tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 04

Life of Angela Ch. 04


I slept incredibly well and the next morning Bridget and I were up early for the bus trip to the prehistoric caves that were an hour away. We dressed, had breakfast in the dining hall downstairs, then returned to own rooms to clean our teeth and collect our bags. Just as I was about to exit Bridget called me to a halt. When I turned she was holding her hand out, and I gave her a puzzled look.

"Take off your knickers and give them to me," she demanded with a hint of a smile.

I was flabbergasted. "You are not serious. Please tell me you are not serious?" I pleaded.

"Give me your panties. I have decided it will be a good punishment for you to go the whole day without your knickers."

"Please!" I again pleaded.

"Angela, I warned you that if you did not obey me you will be spanked, so that is an extra twenty spanks on top of the twenty I was already planning for you tonight. Do you want to go for double again or am I going to see those knickers in my hand within the next ten seconds."

There was no way I wanted more spanks, so quickly I dropped my bag, reached up under my skirt and quickly lowered my knickers, stepped out of them and rushed to hand them to Bridget.

"Why, thank you my little roommate. I know what I can use if I need a handkerchief today."

With that Bridget rubbed my knickers underneath her nose, pretending she was wiping a sniffle.

"Oh, and they smell sooo nice."

I cringed with embarrassment, but did not have time to dwell on it as we heard our teacher calling us to hurry along. I found myself holding the sides of my skirt for fear it might get caught in a gust of wind.

On the long bus trip to the caves I was sitting beside my friend Emma, and Bridget of course was down the back sitting with her glam buddies. A couple of times she walked down the aisle, and when she was opposite where I was seated she would stop and pull my panties out of her pocket and make a play of wiping her nose. Each time she did it I slouched in my seat and blushed with shame. Almost as a reflex action I squeezed my knees tightly closed and ensured my skirt was pulled down as low as it could go. Emma seemed to sense my discomfort, and gave me a strange stare but made no comment.

Emma was by no means a close friend, but we had formed a special bond and I had a lot of respect for her. Which was in itself a bit strange. We were as different as chalk and cheese. I was athletic, a diligent studier and dressed conservatively. Emma turned her nose up at any form of exercise, only did enough school work to keep herself out of trouble, and dressed in black gothic clothing and black straight hair accompanied by coloured streaking, as well as several piercings in her ears and nose. I lot of the students called her an "Emo" although she denied this when we spoke about it.

However what Emma and I did have in common was we tended to be outsiders from the main grouping of girls so I guess this drew us together. Plus we enjoyed each other's company and privately liked to mock other female students her were obsessed with their appearance and always trying to look glamorous.

Once we were at the caves we were taken through by a guide. I was thankful it was pitch black inside the caves apart from lighting placed to highlight prehistoric etchings on the walls and bones of creatures long extinct. Suddenly I froze as I felt a hand take hold of the hem of my skirt and slowly inch it up. I tried to brush away the hand without drawing attention to myself but was not successful.

"Don't move," Bridget whispered in my ear.

Slowly she inched up the back of my skirt until I knew my buttocks were exposed. I wanted to cry out but did not want to draw attention. I quickly looked around but everyone seemed to be watching the guide talking about the history of the caves, and my plight seemed to be unnoticed in the darkness.

"Squeeze your buttocks," Bridget whispered.

I whimpered and the girl standing beside us turned to stare for a moment, but seemingly noticed nothing and turned her attention back to the guide.

Slowly I moved my hands behind myself, gripped both buttocks and squeezed. I was mortified someone would notice as we were standing on the periphery of a group of over thirty girls.

"Squeeze hard," Bridget urged, and I obeyed by gripping them as hard as I could.

After what seemed like an eternity to me she whispered to me to release them and thankfully let go of my skirt. When we eventually finished the tour thirty minutes later I was still blushing with shame. Before we boarded the bus Bridget caught my eye and beckoned me over.

"When you sit on the bus I want you to lift your skirt so your bare ass is on the seat. Do you understand?"

All I could do is give a shocked nod. It was bad enough wearing no knickers, but now she wanted me to make myself even more shame faced by sitting my naked buttocks on the bus seat. To make matters worse I was one of the last persons on the bus, however I was relieved that at least the seat beside Emma was free.

