tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife Sentence Ch. 02

Life Sentence Ch. 02


Penny's story was long and confused in places, often vague, but at times very detailed. In particular her recollection of the first time she had sex with my Boss seemed almost incredibly lucid until she explained why she had the story so ready to tell.

"It was my first time ever. And it was lovely. Really, it was wonderful. I used to think about it a lot when times got bad. I could remember it so well that it made it all bearable. I used to tell it to myself over and over again, sometimes in my head when something horrible was happening to me, it made me relax, ignore the pain. I could go there and think about it being him, about the first time and the joy and the way he was, and sometimes it would even help me get a bit turned on, so I would get wet, which really helped when they were just, well, just using me.

We were in The Boss's lodge in Aspen. (Of course she used his real name, but in this story, due to my desire to keep breathing and remain employed, I won't.) It was summer and we had dinner on the porch, with wine and a sunset, and moved in for drinks afterwards, and talked in candlelight. And he kissed me. He had kissed me once or twice before, in a friendly way, but there was passion in this one, and I was suddenly very turned on. It was a roller-coaster. His hands brushed over my clothes, roaming everywhere and setting my nerves on fire. He kissed my earlobes and neck and pulled my blouse open a little to kiss my throat and then undid a button to kiss lower between my breasts. It just felt right to open another button for him, and to keep on until my blouse was completely undone.

I had kissed and petted a bit with a boy at a party once, but this was different. He was a man, confident and in control, he knew what to do and what to expect and I just followed him. So when he undid a shirt button I naturally helped undo the rest and help him off with it, and when he put his arms around me beneath my blouse and pulled me against his bare chest to kiss me again, well, it was intoxicating.

Slipping off my blouse was instinctive, I wanted to feel his skin against mine, and in a moment more my bra seemed so artificial and such a barrier that it had to go. So suddenly I was topless, half naked, tongue kissing a part naked man, who was running his hands over my bare back and up my neck into my hair. He pulled my head back gently but firmly and kissed my throat, my ear, and my shoulder, and then looked down at my nipples.

It was a strange moment for me. I remember thinking clearly and calmly 'He is looking at my naked breasts. No one else has ever done that. I really want him to touch them, and kiss them, and from the look on his face I think he is going to do it.'

He surprised me then by murmuring "Beautiful" and then kissing my neck again, but it wasn't long until he took my right nipple in his mouth and brushed the tips of his fingers over the left one. I held the back of his head as he sucked and licked them to hardness, and I felt a tingle between my thighs. I think I moved to wrap my legs around him, and push myself against him, and he alternated between kissing my mouth and working on each breast in turn. It was then that I felt he was hard in his trousers pushing against my crotch.

I had never seen a man naked before, but I had heard stories from girls at school, so I knew what it was. I have to say it excited me, and scared me a little. His hardness was against my softness, and it felt good to rub against him. So when his hand came down to caress me there I was happy to respond, and when he told me to undo my belt I went further and undid the fly of my jeans as well.

Of course he was pretty quick to slide his hand inside and press a finger against my knickers, pushing into my slit and rubbing against my clit, which just sent me wild. I had never felt anything like it before, and when he pushed my jeans down a little to get a better angle and touch my inner thighs I was eager to help remove them. He stroked my whole body then, laying me out along the couch, kneeling beside it, so he could let his hands dance over my hair and face, my breasts and stomach, my legs and feet, my arms and hands, kissing me everywhere as his hands roved in different directions. I remember that he finally slipped his hand down into my underpants and ran a finger down my slit just as he was squeezing my breast with his other hand and licking the inside of my right elbow joint.

I am sure I gasped, but I made no protest, even when he began to work his finger inside me. I was wet with excitement and as he sucked on my nipples and caressed my face I found myself taking his thumb in my mouth and echoing the pulse of his penetration of my other lips. It was another of those moments of clarity. I remember thinking 'I should open my legs wider to let him get his hand round so he can push his finger deeper in. In fact I should take my knickers off as well'

So I did, or at least I pushed them down as far as I could. He pulled his fingertip out, which made me whimper, but only long enough to push my pants all the way off. When his hand came back up the length of my leg, gently pulling my knee to the side it was natural to move the other leg to match, opening my thighs as his fingers smoothed over them and one went straight to my pussy and continued on in to its full depth.

