tagLoving WivesLife's Turnarounds # 03

Life's Turnarounds # 03


Again I would like to thank Gizzmo for his help in writing this story.


Ann's Confession continues. During the rest of the day I saw her sitting at the PC typing away. She was working on something and I didn't disturb her. At dinner she handed me a number of piece of papers. As I looked at it I realized she had written what she did with her boy toy in a story. She told me, "I wrote everything we did that day for you in a story this all started with those damn stories and I hope it will end with this one. There's no extra or enhancement it's written exactly like it happened and as well as I can remember it. Bud, I'm not proud of any of it but, I just prey to God that after you read it you'll still want me. So please Bud, please be kind, and realize this will never happen again and please forgive me. I have done what you told me to do I just hope you'll be want to still be my husband and love me after this is all over. Please know that the stories and the size of his cock was just too much stimulation for me I couldn't say no and to be very honest with you I didn't want to say no."

As I took the pages she had written in my hand and began to read them, I saw her kneel on the kitchen floor and take out my very soft cock. She began to play with it stroking and placing her lips around the cock head. As she sucked on my cock, I began to read her story.

Here's the story.

It started that day we went to lunch the first time, Carl is his name and he's 20 actually. He is around 6 foot tall and weights about 185 he is young, strong and very eager to please everyone at work. But, he had made it known this week that he won't be coming back next year to the office but rather staying in Atlanta and working there so he can be near his girlfriend. They plan to marry after she finished college.

Now how to begin? You know about the stories and I know you enjoy reading them too. I have seen you masturbating and cumming as you read them. Yes, I have watched you stroke your cock and cum a few times when I was supposed to be working upstairs at night and your underwear has stains on them from time to time.

I read these stories, the same ones that you read and I have masturbated at night sometimes while you are sleeping. Even after we have had sex, and some good sex, I have still gone down and read a story or two and yes I have cum hard again afterwards. It's not that you don't please me anymore God knows you do. It's just that some of the stories are very sexual in nature, as you know. Anyway, I have read many of the same stories that you read and there was a time when I began to wonder if this wasn't a major fantasy of yours. You know having me fucked by someone else and telling you about it later. Then I also realized that you wouldn't be like that and that you most likely just read the stories to get off sometimes and to relieve the stress during the day like I did.

But Bud, the more I read the stories the more I seemed to want to try having another man, once, only once. I just wanted to see if what the stories said about how thrilling it is, how good it feels and the extremely wild sex, having orgasms after orgasms were true. So I fantasized more and more about doing it just once, just for me...

Now the boy, Carl was a very nice sweet person and very handsome. When I heard the men discussing his equipment and the size he had between his legs, I knew that if I did it at all, I would do it with him. Then when he told me he was leaving in 10 days, everything seemed to fall in place. I knew if I was going to try this it would have to be very soon. I didn't really know how to go about it so I asked him to lunch, a sort of pre-going away lunch. I wanted to see how he was when he was alone with me and away from others.

We ate and talked about his dreams and goals and what he wanted out of life. He was very talkative and I listened and actually finding that I enjoyed our time together. When I flirted with him, I knew he enjoyed it too. Being older than him made me feel good that a young good-looking man was interested in me. He told me how pretty and sexy I was and I really enjoyed his come-on. But, I still didn't know if I was going to finish this or not at this point.

After lunch when we got into the car and I took his hand and placed it on my breast a shock went over my entire body and centered in my clit. It thrilled me beyond anything I could have imagined from just having my breasts felt on the outside of my blouse! I looked into his eyes and saw the lust of a young man who wanted me! It made me so wet. Yes Bud, that one touch, that little squeeze of my breast on the outside of my blouse made me know I that I had to finish this now. "

I sat there and just shook my head tears in my eyes and in disgust and disbelieve. She said, "I'm sorry if this hurts but Bud, you wanted to know about everything that happened."

I said, "I know I did, let me read on."

