tagIncest/TabooLife with My Step-Daughter Ch. 21

Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 21


That night I slept like a baby. Hell, I traveled over two hours from Wichita to get home. And when I got home I was fucked all night. Yeah Liz knows how to throw a party. I wasn't use to sleeping in, but that Saturday morning I didn't wake up till 10 o'clock. And I would have slept longer if Liz wasn't sucking my cock. I don't know if Liz was always this way but she was now insatiable.

What a wonderful way to start the morning. Totally relaxed and my step-daughter sucking my cock. As I opened my eyes and turned my head, Beth gave me a loving smile and said, "Good morning sweetheart."

"Uuummmhhh." And I stretched and asked, "Good morning?" And I looked down at Liz, pushed her hair away so I could see her lovely mouth sucking my hard cock, "This is a great morning! Suck my dick little girl. Oh yeah." I couldn't believe how hard I was.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the pillow and was ready to just totally relax and enjoy my wake-up call when there was a knock at the door. "Shit... what are they doing here so early?" I figured it had to be Eve, either alone or with Jimmy.

Liz raised her head and I got out of bed and headed towards the door. Liz asked, "You're answering the door nude?"

"Why not? They've seen me this way before." I turned the knob and there with a big smile and wide open eyes stood my sister-in-law Terri. "Oh crap. Sorry. Come on in. I'll be right back. I'll get some clothes on."

Just as I started to turn Terri grabbed my dick and said, "Oh no. Stay like that. You're pretty hard for this time of the day." Damn she looked hot. Her short salt and pepper hair looked like she was going on business trip. She wore a sleeveless black top and had on a pearl necklace, and long silver ear rings.

As she held on to my dick, I looked down at her legs and she was wearing super tight black dress slacks and three inch high heels. All I could say was, "God you are gorgeous."

I was so mesmerized by her looks that I didn't even notice that her daughter Candy was standing right beside her. Candy's mouth just dropped open starring at my dick as her mom began gently stroking it. All that could come out of my mouth was, "Ah... want to come in?"

Terri moved through the entryway, the whole time holding firm to my dick. Candy meekly moved in with a look of shock on her face. Terri laughed and said, "What's the matter Candy? I know you've seen a dick before." I hadn't seen Candy in awhile and looking at her now there was little doubt that she was Liz's sister.

She was a couple of inches taller then Liz. And at 5'7" she probably weighed 120 pounds. She looked like she worked out a lot. She had on loose gym shorts and an old football jersey cut off just below her tits. They appeared to be larger then Liz's, just using my eyes I'd guess 36 C's.

She was every guy's fantasy standing there. She had dyed her hair a light red and she had it in pigtails. At 29 years old she looked a lot younger. And being divorced with no children my mind began coming up with all sorts of fun things to do with her. I started to close the door and Terri said, "Oh no... not yet. Hal's coming in too."

"What the fuck? Terri I need to get some clothes on!" Candy still just stood there frozen and Terri laughed, pulling my cock a little harder.

"You stay like that. I want Hal to see what a dick looks like." Outside, climbing the wooden steps I could here Hal getting closer and a slight panic entering my mind. "Relax Dave... he's a whimp."

Hal walked in the front door carrying a couple of sacks of groceries. He saw me and then his wife's hand and said, "TERRI... what the hell are you doing?"

"Shut up and look at what a dick looks like." And she stroked my hard dick and still looking at Hal said, "If you had a dick like this... I wouldn't be playing with Dave." Hal moved away from the door and I shut it. I wasn't sure what to think as Hal paced back and forth in the living room watching Terri play with me.

Terri smiled and looked at Candy and said, "This cock needs to be sucked. And I want to suck it." And in front of her daughter and her husband, Terri got on her knees and stuck my dick into her mouth. I looked across the living room and saw Hal sit on the couch not sure what to do. And Candy remained frozen watching her mom.

The more Terri sucked on my dick the more relaxed I got and I put both my hands on her head and began slowly began fucking her face. I heard some footsteps coming down the hall. "Hot damn." I looked up and saw Liz with a big smile, butt naked, walking towards us. "MOM... get in here... you've got to see this." And Liz got past the wall and saw for the first time Candy and Hal.

Without a moments hesitation, Liz walked over to her uncle, leaned over towards him and gave him a hug and a small peck on the lips. Hal's eyes were now glued on my step-daughter as Liz rubbed her hand on his belly. "Damn Uncle Hal, you've put on some weight." Boy, that's no lie. I hadn't seen Hal in a couple of years but he had really exploded. Standing at 6 foot tall he weighed about 280. He had one huge belly.

