tagLoving WivesLife with Torrie Ch. 06 Pt. 01

Life with Torrie Ch. 06 Pt. 01


Life with Torrie’ has always been exciting. Ever since we shared a ‘Year of First Times’ and throughout the 33 years we have been married, I confess that ‘Life with Torrie’ has included many sexual adventures.

These adventures included a prick teasing young sister-in-law, a couple of touchy-feely encounters with ‘lady friends’ I attended school with and, of course, there were the two special women I had long-term relationships with. I’m not proud of it but I guess I am a cheating adulterer. At least I know and admit what I am.

There was also a realization of Torrie’ adventurous side when she confessed to what she preferred to call ‘indiscretions’ on her part. To me her confessions amounted to much more than ‘indiscretions.’ But I guess cheating is more in the eye of the one ‘doing it’ that the one who hears about ‘it.’

Before I go on with Chapter 6 of ‘Life with Torrie,’ I’ll let you decide. What do you think? ‘Indiscretion’ or cheating? Adulteress or ‘Loving Wife?’

By her own admission, Torrie has enjoyed touchy-feely encounters with ‘friends’ that included touching, kissing and ‘given the situation’ (this was her description) ‘possibly’ giving and receiving oral sex. I’m don’t guess numbers matter but she told me she has had ‘more than one,’ what I’ll call, one-time fucks. One of these one-time fucks was with Jorge. A guy who was reported among her friends to have a really big dick. A really big dick that she had to ‘try’ so she could see for herself if size made a difference. She confessed his dick was bigger that she had imagined but she didn’t enjoy the fucking he gave her. As a matter of fact she denied ever having an orgasm with or enjoying being fucked by anyone but me. (Yea, right. Like I really believe that!)

One evening in during a passionate moment, she even admitted playing touchy-kissie-feely with a female co-worker on at least one occasion. Since she denies having any long lasting relationships, she prefers the word: ‘indiscretion.’ What do you think, indiscretion or not? Adulteress or ‘Loving Wife?’

The first time I saw Hazel it was about 10:30 PM on a weeknight. She was standing on her front porch waiting for me to arrive. I was there to pick-up my daughter who had been at her house since school dismissed about 3:30 PM. I had heard that Hazel had been on a diet and lost a lot of weight but I had no idea what she would look like. Would she still be as unattractive as I had heard, would she be average or would she be a knockout? Now she wasn’t a knockout but she was definitely way above average. That evening she was standing outside in a pair of tight jeans and a snug fitting tee shirt. It was easy to see that she was chilly by the way her nipples strained against her shirt. That was about all I could see in the dim light as I drove through the circular drive up next to the porch.

“Hello. You must be Hazel. I’m Michelle’s dad. Is she ready to go?” I said with getting out of the car.

“Hi. You’re right. I’m Hazel and you must be Steve. I’ve heard a lot about you from our children. It’s nice to finally meet you. Let me check and see if she’s ready.” she responded.

When she turned and opened the front door to call for Michelle, I was treated to a great view of a perfectly shaped ass. An ass covered by jeans so tight it was obvious she didn’t have on any panties. An ass so tempting I immediately wondered if it felt as good as it looked. An ass I quickly remembered belonged to my daughter’s boyfriend’s mother, so I tried to push those thoughts out of my head.

“Thanks!” I said as I fiddled with the radio as a distraction.

A few seconds later my daughter came out and got in my Jeep.

“Thanks again. It was nice to finally meet you. I hope to see you again sometime soon.” I said as we drove out to the driveway.

I was just glad no one could read my mind at that moment because I was driving along thinking about seeing her lying naked on a towel in the warm sun with me between her long legs licking her pussy. Michelle was tired so we didn’t talk much on the way home but that gave me plenty of time to daydream about Hazel.

Over the months to come Torrie and I would become friends with Hazel because of our daughter dating her son. They were both juniors in high school and thought they were in love forever. Since they were young, we tried to encourage them to include their families as much as possible in their plans. Since we all had excellent relationships they were happy to include us ‘old folks.’ Our children even asked Torrie, Hazel and I to help chaperone their Junior-Senior Prom.

