Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 06


"I'm glad you approve." I responded, leaning my head back, trying to catch my breath.

Kim leaned over and snuggled into my shoulder and chest. Then she began to gently stroke my wet but shrinking dick. I wrapped my arm around her and she moved my other hand to her chest, encouraging me to stroke take advantage of her hardened nipples. I slipped a hand under her suit top and played with the naked nipple.

"You're pretty horny aren't you?" I asked redundantly.

"God yes!" she whispered.

"Sue! How much further?" I asked

"About fifteen minutes or so.", our chauffeur answered.

"That's enough time for me." Kim said, moving away from me and putting her back to the door.

She lifted her butt off the seat and pulled her panties down to her knees and then pushed them off. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and pulled my hand in between them. Taking the cue, I began to stroke her pussy with my thumb. She pushed her top up, exposing her large tits and rock hard nipples. She made moaning noises as she began to rub them and then inched her ass down until she was nearly sitting on me. I gladly slipped a couple fingers deep inside of her.

I found Kim's g-spot and it didn't take long before she cried out in pleasure. She tugged her nipples and began to violently hump my hand as I wiggled my fingers against the nerve bundle. A moment later her body tightened. Then she began to squirt her girl cum onto both Kathy and myself before falling limp.

"Damn, that was fast!" Sue said from the drivers seat.

"Doesn't take long if you know the right buttons....and if the she's already wound up." I said smiling.

"You 'MUST' teach me how to hit that spot." Kim said firmly as she tried to put herself back together.

I reached to the floor and found my swim suit and put it on my feet. I pulled it up and worked it over my hips and then tied it up.

"Oh Sue, I'm so sorry...I just realized that you're the only one that didn't get a ride." I said apologetically.

"Oh don't worry. This trip isn't over yet." She said looking at me in the rearview mirror with a grin.

A few minutes later Sue pulled into the canoe rental place and we all piled out of the mid-sized SUV.

"Next time we need a bigger car." I said stretching out my long limbs as JJ came walked over and stuck her head into the truck.

"Damn, you guys must have been busy, the car smells like a friggin' sex parlor."

"Umm...Sorry?" I said a bit sheepishly.

"Hmmph! I bet you are." JJ scoffed over her shoulder as she walked off with Mandy to talk over the doings in the car. Sue came around the front of the truck and slipped her arm into mine. "I think you owe me." She whispered. "OK. But it might have to wait a little bit." I replied quietly.

"Like hell!" she blurted, pulling me along toward one of the many outdoor bathrooms around the campground. She unceremoniously pulled me inside the ladies side and drug me into one of the small shower stalls. She pushed the door closed behind us and pressed herself against me, kissing me franticly. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she pushed my hand to her pussy and jerked on the front of my suit to get her hand to my hard dick. "You said you could make it happen in a minute. Here's your chance." She said breathlessly when she broke the kiss, her free hand trying to get my suit down the rest of the way.

I grabbed the waist band of her suit bottom and yanked it down over her hips, pushing it as far down as I could reach. She wiggled her legs until it fell to her ankles and stepped out of it. She lifted one leg high, planting her foot on the frame of the door to hold it up. I slipped a finger up into her already wet pussy. It didn't take long to curl my finger to the right place and find that little rough patch on the top of her tunnel. Within a few seconds she was humping against my hand and moaning into my mouth as she pushed her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could. She was moaning and crying into my mouth as she came around my finger, her pussy clamping on me as she orgasmed. I slowed down and finally stopped, sliding my sopping finger from her pussy. "Fuck, she was right. That was unreal. " Sue stated, trying to catch her breath.

"I'm glad you approve but we better get back before someone misses us." I said as I helped her put her leg down.

"I suppose so." She said as she bent over to pull her swim suit back up. We walked out together and quickly rejoined the group.

It took another half hour of milling around before the bus was ready to go and the gear was all lined up to load. JJ and I were last in line. I was admiring her ass in her modest yellow bikini. The soft curves were hidden partly by a silky yellow and red, translucent, scarf that was wrapped around her waist. JJ boarded the bus, stepping up the stairs in front of me, bringing her ass into even better view. I followed her up the stairs and down the aisle to the back. We ended up sitting nearly in the back of the bus with me getting the window seat. The bus started and we were soon bouncing down the dirt road that would take us to the canoe launching point several miles up-stream.

