tagFetishLife's Changes Ch. 03

Life's Changes Ch. 03


Jenny left right after piercing Bill's ears. Bill and I went up stairs to the bedroom where we started to put away the cloths I bought. I showed him the makeup I got for him. Through all this his cock was getting bigger till it was at full erection. I showed Bill the dress I bought for the party. Then I said.

"You know Bill you can't wear this dress with a raging hard on. It will show, you have to learn to control your excitement." Bill cast his eyes to the floor and said

"I know but it so exciting. What can I do?" I reach for the panty girdle and handed it to him and said.

"For tomorrow you can wear this. Put we are going to have to work on controlling you. Put it on and we'll see how the dress looks on you." Bill pulled the panty girdle on but it did very little to hide his erection.

"That's not going to work. Try putting you dick between your legs." Bill pulled the girdle down and try to wedge his cock between his legs but as hard as it was it wouldn't bend that way."

"It won't go. What else can we do?" I hear the frustration in his voice. I remembered reading something on the Internet. If you smack the head of the penis it will deflate. I walked over to Bill and gave his cock a sharp smack on the head. His cock shrunk down in seconds. "OW that hurt. But it seem to work."

"Good put it between your legs and pull up the girdle before it starts getting hard again." Bill did as he was told I gave him a new bra and his breast forms. Then I gave him his new dress. Bill pulled the dress down over his head and I zipped it up. The dress fit him but I wasn't thrilled with the way his stomach bulged around the panty girdle. I unzip the dress and had him remove it. Taking a corset I bought for another sleeveless dress I got for him. I gave it to him to put on. He wrapped it around him as I button up the back. I could tell he was having some trouble breathing. Then I heard him moan.

"Does that hurt." I asked I didn't want him to be in pain the whole night.

"Not the corset it feels good. But my cock is trying to get hard again that's starting to hurt."

"You're just going to have to learn to control it." I had him put on the dress again. This time it fit perfect. I took Bill to the mirror and said. "See it's perfect on you as long as you don't bulge out the front where a girl shouldn't."

"Do I always have to wear this corset? You never wear one.

"That's because I work out at the gym at work four day's a week. And I watch what I eat."

"That settles it I start at the gym tomorrow. And if I wear this thing I won't be eating very much."

"Tomorrow you have a busy day Monday will be better but you could start running again."

I had Bill take off the dress then had him try on the other dresses I bought as well as the skirts and blouses. I was also letting him know what went with what. When we where done trying on all his new cloths. We hung up every thing and but it on his side of the closet. That's when I realized that we didn't have enough closet space for three people. Or draw space for Glenda's things.

"Bill for now put Glenda's thing in the spare bedroom. Next week will you get a contactor to finally convert that small bedroom into a closet like we planed?" I've been after Bill to have the small bedroom adjacent to our bedroom made into large closet with draws and hanging space. The bedroom was too small for anything practical. It was suppose to be a sewing room when we bought the house. I don't sew that's what tailors where for. We put Bills panties and bras and camisole in his underwear draw and threw out his old boxers since he wasn't wearing them any more. Looking at the clock I realized it was two in the morning. I had to get some sleep. I slipped into a nightshirt. Bill washed the makeup off his face and put on a baby doll nightie. And slipped into bed with me. Then he said to me.

"Did you have fun with Jenny today?"

"Yes we had a great time shopping some thing you hate to do. It was really fun having a girlfriend that likes to shop. It's something I miss. Why do you ask?"

"I notice you had your tee-shirt was on inside out when you got home."

"Did I really? We played around in the car on the way back. Well actually she played with me while I sat there naked and let her do what she wanted. She's very good with her hands. Are you jealous?"

"A little only because I wasn't there to watch. You look so beautiful when your cumming.' Bill told me as he ran his hands over my stomach. Then he felt the naval ring I had just gotten. "What's this?" He asked. I pulled up my nightshirt to let him see it and said.

"It's my new naval ring. Do you like it? Jenny's was so pretty and it turned me on and you said you thought I would look good with one, so I got one too."