I tried to hide my embarrassment as I sat down beside her. As I was almost seated I nonchalantly tried to flick the back of my skirt out from under me. I was only partially successful and what followed was several minutes of embarrassing squirming on my seat as I surreptitiously manoeuvre my dress from underneath me. Finally my bare buttocks were resting on the vinyl seating of the bus. I prayed nobody had noticed what I was doing. However as I glanced down at my lap I was mortified to notice that the act of pulling my skirt from underneath me had the effect of pulling the hem in front of me almost right up to my crutch. Desperately I took hold of it tried to lower it, but by doing so it pulled my dress up on the sides and threatened to expose my bare thighs and buttocks.

I began to sweat with anxiety. I pulled up the front of my hem until the side of the skirt lowered down sufficiently to cover me. Again my skirt was well up my thighs and only just covering my pubic region. I glanced up at Emma, who was looking at me with a bewildered frown. She pointedly looked down at my exposed thighs as if to silently give me an indication that my skirt had ridden up my legs, and I had to embarrassingly look away and ignore her.

But my respite was short lived as I sensed someone walking down the aisle from the rear of the bus, and I just knew it had to be Bridget. Sure enough, she stopped beside.

"Hello, my little roommate," she greeted with an exaggerated smile. "Enjoy the tour through the caves did we?"

"Yes, I managed to mumble, afraid to glance up at her.

She stood beside me for what seemed an eternity. Slowly she pulled my knickers out of her skirt pocket, delicately wiping her nose before finally moving on, but as she did she looked back at me and winked, and silently mouthed 'good girl'.

I could only blush.

"What was all that about," Emma questioned. "That fancy-faced, rich-bitch roommate of yours normally doesn't even acknowledge you exist."

"Oh, she has been taking more interest in me lately," I responded defensively. "She definitely is devoting more time to me."

"What?" Emma responded incredulously. "You are kidding, right? What is she expecting you to do for her?"

If only she knew, I couldn't help thinking. Fortunately Emma dropped the subject and left me to anxiously fidget with my skirt for the rest of the bus trip back to college.

When the bus arrived I could not wait to exit and quickly made my way to our room, but being careful to ensure I held my dress down. Once inside our empty bedroom unit I quickly closed the door and stood there in the half-darkness. My head was throbbing from the tension, but I also felt an inexplicable exhilaration racing through me that I could not explain. I knew Bridget would be back shortly, and I quickly undressed until I was naked, expect for my shoes and socks. I sat at my desk trying to prepare for tomorrow's classes but could not focus. My buttocks tingled and I squirmed as I thought of the spanking Bridget had assured me I would receive this evening. And she said I was going to get a double dose for arguing with her about removing my panties. I nervously chewed on my fingernails.

Finally Bridget entered the unit and went straight into her room. She was talking on her mobile the whole time and ignored me. After finishing her phone call she walked straight past my room to the bathroom, brushed her hair, went to the toilet to pee, and then left without saying a word. To be honest I was gutted at the way she ignored me, but fought back a tear of disappointment and tried to study for the forty five minutes I had before needing to dress for dinner in the dining hall.

Despite Emma's best efforts, I was edgy and moody at dinner and didn't really feel like chatting. I was frustrated at how Bridget was taking over my life, and even though it was in my power to do something about it, I couldn't seem to break away from her spell.

After the meal I returned to the bedroom unit and sat on my bed. A part of me wanted to stop this nonsense. Just leave my clothes on and tell Bridget to take a hike when she started threatening me with punishment. But the emotional part of my being wanted to go along for the ride. It wanted to experience it all, curious as to how far I could give up my pride and dignity, and allow myself to be subjugated.

In the end it was no contest. I found myself undressing and neatly folding my uniform on the end of the bed. Wearing only my shoes and knee high white socks I sat down at my desk and forced myself to study. Every few minutes I checked my email but there was no message from Bridget containing my instructions for my punishment. I should have been relieved, but inexplicably I felt deflated.

