tagIncest/TabooLife with My Step-Daughter Ch. 18

Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 18


I was a couple of hours away from home with a story to be told. I was so wrapped up tying to get into Liz's pants that I forgot how much I loved my job. Writing, for me, is a way to express my most inner feelings without getting emotional. I arrived in Wichita in the late evening and I started writing the story. Early Tuesday morning, I faxed my first report to my editor and it made the press for the evening edition.

I was on a natural high and lost all visions of Beth and Liz. The week just flew by and by Friday afternoon my editor called me and said, "Job well done, have a great weekend!" Alright! Time to head back home. I had such a great time that I never even called home and to think about it the girls didn't call me! They must have had a good time too!

I called home and Beth answered. "Hi honey, my work in Wichita is over. I should be home in a couple of hours. Don't fix me anything for supper, I'll eat something on the road."

Beth said, "Thank God. I don't know how much more of this I can handle."

"What's the matter?"

Halfway laughing and halfway serious Beth said, "That daughter of yours is wearing me out. A week ago I had never touched another woman in a sexual way. Now every time I turn around Liz has something new for me to try."

"Are you complaining?"

There was a moment of silence then Beth said, "No... not really. I'm just worn out. I'm ready for you to take over. I need a rest." I let out a big laugh and Beth said, "And I'm a little nervous. Liz was hoping you'd be back tonight for her party. Do you know what she means by that?"

"Huh... no I don't. I'll see you in awhile." My mind began racing wondering about Liz's party. I had a good idea of what kind of party awaited me but I didn't want to tell Beth over the phone. My high from work was gone and a new high was waiting for me at home with my 50 year old wife and my 18 year old step-daughter.

As I got closer to home I began getting more excited as well as anxious! What were Liz's plans for the evening? As I headed down the road to our home there was nothing out of the ordinary. Liz's car was parked out front and no one else was there. Great! Just me and my gals.

I walked in the back door and saw Beth loading the dishwasher. She was wearing a bath robe, but when she leaned over I could see her nice wide butt. She was nude under that robe. I didn't question her about it. "Hi honey... miss me?"

Beth turned around and her bathrobe was half way open and I could easily see her cleavage from across the kitchen. "I am so happy you are home. I was really starting to get nervous."

I kicked off my shoes and began unbuttoning my shirt but before I could ask Beth what was going on Liz came running down the hallway. Well, one week away from home didn't change Liz, she was butt naked and ear to ear grin. She gave me a hug and said, "Hi daddy, let me help you." As I continued unbuttoning my shirt, Liz dropped to her knees, undid my belt and pants, and in pretty quick order I was entirely nude. She gave me one good hard yank, "Boy did we miss you."

And she stood up and walked over to Beth. "Mommy's scared because Eve and Jimmy are coming over."

I said, "Oh... that sounds interesting."

Beth said, "It's one thing to be parading around nude in front of each other, but having every body else... see me... it ain't going to happen."

I said, "Oh come on honey. Hell you, Liz, and Eve have seen me nude." I wasn't ready to tell her that I had seen Jimmy and Eve nude. "I wouldn't mind seeing that cute ass of Eve's and it might be kind of interesting to see that dick of Jimmy's. And heck everyone has seen Liz nude. So why not join the party."

Liz said, "Yeah mom... we can show everybody the new you!" Beth lowered her head a bit and blushed.

I had to ask, "The new you?" Liz smiled and opened Beth's bath robe. Beth's bush was gone! She was shaved clean and her lips were nice and puffed out. There was little doubt that Liz had eaten her mom before I got home.

Beth never liked being bald down there. "Damn honey that is hot. You and Liz have matching pussy's. So what else did I miss?"

Liz said, "Mommy let me fuck her with your strap-on and then she fucked me. Mom also said she learned how to do it by fucking you." And out of the kitchen Liz flew. I looked at Beth and she closed her robe and went back to loading the dishwasher. Liz reappeared in the kitchen wearing the strap-on. "Can I try it on you? Mommy made it sound like so much fun. I want to try it! Can I please?" For me and Liz, we had just created our own little role game. I already knew from past experience that she loved fucking my ass.

But I played along and agreed and Liz said, "Great." She grabbed my shoulders and said, "Turn around and bend over." I turned around and bent over the short side of the kitchen table. I put my elbows on the table and stared at the two empty chairs in front of me and the wall. Behind me stood Liz and the rest of the kitchen, with Beth still loading the dishwasher.