Liz walked away from him and his eyes followed her little butt as she walked over to Candy and gave her a big hug. "Hi cuz... you look great." But Candy still wasn't responding. She just stood there watching Terri sucking my dick. But Liz wouldn't be denied. She reached under Candy's loose top and grabbed a boob and said, "These feel pretty nice." And slowly she began massaging Candy's tits.

I lost track watching everyone and was enjoying a great blowjob by my sister-in-law. As I watched her ear rings bounce back and forth I heard a new step of feet coming down the hallway. I turned my head and saw Beth coming towards us. With a big smile, "Go sis. All Dave has talked about is wanting to fuck you."

Like Liz, she had no idea that we had more company and as she came into view I looked at Hal and his eyes about popped out of his head - as did Beth's. It was kind of comical watching Beth trying to cover up her flabby boobs and her newly bald pussy. "Oh relax sweetheart. Terri seems to like me being nude and Liz is OK." And I laughed and said, "Look at Hal... he seems to really love it."

Beth blushed and lowered her hands and walked towards her sister. "You like that big cock Terri?" And then she looked at me, "Is my sister a good cocksucker, honey?"

I teasingly said, "She's alright for an old hag." Then I decided to let the in-laws know our family secret. "But not as good as you or Liz."

This got Terri's attention. She pulled her mouth away from my dick and stared up at me and then her sister. "Liz has been sucking this dick." Though she wasn't sucking my cock for the moment her hand was squeezing my dick and she was jerking it for all it was worth."

I looked down at her and said, "Yes Terri... your niece is a great cocksucker. If you want I'm sure she'll suck it for you. In fact, that's what she was doing when you knocked on our door." I put my hands on Terri's head and I lightly applied a little force and guided her lips back to my dick. And without any hesitation she went back to sucking me.

Beth walked the rest of the way in the living room and she sat on the opposite end of the couch away from Hal. Hal didn't seem to know what to do. One minute he watched his wife giving me a blowjob, then he'd turn a bit and watch his niece seducing his daughter, and then he looked at my wife.

For a long time I fantasized about getting it on with Terri. And now here she was sucking my dick in front of both our families. It was so wild and I began getting cocky. I began moving my hips forward and I held her head still sending my dick deeper and deeper in her mouth. "Hal?" He broke his stare from Beth and looked at me. "Do you think your wife can deep throat me?" I didn't wait for an answer and began fucking her face brutally hard.

I kept starring at Hal and said, "Oooohhh shit Hal. Your wife's got my whole fucking dick in her mouth." Though he couldn't see Terri's mouth on my cock, he certainly could hear her. She was choking and gagging, her hands on my thighs trying to push me away. "Your fucking wife Hal is going to swallow my cum.... yes she is.... oh suck it bitch." And as Terri gasped for air, I watched as Hal's hand went down between his legs and he began playing with himself.

Beth smiled at me and scooted closer to Hal on the couch. I looked at Beth and said, "Help him out honey." Beth moved Hal's hand away from his crotch, unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick. For a really big guy he had a small dick. It was at best 6 inches. And you could see that Beth was trying her best not to laugh. "Oooohhh yeah... play with him Beth.... I'm go... I'm going... to fill his wife's mouth.... ooohhh shit honey." And Terri was gagging more and her spit covered my cock and balls and I slid easily in and out of her mouth. "Oooohhh shit..."

From the side of me, Candy spoke for the first time, "Suck him mom... he's close... suck him." And I turned my head and Liz had her arm wrapped around Candy's waist, but she was still dressed. It was quite a sight, two lovely young ladies, one naked and one dressed, watching me getting my dick sucked.

"Yeah... yeah... Candy... your mom's sucking my dick... I'm... oooohhh..... FUCK." And I began shooting a load into Terri's mouth that had been building in me since I first woke up. I held Terri's head still and my cock was frozen deep in her throat. As my final drops of sperm left my cock, my grip on her head loosened and Terri broke free. Her hands landing behind her. As she sat on the floor looking up at me she was still hacking and coughing. Her beautiful black top and black slacks covered in spit and cum.

Candy giggled, "God mom... you're a mess."