JJ had her hand on my dick, over my suit, teasing it and making it grow. After a couple minutes of teasing, she had my dick nice and hard. Leaning over to me she whispered, "I just had a really naughty idea."

"What's that?" I asked, knowing where her mind had already wandered to.

With a wicked grin she reached her other hand into my lap and untied my suit strings. It took a little work but she soon had my dick out and was working the suit down as far as it would let her with me sitting. Satisfied she had it far enough, she lifted herself off the bouncing seat and quickly pulled her bottoms down to her knees. She sat back down on my lap with my cock sticking up between her legs.

Reaching between her legs she pressed my cock against her soaking pussy lips and waited for the next bounce to lift her bottom up. I wasn't surprised that she was wet but I didn't realize how wet she really was until I felt her juices dribbling down my shaft. When the bus bounced again, her weight settled down onto me and my cock drove easily up into her hot, wet pussy in one swift motion.

Once she was settled on me, the bouncing of the bus kept up an irregular pumping of my dick in and out of her pussy. I reached one hand around her waist and started to play with her clit as she bounced on my shaft. She started to climax as we hit a particularly large bump; nearly bouncing her off my dick before slapping her ass back down on my lap. She groaned in pleasure to her own orgasm as I started spurting my thick load of cum into her hot, slick pussy.

We sat with my spent dick slowly softening inside her as we bounced the rest of the way to the launch point. I doubt any of the girls missed the fact that she was sitting on my lap, but I wasn't sure if they all realize we were fucking. The bus pulled to a stop and JJ pulled her bottoms up as far as she could discreetly, and then slipped them the rest of the way up as she stood up to get off the bus. I pulled mine up as I stood, and tucked the ties in without tying them.

Once off of the bus we started to get the canoes to the water and set the girls up with paddles and life jackets. I still didn't know who was partnering with whom, or for that matter, which girl I was going to be with. As it turned out, I was getting paired up with a young lady named Jennifer. She was one of the club girls I was pretty sure I had met, but I knew that she wasn't on the boat trip.

Jennifer was nicely proportioned and she was wearing a rainbow colored string bikini that accentuated all the curves of her body; while making the parts it did cover even sexier, if that was even possible.

We all got settled into our canoes and made it down the river almost two miles before the mischievous behavior started. Everything was going well, and we were splashing and having a good time, everyone was pretty much behaving when for some reason one girl, Samantha I think, dared Kim to go topless. I had to admit that I was enjoying the challenging banter of the two girls and before I knew it my canoe was back in the midst of the whole group as everyone had stopped paddling to watch the spectacle.

Kim, never one to shirk from a challenge of any kind, simply replied that she would love to go topless, as long as Samantha joined her. Accusations of chicken and the like were traded and before long the two girls were quickly pulling their tops off. With the two now topless, Kim and Samantha wasted no time in escalating the situation to where one girl after another was drawn into their little dare. Before long an array of round young tits were on full display; complete with hardened nipples due to the cold water being splashed around. Fortunately it was a weekday, and still early in the season, so we had the river pretty much to ourselves. Each of the canoes took their turn to come by and drop their tops into my canoe. Even Jennifer joined in the fun by swiveling around in her seat and pulling her bikini top off; showing me her very nice, C cup breasts. Even Mandy got in the act as well by pulling the top of her one piece down. She wiggled her tits for me while our canoes were close and she knew she could give me a good view.

Mandy's behavior had immediate results in other ways as well. The girls decided that all of the "house mom's" should join the fun as well. JJ was hesitant, but finally relented after Mandy said something that apparently convinced her to pull the canoe next to mine. JJ flashed me a big smile and pulled her suit top off and tossed it into my lap.

Jennifer turned around in her seat and faced me. Then she started convincing the rest of the girls that since they were all topless that I should be equivalently disrobed. I made the point that if I took my suit off, I was showing everything and they were only showing part of theirs. I figured that would end the whole idea but there was a flurry of chatter between the girls, only parts of which I could hear. But, what little I could hear didn't sound like I was going to win this argument.

