her to only know pleasure at that point. Adam felt that familiar swelling in his stomach that moved down to his groin. He knew it was coming and let out a grunt/sigh as he came. With his moment of ecstasy, Krystina began to vocalize more and more, begging him to let her go too.

"I want it. Give it to me Adam... give it to me soooo good... yess.. right there... oh yes, yes..." Adam felt her muscles contracting and Krystina was about to lose all control when Adam stopped thrusting. He simply sat there, making her suffer.

Krystina's wild eyes flew open and showed a side of her he had never seen: lustful hunger.

She began to whimper and buck her hips to feel it again, but Adam was waiting, he knew he had to wait. Krystina, like an animal, pushed Adam down and made herself the top dog. She began moving herself against him again, faster and faster while moaning words of intense pleasure. Her breasts hung in his face like a prize that he began to kiss intensely. This only increased her pleasure and the swelling in her stomach moved to her pelvic area. Adam could feel the muscles in her contracting and this time, he didn't stop her, he let her go as hard as she could.

"Oooohhhh.... yes, yes, yes!" Krystina's whole body convulsed against Adam's as she orgasmed harder than she ever had her entire life.

Breathing heavy and drained of everything they had, Krystina and Adam laid next to each other new people. Adam smiled and kissed her.

"I love you." The words he thought would end his life were actually those that saved him. Krystina smiled back; cuddling against his hot chest and kissed him back.

"I love you too." Life was good. Life was great. Life was complete.

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