Finally I heard the click of a key in our front door as Bridget entered, but then I froze as I heard the sound of voices. Bridget was chatting to someone else, and they were in the small corridor right outside my bedroom door. I didn't dare move or make a sound. Surely Bridget would not allow anyone else to see me naked. I would die with shame. But I was not going to be so lucky. Suddenly my door swung open and in stepped my roommate, unable to suppress a broad grin.

Whoever was behind her was momentarily obscured, and I quickly rose from my chair with the intention of bolting to my wardrobe to grab some form of clothing to hide myself. But before I could move from my chair Bridget stepped to the side to reveal the person accompanying her. My mouth dropped open in horror and shame. Starring back at me with a similar look of shock was my best friend, Emma.

For a long moment we starred at each stunned before I realised I was standing and therefore revealing not only my breasts but also my pussy to my friend. Quickly I sat down, where at least I was partially hidden by my desk. I looked up at Bridget, puzzled and hurt that she had brought Emma into our bedroom unit.

"My dear roommate," Bridget grinned, "Did you forget you told Emma to come over one evening this week to work on your geography project?"

"But not tonight," I snapped.

"I'll go," Emma volunteered. "Tonight is definitely not a good night."

"Rubbish," Bridget interjected. "Tonight is a very good night. Isn't it Angela?"

I gave Bridget the stare of death.

"Isn't it Angela?" Bridget persisted, speaking in a tone that made me realise the consequences of disobeying her would not be good for me. I was already facing a double dose of punishment from the morning when I was reluctant to remove my panties.

"Yes," I pouted sullenly.

With that Bridget returned to her room leaving Emma standing beside me, still stunned and confused by what she was witnessing. Cautiously she sat down on the spare chair.

"Are you sure you want me to stay?" she enquired sympathetically.

I nodded and reached over for my project folder. I was trying to act normal despite my humiliation. Emma pulled her chair over to be close beside me so we could share the desk. Having her close beside me, fully clothed, only served to make me more conscious of my nudity. She was dressed in her typical gothic attire, clothed totally in black with several piercings hanging from her ears and a small silver ring in her nose.

Trying to keep up a charade of normality, I opened my folder and read the outline of what we were required to cover for our geography project. But Emma could contain herself no longer.

"Why are you nude?" she asked bluntly.

I cringed as I realised I was going to need to give an explanation.

"I am being punished,"

"Punished? What do you mean? Punished by whom? I don't understand?"

"I have...misbehaved and this is my punishment. Now, I really don't want to discuss it anymore," I added tersely.

Emma tilted her head to the side and stared at me curiously, but had the good sense not to continue pushing me for an explanation. For the next hour we worked away on the geography project, but my nakedness was the elephant in the room. As much as we both tried to ignore it, my boobs with their erect nipples were not surprisingly a constant distraction. I had hoped Emma may not notice my nipples, and tried to cover them with my arms where I could, but it was futile and finally I gave up and suffered the embarrassment.

My laptop beeped to say I had received an email and suddenly I felt a lump in my throat. Nonchalantly shielding my screen from Emma I opened my Outlook. As I feared it was from Bridget.

'I want you in my room at 9.00pm sharp, standing at attention, ready for your punishment. Bring something suitable for me to spank you with. And bring Emma as well!!!!'

I was mortified. Emma could see the look of horror on my face and quietly enquired if I was okay. All I could do was nod dumbly. I looked at the clock on my laptop. It was 8.15pm so I had another 45 minutes to endure. Nervously I tried to focus back on our project, but I was hopelessly distracted and for once it was Emma actually doing the work. To make matters worse I realised that I was badly needing to pee.

For another 15 minutes I tried to ignore my bladder but the need was too great. I squirmed in my seat and tried crossing my legs but it was to no avail. My condition was not helped by my nervousness over my upcoming punishment which could well be witnessed by my best school friend.

Finally I could hold on no longer as there was a very real chance I could end up peeing myself. Reluctantly I got up and went to the doorway of Bridget's adjacent bedroom.

"Please may I have permission to pee?" I whispered to Bridget, hoping upon hope that Emma would not overhear me actually having to ask my roommate if I could use the toilet.

Bridget swung around in her seat to eyeball me. "Pardon?"

"Please may I have permission to pee?" I repeated in the same whisper.