That made me gasp as well. He was so sweet then. He looked at me with such concern and asked if I was alright, if he had hurt me, as he gently pulled his finger out. When I told him I was just surprised, that it didn't really hurt, that it was just because no one had ever done that to me before, he was so gentle, his look was so warm, I just felt loved, and free.

Of course I know now that he was really full of the joy of conquest, smug with having fooled me, anticipating what was to come, but he sounded so surprised and pleased, and so I was pleased and flattered. And it has to be said he was so good at turning me on.

He looked at me with those beautiful dark eyes and said 'I know you said you had never had a real boyfriend but I thought you had maybe fooled around a bit. You have really never had a boy touch you here before?'

So I said 'No. I have never been touched anywhere by a boy. I have never been naked with a man before'

He smiled again, and my heart melted, and he swept his eyes over me, and said 'So I am the first to see you like this, in all your beauty?' All I could do was nod, and blush. 'And I am the first to touch you here, and here, and here?' He brushed his fingers over my breasts and inner thigh and through my pubic hair, while I whispered 'Yes'. 'And I am the first to touch you here?' heralded another penetration of my body. 'Oh yes.' "And I am the first to kiss you here?' he murmured as he bent to suck on my nipples, 'and here?' as he moved down to kiss my navel, 'And here?' as he used his tongue on my mound and into my slit, finding my clitoris and sending me soaring to orgasm. I know I went wild then, clawing at his head as he kept lapping at my pussy, and using his finger in me, pushing my legs up and wide to allow him to lick the full length of my slit up and down, and plunging his tongue into me so his nose rested on my clit. I came then.

I had only had half a dozen orgasms before that, the product of half-formed naughty dreams and guilty experiments after listening to the girls talk in school. This was not like those. It was a whole new level, and made my body spasm all over, and I ran out of breath. My mind shut down.

When I started to come around he moved up onto the couch, to hold me, and murmured gentle words. I felt so warm, so adored. I didn't notice he was naked, he must have slipped his trousers and underpants off while I was distracted as he was licking me out. He was on top of me, between my open legs, his bare cock against my wet and tingling pussy. I couldn't help starting to move against him, my hips responding to the pressure, my hands began to explore and caress him. When he shifted position and the tip of his cock was suddenly pressing against the opening of my pussy, parting my lips, I didn't even think of what was happening, I just flexed to press against him, to push myself onto him. It was huge, it stretched and filled me, but it felt good. He was kissing my mouth and made a little sigh as I flexed against him, and I felt his cock pulse and swell, and push another millimetre in. I could feel myself stretching, relaxing and giving way, his cock relentlessly but gently and slowly opening me up, and I worked myself onto it , with only the tiniest gentle movements from him. It was only when he was all the way in, and I could feel his balls against me and he drew back an inch or two and then pushed into me again, and then did it again, and his rhythm sped up, that I had that moment of clarity again, and knew what I was doing.

It was weird. In the midst of that overwhelming passion I thought 'That is his cock in me. My god, this must be what the girls called fucking. I am being fucked. I'm not a virgin any more.' It was glorious, liberating, and a little scary. I thought for half a second about getting pregnant, and then gave up all worries as he raised himself on his arms and began to deeply shaft me. I was lying on my back with my legs wide open, my arms thrown above my head, aware that my tits were bouncing back and forward in front of his gaze, knowing that he was looking down between my legs to see his glorious cock sliding in and out of my wet and pulsing pussy lips. I was more naked and vulnerable than ever in my life, and I did not care because it felt fantastic.

So I came again, and he kept fucking me, and he started asking me questions again 'Is that good?' 'You like my cock in you?' 'You know what I am doing, now, you know what this is called?' I answered 'yes' each time.

