tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLifeguard Stripped

Lifeguard Stripped


It was Jon's second summer as a lifeguard at Pine Oaks condominium. His job consisted mainly of sitting back in his chair by the quiet little pool and keeping watch over the swimmers, occasionally scolding one of the kids for running. He got along well with most of the residents, except for two overweight sisters who went to his high school. Jackie and Monica had few friends, the friends they did have were just as unpopular as they were. Jon often made crass remarks about their weight when they showed up at the pool.

The 5'8", 145 pound 18 year old male was attractive, well-built for his age and had a lean body. He was very athletic, thereby popular with the girls in his school as well as the guys. Jackie and Monica tried to swim in their pool when one of the other guards was on duty. Not only would Jon verbally abuse them, but he'd give them a hard time about their signing in friends. He truly enjoyed the control he had over the use of their own pool.

One Tuesday afternoon, Jon arrived for work and the 2 girls were already at the pool.

"Hey ladies, don't displace any water now!" he barked as he took his position in the chair.

Jackie replied "Screw you!"

"In your dreams!!" Jon said.

Two hours passed and so did several exchanges of similar content. Monica was generally quiet and ignored his remarks, Jackie usually had some comeback for him as she didn't fear the confrontations as much.

Some of Jon's friends would often stop by to hang out and grab a swim. This afternoon 2 chose to do so, Chris and Jeff. Mostly they just laid out to catch a some rays, every once in a while jumping in the water to cool off. The 3 boys laughed and made jokes about the girls, acting somewhat typical for young males their age.

It was near closing time and Monica and Jackie were the only other residents left at the pool. Jackie was still in the water and Monica sat in a lounge chair reading a book. Next to the pool were the restrooms, both the women's and men's doors faced the pool area. Inside there was one toilet in each that faced the door.

Monica got up to use the bathroom and moments after she entered Jon said "Yo guys, check this out".

Being the lifeguard he had keys to all the facilities at the pool, including the women's restroom. He quickly ran to the women's door, slipped the key in the doorknob and threw the door open. There sat Monica with a stunned look on her face. Her bathing suit was at her knees. She lunged for the door and threw it shut, sobbing coming from inside.

"Ewwwwww!" Chris yelled as Jeff held his stomach in laughter.

"You fucking prick!" shouted Jackie. "I'm gonna have you fired!!"

"Shut up, we didn't see anything." remarked Jon.

Sobs were coming from inside the women's room. Suddenly the door opened and out ran Monica. She grabbed her book, ran out the gate and down the path towards her house. Jackie chased after her yelling back to Jon "I'm gonna get you!!"

"Whatever" Jon coolly replied.

His two cohorts chuckled over Monica's embarrassment until it was time for Jon to close up.

"See you assholes later, I'll call you when I get home", said Jon.

"Later faggot" replied Chris as the 2 boys left the pool.

About 40 minutes had passed since Jon humiliated Monica. He was trying to clean up the pool area as quickly as possible so he could get home and hang out with his friends. As he stood on the far side of the pool straightening the lounge chairs and picking up any trash, Jackie arrived at the gate. He noticed her but said nothing. She stood staring at him for a moment, then grabbed his discman off the table by his chair and ran.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing fatty?" he screamed. "Get back here bitch".

He sprinted to catch up to her. Her condo was just as short distance down the path. She ran in the front door deliberately leaving it open. Jon came racing in moments later to find Jackie, Monica and three of their friends, April, Vicky and Leslie inside waiting. All five girls were going into Sophomore year with Jon and had been teased by him and his friends since high school. None were pretty, and therefore none were popular. Vicky slammed the door behind him and locked it.

"What the fuck is this?"

"Give me back my discman before I take it back!" he demanded.

"Not so fast jerk!" answered Jackie. "You think you're all that, that you're too good for us?!" You think it's ok to humiliate my sister like that?! Well we're tired of your shit and I think it's time you got a taste of your own medicine!"

"Screw you you fatass! Now gimme my discman!" he shouted again.

Suddenly the five females surrounded him. Within seconds there were 10 hands on him pulling him towards Monica's bedroom.

"Get off me you ugly bitches!" he screamed.

