Life's Changes Ch. 08


"Well now that you know for sure. How do you feel about it?" Sharon thought for a moment then said

"What do you mean how do I feel about it. If you think this changes any thing it doesn't. Jim is still my boss. If you think I'll think less of him because he's has some different ways about him your wrong I told you before I love the guy. You may not know this put we're very protective of him at the office. At first it started because he's a great boss to work for. And we all know he doesn't need the firm. I swear he keeps it open so we have someplace to work. Later it was because he truly cares about us. So if you think I'll think less of him because he wears women's cloths or because he has tits like a teenager your dead wrong." I could see she was serious and hurt that Jenny could think that of her. Jenny must have seen it too she went over to Sharon and said

"Sharon I'm very protective of Ginny. She's my love and my life. I'd kill to protect her. We have been hiding this secret for a very long time. And for you to find out about it before we where ready for you put me on the defensive. Forgive me for sounding rude but you have to understand we don't want it getting out he would lose the firm."

"Look Jenny I don't want him to lose the firm either. And I know the rest of the girls don't. Where else can we go and make the money we make there. Not to mention the benefits. So If Jim wants to wear women's cloths then it's ok by us. He can even wear them to the office when he doesn't have any appointments. I only have one question." I was sure what that question was before Jen asked

"What's that love?"

Does Jim like other girls besides you? I mean do I have a shot at him." Sharon asked. Jenny laughed and said.

"Honey Jim can sleep with who ever he wants. You'll have to ask him." Jenny looked at Ginny and then asked Sharon. "Are the four of you staying in Atlanta tonight?"

"Yes at the Hilton down the road."

"Good so are we. Lets go back to the hotel and make a party of this." Jenny told her then to Sandy and I she said "Is that ok with everyone else?" We all agreed it was time to go.

When we arrived back at our hotel. Sharon and the girls went to their room to change while we went to ours. We all change into nighties Jenny then ordered food and several bottles of champagne. I walked over to Ginny who seemed beside herself with glee and said

"It looks like you have another pajama party. But this time we're not playing spin the bottle."

"No not tonight. First of all it's to late and second I'm too horny."

"Your not the only one. I've been trying to come up with a way to get Cheryl and Glenda in bed with me at the same time. Since I'm sure you'll be going with Sharon." I said

"Well actually Jenny and I will be with Sharon. Mary and Debbie are lovers and housemates. I think their life mates as well. Bethany is married to a doctor named Julian. You may get your wish you'll just have to see who pairs up with who."

Sharon and the girls arrived at the same time as the food and wine. Ginger passed out champagne. Everyone seemed to pair off. Mary and Debbie went straight for Pam. While Bethany seem to take a liking to Sandy. Jenny and Sharon paired up while I stood and talked with Cheryl and Glenda. When Ginger finished handing out the wine she said

"Lades and genital men." Then she looked around the room and said. "Well I guess there's only ladies here." Which got a laugh from everyone. "To the new firm of Marsh, Macon and Associates." Every one said here, here then drank up.

I looked over to Pam and saw that the one I thought was Mary had her hand up Pam's nightie. Debbie was standing real close to her. Jenny was kissing Sharon. And Sandy had her hand down Bethany's panties. Leavening Cheryl and Glenda to talk I walked over to the bar for another glass of wine. Ginger came over and said

"Looks like you got your wish." I giggled and said

"Yea if I can keep their hands off each other till I can get them in the bedroom." Ginny said

"Why wait? Go for it."

"I better wait to see if everyone else is ok with their picks." Ginny laughed and said

"Sheri it's already four in the morning. If you wait much longer everyone will be asleep." Then she said "Looks like Sandy didn't wait." I looked to wear she was standing and she was gone. Bethany was gone too. Pam came up to me and asked

"Mistress seeing that there's only three bedrooms up here Mary suggested that we go down to their room to sleep since Bethany and Miss Sharon will be up here."

"Go ahead and have fun. Make sure to take something to wear for when you come back up and get a key from Miss Jenny to get back in the room." I kissed her before she went

"Well that settles it. You got your wish now I suggest you go and get those two in your room before they get other ideas." Ginny told me

"Yea I think I will. You three have a pleasant night. I'll see you later." I kissed Ginny good night. Then went over to Glenda and Cheryl and asked.