'What is it called?'

I answered 'Fucking'

'Do you want me to keep fucking you?'


'What do you want me to do?'

'Fuck me, please fuck me."

He grinned at that and said 'I am the luckiest man alive.'

Even at that moment I thought it was a strange thing to say. Each time he had asked me a question he had thrust into me, forcing my answer as a gasp and seemed energised by my words, but suddenly he had stopped moving, and it was as if he was now thinking about other things instead of being with me in the moment of passion. Of course now I wonder if he was ever really with me, if it was all manipulation and seduction, and selfish personal pleasure, but then, and afterwards when men had turned sex into a chore and a horror, I lost myself in that fantasy.

So I asked him why he had said that and he answered 'Any man in the world would think himself lucky to be fucking a woman as beautiful as you. Handsome young men are lying alone in bed dreaming of doing what I am doing now. Any man would be lucky to know that the woman liked him fucking her. Virile young studs with endless hard-ons would die to hear their partners coming and begging for more. But to be the first one in the world to fuck such a beautiful woman, to be the one hear you say for the first time "please fuck me," for an old bloke like me, old enough to be your father, to be fucking an eighteen year old virgin and have her come around my cock, and want more... that is more than lucky. That makes me the luckiest man alive. Because you are utterly gorgeous."

He thrust into me again, on the last word, and it made me gasp again.

"Utterly beautiful"

Another thrust

"So soft,"

another stroke

"So wet"

another, faster and harder

"So Hot"

a full length deep fuck stroke

"So tight"

fast, deep, his balls slapping against my ass

"so smooth"


"so sweet"

hard and long

"so pretty"

deep with a tiny pause to press against my clit

"so young"

another pause while his eyes swept over me

"so utterly"

no pause this time


swifter between strokes


a faster rhythm now





























"I'm coming in you"


"I'm coming in your pussy"

And he collapsed on me. He went from confident, controlling, dominant virile man to helpless little boy in half a second, clinging to me, shaking, and making tiny moans, And I held him and stroked his hair and wrapped myself around him and felt his cock wilt inside me."

She had been lost in the story for a while, chanting the rhythm of that first fuck, her body miming the jolt of each thrust, and then folding her arms around herself as she talked of the post orgasmic lassitude of her love, but then her head came up and she spoke with an altogether different passion. There was a fire in her that I had not seen before.

"I don't know how many men I have seen have orgasms since, but I always think of that. All of them, every time, if only for a half a second, go through that. Even the most brutal and dismissive. When they come they are just for a moment as vulnerable and weak as a child. As weak as me. And even if they won't admit it, they have come because of me. I made them lose control, I made them weak. Even though I could never do anything, I could never take advantage of that moment of weakness, knowing that made me strong. Until I got too tired, and I just got lost in my head. The drugs and the things they made me do. I didn't want to do those things you know, please don't take me back and make me do those things again."

Penny broke down then, and it was some time before she could talk further.

I realised that I was holding her and stroking her hair and promising that I would not take her back, and that was not quite true. I had to go to the next Meeting, and the Committee had decreed that I had to take her to the Red Room. Madame Rouge, the mistress of the room might order us, or just her, to do all manner of things, some as dreadful as the unnamed horrors which haunted Penny. However there was a rule in the Red Room that owners could specify that nothing that did permanent physical harm should be allowed, and since the surgery to repair her ruptured sphincter and vaginal tearing had only been a few months ago I could at least request that she should be spared any anal sex and the extreme fisting and double fucking she had undergone at the last Meeting.

I was a little ashamed when that thought made my cock twitch, and she noticed.

"Oh, Master, I am neglecting you. I should have thought you would get turned on. It makes me horny talking about this. It always did, that is why I thought it through so much. Would you like me to suck you off? I could tell you about the first time I did that as well."

It was an offer I could not refuse, so she took my cock in her hand and gently wanked me, and sucked me, and in between sucking me she told me about the first time she gave The Boss a blow-job.

