tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 02

Lightning Crashes Ch. 02


The throb of the music could be heard outside the brick building and it heightened his mood as he entered. Gay men of every size and color floated by Tanner's observant eyes and for a moment, he was overwhelmed with their beauty. Being a straight male for all of his life, he'd always known that women came in a rainbow of colors and varieties but to see that it also extended into the world of men.

The bouncer at the door laughed as he attached a wristband to him. "This your first time here?"

"You could say that."

"Well, enjoy yourself and be safe."

Tanner knew that the words 'be safe' referred to having safe sex but he wasn't thinking about that just now. He was just trying to keep himself calm. He felt as if he was a child let loose in a circus tent and that around each corner lay a spectacle more exciting than the one before. A slim Latino boy was suggestively dancing on a marbleized pedestal made his eyes widen and a couple grinding in spoon fashion and clothed in Ralph Lauren boxer/briefs were setting another platform on fire. It was like being in a gay man's Sodom and Gomorrah and he was enjoying every minute of it.

It took him a long time before he could pull himself away from the spectacle and focus on the impatient bartender that was staring at him. "You want something?"

Tanner ordered a shot of tequila and downed it quickly, following with a rum and coke. Armed with liquor, he moved into the belly of the club, admiring the gyrating bodies that graced other feature podiums. One caught his eye and he stood transfixed, watching the young man move with the music. His dancing was different than the others; his movements seemed to be more intuitive and more sensual and it was that difference that caught his attention.

The man's body was long and lean, muscles well-defined and ass rock-hard and chiseled but it was his dark eyes that sent a spurt of adrenalin through Tanner's already tight chest. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a bill, not caring that it was a twenty. He was mesmerized as the man turned toward him, holding onto the rails and slowly rotating his hips while his eyes met and held Tanner's. His eyes flicked down to the money and he moved forward, reaching into the gray boxer briefs and giving his cock a squeeze. Tanner's mouth watered.

He reached up and slipped the money into his waistband, then stopped as the man grabbed his hand. As their eyes met again, Tanner felt a deep shiver move through him as the man rubbed his hard meat against Tanner's captive fingers. Message sent, he released Tanner and stood upright again, still swaying to the beat. Tanner felt as if he'd touched a live wire and he stepped back, allowing others to patronize the dancer but noticed, with a leap of his heart, that the man's eyes were still locked onto him.

Tanner forced himself to turn away, shaken by the encounter and decided that it would be a good idea to throw some water on his face. He followed the signs, heading for the bathroom and made his way to the sink. All three stalls were occupied and he could see two pairs of legs in two of them and the grunts of sexual conquests answered any questions he had about what was going on inside. He wiped his face and hands, grabbed his glass and pushed the door open, nearly jumping out of his skin when the dancer stepped out of the shadowy hallway.

"I thought you'd left."

"N-No." He stammered. "Just washing my face."

The man leaned close, his lips at Tanner's ear. "I'm Collin."

"Tanner. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure, but under one condition."

"What's that?"

Collin backed him against the wall, his eyes on Tanner's lips. "I've been staring at your mouth since you tipped me and I want a kiss."

Before Tanner had a chance to respond, Collin's mouth covered his and his body started a shaking that he couldn't control. His tongue slipped out to meet Collin's and he immediately whimpered, especially when Collin's hands moved down, gripped his ass and ground his cock against his. Tanner let his hands move up, resting on the dancer's strong shoulders and curling upward into his thick mane of honey-brown hair as he opened his mouth wider to take Collin's tongue.

The kiss lasted mere seconds but Tanner could have sworn that it had gone on for at least five minutes. Every nerve in his body was alive. The skin around his mouth was raw from the stubble on Collin's lip and every inch of him, including his cock, was throbbing where Collin's body was touching him. He wanted another kiss but his uncertain reaction had made Collin step back.

"Was I wrong?"

"No." Tanner forced himself to breathe. "Not at all. It's just ... " He looked up into Collin's eyes. "It was my first time."

The look of surprise on Collin's handsome features morphed into a lazy, knowing smile. He moved close again, suddenly cognizant of the deep attraction the other man felt toward him. "And was it good?"

Tanner swallowed as Collin's mouth drifted closer. "Very good." He whispered.

"Would you like another?" Tanner just nodded in response and closed his eyes, bracing himself for his electric touch. When none came, he opened his eyes, staring at Collin's grinning face. "How about that drink first?"

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