"Well do you two have anything planed for tonight?" Glenda scooped me up as Cheryl went for the door to the middle bedroom. Glenda said

"We have a few things planed and they all center around you. I just hope you didn't have anything planed."

"Oh I thought of a few things but I leave it up to you." I told him

Glenda put me down as Cheryl closed the door. Glenda took me in her arms and kissed me. I felt her hard cock rub up against me. Then I felt another pair of hands rub up and down my sides. I felt another pair of lips on my neck and another hard cock rub up against my bottom. I reached up under Glenda's nightie and found the chain that was attached to her nipples and gave it a slight pull. She pulled her mouth from mine and gasped and I felt her cock twitch.

I looked down just as Cheryl took position of Glenda's cock with her hand. I tugged on Glenda's chain again. This time her went up on her toes and moaned as pre-cum flowed out of her cock onto Cheryl's hand. Cheryl's other hand slid up under my top and pulled the ring attached to my left nipple. The sensation was like nothing I felt before. It went straight to my pussy. My head fell onto Glenda's chest as I gasped for air. When Cheryl released my nipple I looked up at Glenda and said

"Now I know why you where so eager to get the other one pierced." She said

"It's just a side benefit to my servitude to you. I couldn't explain it to you, you had to feel it to understand." I had to agree with him how do you explain what I just felt.

Glenda took me back in to her arms and kissed me again. Cheryl's hand had snaked its way down into my panties and cupped my pussy. Her other hand the one that was covered in Glenda's pre-cum now went under my top and grabbed my right breast. I could feel the pre-cum being rubbed into my breast. Then she took my other breast and massaged it. When she pulled my nipple ring again her fingers pierced my pussy at the same time. My orgasm hit me with such force and with such power I collapsed only to be held up by Glenda and Cheryl. When my orgasm subsided I said

"Help me to the bed. Before I pass out."

Glenda and Cheryl must have carried me to the bed because the next thing I remember was lying naked on my back with Glenda on my right and Cheryl on my left both of them naked as well. Cheryl was kissing my left breast and Glenda was kissing my right. I took Cheryl's head in my hands and kissed her. Her kisses where soft like a girls and her tongue was soft and tender like a girls. If I closed my eyes I would have swore I was kissing a girl.

I released her head and then kissed Glenda. She kissed more like a man. There was more force behind Glenda's kiss. Her tongue was stiffer then Cheryl's. I had Cheryl kiss Glenda. I didn't see either of them as a man. They looked like two women kissing. I could see Glenda's kiss was more forceful than Cheryl's. When they separated Glenda look at me his look was seeking approval. I kissed him again this time his kiss was more like Cheryl's sweet and tender. I kissed Cheryl again then they kissed. We did this several times till while they were kissing I reached down between us and took their cocks in my hand. Glenda's was hard fat and long while Cheryl's was hard thin and long. I could feel the slight length different between them. What Cheryl had over Glenda in length she more that made up for in width.

While I stroke their cocks they kissed their passion was evident by the tenderness I saw in their kiss. They held their kiss for as long as they could till finally they separated gasping for breath. When their foreheads came together I stop my stroking but held them in my grasp.

When I saw they had settled down I pushed Glenda on to her back. I then straddled her waist with my legs. I planted one foot on the bed then rose up and guided her cock to my hole. Then I slowly, painfully slowly settled on to her cock till I was firmly seated on to her with her cock all the way in me. Turning to Cheryl and pointing to my toy bag I said

"In that bag you'll find a tube of lubricant." Cheryl jumped up and found the tube then I said "I think you know what I want you to do now."

She nodded her head and started to lube up her cock. While I waited Glenda and I started kissing again. When Cheryl's finger entered my asshole my body shook. I willed myself to stop till She was in me. It worked but only just. Cheryl got on the bed behind me and asked

"Are you sure about this Glenda and I didn't plan this?"

"Well I did now would you please get in side of me. I want both of you in me." I told her

Cheryl put the head of her cock to the entrance of my bottom. I used all my concentration to relax my sphincter muscle. The head of Cheryl's cock was just a little bigger then the size of a golf ball. When she started to enter me I groaned as I felt of my asshole being wedged open. Cheryl froze thinking she was hurting me.

"Cheryl please don't tease me" I begged "Get it in me please."