Terri looked down and laughed at little herself. She spun around to look at her sister, who was still playing with Hal's dick. "Dave kind of made a mess of me. Can I use your clothes washer?" Beth shook her head yes. Then Terri looked at Liz and said, "How about being a sweetheart and helping your Aunt get out of these clothes and sticking them in the washer for me?"

Liz smiled and got off the recliner and Terri raised her arms and Liz removed her top. "Damn Aunt Terri... daddy always said you never wore a bra. But that one is hot." It was fucking hot. The black bra pushed her titties up and was cut down low enough to expose her nipples. Liz was in front of her aunt and reached behind her and unstrapped Terri's bra. She removed it and said, "Let's let those things breath!" Then Liz reached over and massaged her aunt's tits.

Terri leaned back a bit and Liz kneeled in front of her and unbuttoned her slacks, she pulled down the zipper, and grabbed hold of the side of those tight pants and began wiggling them off of Terri. Terri raised her butt off the floor and Liz slid them off of her body. My 60 year old sister-in-law was being stripped by my 18 year old step-daughter and it was getting me excited again.

All that was left was a string bikini tied together on the sides. Once again Liz helped her aunt and with one quick pull on each side, the front of Terri's panties fell forward and for the first time I saw a neatly trimmed pussy. Terri had a half inch wide strip of pubic hair above her twat that was about 3" long. She raised her ass once again and Liz pulled the panties away from her.

Liz gathered Terri's clothes and stood up and started making her way towards the laundry room. But first she put Terri's panties up to my nose and asked, "Want a sniff?" Which got a laugh from everyone - even Hal. As I got a quick whiff I looked on the couch and saw my naked wife playing with Hal's small but very hard dick.

Terri looked around the room and asked, "Candy? Hal? Who's next? Come on and join the party. Candy... I've never seen you without your top off. Come on show us your boobies."

Candy bowed her head and blushed a little. "Not now maybe later. Why don't you ask dad?"

Then Terri, turned towards Hal and Beth just as Liz re-entered the room. Liz stood next to me and put her arm around my waist. I dropped my hand down and began playing with that cute little ass. Candy couldn't believe her eyes and her mouth slowly dropped open. Terri finally finished her thoughts, "How about you Hal? Everyone has seen your small dick, why not show everyone your large belly."

This was an opportunity for Liz to have some fun. She moved away from me and went over to Hal. She kneeled in front of him, as Beth played with his cock. "Maybe if you strip for us, me and mom will both suck that pretty little cock of yours." There was no more thinking for Hal. He raised his large fat ass off the couch and Liz started pulling his pants down. While she was doing this Beth started taking off Hal's shirt.

It was quite a sight to see my small and petite step-daughter butt naked kneeling in front of my very large brother-in-law. Beth and Liz finally got all his clothes off and I didn't think it was possible but he was even larger nude then dressed. Liz leaned over and stuck her head between his legs and started sucking Hal's dick. His thighs were so big he looked like he could just squish her little head if he wanted too.

Terri chuckled and said, "Damn it... you are so fucking fat. Liz quit that... if he gets to excited he'll kill you." Liz raised her head and scooted her butt on the floor and got close to Candy. Terri then added, "I think since my husband watched me give a blowjob to someone else... Dave should watch Beth suck some dick." Beth didn't say a word. She just smiled, grabbed Hal's dick, stroked it a couple of times, and then lower her head and started sucking Hal's very hard cock.

I've watched my wife suck Jimmy's cock just the day before but at the time I was busy enjoying myself. But right now all eyes were just watching Beth suck dick. Through this early morning show I had been standing. But now as all eyes were on Beth and Hal, I moved towards a chair, sat down and watched.

I looked over at Liz and Candy. Liz was trying to get Candy to loosen up but she was still reluctant. Candy was the only one left in the room still wearing her clothes. I began playing with myself, watching my wife suck dick. Having Terri on the floor right next to me butt naked got me hotter, but now I really wanted to see Candy nude.

I looked back at Beth and Hal when Terri said, "That's it sis... suck my old man." Beth was giving him good head and she was massaging his balls as she sucked away. "Play with those big old tits Hal." And Hal quickly obeyed and began squeezing my wife's boobs. "That's it... pinch her nipples." Terri was getting into watching her sister and husband. And I must admit, I also was enjoying watching Beth sucking Hal's cock too.

Hal started moving down lower on the couch and it was getting harder for Beth to keep her mouth on that small cock while she sat on the couch. So she released her mouth and got off the couch and kneeled in front of Hal and went back to giving him a blowjob. That big beautiful ass of hers was now starring at me and Terri and it was easy to see how turned on she was. Even from across the room you could see how wet her pussy was.

