tagLoving WivesLife's Turnarounds # 05

Life's Turnarounds # 05


While this is my ending to the story I would like to thank Gizzmo again for his ideas of the story and his help in writing this story. We both hope you have enjoyed reading it as we did writing it.

Bud: Three more months had past now and the things were going very well for Ann and me now. We had begun to heal and started to have wonderful sex and a great relationship again. The sex was every day and/or night and I had gone bear back with Ann every time. Since Ann hadn't taken a pill since she was caught cheating on me and we hadn't had sex in weeks I was sure the baby was my own. The last time she had been with Carl was the last time she took a pill and that was months ago.

I begin to slowly accept her and while it wasn't easy what she had done. No, wait I never accepted what she had done I only accepted her again. I learned to live with her making a mistake. But she was dedicated to me now almost religiously. We went everywhere together and she was doing things to and with me now that she had never agreed to do before. I was beginning to fall back in love with her. It was slow and many times I would have flash back s of what she did and it was almost like starting over again and again. But the flash backs came less often and things were better for both of us.

We were still visiting the counselor who had helped us both a great deal to get over Ann's cheating and we both felt we were well on our way to healing.

The counselor told Ann in one of her one on one session that she had with him that she should let me have her body in every way that her lover had taken her. She should not deny me anything. If I asked for it, she was to give me whatever she gave her lover. Actually being able to take my wife like her lover had taken her and having my wife give me now what she only gave her lover before did seem to help in some strange way.

More time passed and with each week and each visit to the good counselor we seemed to grow closer again. As time passed Ann left the light on, we had sex in the daylight or afternoon or anytime I wanted it. That helped to lift my sprits to. Then she let me have her ass for the first time since we had been married. She actually offered it to me one night. That was a big step for us both as far as I was concerned. And after that night, when I shot my load into her ass we both knew we had done everything that she had done with her ex-lover Carl. While it didn't let me forget what she did, it did helped me to heal. We had some wonderful sex doing everything I had always wanted. She opened up to me in ways she never did before. It was now well over 6 months since that day I caught Ann cheating.

Then one day she took off from her new job and went to the doctor for a visit. Ann was sure she was with child but she didn't tell me until the doctor confirmed it. She wanted to be sure before giving me the good news. She told me later that she was always right on time with her period and she knew pretty much for sure it was that night when we had loved and mated many times without any protection on either of our parts. We hadn't had sex in weeks before that night and we had gone at each other hard and long into that night and the following day. I had taken her body and cumming in her many times in that 24-hour period.

I knew she was happy since she was smiling all the time and I felt very happy knowing that this baby might bring us even closer together. It also helped to reassure us that she loved me very much. She had worked very hard to help heal my pain. Ann told me she was determined to make up for her act of lust and offered herself mind body and sole now without hesitation or modesty.

She gave me her ass anything I wanted it and in fact she had wanted me to do it to her more often than I asked for it. We had learned to enjoy that method too. She would drop to the floor whenever she felt I had the slightest urge or that I wanted my cock sucked. She never hesitated in providing me with an oral orgasm.

There were many nights when we got home from work that we never dressed again after taking off our work clothes and showering together. We would wash each other and then sit nude as we ate dinner or watched TV afterwards. She didn't hesitate to strip and become fully nude for me whenever I wanted her that way. And, she would sit with me and slowly stork and make love to my cock at night for hours until I was so very ready to fuck her and climaxed in her pussy ass or mouth. She would play with my cock until I was super hard then she would either suck me dry or fuck me until I shot my load into her at least twice. She acted like she couldn't do enough for me. Her pleasure was secondary to her now and she told me often that she only wanted to please me. But I made sure I ate her pussy every night after she sucked me off or just before we had intercourse regardless of which hole I put my cock.

The nights I wasn't feeling up to having sex, she would always change my mind by letting me see and play with her wonderful body. Masturbation for her as I watched always got me hard. Blowjobs became a way of life for us now. She sucked me until I had two sometimes three orgasms a days just from her mouth. And she would always swallow my entire load too. She learned to look up into my eyes and drink my cum down and follow my directions knowing what I loved for her to do for me.