She sighed and said, "Ok Bud remember you wanted this not me. With an ache in my heart I read on. Then I undid the buttons on my blouse as Carl just looked at me and watched my every move as more and more of my breasts began to become exposed the more it excited him and me too. He sat there and pulled on his pants I think he was trying to adjust his big cock that I was sure was growing bigger in there. He watched as I opened my blouse completely now showing him my almost see through Victoria Secrets bra I wore just for him that day.

Then I did something I never believed I would do. I reached into my bra with my hands and pulled the bra down and lifted my breasts out of it. Then I let my hands go and sat there looking at him. He looked into my eyes and then his hands reached out and cupped each one of my tits as he called them.

I moaned! I actually moaned from his touch Bud. He squeezed my breasts now. His hands on my naked breasts made my nipples incredibly hard and my pussy was drenched. When Carl pulled me close and began to suck on my nipples I realized we were still in the parking lot and tried to stop him but he was like a starving man sucking my breasts and licking my nipples. He left two marks on me, which you never noticed that night when we fucked like wildcats. I was so hot I could have screamed over and over again!

I reached over and pulled his head up and kissed him while I unzipped his slack. It was now or never, so I pulled his cock out of the opening and began to jerk him off. Jesus Bud! He was super hard already and my God he was huge. My hand hardly fit around the shaft. I used both my hands as I pumped and worked hard and fast on his cock as he went back playing with my tits.

Then I felt him move his hand to my skirt and lift it up high. I knew he could see all of my legs and my very little almost see through panties that matched my bra. He began to stroke my pussy and I moaned loud. He quickly ran his hand under the panty leg before I could stop him. Once he touched my wet pussy with his hand and fingers I didn't want to stop him. When he felt how wet my pussy was he inserted two fingers easily into it! I moaned as he began to finger fuck me and his cock began to cum all over me.

I guess that's when some of his cum landed on my socks I had on. Yes Bud I was wearing tennis shoes and a skirt like I always do when I go to lunch. I had to keep up the normal look I guess. Anyway his cum landed on my naked legs and thighs and in the seat of my car and on the sock too.

My skirt was around my stomach and Carl enjoyed the sight of my opened legs and wet pussy being fingered by him as his cum pumped over it all! He still had both of my tits out and was working on one and sucking the other.

God Bud I was on fire and felt like such a whore for him that day and the next time we were together would be even nastier. But we didn't fuck that day he shot his load and I climaxed on his hand and fingers. It was then that I pulled my bra up and he moved his hands out of my panties so I lowered my skirt. I watched him lick his fingers and then he wanted to lick my pussy and told me how much he wanted to do it right now. But as he was lowering his head I stopped him and I told him I had to think about it and he should go back to work. He left and went inside the building and I sat there dazed and almost like I was drugged I wasn't I was in heat!

After about 20 minutes I went inside and found him and told him not to tell anyone what we did. And if he was a good boy, I might invite him to lunch again. Then I told him if I did, I would fuck his brains out. Yes, just like that I said it to him. I said the word fuck Bud. He took my hand as we stood in the back of the file cabinets and he paced my hand on his cock. He was large very large and he wasn't even hard. I knew then that I would invite him out again and that he would be the one I fucked."

I put the pages down and looked at my wife. I wondered if I really ever knew her at all. I took a drink of my coffee as I felt Ann still sucking my cock and stroking it with both hands. She was moaning and looked up into my eyes. I said, "You know that feels so good Ann. I love it when you suck my cock."

She smiled up at me and told me she loved me and would do whatever I wanted as long as she could stay married to me. She said, "I know I haven't done this to you in a very long time and I am sorry now I want to please you as best I can and I will promise to do it as often as you want. In fact when ever you would like me to suck your cock Bud just tell me."

I didn't reply but didn't stop her as I went back reading this Damn story. I was now only on page two as she sucked my hard cock I read on.

She wrote, "After I had felt Carl's big soft cock and felt it jump and began to grow in my hand as I squeezed it again and then he shot his cum all over my hand and legs in my car, I knew he was the one. I would tell him I wanted him to fuck me.

So about a 4 days later I met him in the stairway and I looked into his eyes and said, "I would like to talk with you early tomorrow morning before anyone comes in. Can you meet me here around 7:30 AM? He had one more day left before he was going to go home. I decided that the next day would be the day I fucked him."

