tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 08

Life of Angela Ch. 08


Life of Angela

By Alfamann

Despite everything, Angela finally did complete college, and even studied law at university. To her surprise by the time she completed her education her body no longer looked like that of a skinny teenager with tiny breasts. She stopped doing athletics at 19 and once she did her boobs and the rest of her body decided it was time to blossom. Angela missed her athletics, but having a 24B cup more than compensated for it.

After working for a period as a law clerk in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, she decided it was time to venture out and see the world. England was her destination

Chapter 8


Angela loved being a New Zealander living in London. She had a two year working Visa, had been able to secure herself a law clerical job in the heart of London, and had her own room in a flat in Putney. At 22 years of age, she has a lot going for her. One could say that life was good, except that life in her flat was far from normal. Given her past history it was obvious to see Angela’s destiny was clearly to live a life that was far from ordinary.

Angela shared her living accommodation with two other couples. Tom and Tracy were an Australian couple in their mid-20s, while Jeff and Michelle were both English and came from Cornwall. Jeff was in his early 20s and it was his parents who owned the house they all lived in. It was purchased for him by his parents, who were seemingly wealthy, owning two hotels in St Austell. Michelle was an attractive blonde who was only in her late teens.

The two couples had been living together for over 18 months when Angela shifted into the spare room. For the first few months everything had been very ordinary, but now the living arrangement was far from normal. Because you see Angela was virtually their little submissive slut.

The majority of the evenings they all spent together were very normal. They would generally arrive home from work around six o'clock and take turns at cooking the evening meal while sharing a bottle of wine. The conversation was always vibrant and funny. They all got on so well together. After the meal they would generally all squeeze into the small lounge and either read or watch television.

But at least once a week it would all change and Angela just never knew when these occasions would occur. They were not planned. But the randomness of these occasions only just added to the excitement for Angela. Yes she dreaded them. They were humiliating beyond belief. She just could not believe how she submitted herself totally to her four flatmates who were all around her own age. Michelle was only 19, for heaven's sake.

Often Angela would have her nose in a book when she would sense that one of her flatmates was looking at her. She would feel the hairs rise up on the back of her neck. On this occasion it is Michelle who was staring at her with a mischievous smile.

"Hello Angela," Michelle whispers quietly to her flatmate who is already becoming flushed in her face.

The three remaining flatmates suddenly stop what they are doing and turned towards Angela, further enhancing the embarrassment. Tom reaches for the remote control of the TV and turns the sound off. The room is silent and all eyes are firmly fixated on Angela. They all know that ‘Hello Angela’ is the quirky little code they have that indicates the evening is about to get very, very exciting.

Neither of the two couples could have ever imagined just how much fun it could be having a submissive living under their roof. Not that they knew Angela was a submissive when they selected her to share their flat with them almost 6 months ago. When they interviewed her for the spare room in the flat they all instantly liked the friendly, bubbly lass from New Zealand. Sure Tom and Jeff both thought she was attractive in a tomboyish sort of way. Her brunette hair was cropped very short for a female, but it really suited her. She was only slightly built with an amazingly narrow waist and a firm stomach, however had surprisingly well developed breasts for one so small. She was at least a B cup.

But despite the fact Angela was pretty, the boys certainly had nothing sexual on their mind when they voted for her to be selected for the spare room. Both Tom and Jeff were very happy in their relationships. Tom and Tracy had been together for over four years and were engaged to be married. Their plans were to return to Australia next year, get married and settled in Sydney where Tom planned to join his father's law firm.

Jeff and Michelle had both attended the same college in St Austell, although Jeff was several years ahead of Michelle. Jeff had dated Michelle's older sister, Elisabeth, for almost a year before breaking up. However Jeff had eyes for his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister and caused quite a stir in their family’s household when he rang Michelle up out of the blue and asked her out on a date. Elisabeth was never able to forgive her younger sister for what she saw as this rather irrational act of betrayal. It was for this reason Jeff and Michelle decided to relocate to London where Jeff was able to get a job working for the London stock exchange. Their decision to relocate was certainly made a lot easier when Jeff’s Dad offered to purchase the house in Putney.