But I always repaid her for her sexual attention and love. I would drop on the living room floor and she would smile and open her legs for me as she sat on the sofa or chair. As she straddled her legs over the arms of a chair, I would lick and eat her pussy until she was pulling on my hair and begging me to fuck her. Our sex life was absolutely fantastic. We had sex often almost every night of the week and on the weekend we would sometimes not leave the bedroom except to eat and showered and relieve ourselves. It was like we were on our honeymoon!

Life was good for both of us. Oh, and she kept her pussy shaved for me when she asked me if I liked it that way and It told her I enjoyed licking her and see her pussy with no hair around her vagina to get in my teeth. Live was looking much better for both of us.

Ann: After receiving the great news about being pregnant, I hurried home stopping only at the grocery store to shop for that special dinner I knew Bud would love. I started to walk out of the store and looked both ways at the crosswalk when my heart stopped.

I was just standing there waiting for the cars to pass by when around corner came someone I was sure I would never see again. It was Carl! I watched him walking to his car after leaving my favorite restaurant. He looked taller and had filled out more in the past months. It had been over a year now since I had made that almost fatal mistake of cheating on my husband. Now as I stood there watching Carl walk to his car.

I felt a chill go to my very bones. Then I shook as I felt the heat begin between my legs. It was a brief sighting yet I felt my body reacted like it had the first day I had been in the car with Carl. That day I had melt as he sucked my nipples and licked my breasts. As I jerked him off some of his cum flew and landed on pone of my socks that I was wearing with my tennis shoes that day. I always wore them when I went to lunch, just like normal so no one would wonder where I was going. I didn't see it and Bud found it. That was the beginning of what could have been the end for our marriage and me. My pussy was as wet now as it was when he fingered me to orgasm and I jerked him off to that climax. I instantly remembered what his body looked like and how big and thick his cock was in bed as he plunged it into me like no man had ever done before or since.

I shuttered again as all the memories came flooding back into my brain. I remembered our meetings where Carl had taken my body many times. It was that second night especially that flooded my brain since it was then that was our first time fucking. I remember being with him and letting him take me four times in two hours that time. Youth and stamina was good but when you throw in a huge hard cock it's paradise to a woman's body if the man knew how to fuck, and believe me, Carl knew how to fuck! God help me he knew!

And in-between the four times we had fucked he had continuously kept my body and brain peaking and high with pleasure and need for him to take me again. He had done things to my body yes, but he also did things to my brain that no man I had ever been with had done before and that including Bud. I just stood there watching him walk to his car. He got in and drove away. Thank God he didn't see me!

I was rattled, really rattled. And I realized right then and there that he was back in town and Jesus he was in my own neighborhood, so close to where I lived and worked. Again I felt chills run over my entire body. I had to get away now. I got into my car and drove home quickly. Trying to forget him I started dinner, cooking Bud's favorite meal. I was preparing to tell him he was going to be a father and forget about Carl. But the urge became to great and I went into the bedroom and masturbated like I was 18. I was thinking of Carl and I climaxed twice very hard and to the point that I screamed before I fell back on the bed panting like a wildcat!

I remember moaning very loudly as I arched my back, thrust my hips and ass up off the bed. With three fingers ramming into my wet throbbing pussy, I shuttered to a huge orgasm. I had my eyes closed and saw Carl elevated above me with his huge cock stuffed into my pussy and fucking me wildly! It was like he was there in the room with me fucking me again. God I was so much in heat at that moment I knew I had better get a grip or I would search him out and let him fuck me again anytime anywhere he wanted to do it! I had to shake this or I knew Bud would never permit a second time of me cheating on him. My marriage and life as I knew it would be over. I had to forget and avoid Carl no matter what else happens, I couldn't see him again. The baby Ann!!! Concentrate on the baby!