But he was no match for the 5 girls, 2 of which weighed significantly more than him. He dropped to the floor and tried to run through their legs. But he was yanked back up and carried swiftly into the bedroom where he was thrown on the bed. Four of the girls hurried to each grab a limb and hold him outstretched on the bed. Jackie calmly grabbed some pantyhose and tied his wrists and ankles to the bed posts. All the while he struggled and screamed, trying to pull his arms and legs in towards him. Once he was secured to the bed the five girls stepped back and stared at their prey.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" he barked.

"Now WE get to humiliate YOU." said April.

"What, did you friggin' plan this or something?!" he shouted

"Yup" said Monica.

"Whoever has never seen a naked boy before please raise your hands." said Jackie in a very smug tone.

All five girls lifted their arms high in the air, 'Me, me, I haven't' they all exclaimed.

"You wouldn't dare!!" he gasped.

"Oh but we would, and we will." replied Jackie.

Jon suddenly realized that this was actually about to happen.

"Please don't, I'm sorry I swear I'll be nice to you guys from now on!" he pleaded.

"No way asshole" replied Leslie.

Jon had on only his trunks, a t-shirt and sneakers.

April grabbed his left foot and Vicky his right. Both began to slowly undo his laces and remove his sneakers.

"Pheeeeewwww" they joked as his bare feet became exposed.

"Alright, alright, cut it out now, you've made your point!" he screamed.

But alas, they continued. Jackie and Monica each grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut away his shirt. The girls sarcastically hooted and howled as they pulled the shirt away from his twisting body.

"PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!" he screamed.

He was now left in just his trunks, the girls surrounding him. Jackie moved to the foot of the bed. He knew they were going to strip him. If only he hadn't pulled that little stunt at the pool.

"I'll do the honors" she announced. "Ready girls?"

Her fingers traced his tight belly just above the waistband. His stomach quivered as she touched him. She reached in and tried to yank the drawstring, but it didn't untie. Jon had been swimming earlier, the tight knot he had made was wet and refused to come undone with just a simple tug.

Jackie sighed and said: "You have to make everything difficult don't you, Jon."

She then began to concentrate on the knot with her fingernails. She worked diligently as Jon fought furiously with his bonds, hoping that the unyielding knot would save him from utter embarrassment. This knot was really building the anxiety level in the room, and Jon's relentless begging for mercy only built it up even more. More than 1 full minute had passed since she began work on this knot… this knot that seemed to be trying to keep his private male treasures hidden from this newly formed girl-gang.

Alas, the knot came undone! Jackie smiled wickedly and then calmly stretched out both drawstring laces on his stomach as he out a strange noise: "Mwwwaaahhhh". His breathing got shallow as the reality of the situation set in. He twisted his head from side to side in frustration, knowing that his last hope had failed him.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband on either side and began to tug his shorts down ever so slowly, she wanted this to be as humiliating a ritual as possible.

"But…but…you CAN'T!!!" he screamed, his voice cracking.

Vicky and Monica stood over him on his left side, Leslie and April on his right. All eyes were fixed on the young man's crotch. No one made a sound other than the boy, who stared down his lean body in horror.

Slowly the trunks revealed his tan line, then the top of his light brown pubic hair.

"OK OK OK, you made your POINT!!" he cried as Jackie paused for a moment and stared him back in the eyes. Jon panted as he continued to fight with his tight bonds. Her momentary pause calmed him slightly… but then she continued to pull.

"Oh NO..NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!" he mumbled.


Jon let out a long groan in humiliation as the waistband slid past the base of his limp penis and then down over his privates to mid-thigh, exposing all of his manhood to the 5 girls.

"Oooo, aaahhhhh!!" The girls exclaimed as they glared at the nude teenage boy. None had seen a nude male in person before now. Jackie grabbed the scissors and cut them from his struggling body.

His flaccid genitals in view of 5 females, he begged to be let go. But they had no mercy. "Not bad there Jonny boy" chuckled Monica as she eyed his penis and testicles. "Hmmmmm, what to do now." mumbled Vicky under her breath. They all knew what they wanted to do, but who would be the daring one to go first? All eyes looked to Jackie as she had been the ring leader up til now. Jackie, now standing to his right, leaned in and slowly began to run her nails lightly up his leg. She began at his ankle and made her way up us calf, to his thigh. Then his inner thigh where she hummed to herself and made circles with her fingers. She looked over at the other girls and winked. Leslie copied Jackie's movements on his left leg. Each time their fingers would near his testicles he would let out a soft gasp.