"Its very sexy on you. I always thought you had a sexy tummy. That just makes it more so." Bill said as he bent his head and kissed my tummy. He then looked up and said. "Did you know Jim has a nipple ring?"

"No. How did you find that out?"

"I went over there so we could drive together to the club for dinner. He was just putting on his shirt when I arrived I notice it but I didn't say anything. After dinner we returned to his house and we had a drink on their patio. He asked how come I didn't ask about the nipple ring. I said I notice it but didn't think it was any concern to me. Then he asked if I wanted to know why he was wearing one. He told me it was a sign of his servitude to Jenny when she got the naval ring she had him get the nipple ring as a gift to her."

"Wow that's devotion. He must really love her. Those things hurt a lot. Samantha, the girl that put my naval ring in has two, one in each nipple and a chain between them. She said it was a sensitive area and they hurt when there put in and the nipple is always hard while they're in." Bill then said

"I love you enough to have one put in. I love you enough to have both my nipples done."

I was flabbergasted I didn't know what to say. Finally I said. "Bill I don't want you to do it just for me. If you want have ring put in your nipples we can get it done but don't do it for me." He said

"I want to do it to show my love and servitude to you not just to have it done. I want it so that every time you see them you are reminded that I love you and am completely devoted to you." I didn't know what to say. I wanted to give him time for his profession of love for me to sink in. Finally I said.

"Bill when you can put on make up like a real girl and control your cock from getting a hard on until I say you can. Also when I can see that this is not a game and you truly want to be submissive to me then you can get your nipples pierced for me not before." I looked into Bill's eyes and I saw tears forming. "Bill why are you crying."

"Because you understood why I wanted to do this. I thought you might think I was sick or twisted."

"I don 't think your twisted. I just want you to be sure this is what you want."

I pulled Bill's head up to mine so I could kiss him. Just as I did that I remembered the cock ring I got from Brenda. I open my nightstand draw and pulled out the cock ring. I read the instructions. It said.

"To maintain erection place it on the penis once the desired firmness was achieved. If placed on the penis before a erection was established it my be difficult or impossible to obtain an erection."

Showing it to Bill I said, "Do you want to try this? It may help. If it does you wont have to wear that panty girdle tomorrow."

"Sure I'll try anything that will keep me from having to wear that thing." I reached down to feel Bill cock it was slightly hard but it was firming up. I didn't want to slap it again. I didn't see any choice.

"Bill I hate to do this, But we need to put it on when your completely soft."

"I know go ahead and hit it that would be the fastest way." I gave the head a smack. Bill's cock soften right up. I worked quickly putting the cock ring in place and adjusting the strap tight.

"Is that to tight? I don't want to do any permanent damage. I have need of that in the future." I asked totally serous.

"It's tight but not painful. Now we have to see if it'll work." The panties he was wearing where pretty lose on him.

"Bill go put on a thong and let see if they'll keep you package between your legs." Bill got up and went to his dresser and put on a pink thong and wedged his cock and balls between his legs. It seemed to stay in place. Then I said, "Ok so far so good. Now put on the black heels and walk around some." Bill put on the heels and walked around. He walked like a guy something else we where going to have to work on. But his package stayed in place. "Ok you can at less keep it between your legs when you're walking. Now we have to try and see if you can keep from getting hard."

"How are we going to do that?" He asked

"I only know one way. Take the heels and thong off and come to bed." Bill did as he was told. Once he was back on the bed I started massaging his cock. I did this for a few minutes then I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it for quite some time. It was strange I never sucked on his cock before when it was this soft. After ten minutes of sucking and playing with his balls I still wasn't getting any response from it, it was almost disappointing. After I did every thing I could think of and still he his cock stayed soft I said "Well that seems to do the trick. No panty girdle for you tomorrow. But I still want you to work on your control. But your still going to have to wear the corset." I could see relief in Bill's face. I understood why I wouldn't want to wear a panty girdle either.

"As long as I don't have to wear both of them its ok with me. Besides the corset kind of sexy."

"Well you my think so but I'm glad I never had to wear one." I laid my head down on his shoulder and said "Bill you may want to take that off."

