tagRomanceLightningbugs and Spring Storms

Lightningbugs and Spring Storms


I lay in my hammock listening to the singing of the cicadas in the trees, the cool spring breeze is making the branches sway a little. Far over head the sky is stars and drifts of fluffy clouds.

Off in the distance I hear thunder rumble with the promise of rain soon to come tonight, but for now the approaching storm front is just enough wind to drive away the muggy April heat.Warmest spring on record. I can smell the honeys suckle and the sweet shrubs are blooming. The tall hedge is white with their blooms. The hedge that separates my yard from my neighbors.

My neighbor.

A more beautiful woman I've never seen. Hair like sun burnt corn, it shines golden in the light. Her eyes are like the waters of my swimming hole from when I was a kid. Warm and blue on top, but underneath cold and dark, down into depth unimaginably dark blue.

She didn't recognize me when she moved in, but I knew her. We went to the same school.

She was the Prom Queen, head cheerleader. Most popular girl. Even then she outshone the girls around her like a rose among daises.

I hear soft music from her open window. I listen intently trying to hear past the singing of both bugs and people.

I smile startled when a lightning bug blinks right in front of my nose.

Lifting a hand I snag him from the air softly. Old memories of catching them and pulling them in jars lend my hands their old skill. I open my palm to find him okay. His lighted tail winks at me. He gives a few blinks then starts to walk up my finger. He opens his wings and flies off into the night. I smile thinking about the story he will tell his wife.

My smile grows as in the dark I hear the low soft moan of a woman in the throws of passion. I wonder if she is even aware of the pattern that she has fallen into.

Like most of the houses around here we open the windows at night in the spring to save on the power bill.

I turn my head towards the thick hedge. The almost over powering smell of the flowers is beyond perfume. The soft breeze caries the smell to me as I strain to hear her. I hear a second soft moan.

I watch the lightning bugs blinking between the hedge and I wonder for a second if the one I caught is among them.

So many years have passed since the last frantic days of high school. The mad scramble to get yearbooks signed by people you would never see again. I know without looking that her name isn't in mine. I didn't have the courage to ask her to sign.

I take hold of my cock as I listen to her moan again. Soon they are coming quicker and quicker together. Low moans, soft gasps of pleasure. Every Saturday night, almost like clock work. I wonder what event in life has her locked into this pattern of self-pleasure. My mind has played through many scenario, but I'm sure none are right.

I slip my hand quietly up and down my cock listening to her. The shaft is hard and the skin slides silky through my fingers.

The idea of how silky her skin must feel passes over me.

The sounds from the window only feet away beyond the hedge grow in volume. The tone changes to a more demanding pace. I stroke myself faster in response.

A flash of light pulls my eyes. Not bugs this time, but true lightning. The rumble of thunder silences the cicadas. The breeze stops suddenly. The wind chimes on my porch grow silent.

I hear deep throated begs for pleasure from her now. Demands for gratification really.

I wish I had the courage to go knock on her door and offer to satisfy those demands. Those and any other she may have in mind. Hell I would worship at her feet if I could make her cum just once. My fingers, tongue, and cock all her's to command.

Her moans begin to become whimpers.

I have to suppress the desire to join mine with hers. I know if I did she would stop and these magical nights would end.

Opening my eyes I see the lightning bugs by the hedge blinking their frantic codes. Looking for their lover's light. I smile as for a second I wish it was that simple for me. Then the absurdity of my ass flashing a light to attract a woman distracts me for a second.

The breeze returns then, stronger than before. The smell of the hedge disappears and the scent of rain begins to fill my nose.

I hear her all, but scream her passion as she cums. My moment's distraction has me off pace with her. I now pull faster on my cock trying to catch up as my ears strain to her the last panting moans.

I'm getting so very close to cumming when there is a dreadfully close crawl of lightning across the night sky over head. I hear my windows rattle from the thunder.

Through the hedge I see the lighted outline of her window appear. Her window slams shut killing the soft music. My desire dies with it. Without her presence I can't finish. It doesn't concern me overly much though. I know that next Saturday my lover and I will get together again. If only she knew she was that to me.

I get up from my hammock to go close my own windows. I put my softening cock back into my pants and zip it away.