The end result was a bunch of giggling girls wiggling around in their seats as they slipped off the rest of their suits. After holding them in the air like trophies each of the canoes came along side mine with the naked girls tossing their bottoms into my canoe, adding them to the pile of tops I had already collected.

The pile of swim suits and the collection of now naked girls clearly indicated that I was out voted. Just to clinch the vote, Mandy pulled her canoe over and slipped her suit off as well. When she caught up, she tossed it onto my canoe, leaving only JJ, Jennifer and myself with anything on. Turning around in her seat, JJ grinned and pulled the strings on her bottom and pulled it off. She spread her legs to give me a good view of her glistening pussy before tossing the suit onto the pile.

Jennifer was the last girl to finish. Still turned around in her seat facing me, she slipped her bottoms off and then set her feet on the sides of the canoe. She pushed her knees apart so I could see everything she had to offer. It was pretty obvious what she was hinting at and my cock jumped inside my suit at the thought of plunging my cock deep into her.

"I think it's your turn now!" She said as she ran a finger up and down her wet pussy lips while her other hand squeezed at one of her nipples.

With a sigh of resignation, I carefully pulled my suit off and held it in the air for them all to see. My cock was raging hard and sticking up like a flag pole. Lots of cheering and shouting ensued before we turned our energies toward moving the naked armada back down the river again. As we headed into the next rapids with the girls still cheering and carrying on, all of us butt naked, the three of us adults silently hoped that we didn't come around the corner to a shoreline full of horny boys. My hard-on shrank as I worried as much about getting caught as I worried about everyone navigating the rapids safely.

Around the next bend, we didn't find a bunch of horny boys; just a short stretch of beach with slow moving water lapping at the sand. When they saw the little beach, the almost two dozen naked girls decided it was time to stop and swim. Everyone pulled up to the shore, climbed out of their canoe and stretched. The view of all the naked asses and titties bouncing around made my semi stiff hard-on jump back to life.

There was a lot of laughing and splashing in the cold water, presenting me with over forty rock hard nipples to watch. This situation had very pronounced effect on me and as I stood in water up to my thighs, my dick stuck out parallel to the water bouncing up and down with my heartbeat. My erect condition was not unnoticed by the girls and I was quickly surrounded by several of them who proceeded to pull me out into the deeper water.

They started playing a game of tag that quickly became a game of 'Tease Me', where they would swim up to me and try to rub their pussies on my dick. A wide variety of positions were explored, from full frontal contact with French kisses to bending over with butt-wiggling contact. A half a dozen of them even tried to get my cock inside their pussy, which sort of bothered me because I knew that at least two were not part of the club and I wasn't exactly sure how old everyone actually was. I was led to believe that they were all over 18, but I wasn't positive, so caution was the name of the game.

The game continued until a group of canoes with a mix of guys and a couple girls came down river and around the bend. All the girls in our group ducked under water and covered themselves but it was obvious that the guys had seen some of girls before they were able to conceal their nude state. The boys were cat-calling and chanting "Titties-Titties" but only a couple of our girls popped up to flash them. After the boys moved down-stream the girls came back to the beach, and at my urging, reluctantly got dressed again.

We shoved off and headed down stream again and slowly cruised along the river; all the while the boisterous girls splashed each other and played canoe-tag. After a half hour we came upon a nice sand bar, so we all stopped for lunch and another swim.

It only took a few minutes to get lunch set out and the girls cycled through to make their sandwiches from the cold-cuts and cheese that Mandy and JJ had brought. Several of the girls chose to wait their turn by coming by where I was lounging and tease me with a variety of sexually explicit suggestions. Jennifer was there too but she remained quiet and coy until the other girls began to leave to go make their sandwiches. Having already sat for a long time in the front of my canoe, staring at my hard cock, it was obvious that Jenifer was a patient girl. She remained seated on the end of a canoe for another minute before she finally started to make her way over to me and asked, "Mister Mike, would you like to go explore around the other side of the bar with me?"

The sand and gravel bar we had stopped on was one of the larger ones and split the river with water flowing around both sides. Its size allowed fast growing soft wood trees to sprout up ten or fifteen feet in the air as well as support a wide variety of brush and wildflowers. I rather doubted that the flora of the mini-island was what she had planned to explore so I answered cautiously.