Liz kicked my legs out a bit with her feet and asked, "Mommy will you please get me some oil? I don't want to hurt this cute ass." I turned my head to the side and saw Beth walking to my bedroom and come back with the jar of baby oil. I couldn't see what was going on, but I heard the bottle open and the room was quiet for a minute or two. Then I felt Beth's oily fingers on my butt hole, spreading oil around its entrance and then putting a finger inside of me. "Good job mom... thank you."

Then I could hear Beth back up and felt Liz's hands spreading my butt cheeks and ever so slowly and gently Liz entered me. I let out a sigh and Liz said, "I got my dick in you daddy. Look mom I'm fucking daddy." And Liz slowly began fucking my ass. I tried to turn around and see her but the position I was in made it impossible. But laying on the floor were the clothes I had been wearing not ten minutes ago. I had maybe made it ten feet in the house and I was stripped and now being fucked.

"Ooohhh yeah Liz... mommy trained you well."

Beth let out a laugh and said, "I didn't train her... I doubt I was the first person she's humped."

SLAP. Liz gave my butt a nice slap letting everybody know she was running the show. "Does it feel good daddy?"

"Yes sweetheart." I was cautious about how much came out of my mouth. I didn't want Beth to think we had done this before. "Ooohh yeah... your dick feels good sliding in and out of my ass." Beth walked over in front of me, sat in the chair and began playing with herself.

She stood up, opened her robe all the way and said, "Eat my bald pussy. I need your tongue on me." Beth stood in front of my face, which was now down on the table, "Come on honey eat me while our daughter fucks your ass." I loved every second of it. Within a week Liz had brought Beth back to life. I started munching away and on both ends of my body I had hips grinding into me. Beth grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my head in deeper and plastered her twat on my face. I believed I was pretty close when there was a knock on the front door. Beth freaked out and pulled away from me and closed her robe. And she scurried back to the other part of the kitchen. Liz never slowed down. She just kept ramming me with her strap-on.

In through the front door walked Eve and Jimmy. Eve said, "Anybody home?" as they walked in and headed towards the kitchen. They stopped in the dining room and leaned on the kitchen bar. "Damn old man, you must like getting fucked in the ass because the last time I saw you, Beth's sister was fucking you."

Liz said, "Yes he does. Do you remember mom saying she's never seen him with a real dick in his ass? Well maybe we can talk Jimmy into fucking him." I turned my head and Jimmy gave me a scared little grin.

Eve looked at Jimmy and said, "Strip." The way she said it you knew Jimmy was a whipped slave. Jimmy looked at everybody and then stripped. Just as I remembered the boy was already hard and ready for action. Eve said, "Liz you look like you're having fun, maybe your dad will settle for sucking his cock right now." I watched Jimmy slowly walked to the other side of the table and behind him Eve was quickly removing her clothes. How I wished I could see the expression on my wife's face. I must admit, Jimmy has quite an impressive body. To be that young and just be able to walk around with an impressive hard-on was something to be admired.

As he got closer, Liz asked, "Are you ready to let everyone see you suck cock daddy?" Liz pounded my ass with a little bit more authority as Jimmy stood to the side of the table. I reached out and started stroking his hard cock. I began pulling on his cock to make him move closer. But as Jimmy got closer, out of the corner of my eye I saw Beth. She had moved closer to the other end of the table and stood quietly watching me play with Jimmy.

Even though Liz and Eve had seen me suck off Jimmy just a couple of days ago, I still felt a little bit uneasy about it. That part of my life was always very secretive and private. And now my wife would watch it. I opened my mouth and stuck Jimmy's cock in it. "Holy shit... he's doing it." Was all Beth said as she moved closer and sat in the chair just to the left of my head. As I sucked on Jimmy's dick, Beth reached out and started playing with his balls and ran her other hand up and down his chest.

"Give me that cock. I want to suck some young dick. If you want Jimmy you can suck him later." I popped Jimmy's dick from my mouth and Beth took hold of it and stuck it in hers. Any remaining walls Beth had were quickly fading as she sucked Jimmy's cock. I had a perfect view of my wife going up and down on that hard dick. She worshipped it and occasionally she'd take it out of her mouth and lick the whole shaft.

As Liz continued to pound my ass I realized how hard I had become watching Beth. Then behind Beth walked Eve. Eve began rubbing Beth's shoulders and said, "Go for it Beth... suck his cock." Eve's hands reached inside Beth's robe and began playing with her tits. She moved Beth's hair and began nibbling on her neck. Eve removed her hands from inside the robe and undid the clothe belt that kept Beth covered.

