tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 03

Life with Torrie Ch. 03


At the close of ‘Part 2’ of ‘Life with Torrie’ I wrote that ‘Part 3’ would be about sexual experiences I had with other people early in our married life. Well I changed my mind since these experiences did not include Torrie. So here is the next installment in ‘Life with Torrie.’ If you want to read about my experiences with Roxie, Karen and Sherry, you’ll be about to find them in ‘Erotic Couplings’ at a later time. I hope you enjoy ‘Part 3.’ If you enjoy it, let me know.

The early years of our marriage were fairly tame in regards to sexual adventures outside of the ‘marriage bed.’ After we were able to stop fucking in a car, most of the time sex was confined to our bedroom or at least inside our house. Finally though after quite a while, ‘Life with Torrie’ began becoming a little more varied sexually.

Looking back now I wonder just how varied it was for her and I didn’t know about it. I did over heard her tell Tim, a friend of mine, that he was the kind of man if she were going to have an affair she would choose. A couple of times she expressed regret to me that we had married so young and neither of us had sexual experiences with other people. She confessed wondering about what she had missed, if anything. I’m not sure if she tried to find out early on but it seemed all of our friends were men. It was not unusual for me to arrive home and find Torrie entertaining one or more of our male friends. Nothing ever appeared out of the ordinary but I wonder if she played the cheating game with any of them.

Some things did change gradually. I’m not sure what brought on the changes but we started having sex outside of the house and bedroom. It became more like before we got married, which was exciting for me.

The first time I remember Torrie letting me fuck her away from home was at a local lake. It was a hot beautiful day and the clear lake was crowded with others seeking relief from the heat. We were about chest deep in the water. Although there were adults close-by, all of the children were near the shore in shallow water. As Torrie stood facing me, I lifted her legs and placed them around my waist. Telling her to hold on, I began slowly moving in a circle, causing her to lay back and stretch her arms out. I probably shouldn’t have thought of it but I remembered how her sister, BJ, had teased me in the past.

Torrie was wearing a red, white and blue crocheted string bikini that afternoon. As we turned, I gently pulled the strings uniting her top. This allowed her breasts to float free in the swirling water. For some reason, her nipples began to harden.

“You can’t do that. Someone might see!” she whispered without making any effort to cover her breasts.

“Nobody is paying any attention. Just relax and enjoy the water.” I encouraged her.

Torrie still didn’t try to cover herself even though there were people no more than 6 or 8 feet away. By this time we had discovered I didn’t have to hold her since she was holding herself close to me with her legs. Continuing to slowly turn, I reached down and released my quickly rising dick from my swimsuit. The moment Torrie felt the tip touch her inner thigh, she closed her eyes and smiled. Reaching up, I touched her nipples.

“Stop.” She said but she made no effort to stop me.

Taking her lack of action as a bit of encouragement, I began rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger. Almost instantly I could feel her press her pussy tight against me. A few moments of my stimulating her exposed nipples caused Torrie’ hand to find it’s way between us. At that moment, I thought she might be reaching down to rub her clit. But I was wrong. With a lusty expression, she pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom to the side and guided my dick to the opening of her pussy. As she slowly licked her lips, Torrie lowered herself onto my dick until I could feel the material of her bikini against my balls. With slow deliberate moves she fucked me until I could not hold back any longer. With a grunt that probably alerted those around us, I filled her pussy with cum.

When my dick shrank enough to slip out of her, Torrie adjusted her bottoms and started to float away. She was surprised to bump into a couple who had been standing close by watching us. Startled she covered her bare breasts with her hands, said ‘Excuse me.’ and quickly moved away from them. ‘It’s no problem. You’re fine!’ the man replied before they turned away.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were there?” Torrie asked in a whisper.

“Because you’re beautiful and I didn’t mind them watching. Did you really mind?” I asked.

She didn’t answer at first. Then I asked again, “Did you really mind?”

With a sly smile, her only reply was a simple, “No!” Torrie then playfully swam away.

That was the first of many times we fucked in that lake but I’m sure it was the one and only time when we had an audience standing that near to us.

Sometime later we were invited to an overnight picnic at the beach with several couple from out neighborhood. We all went down on Saturday morning and stayed over until Sunday afternoon. Torrie and I took our tent not expecting to share it with another couple. They came unprepared. Since there wasn’t a motel nearby, we invited them to share our tent with us. We even shared our double sleeping bag since they didn’t even have a blanket.

Nothing out of the way happened that weekend except possibly in our minds. At least I know it happened in my mind. Torrie and Bonnie slept in the middle of the sleeping bag. Willie and I slept on the side next to our spouses. As I lay there in the dark with my arm around my sleeping wife, I had to fight the urge to reach over to touch Bonnie. It was hard (Just like my dick!) but I managed to resist. Before I managed to go to sleep, I couldn’t resist rubbing my dick until I shot-off in my shorts.