Once inside my house I start to close down the windows, shutting out the storm. The first heavy drops of rain are falling even as I get to the last one.

Looking out the window across the hedge her eyes and mind meet. We both stand arms lifted to pull windows down. She's wearing a thin slip of pale blue, that hugs her incredible body like an old lovers hands.

I see the terror on her face as the distant siren starts to howl. The low to high scream warns of the storm's fury. Looking away for a second as lightning flashes I miss seeing her run from the window.

I pause by the TV only long enough to know I need to be moving faster.

I grab my raincoat and flashlight from the back door as I rush out into the storm. I see a light moving franticly across her backyard towards the gate between our yards.

When she first moved in I told her to use my shelter if the weather got bad, since her house doesn't have one.

I struggle into my raincoat as I cross my yard The lightning bugs are gone, their night of pleasure with their mate as interrupted as my own. I see her light disappear into the door of the shelter even as lightning hits the tree in the front yard.

I hug the ground in terror as frightened, as my cave dwelling ancestors must have been at the power of the sky. As more lightning lights the sky I see for a second a shape in the clouds that make that bit of terror seem insignificant.

I claw the wet grass bringing myself to my feet. I flee from that which I can not fight even as the wind begins to build a roaring sound.

As I pull open the door of the shelter my ears are popping. I see the transformer blow across the street from my house in a ball of green fire that is sucked upwards. I have to fight a horrible suction to get the door closed again. I slam the bar into place even as the roar becomes loud enough to be heard through the tick concrete walls. Less like a train, as I've always heard, more like a big jet engine just before the plane takes off.

I back away from the door when something-heavy hits it just seconds after I get it closed.

I turn and find her in my arms. Her body trembling like the leaves in my trees. I hold her to me as she cries in terror.

She is I notice, in the light of her discarded flashlight, still dress just in the blue slip. It clings to her like a second skin now. The silk wet from the storm.

I realize then that some of her shivers maybe from the cold. I shrug out of my coat and wrap it around her. As I do she looks up at me and I find myself lost in those deep blue eyes.

Pushed beyond simple fears by the terror of the storm I do what I've never had the courage to do my whole life. Even as the full fury of a southern wind destroys the world outside I pull her to me and kiss her.

She freezes startled into immobility, then she begins to push against me. I hold us together even as the world outside comes apart. Ever so slowly I feel her begin to kiss me back.

The passion of the kiss grows when I feel her hands in my hair pulling my mouth closer to hers.

Her body is soft and yielding to my hands as I gently caress wet silk then equally smooth skin. Her mouth opens as I take her bare breast into my hand. Her tongue dances with mine as I pinch her nipple taut.

I hear her moan against my chest, so familiar a sound. I realize then that I can hear her perfectly. All the sounds outside have stopped.

When she pushes gently against me this time I don't resist. As we part her eyes look at my face first with surprise then with a little look of recognition.

Going to the door I try to push it open, but it wont budge. Flipping a switch on the hinges I open it inwards.

One of he large trees my hammock is normally tied to is snapped in half. The top part of it's trunk is what's against the door.

I hear sirens in the distance as I help her out over the tree. As I lift her down my hands at her waist her's on my shoulders out eyes meet again. She looks puzzled.

We turn from each other's eyes and look at our homes.

Her house looks untouched at least from here. No the roof has a lot of shingles missing I see as lightning flashes. I wipe the wet drizzle out my eyes and look to my place.

My roof is gone! Looking behind me I see parts of it on the neighbors house behind me. The rest appears to be in the trees in his yard. Looking back I notice the front of my car is in her front yard. That's when I notice it. I shouldn't be able to see her front yard from here.

The honey suckle and sweet shrub hedge that separated out houses is no where to be seen. Its beautiful smell is gone from my life forever.

I smell the scent of pine in the air as I hear the sirens grow in numbers.

"I'm Sharon."

I turn to her. There in the dark between us a lightning bug flashes. The thunder rumbles in the distance as our eyes meet.

I smile to myself, as I understand what has just happen.

"I know." I tell her smiling.

In the days to come many people would tell us how we were blessed.

For once I believe it.

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