Yes, once the baby was born it would occupy most of my time; I could fight the animalistic lust and sexual feelings I had for Carl! I had to fight it! I got up and went back to the kitchen thinking I would fuck Bud wildly tonight. But would it be enough? I didn't know.

Well I guess I really did know. Somewhere in the back of my brain near the pleasure spot and memory area, I was scared to death to know that Carl was this close to me again. It was a very good thing he didn't see me today when I saw him. I would have to stay away from him. I had to stay away from him. I didn't know what would happen if he saw me and we were together again. I shook my head and said, "Yes I do! I know if he wanted me again, he could have had me. I would find some way to be with him. The memory of the sex we had together was just too hard to stay away. What Bud didn't know was I had fucked Carl a total of 12 different days and nights not just the two I had confessed too. I would have never been able to hold my marriage together if Bud knew Carl had been with me a dozen times and fucked me god knows how many times each day I was with him.

I knew deep inside that I would give myself to Carl if he made the smallest move to take me. I shook again with fear and also a very deep, much deeper sexual desire. I was upset to the point of tears. I had to stay away from that shopping center. And especially that restaurant, which was my husband's favorite place to eat locally. If I saw Carl or he saw me, he would know from the look on my face that I was his for the taking. I would have to find some place else to shop for food too.

Bud: That night when I got home I could tell Ann wasn't herself. She looked upset about something but I didn't know if it was a good or bad upsetting. Any husband will know what I'm talking about.

What I did know was baby blue was definitely her color and that baby doll nightie she was wearing made my cock begin to rise as soon as I entered the kitchen and saw her bending over looking into the oven. Jesus she looked good with just a hint of fabric on display running up the crack of her ass. Ann had a wonderful shapely and firm ass and as she bent over, her breasts were hanging down with hard nipples very visible in that see through baby blue material. I just stood there looking at her lovely vision and finally I said, "Ever man should be offered this view when he comes home from work!"

She looked startled as she jumped up when she heard my voice. "God Bud! You scared the shit out of me," she said.

Then she came over and kissed me and I held her telling her how beautiful she looked and how much I loved her. She told me she loved me too. We kissed again and then as we parted she said, "Go shower you're filthy!"

I told her dressed in that nightie how would she like me to eat her pussy for an appetizer? She laughed and told me again to go shower I smelled like dirt and gasoline. I was very dirty since I had been on the construction site all damn day. I kissed her again and left for the bathroom sliding my hands along the sides of her breasts. She told me I could have her for desert and that she had a surprise for me too after dinner.

I came back nude but clean. She smiled when she saw me standing there with half a hard-on and looking at her as she worked to put the food on the table. God she looked so good in that nightie.

We ate with Ann slowly working my cock in one hand and eating her dinner with the other one. She smiled as I opened the top of that nightie and played with her breasts and nipples putting food on them and then licking it off. I told her they felt larger. She smiled and told me to finish dinner and we could go into the living room.

Once there I sat on the sofa and she knelt in front of me. She was so beautiful as she slowly went back stroking my cock. God I was so hard. She said, "Guess what?"

I told her I didn't know and asked what the surprise was?

She said, "Well Bud, we're going to have a baby."

I smiled and as she bent towards my cock as if she was going to take it in her lovely mouth and suck it, I stopped her telling her it was a mutual satisfaction night. That both of us should please the other.

She smiled and said, "Let me taste you first baby. Let me please you first for forgiving me, and giving us this wonderful gift!"

I told her, "No", and stood up with my hard cock pointing at her face. I pulled her up into my arms and as I kissed her I lifted her into my arms and carried her to our bedroom.

As I gently laid her down on the bed she looked like an angle lying there in that beautiful nighie she had half on. Her breasts rising and falling and her legs open enough to show me the front of her small throng with the wet spot in the front of it. I knew she was already wet and ready for me! . As I stood there I dropped to my knees as I knelt next to her on the bed. She moaned for me to make love her. And that's exactly what I did.