Angela could feel the butterflies in her stomach as her five flatmates turned their attention to her. Already you could sense the tension in the room. No one really knew what was likely to happen next. But since Michelle had initiated things, everyone was happy for her to be in charge, at least initially.

Angela always seem to find it the most embarrassing when Michelle was in charge. She always found it hard when one of the two girls were leading proceedings, because being directed to humiliate yourself by a female was somehow more perverse. Making matters worse, Michelle had this outlandish streak that pushed Angela to her most extreme limits.

It is hard to understand how Angela would let anyone humiliate her in this manner, be they male or female. Why would a pretty, intelligent and financially secure young lady submit herself to this type of treatment? Angela had asked herself this very same question many, many times throughout her life.

“Go and get some rope," Michelle quietly directed, her eyes sparkling in anticipation of what lay ahead.

Angela bit her lower lip apprehensively before sliding off her chair and nervously taking the short walk to her bedroom where the rope was stored in her bottom drawer for when it was requested by one of her flatmates. It had been over a month since Angela had been requested to get the rope. She knew that tonight she was going to be thoroughly degraded. Never a week went by that Angela was not subject to at least one "Hello Angela" evening of submission. But they never followed a set pattern. These are what made them so incredibly exciting, as much as she hated to admit it. The infrequent sessions with the rope were always amongst the most intense times.

After fetching the rope Angela re-entered the small lounge where her four flatmates were seated, anticipation etched all over their faces. Standing in front of Michelle, she handed over the rope and then placed her hands on her head. This was the way she always had to stand while she was waiting for instructions. It was very demeaning for a grown woman of 22 to have to stand in front of her flatmates with her hands on her head, however she also knew it was very mild compared to what was almost certainly going to follow.

"Would Angela like to remove her clothes?" Michelle enquired of the hapless woman standing before her.

Angela knew it was a question for which she could only give one answer, for even if she replied ‘no’ she was going to end up naked anyway. The only purpose of the question was to humiliate Angela.

"Yes, please," Angela managed to mumble.

"You mean you want to be naked in front of all your flatmates?" Michelle grinned.

"Yes," Angela again mumbled, her eyes downcast, too embarrassed to look any of her flatmates in the eye.

"Even though there are boys present in the room?" Michelle persisted, loving the power that was in her hands.

"Yes." Angela responded, already feeling totally degraded. But she could also feel a beautiful warmth beginning to radiate through her body, and she knew there would be a telltale wet spot on her panties.

“You must be a real slut, wanting to show off your body like that? Are you a slut?”

"Yes, I guess I am a slut," Angela reluctantly admitted.

"A total slut who wants to take off her clothes and show us her beautiful pert body?"

Angela blushed even more. She could not bear to look at her flatmates.

"Take off your T-shirt and hand it to me," Michelle requested, holding out her hand.

Taking a deep breath, Angela took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and slowly levered it over her head, exposing her blue lacy bra to her five flatmates. Handing her T-shirt over to Michelle was an act of delicious submission.

"Now the jeans," Michelle again held out her hand.

With her heart pounding with excitement, Angela fumbled at the buttons on the fly of her jeans. Slowly, with excruciating humiliation, Angela lowered her jeans to her ankles and stepped out of them. She reached down, picked them up, and handed them to her young flatmate.

"Hands on your head."

Facing her five flatmates, Angela raised her hands and placed them on her head. She was dressed in only her underwear.

"Well those panties are not very flattering," Tom quipped.

He was right. Angela was wearing a pair of well worn, faded panties with a tear around the elastic waistband. But when she had dressed herself in the morning she was not thinking she was going to have to display her underwear to spectators.

“Sorry,” was all Angela could mutter, feeling every bit like a naughty little girl who had not been able to dress herself properly.

"If she is going to dress herself so unflatteringly I think perhaps she needs her bottom spanked," Jeff commented, barely able to suppress his smile.

