tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife Model Ch. 02

Life Model Ch. 02


I followed the art teacher back to her office. My semi rigid cock relaxed a little, and I enjoyed feeling the weight of it swaying under my robe as we walked down the hall. She gave me directions to the location where I would be modeling that weekend. It was for a small group of artists at a studio space well outside of town, in the country.

I was excited and intrigued all week long. Wondering what I had gotten myself into. Thinking about Adrienne, and what they would want us to do. "Don't worry if something comes up" the art teacher had said. That thought alone instantly increased the circulation to my member, pleasantly reminding me of the good things about having a penis.

I was worthless at work, unable to focus on anything. I had extra-long workouts that week, and walked with confidence through the locker room, fully aware of my heavy cock hanging between my legs. I was a man, and proud of it. My balls hung low, and I was keenly aware of their movement as I showered, or relaxed in the steam room.

At home I would spend all of my time in the nude walking around, thinking about what it would be like to work with Adrienne. I would let myself get a little excited, but then I would try to calm my mind. I wanted to be a professional, not some jerk with a ridiculous boner unable of any self-control or restraint. The night before I had a long soak in the hot tub at the gym, went home and took care of personal grooming. I trimmed my pubic hair back, not shaving it, but wanting to make sure I was well groomed. I am a hairy man, so shaving my cock would unnecessarily draw attention to it, and in my mind it would look infantile. I shaved my beard, trimmed my nails, and rubbed some lotion all over my body. I didn't want my skin to be too dry. Modeling solo made me very self-conscious. The thought of modeling with a beautiful young woman made that increase exponentially. I tried to calm my mind that night and relax. It was going to be just like any other experience modeling, maybe a little different. I focused on my mantra, "Life is suffering. The root of suffering is desire."

That morning I stayed away from coffee. I was already very awake and aware. I showered and shaved, meditated briefly, and drove out to the studio.

It was gorgeous. The studio was a large old Victorian on a ranch well outside of town. The property was very secluded, surrounded by rolling green pastures. The directions I had were good, and I arrived a little early. There were only a few cars out front. This was going to be a very small and intimate group indeed.

I walked in, found the drawing room, and introduced myself. The few artists who were there were all my age or a little older, the group was composed of couple of men, and maybe five women. The room was very warm and comfortable. Good news indeed for a male model. I had heard that for nude models a cooler room was better for female models, making there nipples nice and firm, whereas a warmer room was better for male models, for obvious reasons.

As I was being introduced Adrienne arrived. She was lovely. Focus. Focus. Relax, breathe. This was going to be enjoyable. I just needed to stay relaxed. The director was a very attractive woman, maybe a few years older than me, with a very disarming smile and very pleasant laugh. She introduced Adrienne to the group, then directed us to a corner in the back of the room with a bench and told us we could change there. Not the changing room I was accustomed to.

Adrienne and I walked back, making small talk, and began to disrobe. I allowed myself to watch her, trying to make sure I made good eye contact, and maintained a good relaxed feel. She had a beautiful long and lean body. I was soon out of my boxers, watching her slip her t-shirt off. Her breasts were lovely and full. Big dark areola surrounded her nipples that were already noticeably large and firm. She looked at me confidently as she stood facing me, and slid her panties down her long smooth legs. My eyes looked over her legs, from her beautiful feet up to her well-muscled thighs, and then focusing on her smooth vulva. She had either just shaved herself bald, or had waxed. There was just the thinnest trace of little soft hairs on her skin. Her vulva was beautiful. Her outer lips were full and thick, her clitoral hood was a prominent button, and her inner labia hung full, dark and lovely prominently below her pussy. Her lips were gorgeous. They looked so soft, with a wrinkled texture that I yearned to touch. I could smell her musk in the air, and saw just the faintest hint of moisture between those lovely lips.

I became keenly aware that I was staring. My gaze rose up her belly, following a soft trail of the finest hairs silhouetted against her olive skin. My eyes met hers, and she was smiling shyly at me. I stood up, and held her hands in mine, feeling her tremble just slightly. I looked into her eyes and said, "You are very beautiful. I am very lucky to be here with you today." I meant it with the utmost sincerity.

"Oh, thank you." She said a little nervously.

I stood there looking into her eyes, taking long, slow, deep breaths. I could feel her heartbeat in her hands. It began to slow as she too slowed her breathing down. "Have you ever done this before?" I asked her after a few moments.

"No," she answered, "not with anyone else."

"Me neither. I have really been looking forward to this. I think we are going to have a lot of fun."

Her gaze dropped, and she looked over my naked body there in front of her. I could feel my penis growing heavy, but somehow I managed to keep it soft. We spent a few minutes standing there, just getting familiar with the feeling of being close to one another. The energy between us felt like a spark was just ready to give us a jolt if our bodies touched. She stepped forward and gave me a hug. I felt my cock press against her smooth pussy. It was like a spark. I felt myself start to rise up, and could feel the heat radiating out from her beautiful succulent lips.