"Please stop, please" he cried, his eyes shut trying to block out what was happening. Suddenly his penis began to rise. It flipped over and began to stretch towards his belly, thickening as he became aroused. Quiet laughter came from the five girls. Jackie now moved her fingers from his inner thigh to his scrotum where she gently scratched his balls, then took them in her hand and massaged them, rolling them in their sac. His penis was now at full erection, point at his chest, raised slightly from his body.

Leslie stopped dancing her fingers on his thigh and all stared at the boy's erection. "What do ya think we got here girls, about six inches or so?" Jackie asked her clan as she moved her hand from his balls to his shaft, running he fingers up and down it, playing with his pubic hair. The girls were surprised when Jon gasped each time Jackie's index finger traced over the sensitive area just below the rubbery head of his penis. "Ooooooo, this must that real sensitive part on a guy I've heard about" said Jackie.

As Jackie began to slowly pump his shaft with her fist, Monica reached in to play with his balls. The girls marveled at the male's body. So different than their own. The other girls ran their fingers across his chest, stomach and legs and through his pubic hair. He really did have a nice body for a boy his age. Firm, lean, toned, tan and very little hair. "Too bad you're such an asshole" sneered April as they explored his body.

Jackie was pumping faster at this point. Jon was still pulling at his bonds, moaning softly as he tried to escape. Jackie's hand grew tired and she offered his shaft to one of the girls, Monica did the same with his balls. One by one the girls took turns playing with his penis and testicles, giving themselves a lesson in male anatomy. "Is he gonna cum or something?" asked Jackie. "I guess so, eventually" answered Monica. "Do you want him to cum?" she asked. 'YEAH', 'We wanna see it shoot'…. they all yelled. "Well ok then." She said as she retrieved a bottle of hand lotion from the bathroom.

"NO, PLEASE!! This has gone way too far!! WAY TOO FAR!!" he screamed as he glanced up at what was in her hand.

The girls stepped back as Jackie approached. She stood over him, popped the top and began to dribble the lotion all over his dick and balls. Then she filled with right hand with a hefty portion, set the bottle on the floor and moved in. In one swift movement she turned her hand upside-down on his privates, smearing the lotion across his erection and testicles. He moaned aloud as the lotion made wet, squishy sounds while she worked it in. He was pulling really hard at his bonds now, but to no avail. The girls stood frozen, waiting for the inevitable. Jackie grasped his shaft with her fist and began to pump, slowly at first…up and down the full length. His erection was intense, as was his embarrassment. The girls stared in awe at the young man's reproductive organs, his penis jutting forth with fierce potency. His glans were swollen to twice their normal size and the vein on the underside of his shaft bulged. She quickened her pace and he fought for control. But she was in control now. It was only a matter of time. His forehead beaded with sweat, and he threw his head back onto the bed, closing his eyes and grinding his teeth. His body started to spasm every so slightly. Jackie sensed the end and sent out an order: "Someone play with his balls".

Monica volunteered for the task. She ran to the bottle, filled her hand with lotion and attacked. Her fingers and palms worked gently but furiously on his soft, loose scrotum. The boy could not hold out any longer. Within seconds he began grunting and groaning, shaking his head slowly back and forth. Then his stomach quivered uncontrollably and his legs tensed up…his toes curled in.

The girls watched intently, scared to even blink their eyes, not wanting to miss a thing as their victim began to lose all control.

"GGRRRRRRRR…" he hissed.

Suddenly he let out a loud "ARRRGGGGGHHHH!" His rear lifted in the air and he spurted a massive shot of his seed across his chest and onto his neck…then another load, smaller this time. Then another and another…and another! The 2 girls continued to work him as load after load of cum arched into the air and landed all over his chest and belly. They girls continued their attack until he was drained completely, his pubes drenched with his own juices.

The girls stood for a moment staring at the display. "Whoa" said Leslie. Jon's eyes were still firmly shut and he was taking deep breaths. "Now I hope you've learned a lesson little boy" said Jackie as she undid his bonds. Jon sprang off the bed without saying a word, grabbed the remnants of his clothes, covered himself with them and ran out of the house.

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