Angela knew this was all part of the game of humiliation. Invariably her flatmates would always find some excuse to want to punish her. Angela knew it would do her no good to try to protest. In fact it would only increase the chance she would be punished more.

“Whose turn is it to punish her?" Tracy enquired.

"Well I think the pleasure might be mine," Tom grinned, anticipation written all over his face. Bringing his knees together, he patted his thigh and beckoned for Angela to assume the position she was all too familiar with.

Slowly she shuffled over to stand beside Tom, feeling light headed from a mixture of humiliation and desire. She knelt down and lowered her body over his knee, her buttocks presenting themselves delightfully to her male flatmate. Even though she kept her legs closed she knew only too well that the big wet spot on the crutch of her panties would be visible to everyone. She knew they probably could also smell her arousal as well as see it. The thought of this only served to increase her utter humiliation.

Tom hooked his finger in the waistband of Angela’s panties.

“Please can I keep my knickers on?” Angela pleaded, even though she knew it would fall on deaf ears. But it was her first instinct to at least make an attempt to preserve her modesty.

Tom allowed himself a small laugh. “I think not, my pretty little flatmate. In fact they are such a shabby pair of knickers you are wearing I feel like I need to tear them off you and throw them in the bin.”

All the others, except Angela, agreed this was a fine idea. With that, Tom suddenly took hold of the rear of her panties and tugged up with considerable strength. Angela yelped in a mixture of surprise, humiliation and mild pain as the crutch of her panties bit deep into her vagina before the material tore. Once removed, Tom curled them into a ball and launched them into the fireplace where the shredded remains of the panties soon sizzled into flames, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

The now knickerless Angela hung helplessly over her flatmate’s lap, her posterior totally exposed. She also knew the swollen lips of her labia would also be partially on view. Desperately she tried to keep her legs as closed as possible, waiting for the inevitable spanking she knew she was about to receive. Angela did not have long to wait. Like a naughty girl over her father’s knee, Tom took little mercy on her, spanking each cheek repeatedly until they were bright red. Despite Angela’s best efforts, tears began to roll down her cheek, as much as from the mortification of being spanked as from the pain. She was also bucking around on Tom’s lap, presenting an undignified spectacle to her flatmates.

Thankfully for Angela the spanking stopped, and she hung lifelessly over Tom’s lap, sobbing quietly, with her red buttock cheeks on display.

“Stand up,” Michelle quietly commanded, after giving Angela several minutes to compose herself a little.

Slowly Angela unfolded herself from her undignified position over Tom’s knee, using the palms of both hands to wipe away the last of her tears. Once standing, she placed her hands on her head, facing her four flatmates. Now clothed in only her bra she felt totally exposed, especially as her pussy was fully on display. Making her embarrassment even worse was the fact that she had not been able to trim her pubic hair for almost a month, therefore her triangular thatch was thick and dark. It was not that Angela was lazy about her personal appearance; in fact she was exactly the opposite.

The reason her pubic hair had not been trimmed was because her flatmates had forbid her to perform this task herself. One of several rules they had invented just for Angela was that her pubic hair could only be trimmed once a month, and when that time came it was a real ritual that was designed to totally humiliate her.

“Wow, look at that bushy little muff you have.” Tracey couldn’t help emphasising the obvious to her hapless flatmate. “Must be almost time for a shave, isn’t it?”

Angela could only blush.

“Oh, I think those curls look pretty. Let’s wait for another week or so,” Jeff smiled, his eyes firmly focused on his attractive flatmate’s pubic triangle. Even though he had seen her naked many times he still found it highly arousing. The bulge in his track suit trousers was testimony to this fact.

“Take your bra off,” Michelle took control again.

Angela lowered her hands from above her head, reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She then let her last remaining item of clothing slide down her arms and fall onto the carpet at her feet before placing her hands back on her head again.

Michelle stood up, holding the rope in her hands and walked behind Angela. “Put your arms behind your back.”