It was then the director approached us. "Are you guys ready to start?"

Adrienne smiled, looked deep into my eyes, and said, "Yes. We are ready. Let's go!" Her excitement was contagious. She turned and led me to the center of the room. I walked confidently behind her, feeling my semi hard cock bobbing along. I could feel the absence of her heat now, and felt a little drop of moisture, a little drop of her pussy juice, on the tip of my cock. This was going to be fun.

Our first pose was a standing embrace, much like we had just been doing. We held each other close, looking into one another's eyes. I felt her soft breasts and firm nipples pressing against my hairy chest. I pulled her smooth belly against my abs, and felt my cock pressing against her lips. Her lips were so big and soft. I could feel them spread open on the shaft of my cock, warm and wet.

We stood that way for maybe fifteen of twenty minutes. The artists sketched efficiently and professionally, making few comments. A couple of them took some pictures for later reference. We had signed giving them permission to do so. Standing there, sharing this embrace, the sound of the cameras, the mechanical sounds of the lenses adjusting, the little bell ringing to acknowledge the camera was ready, these sounds were intrusive on our moment. A moment of organic purity, disrupted digitally.

When the pose was over Adrienne stepped back and her absence made me aware of how wet her pussy was. The sudden exposure to the open air was cold on my cock. I looked down and saw I was covered in her juices. I looked into her eyes and saw she was no longer shyly returning my gaze. She looked at me now with a hunger in her eyes. She openly stared at my cock now, admiring how wet her pussy had made me.

"Let's get some water." I suggested, walking to the back of the room with her, where I had stashed my water bottle with my clothes. I took a deep drink, the water was nice and cold and refreshing. I handed it to Adrienne, who drank deeply, and wiped a little water off of her lips as she finished. She grinned and looked down at my cock. My cock was still swollen and full, glistening in her juices. I took amoment and took in every detail of her beautiful body. She was so young and so sexy. In stark contrast to the gray in my chest hairs. Her breasts were full and soft. Her nipples were dark and hard. My eyes again traced the fine wisp of downy hairs on her belly, to the center of her womanhood.

Her pussy was so beautiful. I stared openly now. We were getting to know every detail of one another's bodies. Her lips were full and swollen. Her labia were puffy and opened like a delicate orchid drenched in a fine mist. I was aware of her pussy juices on my cock, and I was overcome with a feeling of absolute comfort. She must have felt the same, as she reached out and softly held my cock in her hands. Her smile was so big and playful, as she giggled softly. "I love your penis." She said, as she ever so softly rubbed her natural lubricant around the tip. I got really hard, really fast. My hard on was the biggest it had been in years, and the sensation of her touch on the swollen glans made me dizzy.

"Are you guys ready, or do you need a few more minutes?" The director asked. I felt my cheeks flush in excitement and embarrassment. "You guys are doing a great job. Thank you. There is a lot of chemistry between you two." She said. That was all the confidence booster I needed. We walked back to the middle of the room. My rock hard cock now bouncing in front of me.

Our next pose was a seated embrace. I sat on a sturdy wooden chair, my cock now standing between my legs. My balls were somewhat squished between my legs and the chair. I opened my legs a little to give them more room, as Adrienne stepped widely across me. Her musk was intoxicating. I saw the pink of her inner pussy lips as she straddled me and sat down on my lap, wrapping her long legs around me. She pushed he breasts in, my face snuggled comfortably between them. My cock now pressed firmly at the opening of her pussy. I felt her hot and wet on top of me. She arched her back slightly and I felt her lips wrap around the tip of my cock. One push, and I would be completely inside her.

The sensation was almost unbearable. I felt her juices running down my cock, drenching my balls, and pooling on the wooden chair. "We need a towel." I thought. Then quickly changing my mind as my mind and body soaked in her musk. My could hear my heart beat in my ears, and feel our hearts beating together, our bodies tight against one another. She wriggled her hips only slightly, and suddenly I felt her pussy stretching as my cock entered her. She let out a soft moan as the sensation overwhelmed us both.

"That is so beautiful", one of the older women artists said. Adrienne rested her forehead against mine. I felt her forehead sweaty against mine, her breasts rising with each breath, and my cock inside her wet pussy. We looked into each other's eyes in that embrace, and it was like magic. No words to be said. Our bodies merged. Her female energy melted with my male energy, and the heat grew between us. It rose up from the union of her sex and mine. It rose up between us, radiating out into the room. I focused on my breathing, on her breathing, the two of us there, inhabiting the same space, sharing each other's bodies, blending into one.

It seemed like we sat like that for an eternity, or just an instant, when the director got our attention. We heard the cameras taking some pictures, focusing brazenly between her legs to capture her delicate flower wrapped around my cock. The union that was so pure now interrupted again. Adrienne leaned back and my lowered herself further onto my cock. It felt perfect. We stayed like that for a minute or two before the director said they were taking a break. Adrienne stayed on top of me, moving me in and out of her slowly. As she moved towards me I pressed in deeper, as she moved back I pulled away. We moved slowly, savoring every minute sensation of our bodies joining together. I had never experienced anything so powerful, or so pure and honest.