A few months after we all started socializing together, I needed a ‘subject’ for a project in a class I was taking at a local college. After Torrie and I talked about all the men I could ask to help me; she suggested someone I hadn’t thought of. To my surprise, she suggested Hazel. I had assumed a man would be the best choice but Torrie’ suggestion made sense to me. Hazel was open minded, self-employed, so she would be flexible, and we had all become fairly close friends. We had become close enough I knew she would be open and honest which was important to my project.

“Are you sure Hazel will be a good subject?” I asked Torrie.

“I think she would be great. We all like each other. We are together several times a week. She’ll answer your questions and tell you everything you need to know in order to write a good paper summarizing your project. Why don’t you ask her tonight when we go to the football game?” Torrie responded.

It was Friday and we would be seeing her at the local high school football game so I agreed to ask. That evening while the three of us sat with hundreds of other football and band parents, I asked Hazel to be my subject. After explaining that I estimated it would take somewhere between 30 and 40 hours over the next 3 month to complete my project, she said, ‘No. I don’t think I would be a good subject.’ Not willing to accept the rejection of her idea, Torrie began to encourage Hazel and suggested she think about it over the weekend. She agreed.

About 8:30 Monday morning, the telephone rang and it was Hazel. She had reconsidered and would help me if I would guarantee her that no one would ever know she was my subject. She was insistent that I promise to never use her identity in any way. That was a simple request that was easy to agree to. So Hazel and I began my project with the blessings of my wife and the encouragement of our children.

Over the next few weeks, Hazel and I worked together very closely. Since it was a psychology project, we discussed her personal life in great detail. She was always open and willing to discuss any subject that was necessary for me to develop a personality and psychological profile for her. One of the subjects that repeatedly came to light was sex. She had been very sexual all of her life. Even when she was a little girl she had sexual feeling that she didn’t understand until she got older. Then when she reached puberty being sexually active was a priority in her life. Hazel had had more sexual experiences that anyone I had ever talked to.

Our work went smoothly until one evening I went to a band parents meeting. Hazel was there too because her son was also in the band. Torrie had not been able to go because of a meeting at work. Hazel and I sat together and after the meeting we stood in the parking lot talking for the longest time. We talked so long that we were soon the only ones left. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about. I only remember what she said to me.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I know it must have really hurt you when Torrie would go out looking for men.”

When Torrie would go out looking for men? Now what is she talking about, was all that ran through my mind. We continued talking but that thought echoed in my mind over and over. Finally, I asked what she meant.

“What did you mean by your comment about Torrie looking for men?” I questioned.

Hazel’s facial expression immediately changed and she didn’t say a word. She only turned slightly away from me.

“What did you mean?” I repeated.

“You didn’t know. Did you?” she asked.

“I didn’t know what?” I questioned.

“You didn’t know about what Torrie did when she went out with her friends, did you?” she responded.

“What?” I asked for the fourth time.

“You didn’t know about her picking up men, did you?” Hazel said with a changed tone. She sounded like she had started something she regretted.

“How do you know she picked up men when she went out? Did you ever see her?” I wanted to know.

“No. I never saw her but I have a good friend and former co-worker who saw us together the other night at the football game. She called me on Saturday morning and told me about all the men Torrie would hit on and hang out with. I don’t know if she ever did anything you don’t know about. I’m sorry I mentioned it. Why don’t you just forget I said anything? It’s probably someone else or a false impression Joyce has.” she explained.

My mood for conversation was spoiled by then and we said goodnight. After being certain she was safely in her car, I drove straight home.

I think I’ll end this part of the story with my driving home knowing Torrie and I had to have a long talk. I’ll call this Chapter 6, Part 1 and finish with Chapter 6, Part 2. I know there wasn’t much erotic reading in this installment but it’s all information you needed to know in order to follow our lives together (Torrie and me). I promise it will be much more explicit in the near future so keep reading if you’re interested in the outcome. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about my ‘Life with Torrie.’

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