tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 06

Lightning Crashes Ch. 06


Collin began a slow seduction of Tanner Guildcross. He took Tanner's mouth again, sucking on his tongue as his fingers found the buttons on his shirt, pushing it off of his muscled shoulders and sighing at the beauty of his body. He let his hands thread through Tanner's silky chest hair, his fingertips caressing the flat, pink disks of his nipples. The musky scent of his skin made Collin's mouth water and he took Tanner's hand, leading him to the bed and pushing him back onto it.

Tanner shook at the touch of Collin's mouth on his skin and closed his eyes, moaning when his tongue lashed his nipple into hardness. His mouth moved farther down, caressing his hard stomach and circling his belly button while Collin's fingers worked the buttons on his pants. Then his cock was free, a slender six inch wand of silky steel and he tensed, waiting for Collin's approval. The touch of his tongue on the heated head was approval enough. Collin licked the escaping pre-cum, then laid Tanner's meat on his tongue, closing his mouth around it.

The sensation was incredible. Tanner tried not to concentrate on what Collin's tongue was doing to him because he was afraid that he would cum too quickly but he couldn't help it. He loved it when Jenny gave him blowjobs but from a man, it was much different. Collin knew exactly what to do to get him off. His serpentine tongue curled around the thick head and dipped into the wide slit before fluttering down the stalk.

"Oh, God, Collin. I don't think I can hold on any longer .. "

Collin looked up, his mouth filled with cock meat. "Go ahead." He bent his head and started sucking in earnest, humming in appreciation when Tanner gasped, his prick exploding and painting his tongue with gobs of thick semen. He rolled the warm, salty mouthful over his tongue, swallowing some of it before moving up and sharing some with Tanner. The man's reaction was to be startled at first, but the feelings behind the kiss made him forget that it was his own cum and made him harden again.

"You all right?"

"Yes." Tanner breathed with a silly smile and Collin laughed, a sound that was soon echoed by his partner. "God, Collin, I never thought it would be like that."

"Why don't we take a shower?"

"I don't get to do you?"

"Not yet. I don't want to scare you away." Collin laughed again, giving Tanner a soft kiss and looking down into his eyes. "I am so proud to be your first and I want to make sure that it's good for you."

Tanner smiled, his blood pounding in my ears and swallowed past the lump that was forming in his throat. "Thank you."

"Now come on. Let's see what mischief we can get into in the shower." Collin got up and ran the shower, stripping quickly and stepping in. "Tanner! Come on."

Tanner stood in the doorway, observing Collin through the rapidly misting glass of the shower and held his breath in awe. Collin wasn't just beautiful; he was breathtaking. He was a few inches taller than Tanner and his body wasn't as thick but he had a dancer's body and his legs and arms were muscled and sinewy. The thing that took Tanner's breath away was Collin's cock. As the man soaped his stomach, it swung free, hard and thick and had to measure at least nine inches. Collin looked up and caught his eye, sliding the door open.


Collin watched as Tanner kicked off his shoes, shoved his pants off and knelt just outside the shower, lifting Collin's cock to his lips. Collin's first thought was to step back but the innocence of Tanner's reverence held him frozen into place. He gritted his teeth as Tanner's fingers moved over his flesh, memorizing the steely muscle and rolling his huge balls in his hands. Collin reached down and pulled Tanner up, giving him a kiss while closing the shower door behind them.

Tanner couldn't resist letting his hand drift down to Collin's cock and he rubbed it gently, shivering from Collin's kiss. Collin broke the kiss and stepped back, soaping his hands and covering Tanner's chest with the foam. Tanner shivered at Collin's touch but allowed him to completely soap and clean the front of his body, then turned to the wall. The breath temporarily left his lungs when Collin stepped close behind him, rubbing his cock in his crack.

"You're so hot, Tanner." He whispered, biting his neck and letting his hand slide down over Tanner's abdomen, stroking his hard prick and drawing a deep groan from him. "You're making me so horny."

"I'm already there." Tanner bent his head back and accepted Collin's kiss, trembling with each stroke of Collin's cock against the crack of his ass. "But you're going to kill me with that thing."

Collin growled in his ear, giving him a giddy nibble. "We're not going there yet." He reached over Tanner's head, grabbed a bottle of baby oil and squirted a little into his palm, rubbing it into the crack of Tanner's ass. "First things first."

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