The director placed her hands on our shoulders, and smiled. "You two are amazing" she said. "This is such a beautiful moment, thank you for sharing it with us. We looked over to her smiling. I kissed Adrienne's nipple, sucking it into my mouth gently, and tasting the salt of her sweat on my tongue. She arched her back, and ground her pussy down a little harder on my cock, gasping slightly as her pussy stretched around me again. "We'll give you a few more minutes, but then let's move on to try something else. We sat there, engaging in slow coitus a little longer, then forced ourselves to separate.

As she pulled herself off of me I watched the silky strands of our juices pull apart. My cock was so sensitive now, and yet, I felt so comfortable and relaxed in front of our small group, with Adrienne's pussy juices running down my balls. There was a slight sucking noise as I lifted my balls off of the chair where our juices had pooled. We stood next to each other, holding each other, as Adrienne again held my cock in her hand, gently tracing the tip with her fingers. "What would you like us to do now?" I asked the director.

She had us recline on a mattress. Adrienne's body felt so perfect next to mine. Her soft and smooth in contrast to my hard and hairy. The masculine and the feminine. The director walked around us there, looking at us from several different angles, deciding what they needed to finish the sequence. She asked Adrienne if she was comfortable kneeling down as I embraced her from behind. "You mean doggy style?" Adrienne asked. She turned over, raised herself up on her knees and lowered her head to the mattress, spreading her pussy wide. I was enthralled. Her pussy lips were swollen and wide open now, showing the soft pink interior , glistening wet. I knelt down and kissed her gently, the air was heavy with her scent. I felt her lips press softly against mine, and I tasted her on my tongue. I moved slowly up her body, kissing her, tasting the saltiness of her sweat on her glowing skin. I reached an arm around her hips and pulled her close. I took my penis in my hand and began to slowly tease her lips with the tip, feeling her wet and soft pussy, ready to plunge deeply inside of her.

"There that's it!" the director exclaimed. Her voice was a sudden intrusion, friendly, but not welcome. I began to push inside of her and the director begged, "No. Not yet. Let us see you just outside, with just the tip of your cock between her gorgeous lips." I felt a wave wash over me, and I was dizzy. What was she saying?

Adrienne reached up and started to play with her clit, begging me to fuck her. I teased her mercilessly. Running the tip of my cock up and down her lips, then just slightly pushing the tip into her before pulling back. The group in the room behind us sketched hurriedly. Some walked around with cameras trying to capture the moment from different angles. My balls pulled up so tight they ached, yearning for release. It was a challenge now. How long could we take it? It seemed like forever. I could feel Adrienne's body convulsing as waves of orgasms washed over her. We were both drenched in sweat. The sweat and our juices mingled and dripped down my balls as I teased her with my cock. Moving up to her anus, so beautiful there, smiling up at me. I would press in just slightly and she would gasp. I would take the tip of my cock and play with her clit, moving back and forth until the excitement got so frenzied I thought I was going to cum. We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour until the director came over to us.

"Thank you so much. Truly what you have shared with us here today is magic. The energy is so pure and honest, and so strong. This is the best work we have done in many years. Thank you," she said. I stood up and looked over at her as she reached in and took my cock in her hands. She kissed me gently, then took me into her mouth, softly playing with my balls. It felt great. She reached out with one hand and played with Adrienne's pussy. Gently pulling on her swollen lips, softly stroking her clit. She took me deep into her mouth and then sucked hard as she pulled her lips off of me. Then she positioned Adrienne in front of her, and buried her face into Adrienne's soft pussy. Adrienne gasped and moaned again as a strong orgasm took her. Then satisfied, the director pulled my cock to the entrance of Adrienne's womanhood and put me inside of her. I pushed slowly into her tight pussy. The sensation was so strong now it was almost agonizing. I pushed in slowly, feeling her open up around me, pushing until my cock hit her cervix. I was buried deep inside of her as her pussy clenched tightly around me, convulsing. I pushed in a little deeper and she gripped so hard around me I lost all control, and finally came inside of her. Pumping cum into her again and again, filling her completely. We collapsed there together. Holding each other in the afterglow as our fluids mingled.

The artists each came over as they completed a few details for the day, thanking us, some reaching down and kissing our genitals, tasting us, taking us in. The director came over again, and sat next to us on the mattress. "Adrienne, you are so beautiful," she said. "You were a perfect goddess. The embodiment of the feminine," as she reached down and held Adrienne's swollen pussy in her hands.

"Thank you mother," said Adrienne, smiling up at her. We stayed like that for a while, sharing the energy of that moment, savoring the masculine and the feminine coming together as one. Generations passing their blessings on to the next generation, celebrating the cycle of life renewed.

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