Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 03


"Sure." I said.

"Thanks!" she said again, kissing me on the cheek and heading to the door to open it and disappear.

I was glad it was time to go home. The last three days had been too much for me and I was still very confused about what the hell was going on.

The next morning started like any other. I did some normal work, answering e-mail and such. The young lady that reserved the projector arrived. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tube top.

"Hi. I came to pick up that projector."

"Not a problem I'll be right back." I said getting up and walking out to get her projector. I returned a minute or so later. "Here you go." I said.

"Great" she said. "I'll have it back this afternoon." She said as she bent over to pick up her back pack. She did this with her back to me, as she bent over her short skirt pulled up the back of her ass until her pussy was exposed to me. Her feet were slightly apart and she inverted the arch of her back slightly to push her pussy out at me even more. It was certainly a sight to get my juices flowing. As if there were nothing at all wrong, she picked up her pack and began to sling it on her shoulders. As she did she turned toward me. She started to adjust her pack straps, and as she did, she pulled the bottom of her tube top down until the top edge was pulled down and her tits were fully visible. She readjusted the top back up and over her tits, once more like nothing was wrong and then turned to leave after a quick thank you.

Emily showed up for her test equipment wearing a short skirt. "How did it go?" she asked as she walked in the door.

"Not bad. I think I have everything you need."

"Cool." She said sitting down in a chair and digging out her gel filled dildo. We poked a small hole in the bottom and forced the barb fitting of the pressure transducer into the hole. I had the computer open and started the program. She wrapped her hands around the dildo and squeezed it a few times. It took a few times to get some of the gel pushed down into the transducer, and once that was done, it showed the pressure variations easily. "This looks like it works good." She said. "Do you think that it's going to work?"

"Only way to know is to try it." I said.

"I suppose so." She said, pulling out a tube of KY. She squeezed some out on the end of the dildo and rubbed it around with her finger. She scooted her ass toward the edge of the chair and lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing her bare pussy. She spread her legs wide and began working the dildo between her lips and then started pushing it in. I watched her actions, rather than the computer, until she had it all the way in. She pulled her skirt back down just in time. Someone else walked into my office. Emily sat still, with her back to the door while I helped the other student. By the time he was gone, Emily's face was red. I thought she was embarrassed, but looking at the computer screen I could see that there were pressure pulsations in the trace that started a minute or two before. It was dutifully capturing the climax brought on by the feeling of the dildo stuffed in her while nearly being caught in this position. I watched as the pressure dropped some and her breathing returned to normal. She reached under her skirt and withdrew the dildo from her now sopping wet pussy.

"This is going to work even better than I had imagined." She said, looking at the trace. "Can you come help with the data?"

"I suppose so. When and where.?"

"We can go now, their waiting."

"Ok." I said. I closed my computer while she disconnected the cable on the dildo and put it in a plastic bag. In a few minutes we were done and headed out of the office. I let my secretary know I was gone to work with a student and followed her out and across the campus. It didn't take long to get to walk the half mile to the sorority house. I should have known!

She led me through the front door and I followed her to a door and down a set of stairs to a basement room. It was well furnished with lots of bean bag chairs, sofas and other assorted chairs. Emily pulled a table close to the sofa and indicated for me to set up my computer there. Once we had it set up and working and the dildo reconnected, she told me to sit back and wait, and she left the room. I didn't have long to wait.

Emily retuned with a line of girls following. All of them I recognized as the girls that had been appearing in my office, flashing and fucking me, along with a few that I had just gotten quick flashes of tits or pussies. "These girls all participated in an initiation game voluntarily. The game was to build as many points as possible. There were points for flashing tits and pussies. More if the office door was open. They got points for fewer clothes and bonus points for being completely naked. If they got you inside them it was more points and a bonus if they made you cum and more bonus points if it was inside them. It was an honor system with the understanding that we could check with you to verify that all the things they claimed were right."

"Ok." Was all I could say. Each girl came by in turn with a note card of scores. I looked at them and it was clear that they had all been honest, including the one young lady that had only flashed her pussy at me while sitting on the table. When I finished looking at the cards I handed them back and then looked at Emily. "So two questions, who's idea was this and have you don't this before?"

"Oh... the answer to the second is yes, but it's always a bit ticklish and we usually don't do someone on campus. We pick a business or something. Jules thought you would be perfect, and as it turns out, you were!"

"Oh that explains a lot." I said shaking my head. I should have figured Julie would be involved in this.

"Ok. I don't count because I ran the game." Emily said. "Which means that Janette won with two hundred and fifteen points. She got really high bonus points for making him cum inside her with the office door open. Now on to the next thing. The tightest fit. As you know I got some help making a device to test how tight we are, and Mike is here to test us and be the judge. So if you all will get naked and have a seat on the sofa we'll get started." She said.

I watched as all the girls start taking their cloths off, until I was looking at a room of naked college girls, my shorts looking like someone had stuffed a two by four in them.

"You know, its not fair that we all have to be naked and he doesn't." one of the girls said.

"That's right." Another chimed in.

"Well, what do you say?" Emily asked, looking at me.

"Um. I suppose." I said with some hesitation.

"Good it's settled. Girls?" Emily said.

The other girls move over to me and in a flurry of hands I was soon completely naked and very well felt up, kissed and in a few cases quickly sucked. They left me sitting with my dick sticking out and rock hard and glistening with at least three girls saliva.

"Ok let's get to the test now." Emily said.

The girls moved the two sofas next to each other and then sat down, lined up like cord wood, each sitting with their butts near the edge of the sofa, and pillows behind their backs so they weren't uncomfortable.

"Ok. Now let's use the tool we made in each of them and lets see who is tightest." Emily said, handing me the dildo.