On Sunday afternoon, we weren’t 3 miles down the road when I started to daydream about what could have happen the night before. It was only a matter of minutes before I had a painfully obvious erection.

With some encouragement, and maybe just a little insistence, Torrie released my dick from my pants. She didn’t resist giving me a handjob but when I suggested a blowjob, she said it wasn’t safe while I was driving. I guess I was so persistent, she finally agreed to suck my dick if I would promise to keep my eyes open and on the road. With the promise made, she started sucking like a possessed woman.

The only time I took my eyes off the road was when I noticed Torrie put her hand between her legs and begin rubbing her clit through the bathing suit she was wearing. Within a few minutes she had brought herself to a climax and mine was rapidly building. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I began to cum. Torrie continued sucking as I shot streams of cum down her throat. When she moved away there was a thin string of cum on her lips and chin. She smiled as she wiped it away and returned to rubbing her clit. Soon, she was able to bring herself to another orgasm.

I didn’t expect the oral sex that afternoon in the car to be a preview of things to come. But months later, I discovered I was wrong. On the way home from my mother-in-law’s house one Sunday afternoon, we started teasing each other sexually. This was only the second time Torrie had seemed willing to get involved in the car. It really surprised me that afternoon because we were traveling down Interstate 40 at 65 mph. As our teasing intensified, Torrie ended up lying across the front seat with her head in my lap.

When I reached to rub her pussy through her shorts, she stopped me by saying, “Let me get these out of the way.” Then she proceeded to take her shorts off. Suddenly she was lying there in a halter-top that tied under her breasts and her bikini panties.

“Why don’t you take your panties off too?” I teasingly asked.

“Ok. I didn’t know if you would suggest that because of the big trucks going by. You know some trucker might ‘accidentally’ see my pussy if I take my panties off.” Torrie said in a teasing way.

“Just take them off!” I firmly said.

That ended our discussion. The panties came off and went into the back seat, leaving her pussy totally exposed to everything and anybody that might happen by. Instead of reaching for her pussy, I worked my hand into her halter and alternated rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger. Given the fact that her nipples are extremely sensitive to pressure, it didn’t take long for her excitement to build. “Let me make it easier for you.” Torrie said as she untied the knot holding the halter together and opened the front exposing her breasts and nipples to my touch.

With that, she propped one foot on the dash and the other on the back of the front seat, spreading her legs wide. I continued teasing her nipples as she found her erect clit and began to rub it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here was my fairly conservative wife, lying across the seat almost naked as we drove down a busy interstate highway. Not only was she nearly naked but she was finger fucking her pussy.

Just about that time we started to approach a transfer truck traveling in our direction. I looked down just long enough to see that her eyes were closed as she pleasured herself. Gently I changed lanes as we gained on the truck. Without saying anything to Torrie, we continued to gain until we drove past the cab. Considering the look on the drivers face, there was no doubt he got a great look at Torrie’ pussy just as she had an orgasm. Hearing the noise from the truck, she opened her eyes just as we pulled completely past the truck.

“Did that trucker see me?” she asked.

“I can’t swear to it but I think so!” I responded with a smile.

“Why didn’t you warm me?” she said.

“I didn’t want you to stop.” I replied.

“Then why didn’t you slow down and I would have tried to give him a better show. He might have liked a better look.” she teased me by saying.

“Well, lay back down. Here comes another truck. You can give this driver any kind of show you want. I’ll even slow down and ride beside the truck as long as you want me to. Ok?” I asked.

“Ok!” she said as she returned to rubbing her clit.

I guess we must have ridden beside that truck for 3 or 4 miles before Torrie decided she had showed enough of herself to the driver. After she had me pull ahead, she rolled onto her side and released my throbbing dick. Within a few moments, I emptied my balls into her waiting mouth. When my dick started to shrink, she lay back on her back and returned to finger fucking her pussy. She brought herself to one orgasm after another, much to the delight of several truckers, for at least 20 miles. It was a trip to remember.

Since then we’ve fucked and sucked many different places. Places like: on the beach, on an elevator, in an airplane (Thanks to Hazel who you’ll read about later.), on top of a multi story parking deck and on a Trailways bus.

We even pleasured each other orally when we went to an XXX-Rated movie with some friends on night. We were riding in the backseat. When the action on the screen got very erotic, Torrie freed my dick and gave me a fantastic blowjob. In return, I pulled her dress up and pulled her panties off before burying my face in her lap. From that position, even though it was almost impossible to breathe, I was able to lick her clit until she had an orgasm.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how Torrie and I always enjoy ‘messing around’ in different places. Maybe it will give you some ideas to try. Be careful riding down the highway so you don’t run into anybody (especially a policeman) or anything. For a preview of Part 4 of ‘Life with Torrie’ I’ll tell you there are two cars and a truck in the story. But you’ll be surprised what the truck is used for. That’s all I’m going to say for now. You’ll just have to read it for yourself. Remember you’ll find ‘Life with Torrie’ in the ‘Loving Wives’ stories.

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