"I'm not sure that's really a good idea. I'd hate to get accused of inappropriate behavior or something."

"Oh I would never do that to you!" She said, obviously horrified at the thought of putting either of us in an uncomfortable situation.

Then she finished with, "I just was hoping that you would take a walk with me. I don't really want to go exploring know, snakes and stuff."

With a sigh I stood up, signaling my agreement, and let her lead me off through the brush toward the other side of the sand-bar. We wound through the brush on a little trail that had been made by years of intrepid explorers out to discover what lay beyond the trees.

Stepping out of the tree-line we found ourselves on a sandy little crescent beach made by an eddy of water flowing around a fallen tree that jutted off the main shore. The water flow was slow and easy compared to the main river which whipped along at a pretty good clip. The mat of storm toppled trees to both sides of us attested to the inability of anyone to navigate this fifteen foot wide channel of water.

"Nice." I said as I waded out into the water, which was surprisingly warm.

The sand was soft and there was a deep hole scoured out on the back side of the large log laying all the way across the flow like a small dam.

"Ohhh this is nice." She said as she waded out past me and sunk down to her chin.

The water was easily thirty degrees warmer than the main river because of the sun beating on the sandy bottom and shore. I settled down into the water and lay back on the sand, enjoying the warm relaxing flow that gently swirled around me. I closed my eyes and allowed the sun to bake me as I relaxed; oblivious to what Jennifer was doing just a few feet away. A few minutes later, I was drawn back to reality by the shadow that blotted the sun from beating on my face and chest. Jennifer's feet were straddling my waist. "Can I ask a favor?" She asked barely loud enough to be heard of the soft gurgle of the water. "What kind of a favor?" I answered, still cautious and now noticing she was completely naked.

"Well," she started, sinking down to her knees, her wet pussy hovering inches above my stomach.

"I know that the girls think you're really something special in bed, and well... I wondered if..." She paused and then looked me straight in the eye, "Would you eat my pussy?"

"Well, I don't know. I'm not even sure how old you are." "I'm twenty, and next year I'll be able to join the club." She answered.

"You know about the club?" I asked, a bit startled.

"Oh, Yes, we all do...and I've seen you having sex with a bunch of the girls. So, will you?"

"Not to be insensitive, but why eat you? I mean, I kind of expected you to ask me to screw you, but why do you only want me to just eat your pussy?" I asked.

"Well...yeah, a fuck sounds good but I've seen you make some of the girls cum every time you eat their pussy." She said, sinking back a bit so she was sitting on my stomach my hard cock pressing thru my trunks against her bare ass.

"Yes, I have done that, I enjoy that very much. But, why now, why here?" I asked, moving my hands to her legs and idly running them up and down her thighs.

"Well I want..." she began nervously.

"I mean...can you... uh, will you?" She stumbled, clearly a little embarrassed.

"Slow down, Jennifer. Obviously there's something you haven't told me. What is it, are you a virgin?" I asked in a very calm and disarming voice.

I recognized the courage it took for her to even ask me over here alone, never mind the request for oral; so I knew I had to put her at ease. I let my fingers run up and down her thighs very gently. I only pushed my fingers hard enough to make very small dimples in her skin.

"Oh no! I'm not a virgin!" She said strongly, "Well, not exactly anyway."

"What does not exactly mean?" I asked, even more confused.

She leaned down toward me her tits hanging below her and nearly touching my chest, her cheeks blushing red. "I've had lots of sex with both girls and boys, I just never had a boy make me cum." She whispered, her cheeks blushing red.

"Ahhh, now I understand. So you think you can't cum, if it's a guy, is that it?" I asked with a soft smile.

Sliding my hands up over her ass and up her back, I gently pulled her toward me until my lips caressed the tip of one of her nipples. Her breasts weren't large, but each one, the size of a medium sized orange, were topped with round protruding nipples in the middle of oblong pink areola. I reached my tongue out and gently ran it around and around her left nipple, finally wrapping my lips around her hardened nipple and sucked it gently into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider, suctioning in as much of her breast as I could and flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Releasing her left nipple I kissed my way across her chest to her right breast and ran my tongue around and around her hardening nipple, allowing it to grow even harder with my attention before drawing it into my mouth with a large amount of her medium sized breast.

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