As we stood in the stairway, I placed the palm of my hand on the shaft of his cock on the outside of his slacks. Carl told me if I would play with his cock he would be here as early as I wanted him. I told him 7:30 AM would be good. We parted with me going into the lady's room to wipe myself again. My pussy was literally dripping with my excitement for the third time that day.

When I came home you and I had fantastic sex later that night, but since I'm confession all my sins to you. Bud, I have to tell you that night I was thinking of his bigger and younger hard cock in me as you were fucking me. I'm so sorry but it's the honest truth."

With Ann's last comment, I could feel my cock begin to go soft even as Ann was sucking and stroking me like the whore she had become. She looked up at me and said, "I told you that you didn't want to know all of this Bud. Oh come on baby let's go to bed and try to forget all of this please! Let me just fuck you and you try to forget this, Ok?"

I pushed her mouth back on my cock and yelled at her, "Suck it! Suck my cock you whore!"

She was crying now as she looked up at me and started to suck and trying to make me hard again. I read on picking up from where I had left off before.

Ann wrote, "So at around 7:15 AM I was in the office that day. You might remember I left very early you weren't even up yet. When I arrived Carl's car was the only one in the lot and he was the only one on the floor. I took him into the stairway and kissed him hard and he immediately reached for and held my ass pulling me into his crotch. I could feel his cock rising fast in his slacks. It felt huge! I felt his tongue go deep into my mouth and I moaned as he began to fuck my mouth with it. When we separated I told him I wanted to have HIM for lunch today. It was his last day and he said he would make arrangements to be off this entire afternoon giving the excuse that his parents wanted him to be with them on his final afternoon here. So his boss gave him off at noon.

I let him feel me up in the stairway and he moved very quickly lifting my skirt and slipping his full hand under the leg opening of my panties. Yes, I had on panties then but they were soaked as his hand pushed the material to the side getting it out of his way and began fingered my hole. He stroked me and fingered me and I felt wonderfully evil doing it in the stairway at work.

I moaned again loudly as he covered my mouth with one hand as he inserted two fingers deep into my willing pussy. I actually began to rock and pump on them as I fucked myself to an easy orgasm. It took almost no time before he was kneeing in front of me and bathing my very hot and throbbing pussy with his tongue and fingers now. I held his head and thrust my hips into his face as I climaxed again leaning against the wall. He had gotten me off twice in less than 5 minutes.

I held his head and rammed my pussy on his tongue and fingers. He had his mouth over my clit and I swear I was on fire! I was sure I was pissing myself I came so hard. Climaxing three times in the stairway at work in less than 10 minutes was new for me. I have never done anything like that before. It was wild and exciting and just like the stories said it would be.

Finally I pulled him up and he kissed me shoving his tongue deep into my mouth this time. I tasted myself and knew he wanted me to! He held me tight as his fingers were still deep inside me. Here I was with my skirt up around my stomach and my panties pushed to the side now by my own hand holding them open so I could let his fingers fucking me hard and fast.

I felt him bit my left breast over the blouse I had on. He left teeth marks on the blouse. I moaned and held his head and rotated my pussy on his fingers moaning like some animal some filthy bitch animal in heat. Like a whore I told him to use his thumb and rub my clit! He did and so help me Bud, I climaxed once more. We worked on each other and enjoyed each other's bodies until we heard others and decide we had to wait until lunchtime. He didn't cum then. I left him super horny! As we broke our embrace I told him I was going to fuck him unconscious this afternoon and I meant every word of it!

He laughed and we kissed once more. Then he went upstairs to work and I went downstairs. We didn't see each other until about 10 minutes before we were going to leave. I saw him look at me as he got on the elevator. I met him in the back of the lobby of our building and we went out the side door. He held my hand and opened the car door for me as I got into the car very slowly. I had already removed my wet, cum soak panties in the lady's room and so when I opened my legs to get into the car, I offered and he saw everything I owned again. He smiled and I did too.