Beth kept sucking Jimmy's cock as Eve began removing her bathrobe. Beth quit sucking for a moment and said, "Here keep him hard for a second," as she stuck Jimmy's dick back in my mouth. As I sucked on that hard dick, I watched Beth's robe fall to the floor and watched as she turned into Eve's body. With Jimmy's dick in my mouth I couldn't get a good view of what else was going on above their chests. But I could see Eve sticking her fingers in my wife's bald pussy.

From behind me Liz said, "OK guys... who's next?" Eve moved away from Beth and Beth sat back down and removed Jimmy's dick from my mouth and stuck it back in hers. The dildo in my bung hole was removed, but I didn't move. I was hypnotized watching my wife suck Jimmy's cock.

I was really enjoying the thrill of it all when I felt hands spreading my cheeks apart again. "Ooohhh shit." It wasn't my dildo in my butt it was Eve's. The length of it didn't bother me, it was the thickness that got me. "Easy girl... that's a big one." And Eve was in the mood to fuck my butt like she did when we first did it. There was nothing nice about it. She fucked my ass hard and slapped both my cheeks.

Beth quit sucking Jimmy's cock for a minute and looked at me. She didn't say a word. She just smiled and went back to sucking. I no longer could enjoy the show and I laid my head to the side and took the brutal assault from Eve. "Oooohhh... oohhh... damn... ahhh fuck." Walking in front of me to the other side of the table was Liz.

I readjusted my head and rested my chin on the table. Behind Beth's head and Jimmy's cock was Liz. She looked at me with a wicked smile and then said, "Can I join you mom?" And Beth took her lips from Jimmy's cock and stuck his dick in Liz's mouth. Liz starred at me the whole time as she sucked away. "Do you want some daddy?" And before I could answer Jimmy's dick was back in my mouth. Deep in my mouth as Eve continued to pound away.

Without a word said, Beth began undoing the strap-on from Liz and began putting it on herself. "I haven't fucked your dad in a loooonnnggg time." My ass was getting sore from the pounding Eve was delivering so I was ready for my wife to take over. She moved away from Liz and Jimmy and disappeared behind me. Liz sat in the chair and smiled as I continued sucking Jimmy's cock.

Finally Eve took her massive dildo out of my ass and I relaxed a little. But not for long as I felt my cheeks expanding again and this time my wife entered me. "Oh honey... I missed fucking you. And I'm not going to quit until Jimmy fills your mouth with his sperm." It felt great knowing my wife was using me and even better knowing she was enjoying herself. There was no doubt that Liz had released the wild animal in my wife.

Eve came around and joined Liz as they watched up close as Jimmy fucked my mouth. Eve looked at Beth and asked, "Can Jimmy shoot his load over Dave's face? I think that would be so hot to see his face covered in cum."

Beth's fucking increased with Eve's suggestion and I felt the back of her hand slam on my butt. "I love that idea. What do you think honey?" Shit I couldn't give an answer as my mouth was filled with Jimmy's dick. And he was enjoying his chance for a payback as he was ramming his 6" down my throat. "Well if you ain't going to answer me I guess it's OK. Shoot your load all over Dave's face Jimmy. Give him a cum bath."

I didn't think it was possible but Beth had found a new energy level and my ass was the release point for it. She slammed my ass hard with her dildo and her hand. Liz had an ear to ear grin. "Go mom! Fuck daddy hard." Then she leaned closer to me and said, "You know how to make it stop... suck Jimmy's cock... make him cum daddy... do it for me."

My wife was turned on and my step-daughter was encouraging me to get Jimmy off. I sucked his cock with a new determination to get him off. I reached out with my hand and squeezed his balls. "That's it sir... you're close... oohhh." My wife fucking my ass and Jimmy fucking my face and he still called me sir. I reached behind his balls and stuck a finger in his butt. I was ready for this to end so I fucked his butt with my finger. "Oooohhh shit sir... I'm... going to..." And he pulled his dick from my mouth and started pounding his meat.

It was Eve's turn to get up close and watch what was rapidly reaching a conclusion. "Open your mouth old man." Then she looked up at Jimmy. "Come on boy... cover that face with your cum." All three girls began cheering Jimmy on. And I remained with my mouth open laying across our kitchen table waiting for it all to end. And I kept ramming my finger in Jimmy's asshole.

"Oooohhh fuck... I'm sorry sir.... I'm cuummmiinnnggg.... oohhh." The first shot went up my nose and both Liz and Eve let out a snicker. It caught me by surprise and I tilted my head back and the second shot landed deep in my throat. I tried to swallow and leaned forward and my forehead and eyes then got soaked by Jimmy's massive load. I removed my finger from Jimmy's ass and his hand movements slowed down. With my mouth still open Jimmy leaned back into me and stuck his dick back into my mouth. I sucked his cock clean and swallow the last dribbles from his dick.