"I am not hearing you, Angela"

For the third time I repeated my request, this time speaking in a voice which I just knew Emma could not help overhearing. I felt totally humiliated, yet again!

"Certainly my little darling, since you ask so nicely."

Quickly I dashed to the toilet, flicked up the seat and sat down. As I looked up, Emma was staring straight at me from my room, total amazement etched all over her face. My bedroom was right opposite the toilet so I had no way of hiding myself unless I shut the door, which Bridget had forbidden me to do. Despite being mortified by my exposure on the toilet there was no holding back and my urine just gushed out. It was almost worse when I had finished as I had to wipe myself clean with toilet paper while a bewildered Emma stared in disbelief. You do not realise how personal a simple act like going to the toilet is until you endure someone watching you go through the routine.

Without daring to look Emma in the eye I hastily returned to my seat beside her and attempted to focus on our geography assignment. In the periphery of my vision I could see Emma shaking her head in amazement, and I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking of me. When she had knocked on our door earlier in the evening she would never in her wildest dreams have thought she would witness what she has. To make matters far worse for me I feared she had seen nothing yet compared to what was still going to unfold.

I hoped Emma may have been revolted by what she had seen, especially witnessing me sitting on the toilet with the door wide open. But regrettably it seemed she was very curious to where this was all leading. As I looked up at my wall clock I felt like I was going to faint, my heart was beating so fast. It was almost nine o'clock and I remembered Bridget had instructed me to bring an implement suitable for punishing me. Hastily I went to my wardrobe and nervously began to forage around for something suitable. Emma enquired as to what I was looking for, but I was too embarrassed to respond. I searched in my sports bag and found my old ping pong paddle. I hesitated to pull it out as even the thought of it impacting my backside sent shivers up my spine.

However I was out of time and I dared not be late as I knew it would give Bridget an excuse to increase my punishment even further. I removed the ping pong paddle from my sports bag, took hold of Emma's hand and literally dragged her out of her seat and across the floor towards Bridget's bedroom. I had no idea how I could even begin to explain to Emma what she was about to witness, so figured it was just easier to drag her behind me into the lion's den.

Despite the noise we made entering her bedroom in a rush, Bridget did not even look up from her book she was reading at her desk. Now that I was standing there I suddenly felt very awkward and nervous. I knew I had to stand in the 'attention' position that Bridget had taught me, but I had the ping pong paddle in my hand. I couldn't think of anything else other than to hold it in my mouth. I then reached behind myself and gripped hold of my buttocks, squeezing them tightly, while at the same time opening my legs to shoulder width apart.

Emma had been left standing behind me, just inside the doorway. Tentatively she stepped forward so that she was to the side of me, but far enough forward so that she could stare into my eyes. Briefly I exchanged glances with her and saw the look of total astonishment registering on her face. This was hardly surprising given I was standing in my roommate's bedroom, totally naked, gripping my buttocks, legs apart, and with a ping pong bat hanging out of my mouth. You do not exactly see that everyday, and I was not sure I could ever explain it.

Suddenly Bridget finally stood up and turned to face me.

"Are you gripping your buttocks tightly?"

"Yes, Bridget," I blushed with humiliation.

She turned to Emma. "Don't you think your friend looks very pretty?"

For once Emma was lost for words and simply shrugged her shoulders.

"Well I think she looks very sweet and submissive." With that Bridget stepped forward and removed the paddle from my mouth. "A ping pong paddle. How very appropriate. I bet you purchased this in the hope that someone would use it on your pert little derriere?"

I shook my head in denial. "I have played ping pong since I was little," I pleaded in defence.

"So you say, so you say," she responded whimsically. "Now get down in the doggy position and get ready for your punishment.

Despite my total humiliation I did not hesitate to respond, getting down on all fours before arching my back and pointing my buttocks as high in the air as I could manage.

"Turn around so your bottom is pointing towards Emma. I want her to get a good view of your punishment."

I groaned in dismay but shuffled around until my rear was pointing towards my friend, then arched my back again and thrust my buttocks outwards and upwards. I knew that Emma would get a full view of my anus as well as a portion of my labia squeezed out between my thighs, which only served to make my situation even more humiliating.

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