Angela obeyed, bringing her hands together behind her. She felt Michelle firstly tying her hands, before using the remainder of the rope to also secure her elbows together. To achieve this Angela had to arch her shoulders back, which only served to thrust her breasts out provocatively. Jeff squirmed in his seat as his penis went rock hard in his track pants. Michelle glanced down and grinned at her partner’s obvious discomfort. Fortunately she was not the jealous type, and really couldn’t blame him for getting turned on by the sight of the naked and bound female before him. What male wouldn’t be?

In fact, even though she had never admitted as much to Jeff, she herself also found the scene highly arousing. She did not consider herself bisexual, but there was something about her submissive flatmate that was a turn-on. It was a real rush to be in control of someone with a sexually submissive personality who would literally do almost anything you commanded. It tended to bring out a side of your personality you never even knew existed. Michelle realised she tended to be a ‘Queen Bitch’ when she took control of Angela, but it was such a rush of adrenalin and pleasure that she couldn’t help herself.

Michelle sat down to admire her handiwork. Angela stood awkwardly before them, totally naked, arms tied tightly behind her, breasts thrusting provocatively forward, and her untrimmed pubic triangle pointing invitingly towards her just visible labia. Her buttocks were a nice shade of red from her recent spanking. Her face and chest were flush from a mixture of humiliation and arousal.

They left her standing before them for several minutes. The four flatmates, Tom, Tracey, Jeff and Michelle, each enjoying the sight of the naked and bound Angela. Tom, like Jeff, felt hornier than a rhinoceros. The truth be known he found his submissive flatmate an entirely shaggable prospect, and would love nothing better than to have her bend her bound body forward at the waist so that he could fuck her hard from behind. But alas, he was also smart enough to know it would be the end of his relationship with Tracey, and he valued that far greater than the short term pleasure he would derive.

In reality, Tom was just thankful that Tracey was agreeable to them both participating in the rituals of humiliating Angela. Tracey had initially been reluctant, but to Tom’s great surprise she gradually became a very enthusiastic participant. Tracey herself still could not believe she had allowed herself and Tom to become involved. She was always outspoken about female exploitation and have never as much as watched an adult movie. But there was something magnetic, almost hypnotising, about observing another human being, especially a female, allowing herself to be degraded in such a manner, yet at the same time clearly becoming totally aroused by the situations she found herself placed in.

Still seated, Michelle opened her legs slightly and tapped her hand on one of her knees. She beckoned for Angela to sit down on her, astride of her knee. Angela inched forward until she was standing over Michelle’s knee, and then slowly lowered herself, being careful not to lose her balance. She was facing Michelle, and embarrassingly her nipples were only an inch or two from her face. She could not lean backwards otherwise she risked overbalancing. But even worse was that by having to sit astride of Michelle her swollen labia was open and pressed hard against the jean clothed leg of her flatmate. She could feel her sensitive buttocks pressing against the denim. Already she was so aroused she would loved to have gyrated her pubic bone against the leg in an attempt to gain stimulation, but dared not degrade herself in such a manner, at least not yet!

“How is my little flatmate feeling?” Michelle purred. “Are you wet already?”

Angela blushed and nodded. She knew from experience that she did not want to try and deny she was sexually aroused. Michelle blew warm air through her lips, directed at the nipples that were now less than an inch from her face. Angela’s nipples were already as hard as erasers on the end of pencils, and the hot breathe blowing over them felt achingly pleasant. She had to suppress a groan of ecstasy.

“I hope I am not going to find your wet juices all over my nice clean jeans, am I?” Michelle again purred, loving every second of every moment she had in control of a woman who was four years older than herself.

Angela could not bring herself to respond. This was not the first time she had to endure sitting astride of Michelle’s knee, and she knew full well her juices would leave a very noticeable stain, a very clear sign to all of the extent of her arousal. An unspoken sexual tension hung in the air like static electricity.

A knock on the front door cut through the tension in the room. Angela was told to stand up so Michelle could answer the door. Gingerly she stood up, and was mortified to see that the stain she had left on Michelle’s knee was far greater than she had expected. It was far from a little wet spot.

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