"If you insist." I said with a grin, kneeling between the table and the sofas. One by one I took the dildo and worked it into their pussies, pushing it in the same distance, and allowing Emily to write down the peak numbers. I worked my way down the line until I got to the end, having stuffed the dildo in no less than seven young pussies.

"Ok. It looks like Sue wins the tightest pussy contest."

"Hey, that's not fair." One of the girls said. "How do you know it's accurate. Have you tested it?"

"Well, we haven't done a known test, no. Just this comparative one." Emily answered.

"Well I think we should let him try to see if he gets the same result as the machine." The girl said again.

"Ok. How many want him to double check?" Emily asked. Every hand went up. "Ok. It's settled. He gets two passes to determine who is tightest. His answer should correspond to the test device. Mike, if you please." She finished, motioning me toward the first girl on the sofa.

What the hell, I thought. I was certainly hard enough. I knelt between the legs of the first girl and pressed my dick into her. She was fairly tight. I stroked in to the end twice and then pulled out. I moved to the next and repeated. I worked my way down the line, getting more and more turned on. I got to the end and started back down again, finally getting to the end. "Ok. I have an answer." I said.

Emily walked over to me and grabbed my slick dick. "Damn you feel about ready to fire." She said

"I will if you keep that up." I said about her idly stroking my engorged dick.

"Ok. Anybody want to finish the job?" Emily asked. Two hands went up. "Ok. Ladies. You can have him as soon as he answers the test. Who is tightest?"

"The young lady second from this end." I answered.

"And the winner is still Sue."

She got up from the sofa and stepped over to me. She began to kiss me and then pulled me down to the sofa between her legs. I felt hands begin to guide me to her pussy and then I felt the warm wetness of her pussy rub against the head of my dick. I pushed forward and buried into her. She wrapped her legs around me and released her hold on my neck. I started to stroke into her as one of the other girls went to work sucking her tits. It was less than a minute and I was ready to fill her pussy.

"I'm going to cum." I grunted.

"Do it!" she pleaded. "Fill me up!"

I continued stroking in and out of her for a few more seconds and then went rigid, shooting a hot stream of cum deep into her pussy as my body jerked involuntarily with each shot of cum. She began to buck as my cum pumped hot and wet into her. I could see her friend working her nipples with her mouth as she began to cum. After some time, which seemed like an hour, I softened and pulled off of her. I fell back and lay down on the floor to recover, still panting.

After a few minutes Julie walked in from the adjoining room in the basement and came over to me. She and two other girls helped me up and settled me in a bean bag chair.

"Well, this part is over. You can either leave or stay. If you leave no one will ever say anything about this to anyone. This will be one of the best kept secrets of the sorority. If you stay you will be taking part in other activities. That's all I can say." She said with a grin. Then leaning down to whisper in my ear she added. "If you stay you won't be disappointed and you wont be hurt."

"Well, you have my curiosity up." I answered. I heard some cheering from the other room.

"Very well, let me explain. This has been the initiation into a very private club. The club is made up of members from three sororities, all over twenty one years old. I am the current president, and Emily is this years enrolment chair. Allow me to introduce you to the rest of the club." She said, turning to wave toward the door. On cue the door opened, and eleven more girls walked in, all wearing a variety of sexy night gowns or ultra short robes. "This is the main membership of the club. In the past we have had the new members conduct their little 'trials' on anonymous men around town, but verification has always been difficult. This year it was Emily's idea to have it be one person, and after a lot of research, you were chosen. We were not disappointed as we watched the festivities on the large screen in the room next door. You are the only man that has ever been allowed to know this group exists, let alone take part in it. Your choice to stay has confirmed a vote we took earlier to extend you an honorary membership into our club.

"I am honored. What does the club do?"

"We have monthly events and meetings every other week. At all events and meetings, clothing is optional, and sex is not only permitted, but encouraged after the business meeting is over. The club was created to provide for a safe sexual outlet for the members. Part of membership into the club is to swear to not have unsafe sex with anyone out side the group, and to provide escorts and pairs for going places to make it safer for us to be on campus. In the past we have always had to use a variety of toys if we wanted penetration at our meetings and events, but with you in the group I have a feeling you will have your hands full. If you wish to leave, you may do so now, and the only thing we require is that you keep our secret. If you choose to stay... well all I can say is you will be fully welcomed."

I looked around the room at the array of naked and scantily clad girls. I would be a fool to leave. "I guess I'll stay." I said.

"Very well then." Julie said with a giant grin. "Girls?" she said turning toward the line of girls wearing pj's.

I watched in growing lust as the line of girls began one after the other to shed their clothes until they were all naked. They ranged in size from medium build to slender, and had a variety of breast sizes. When the last girl had disrobed, she walked over to me and bent down, kissed me on the lips as sensuously as she could and then introduced herself as Marsha. The line made its way over to me, each in turn doing something of the sort. The fifth in the line straddled my again growing dick and rubbed her pussy on it as she gave me her name. The next decided to go one farther. She had much larger breasts and while she was sitting on me she squeezed her tits together and offered me her nipples, which I sucked in, each in turn. After she told me her name and got up, she turned to the girls. "Fuck this is going to be fun. He knows just how to suck a tit." The line continued until all the girls were introduced. The last, Kara, leaned down on me while she was grinding on my dick. "Do you like to eat pussy?"

"Very much." I whispered back.

"Would you like to eat mine?

"Would you like me to?"

"Very much." She said

"Then I would be happy to." I responded.

She stood up and straddled the top of the bean bag chair and her pussy appeared over my face. I watched as she lowered it closer to my face, and I allowed her to place it over my mouth, allowing me to work on it with my tongue. It quickly turned into a sexual free for all that lasted nearly two hours before everyone was fully sated. In that time I had been sucked and fucked fully. It was going to be an interesting club.

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