"It was the next morning. We had fallen asleep together and when I woke I suddenly remembered what we had done and that I might be pregnant, so I panicked a bit, but The Boss calmed me down by telling me that he had got a vasectomy years before. He told me I should have a close look to see the scars for myself. It was the first time I had seen a cock and balls that close, and he got me to touch them, to find the scars.

Of course he started to get hard then, and he encouraged me to go on touching him, to play with him, to wank him, and then to kiss him.

I was a bit shocked by that. I had heard of a 'blow-job' but had never really taken the idea seriously. I mean who could believe that a girl would really put that in their mouth? But then again I had not really believed the stories about fucking either, and once I was actually up close to his cock it didn't look so bad. Not as pretty as your cock though. Yours is so smooth and so well proportioned, his is really wrinkled and bends to the side. But in any case, I kissed it. Like this.

She gave the tip of my cock a gentle peck.

"Of course he wanted more, so he asked me to do it again, and to linger, so gradually I learned to do this"

She gave me a long drawn out complicated demonstration, kissing, licking, sucking and wanking me into her mouth.

I have to say, she is very good at it.

"Being so naive as I was I didn't think it was odd when he asked me to do this. " she said, and began to lick my balls. She wanked me slowly as she twirled her tongue around each one, and licked down each side, back up and down my shaft, and then in underneath and up between them, all the way up to suck my cock again.

It was not the first time she had done that to me, but it was strangely erotic to think that she had done it the first time she ever gave head. I knew women who would never do such a thing, never mind those who would not think of sucking a cock. I was close to orgasm when she did it again.

"I was also so innocent that I never thought what would happen when he came, so when he got close, like you, and he asked me to suck him again, and to keep wanking him in my mouth, and he put his hand on my head, and squirted his spunk into me, and told me to swallow it, I just did." She smiled, and looked me in the eye and said "Like this."

With her hand pulsing my foreskin up and down, her lips and tongue sucking and rubbing my glans, her other hand fondling my balls and her big brown eyes fixed on mine, it was only seconds until I blew.

When I got my breath back I said "Thank you. "

She laughed and broke into a grin. I realised it was the first time I had seen her do that. I asked her why she laughed.

"Well for one thing, it is a long time since anyone said 'thank you' to me. But also because I kind of enjoyed that, and it has been a long time since that happened too."

"What do you mean 'kind of enjoyed' it? "

"Well, actually, it was fun. A bit exciting, I was interested in how you reacted. I wanted you to enjoy it, and I got a bit turned on. I haven't felt that way for a while. I should say 'thank you' to you. And thank you for being so kind and patient to me. I know I haven't been easy for the last few months, since you bought me, but you have been very good to me. I appreciate that."

It was true. I had bought her on a whim, when she was a damaged and scarred mess, withdrawn and traumatised. I had no right to buy her, since I was only representing The Boss, who was a Gentleman Member of the exclusive club of sex slave dealers known as The Circle. But I had taken pity on her because I saw the tattoo that showed that she had once belonged to my Boss, and I recognised her as a girl I had once helped him to seduce and then sell into slavery. Then I had got stuck with her, a life sentence for both of us, as The Committee who run the Circle decided that I must keep her, or they would kill us both.

Even so, I had been kind to her, never forced her to do anything unpleasant (although getting her to look after herself had required some harsh words on occasion, and some of the medical and cosmetic treatments had been painful). I had nothing else to spend my money on in any case, so I didn't mind that I spent a lot of money on her: on surgery to repair her distended sphincters, ripped vagina and torn nipple, and to repair and remove scars and tattoos. I decided that if I was going to have to live with her I would at least make her less awful to look at, and it had to be said that good diet, exercise and help from a beautician had massively improved her. In fact, now that she was smiling and interactive, she was quite attractive.

That thought struck me hard. After the first night when I had to take her to the Red Room I had not fucked her. Her gaping loose anus had disgusted me, as had her spotted, bruised and inelastic skin. I kept her clothed and made her sleep in the spare room. However I did let her give me blow-jobs sometimes.

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