He closed the car door and drove away fast as I sat there facing him with my legs wide open, skirt pulled up far enough for him to see and played with the folds of my pussy just like a slut. Oh God Bud I'm so ashamed of what I did, what we did together that day, ashamed of all of it! Please will you forgive me?"

I didn't answer her. I read on. She wrote, "Carl smiled every time he looked my way and saw my pussy wet, pink and open smiling back at him. Finally I was sure he was going to kill us or at least have an accident since he was looking more at my open legs and pussy than at the road. So I closed my legs and he moaned. But, I left my skirt high enough for him to see the start of my slit and my blouse opened enough to show him my breasts and nipples. They were rock hard!

I moved closer to him and slowly stroked his cock. Again I stroked him on the outside of his slacks. I wanted to see his cock so badly, but I waited until we were in the motel room. I paid for the room Bud, since he didn't make very much money as I do. I went into the lobby and got the key too.

As we closed the door to the room and were all over each other and he had me out of my clothes in minutes. They were all turned inside out and in a pile scattered all over the floor. I wanted him to see me, all of me so for some reason I wasn't embarrassed or humiliated at all. I stood there nude in front of him lights on and window shades open and I let him look at me and turned around and showed him all of me. I turned around very slowly and God help me Bud, I even bent over when he told me to do so, he could see my ass and pussy from behind. He told me how very beautiful I was and how I looked so much younger than I was. He complimented me again and again and I knew it was bullshit. But, I loved the attention and the words of love he said to me.

Then I dropped to my knees and undid his slacks. They fell to the floor and I saw his beautiful cock spring free for the first time. I remember putting my hands to my mouth as I look in disbelieve at the size of his cock. It looked even bigger that day than the day in my car. Carl had no underwear on and his dick was bobbing up and down right in front of my face. I smiled looking into his eyes as he asked me if I liked it.

I told him yes, I loved it! My God Bud! It was the biggest thickest pink/red cock with a brighter pink/red almost purple and very thick cock head I had ever seen. His balls were huge too and hung down full of cum I was sure. I told him his cock was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen and that I had never seen one as big as his.

That made him smile. And that's when he said I should hold it and feel it and stroke it, kiss it, suck it and worship it to show him how much I liked it. I took it in both of my hands and kissed the big thick head for the first time. My God! It was magnificent! It was 3 maybe 4 inches longer than my two hands on top of each other and it must have weighted 5 pounds or more. It was thick and hot to the touch and I could feel it throbbing in my hand and knew the blood was filling it and pulsing all around inside making it even bigger! I watched it grow a couple more inches as I stroked it and kissed the magnificent purple/red head again and again. I remembered looking up into his blue eyes and smiling at him as I did it.

He smiled down at me as his hand moved to the back of my head and pushed gently moving my face against the fat cock head. I simply opened my mouth and engulfed the big fat red cock head and started to suck and lick it! I cupped his balls and rolled them around in my one hand as my other hand circled the shaft and began to slowly pump it! He held my head for a few minutes until he knew I wasn't going to remove my mouth!

As I sucked and made love to his big cock he pulled off the rest of his clothes and dropped them on the floor next to my clothes. He stepped out of he slacks and watched me as I looked up into his eyes and sucked his huge cock. The men were right Carl had a cock of a porn-star. I swear to you it had to be over 10 inches long and round enough that my thumb couldn't touch my other fingers. He moaned when I took a great deal of it into my mouth and sucked hard. He began to slowly fuck my mouth!"

I had to stop reading now and I put the papers down on the kitchen table. I moved both hands to my wife's head holding it as she moved on my cock sucking and licking it, just like she had done with her boy lover. I began fucking her mouth as she was sucking me like she had sucked her lover. As Ann popped her mouth off my cock she said, "You know Bud I had never sucked any man's cock but yours. And you know I never let anyone cum in my mouth, before......yesterday afternoon with....Carl. I let him cum in my mouth and I..........I drank all of his seed. I'm going to do that for you too my loving husband. Cum for me Bud. Cum in my mouth baby! Cum in my mouth and let taste you. Cum for me and let me show you how much I really love you."

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