Cheryl started pushing more in me till I felt the head pop in. Then I felt her sink in inch by inch till I felt her thighs against my bottom. I felt like I was spread wide open and stuffed like a Christmas turkey. I never felt so full in all my life. My body shook again as my ring less nipple tighten up to the bursting point. Glenda then slid out of me. I groaned as I felt her slide out of me. When Glenda started back in Cheryl pulled out. That's how it started. I was just along for the ride.

Once they got a rhythm started they picked up speed. I stayed as still as I could not wanting to throw off their rhythm. They pumped their cocks in and out of me bring me closer and closer to orgasm. And when it hit it was like a storm at sea. I would ride up one orgasmic wave and just as that one receded another hit me. On and on it went. I lost all sense of time and place. My whole world consisted of those two cocks sliding in and out of me driving on the orgasmic storm inside me. Till I felt first one then other cock swell in me. Then I was struck by lighting. A bolt struck me in my left nipple. An electrical charge pass though me and in to my pussy searing my clit. I screamed out just before I died

When my eye's open again sunlight was coming into the room from around the window curtains. My head rested on the shoulder of my Glenda and my arm rested on her flat tummy. I felt Cheryl's body next to me. I felt a stickiness between my legs that told me we didn't clean up before we went to sleep. Looking at my watch I saw it was three fifteen.

Three in the afternoon I never sleep this late. What time did we get to sleep? I tried to remember. The last thing was the lighting bolt. And before I remembered getting fucked by two cocks. I snuggled up to Glenda and rubbed up against her. She lifted her head and smiled at me. Then she kissed me. I felt Cheryl move behind me before I felt her lips on my neck. I was hoping she would continue but I also knew I needed a shower. Glenda pulled me closer and kissed me hard on the mouth. I stopped her and said

"Before this goes any further I need a shower. Some one didn't do his job last night."

"Sorry I passed out right behind you. It won't happen again." Glenda said Then Cheryl said

"I cleaned up before I went to sleep."

"That's not the kind of clean up I was taking about. But I'm glad you did." I told her. Just then the door flew open Sandy was standing in the doorway She put her hands on her hips and said

"Look little miss cock piggy if you're done with these two I need some cock and Bethany would like some too." I laughed and said

"Ok but you might want them to shower first."

"Well Ok but make it snappy." Sandy said as she closed the door

"Well I guess that means duty calls." I said then I turned to Glenda and said "I'm sure your going to have plenty of pussy today." Glenda looked to Cheryl and said

"I'm going to need help."

"I'll do what I can. But I sure they all heard about how big you are and they want to try you on for size." Cheryl said

"Hey your pretty big." Glenda informed her

"NO I'm long your big, real big." Cheryl said

"Ok that's enough I feel like I'm in a boy's locker room in high school. Lets get in the shower and if things get to much for you two I'll put a stop to it." After we got sort of dressed Glenda and Cheryl both put on panties and camisoles figuring they we're headed to somebody else's bed. I put on shorts and a tee. Then we went into the living room.

I made a beeline for the coffee maker and Bethany and Sandy made a beeline for Cheryl and Glenda. Bethany latched on to Cheryl and Sandy took Glenda in hand. After allowing Cheryl and Glenda to get something to eat and drink both couples disappeared into different bedrooms. Jenny came over to sit down at the dinning table with me.

"Hey wild night last night?" Jenny asked

"Yea from what I remember of it."

"Well from what I heard it must have been great." She said

"Oh god was I that loud?" I asked with embarrassment

"Don't worry about it. Hey did any one pull on your nipple ring." Jenny asked

"Oh yea. It's the best. You too."

"Oh yea Ginny pulled mine just as I came. It was like." Then she stopped

"I know it's indescribable. I know why Sam said she'll see us again today." Then Jenny said

"You'd think that slut of mine would have told us about them. I should beat her for not telling me about it." I looked around the room then said

"Speaking about sluts where's Pam. I can't believe She wasn't here to get my coffee this morning. Well I guess it's afternoon."

"Sounds like someone's a little jealous." Jenny said teasingly

"Well maybe but she should be here. I mean ok so I miss her is there a crime in that." Jenny laughed

"No there's no crime in that. I'll call Mary's room and see if they're up yet." Jenny went to the phone when she came back she said. "She just got up and she'll be right up. She seem very upset that I called so don't make a big deal over her not being here earlier."