I looked down at her beauty and told her how much I loved her. She stroked my face and told me she loved me too. Her small hand circled around my hard cock shaft again. As she pumped it she watched me lower my head and she gently held it in her other hand as I began to lick and kiss her body everywhere. Then when I started to suck her nipples she told me she was very sensitive now and I should be gentle. I licked them and sucked them as easy as I could. Her hand moved a little quicker up and down my cock as she told me how good my mouth felt on her breasts.

I don't know how long it was that I spent touching and licking and sucking on those two beautiful globes of flesh that my wife had but it was some time. Her breasts were so nice and they actually looked fuller. I was sure it was because she was having a baby. Her breasts were nice and now they were getting bigger. I was thinking, "Lucky me."

Finally I felt her hand push on my head a little and I knew she was getting worked up for me to eat her pussy. She said, "Lick me baby! Lick my pussy it's on fire!"

I moved down her silky smooth body and as I came closer to her pussy I saw her open her legs spreading them wider and offering herself completely to me. God I loved when she did that and how she was so willing now! If there was anything at all that came out of her cheating it was that now she was so willing to please me. She didn't hesitate, she opened her legs as wide as she could and I moved between them. Her hand left my cock now as I moved it away from her. She touched the side of my face and told me she loved me again. When my lips touched her wet pussy lips, Ann moaned, "Oh Bud, eat me make me cum and then fuck me baby! I need you so badly!"

I smile up into her blue eyes as I looked over her bald pussy mound and between the round breasts and I told her I was going to give her a great orgasm. She smiled back at me as my lips met her pussy lips again. I looked up between her full breasts to see her close her eyes and a smile form on her face. She moaned out again and elevating her hips and ass offering her pussy as she lifted her lower body up off the bed giving me better access to her sex. I moved both hands under her fully round ass and helped to hold her up as my mouth pushed into her wetness. I licked and sucked and made slow love to her pussy for a long, very long time as I held the thong out of the way.

Finally I moved my mouth off of her pussy and she moaned again in minor protest this time. I slid my fingers under the strings of the thong and began to pull it down off of her body. Ann lifted her ass up off the bed as she did she elevated her hips too offering her assistance in removing it. Once it was off I sat there looking at her pussy and began to gently rub it. She was very wet and her slit opened and she took my two fingers easily into her hole. She arched her back and cried out as I began to finger fuck her. As I ran a finger over her hard round clit, Ann smiled at me and told me she loved the way I made love to her. I inserted a third finger and then bent my head placing my mouth back on her openness once again.

I sucked and licked and she arched and pumped her pussy on my face and fingers. I gave her a couple of really great climaxes before she was pulling on me trying to get me up off her vagina. At fist she was whispered, "Fuck me Bud! I need your cock so bad! Fuck me baby!"

But when I kept my mouth over her clit and sucked more and more on it, she began to raise her voice as her body fucked my face until she was finally screamed, "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! FUCK ME BUD!! FUCK ME NOW!"

As I moved up over her body letting her pull on me I was positioning my cock at the wet opening of her sweet sex. She lifted again and I felt those fat pussy lips of her cunt part and as her hand wrapped around my shaft Ann guided it to her opening and it accepted my cock head as it began to move up into her tunnel. There was not much pushing to get it into her she was very ready for me!

And the feeling! Well it was a feeling like no other. I could never describe it adequately with words. But it was like sliding your very hard cock into the softest, smoothest, tightest, warmest round channel filled with warn wet juices which coated your cock immediately and completely. It was heaven and I always savored that first penetration as I moved fully into her body pushing my cock up her tunnel.

Ann moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard as I began to move in and out of her pussy! She moaned and bit my shoulder in her passion as I pump in and out of her more and more. We could hear my balls slapping against her ass each time I moved into her. It was the only sound in the room except her moaning. I was gentle and easy at first yet she was going wild on me. I heard her cry out and begin to orgasm. Her cum drenched my cock even more and in fact it started to run out her pussy from around my shaft as I buried it into her. Her body slammed up into me and she fucked me like a wild woman! Oh yes Oh God yes!! I love you so much baby! Fuck me Bud! Oh God, it's so good baby!"

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