The next thing I knew. I was woken up by Bill and the smell of fresh coffee. I looked at the clock and it was ten thirty." God! I'm late. Why didn't you wake me? I have to call the office.

"Don't worry I called Ginger at nine this morning and told her you weren't feeling good. She said that the VP's were all taking off today so you didn't need to come in and you didn't have any meetings anyway."

"You have your lunch with Pamela today don't you?" I asked

"Yep at twelve o'clock at Michelle's. Do you want to come with me? I know she would be glad to see you."

"I'd like that I guess I better get in the shower." Just then the phone rang.

"Sweetie I heard you weren't feeling well are you ok." Jenny asked

"I'm fine. We didn't get to sleep till four this morning. Bill called in for me."

"Oh so your just playing hooky then. You could have said something I could have used the day off too. You and Bill had a pretty wild night last night after I left? You tell him to save some of you for me."

"We were up late making sure all the cloths I bought fitted. That's all"

"Oh sure and that took six hours. I don't think so." She said in teasing tone.

"No really. The last person to touch me sexually was you. Oh never mind." I could hear her giggling on the other end.

"Just as long as you be ready to night you are still coming aren't you?" It was my turn to tease her.

"Well actually I was thinking of staying home tonight and catch up on my sleep."

"You listen be me young lady you be at my house at six thirty tonight ready to change for a party you won't forget for a long time to come. Do you understand me?" It was my turn to laugh. Young lady my behind I was only three or four years younger than her.

"Yes ma'am is there anything else." I asked still giggling

"Yea you can bring that slut of yours with you so my slut has someone to play with." We both laughed at that. We said our good bys and hung up.

I looked at Bill and said "Why don't you bring that fat cock of yours over here and show me what it's good for." For the next twenty minutes and three orgasms Bill reminded why I loved his cock so much. Then we took a shower together he did all the work in there to he washed my hair and scrubbed my back. And made sure I was very clean. Then he towel me dry and applied moisturizer all over me. Then he did himself. I brushed my own hair and had Bill sit with me as I applied my make-up and showed him how I did it. I put on my stocking and garter belt and panties. Bill put on the same. Then I put on a pleated plaid skirt and tan blouse and two inch heels. Bill wore a pair of dress slacks and a dark blue turtleneck with a gray sports jacket.

We drove to Michelle in his car. While on the way there I phone Brenda. "Brenda I need a appointment for Sunday. I need a fitting for a French maids uniform for Nicole."

"Will ten be ok then I could still open at one." She asked

"Ten will be just fine. We'll see you then. Good bye." Bill asked

"I shouldn't have to ask this. But who's Nicole?"

"You are silly."

"That's what I figured." Then I said

"Don't worry you be completely safe. She doesn't open till one. Our appointments at ten we'll be in and out before anyone knows we where there and it'll be just the three of us." he said "ok."

We arrived about ten minutes early. We where seated immediately. We had coffee while we waited for Pamela to show. At twelve sharp Pamela was show to our table. She was a very attractive woman, though it was hard to see with the cloths she wore. She stood about five foot four. She had blonde hair, as always it was piled high on top of her head. Her breasts stood high on her chest they we're not large, but they fit her frame well. If she had an ounce of excess weight on her I didn't see it. When she spotted us her face lit up. You could see she was glad to see us. Well at least glad to see Bill. After she sat down between Bill and I. We order our meals. And then Bill got down to business

"Pamela, Sheri and I wanted you to have this for your service over the last three years. You were the best secretary I ever had. And I just wanted to show my gratitude." Bill pushed the case containing the watch over to Pamela. After looking at ther watch I could see she was a little disappointed.

"What's wrong Pamela?" I asked

"Oh it's nothing. It's a beautiful watch. I'll always treasure it. I was just hoping that the reason for this luncheon was you where going to offer me a job."

"Pamela. The watch was from us personally. I did want to offer you a job with me. But I wanted you to understand that this was between the three of us." Bill told her

"I do understand that. Now offer me the job. Oh never mind I'll take it." She said excitement now showing on her face.