"I won't. Dam a week ago I barely knew she existed now I'm up set because she wasn't there when I woke up." Jenny patted my hand as Ginny came and sat down on the other side of me. Jenny gave Ginny a scowl then said

"Tell that slut sitting next to you I'm still not talking to her." It was my turn to laugh

"Jen you know I tried to get you to get one. How many times did I try?" Ginny pleaded with her

"If you had explained what happen I would have got one years ago. But no you didn't do that." I could see that she really wasn't mad at her.

"Ok if it's so easy you tell me what happens." Ginny said. This got to Jenny because she couldn't explain it either.

"Oh shut up and get me some more coffee." Ginny knew she got Jenny She giggled before getting up. "Keep that up and I'll have you wearing a suit to night." That shut Ginny up

Pam came in looking worse for wear. Her hair wasn't combed in its usual neat appearance she hadn't put on any make up. And I could see she was still half a sleep. Mary and Debbie followed in behind her. Neither of them looked any better. Pam came over to me knelt down and said.

"Mistress I'm sorry for not being here when you awoke it won't happen again." I could see she was worried I was upset.

"It's ok sweetheart." Pam went and got me another cup of coffee. Then the one I believe was Mary said

"Sheri it was really our fault. We keep her up very late."

"Mary isn't it?" She nodded her head "Pam has always been there when I wake up. I was just worried that something happen to her when she wasn't there that's all. I'm not mad really." I invited them to join us, which they did. Then Bethany and Cheryl came out of the middle bedroom. Bethany sat down across from me and said to no one in particular

"Dam I needed that." We all laughed Sandy and Glenda came out of her bedroom. Sandy walked up to me and got down on her knees and bowed. I asked her what she was doing.

"Any one who can take that for eight years is a goddess in my book." Which got a laugh from Pam, Ginny Jenny and myself. Bethany asked

"Is he that good?" Sandy turned to her and said

"Good oh yes and huge."

"You mean he's bigger than Cheryl?" Sandy caught the he this time

"No She's not as long as Cheryl is she's close, but She is a lot wider." Bethany realized her mistake then said

"I have to try some of her." I held up my hand and said

"Give her some time to recover. I'm sure you won't regret it."

"Oh your right I'm sorry. When Julian isn't here I get a little wild."

"Why's that?" Jenny asked

"Well he's kind of jealous when it comes to me and other dicks. He doesn't like watching me getting fuck by other cocks. It's ok when he's not around as long as I don't tell him."

"Does he do it with other women when your there." Jenny asked

"Of cause I mean what's he going to do other guys."

"He could or he could let you do what you want. It sounds like he's has all the say so and you just go along with what he wants." Jenny said

"Well he is the man you know." Jenny and Sandy both laughed. Then Sandy said

"It sounds to me like he just insecure with his masculinity. I'd bet I could have him in panties in an hour and sucking cock in three."

"I doubt that." Then Bethany though for a second then said. "I'll tell you I wouldn't mind see him with a cock jabbing him in the mouth the way he does me. I use to really love sucking cock but not any more. With Julian I never seem to be doing it right."

"I'd say you two had some issues to work out." Jenny told her

"It sounds like he has his cake and eats it to me." I said

"What do you mean Sheri?" Bethany asked

"Well he gets to watch you with another women. Which is a lot of men's fantasies. Then he gets to bag whatever chick he wants with your blessing. And he's lead to believe that he's the only dick you get. Sounds to me he has it all his way." I said

"He knows I go with other men when I'm not with him."

"Does he Beth, does he really? You yourself just said that he doesn't want to know what you do when you're apart." I asked

"Of cause he knows." You could tell she was trying to convince herself at this point. Then she asked "Do you tell Bill about every guy you sleep with?"

"Well first of all I wouldn't sleep with a guy with out Bill knowing it. And second why would I go out to get fast food when I have fillet minion at home." Which got a laugh from everyone except Bethany. I could see that Bethany was getting upset with the turn of the conversation so I said "Do me a favor don't tell your husband about Bill or Glenda or Pam for that matter. I don't think I want him to know about them."

"I'd have to agree with Sheri on that. I don't think I want him to know about Jim either. Something tells me if you told him you had sex with another guy you'd be looking for a new place to live."

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