Beth pulled out of my ass. And I moved my legs closer together and began getting the circulation back in them. My face was covered in cum and as I stood up I had a raging hard-on. I turned around and Beth had a fearful look in her eyes. I smiled at her and said, "I hope you enjoyed that." I pointed to my cock and said, "It's my turn now." I leaned in and gave her a kiss rubbing Jimmy's cum on my wife's mouth and face.

I turned her around and place her on the table in the same position I had been in. There it was! That beautiful large ass of my wife. Her 40" waist highlighted with those wonderful hips. I looked across the table at Eve and Liz and pointed to Beth's ass. "Now this is an ass. Eve your ass is gorgeous it sticks out and you have a wonderful wiggle. Liz yours is small and kind of innocent looking. But this is an ass I can stick my hands around and grab and pinch and slap." And my hand came down hard on her cheek and it jiggled up and then back down. "Come here Jimmy look at this ass."

And Jimmy came around the table and stood by me and I slapped Beth's ass again. This time she let out a moan and Liz sat next to her and hugged her head on her chest. "OK Jimmy, get back over there and let my wife suck your cock." He had just shot a load all over me so for a little while he would be useless but it would keep Beth's mouth busy. He stood in front of my wife and I watched as her head began moving back and forth on his cock. I stuck two fingers in her sloppy wet cunt and said, "Wow... mommy's excited!"

There was no need for further play and I jammed my cock into her. I grabbed hold of her hips and squeezed the fat in my fist and began fucking my wife with no mercy. I looked at Jimmy, his cum dripping off my face and onto Beth's butt and said, "Damn Jimmy, you're one lucky kid." He looked at me kind of dumbfounded. "How many kids your age can say that their girlfriend sucked their cock and that same girlfriend's mom and dad sucked that same cock?" He had a big smile on his face and realized how special his day was becoming. I was so fucking horny my mind was running wild. I looked at Liz and Eve and said, "Come here."

Both girls walked around the table and looked down at Beth's ass as it bounced around every time I slammed into it. I put my arm around Liz's neck and pulled her close and worked my tongue into her mouth. When she began returning my kiss I pulled her hair and told her, "Get like your mom."

Liz turned and leaned over the table on the right side of her mom. I then grabbed Eve the same way and said, "Look at those two asses. Mother and daughter asses... my asses." As I slammed harder into Beth, Eve willingly accepted my tongue into her mouth and we shared a long kiss. It had been over a week since I had any contact with her and I missed her blowjobs and that perfect ass. I broke our kiss and said, "Be one of my girls!" And Eve smiled and got on Beth's left side and now all three asses were starring at me. Begging me to fuck them.

I pulled Beth's head back by her hair and off of Jimmy's cock and asked her, "Can I stick my dick in Liz and Eve." She was quiet for a moment. And I rammed my dick into her with such force that the table moved a couple of inches. And I asked again, "Can I stick my dick in Liz and Eve as you suck Jimmy's cock?"

"OOooooohhh... yes... ooohh." And I let go of her hair and she went right back down sucking Jimmy's growing cock.

"Oh look at this Jimmy. Three lovely asses and my wife said I can fuck 'em. I think I'll start with this one." And I pulled my drenched cock from Beth's pussy and shuffled behind Eve. I grabbed hold of her hips and said, "Guide me in girl." And Eve reached behind with her hand, took hold of my dick and led me into her pussy. "I'm fucking her Beth. I got my dick in Eve's pussy." And Beth kept sucking on Jimmy's dick. And that boy was starting to get hard again.

There was no foreplay I was beyond worrying about anybody else's needs. I banged in and out of Eve and she said, "Ooohhh Beth... your husband's dick is filling my pussy. Oooohhh fuck Liz... your daddy is fucking me.... fuck me... fuck me hard... harder... ooohhh please." Two fast hard slaps on Eve's ass and I pulled out of her hot snatch and shuffled down to Liz.

"It's Liz's turn honey. I'm going to fuck your daughter." And I slammed my dick into my hot little step-daughter. I had to ask, "Enjoying your party honey?"

"Ooohh fuck daddy... easy... please daddy not so hard." And I kept fucking my hot little play thing and Beth kept sucking Jimmy's cock. "OOooooohhhh... you're hurting me daddy.... please." I looked down at the asses before me, all wiggling and waiting their turn. I looked at Jimmy and saw that he was getting close. "You come in my wife's mouth boy."

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