"Don't you want to know how much it pays or the benefits?" Bill asked

"I don't care. I told Sheri I'd take a cut in pay to leave that firm. I just hope it's not too much. So are you going to offer it to me." Turning to me she said. "Is he always so formal."

"He just wants you to know what you're getting into." I said

"Ok. If your have to tell me before you offer me the job tell me and get it over with."

Bill started telling her what the pay and benefits where. Pamela just stared open mouth the whole time Bill was talking. Then he asked. "Do you have any questions?"

"Just one. Who do I have to sleep with to get this job?"

"You don't have to sleep with any one. Unless you want to." I said. "Bill you forgot to mention the condos."

"Oh yea you get to use the firms condos for vacation. Free of charge you just have to pay to get there."

"You two are kidding me right there's no job like that." She asked

"No I'm not kidding. Jim believes in taking care of his employees. And I agree with him. I know you pulled my butt out of the fire on more than one occasion."

"So are you going to take the job?" Bill asked. Sometimes he can be so blind. It was written all over her face. Turning to me she said.

"You know Sheri. I love your husband dearly but sometimes he can be slow on the up take." Then to Bill she said "Bill do you really think I could turn it down. It's fifteen thousand more than I'm making now. I have to pay my own heath and dental. Of cause I'll take it. And besides I get to work for the best boss a girl could ask for.

"Good I glad we can work together again. Lets have some champagne to celebrate." Bill ordered the champagne. I stood and said.

"If you two will excuse me I need to powder my nose." Pamela asked

"Can I come with you? I need to go too."

In the bathroom after we had done our business I was checking my make-up in the mirror when she said to me.

"Thanks for talking Bill into hiring me."

"Pamela I didn't have to talk him into it. You were his first choice. And I think his only choice."

"Really that's not some thing I would have expected from him." She said

"Why. He's always telling me what a great job you do."

"He just never says any thing to me. It would be nice to hear something from time to time."

"I tell him to be more mindful of your feeling from now on." I was beginning to wonder how deep these feeling for Bill went. "Pamela do you have a boyfriend. Or someone special in your life." I could see my comment blind-sided her.

"No. No boyfriend. No one special. Well there is one but he has a beautiful and loving wife that he adores. I don't mind telling you I'd drop my panties in a second if I though he would have an affair with me but he only thinks of her." I was sure she was talking about Bill.

"So you don't have any lovers then."

"Yes I have a few." Then she looked me in the eye to see where I was going and how I would react to her confession. "I have a few female lovers that help keep me sane if that's what you asking." I could see she was on the defensive when she said this. I took her hand in mine and said.

"Pamela the man you where talking about is Bill isn't it." Pamela's shoulders slumped down and her eyes dropped to the floor.

"Am I that transparent? I never made a move on him. I hope you believe me." I patted her hand to let her know I believed her. "When I first realized I was I loved with him I hated you only because you were getting what I wanted? So if you want to tell Bill I can't take this job I'll understand."

I know this sounds crazy. But I felt sorry for this woman. I felt sorry for any women that didn't have a Bill to love. So I hug her and said.

"I would never ask him to do that. You can't help that you fell in love with him; he is easy to fall in love with. But we can't have you all frustrated wondering what it would be like to have Bill in bed with you. Can you think of a way that we can fix this problem." I knew she didn't have a clue where I was going with this.

"I guess I could turn the job down myself."

"No. That won't work you'll still be in love with him and you'll be further a way from him and you'll hate me even more." then she asked

"What else can we do?"

"I could share him with you. I could let him go over to your place and make love to you once in awhile or you could come over to our place and the three of us can make love. How would that be, do you think that would solve the problem?" Pamela just stood there mouth open not believing what I just said.

"You would share him with me. I can't believe you saying that."

"Can you live with that? I know it's not the perfect solution but I think it's a good one." I looked her in the eye to let her know I was serious. Then after she didn't say anything I asked. "Can you live with that?"

"How would Bill feel about it?" I laughed just a little. Then said

"You tell me what man wouldn't want two gorgeous women in bed with him at the same time. But we could go ask him if you would like." I said as I took her hand in mine and turned to walked back into the restaurant. She pulled her hand from mine and said.

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