Liz gave up on Candy and got up out of the chair and left the room. I love having Liz involved in all of these adventures but right then I didn't really care. I looked at Candy and she looked back as I played with my hardening dick. I tapped my thigh and said, "You can sit here if you're lonely."

Terri smiled and was ready to say something but Hal beat her to it. "Son of a bitch... Terri... your sister is a cocksucking slut.... ooohh hell yes... suck it bitch." And even from where we were sitting we knew a scream was coming when Hal squeezed the living shit out of Beth's boobs.

"OOOHHH FUCK NOT SO HARD!" Beth's scream could be heard throughout the house and everyone just sat still and stared. Liz came back in the room carrying the double-headed dildo and sat in the recliner next to Candy. She put her feet on the cushions, spread her legs apart and began fucking herself with that massive toy and giving Terri and me a great show.

As I was watching Liz, Hal told Beth, "Shut up slut!" And he pushed her head down and said, "Every cocksucking slut loves licking ass." And you could see that Beth was trying to fight back. "If you don't lick my asshole both of your tits will be black and blue." And I watched my wife's head go down a little lower and lick Hal's butt hole.

Terri and I sat in shock watching our spouses and Liz going nuts. Candy looked at me in a state of shock. From where she sat she couldn't really get a close up view of what everybody was up too. So once again I tried coaxing her over to me. I tapped my leg and said, "Come on Candy, you can sit here and get a great view of everything."

To my surprise Candy started to get up and as she walked towards me, Beth let out another scream and Hal ordered my wife, "Get back to sucking my cock bitch." And I watched Beth's head go back to Hal's small cock and watched it once again bobbing up and down on it. I've got to say Hal was starting to impress me. Yes, he wasn't well endowed but man did he have staying power!

And as I watched Hal and Beth, my attention turned again to Candy as I felt her hand on my knee and spreading my legs apart, she sat her pretty butt on my thigh. She was still dressed but this was a start. She looked at me and asked, "Mom told me that you'd rather sit on a woman's lap?" Which got a chuckle from Terri and Liz. Beth probably would have laughed too, but she was sticking sucking on Hal's dick and having her tits mauled.

I just blushed and said, "Maybe later, but right now your cute butt feels pretty good on my leg." I paused for a second and added, "Though I'm sure it would feel even better if you took those shorts off."

Hal looked over at us and said, "Yeah Candy take those clothes off, let me see my baby girl nude."

Candy got comfortable on my leg and even brushed her hand across my dick and told her dad, "Like Uncle Dave just said - maybe later." I put my hand inside the back of her loose top and started massaging her back and shoulders. She didn't stop me or remove my hand and she began warming up to the situation that was before her. She again brushed past my dick and rested the palm of her hand on it while her fingers tickled my balls.

I used my hand to gently knead her shoulder and applied a little force on her neck and she began leaning towards me, though the whole time her eyes were locked on Beth sucking her daddy's dick, she asked, "Is Aunt Beth a good cocksucker dad?" As I began kissing the back of her neck.

Hal let out a sick laugh and said, "Dave... your wife is a great cocksucking little whore ain't she?"

Candy kept egging him on, "Is she better then mom?"

"Honey... they're sisters. They're both cock sucking sluts. Just ask your uncle." And with a new vengeance he put both his hands on Beth's head and fucked her face hard. Hell the veins on the side of his neck were popping out. "I'm going to cum in your sister's mouth Terri. Just watch... and... and .. she's going to swallow every drop... come on you fucking whore... harder... ooohhh fuck... suck it harder."

Liz quit playing with herself and said, "Get him off mom... swallow his load." And Terri crawled closer to her sister and began helping Hal and put her hands on Beth's head. Candy quit playing with my balls and started stroking my hardening cock. With everyone's attention on Beth and Hal, I slowly began taking off Candy's top and she didn't stop me. In fact, she raced to get it off. She didn't want to miss out on any second of the scene before her.

"Ooohhh yeah... that's it... that's it Beth... suck my cock... ooohh shit... yes." And I used the hypnotizing scene before us, to stand Candy up and remove her shorts and her lime green panties, which amazingly matched the bows in her pigtails. Oh wow... what a beautiful ass. An ass of a 29 year old who hasn't had any kids. It was still firm and she had cute little love handles, which I grabbed and sat her back down on my lap.

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