tagGroup SexLights, Camera, ACTION!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!


As all relationships do, Karen's marriage had begun to lose some of the sizzle that makes getting married seem like the perfect move. It wasn't that she was disappointed with her husband. Though he was 32, Kenny was still a skillful, very energetic lover. There was no complaint there but after 6 years of marriage, something was definitely lacking in the sex department.

The petite blond of 25 had rarely doubted her decision to marry Kenny but over the last couple of years, she couldn't help but wonder. In high school, as Head Cheerleader, Beauty Queen, and 1st runner up for High School Queen, with the classic southern California girl looks, she could have had her choice of any number of boys and if she had gone on to college, the number of choices would have gone up dramatically. But she didn't. She had met Kenny in elementary school and instantly become friends and started dating in their mid-teens. Had she mistaken close friendship for love? Maybe so.

Having read most of her favorite magazines looking for those ideas, none seemed all that different from what the couple had been doing for years. Though a way to spice things up for some, Karen had never had any problems getting Kenny to eat her pussy. In fact he was nothing short of a wiz in the art of "tongue-in-pussy" play! Not blessed with a big cock, he was eager to try anything to please Karen and if letting her use his face as a humping prop would get her off, he was more than willing.

One afternoon while browsing through another magazine, Karen happened upon a discussion on making your very own amateur videos. The participants discussed their experiences and they were all in agreement about how erotic it can be. They spoke of feeling so naughty for doing something many would frown upon, the joy of looking your best for sex instead of just jumping into bed and doing it, and blistering heat while being taped is exceeded only by the wild sex that follows viewing the tape!

The more Karen read, the more intrigued she became with the idea. They already had a video camera and guys love that kind of shit. She could feel the tingles of excitement run through her sexy body. She took that as a positive sign and began to contemplate how to broach the subject to Kenny. It was very likely that he would be all for it but she didn't want to just come out and say,"Let's tape ourselves fucking." No, she would use a woman's cunning way to plant an idea in a man's head and make him believe he thought of it! She would put her plan in motion that evening after dinner.

By 7, with dinner behind them, the couple snuggled on the couch and Kenny reached for the remote. Not wanting to lose out to TV, she took the remote from him and started a little small talk designed to lead Kenny to his great idea.

"I was reading an article in one of my magazines the other day," Karen began innocently. She had read none of this in the magazine but what Kenny didn't know wouldn't hurt him. "People are so funny sometimes. They were talking about how to spice up your sex life like having sex in the dining room or leaving the lights on during sex."

Kenny laughed. "Wow, now THAT'S spicy!" he said jokingly. "The next thing you know they will suggest letting the woman get on top!Radical!"

"I know, kinda lame huh. Some talked about videotaping themselves making love, some talked about letting the house pet be in bed with them...."

Kenny interrupted. "I've thought about videotaping us doing it before." He proceeded to rattle off many of the same things the people in the article had spoke of, "educating her" on just how much fun it could be.

"Really?" Karen asked. "You're not supposed to do things like that, are you?" She poured it on,"I mean, wouldn't that be like being in a porno? Only sluts do stuff like that."

"As long as a husband and wife are doing it together, it's ok to act like a 'slut'. Think about it. We've got a camera. All we would have to do is aim it and turn it on!"

"I don't know," the totally innocent little wife replied.

With that, Kenny pounced on Karen and in moments was devouring her hot pussy.

"Don't you think it would be hot to see me licking your pussy like this on tape? Sucking on that hard clit, making you cum on my tongue."

Karen was ecstatic! It was all she could do to keep from screaming,YES! Let's do it right now! Maintaining her control, she whispered, "I don't know. What can you do to convince me?"

Answering the challenge, Kenny hungrily licked his wife's juicy cunt. With both hands gripping his head tightly, she bucked against his face, honey-coating his lips and talented tongue as the most powerful orgasm she had had in years tore through her excited body.

As her orgasm subsided, Karen reached between her legs and lifted her husband's cum-smeared face. Dabbing her juices from his lips she said, "I think you convinced me! Maybe it would be fun at that."

"Told you so," Kenny said, licking his lips and obviously glad he had had such a great idea. "Let's do it this weekend. You are going to love it!"

Pulling his face back into her happy pussy, Karen was delighted with "Kenny's idea."

The weekend couldn't get there soon enough for Karen. She occupied herself by dropping by the mall and buying some very scanty and very revealing lingerie for her and a variety of "flavors" for him. But as is many times the case, even the best laid plans can go astray. Saturday night, Karen lay in bed beside her sleeping husband. The night had been a disaster! She thought back about just what went wrong. The night started wonderfully but ended terribly.

Wearing her new naughty spicy-red crotchless panty with a sweetly innocent bow in back and a delicate see-through lace bralette barely concealing her full golden globes, she could easily have been mistaken for one of the many sexy "Frederick's of Hollywood" models. She had a detailed plan of what she wanted to do but there was something she hadn't anticipated.

As she entered the bedroom, she moved in behind Kenny as he fumbled with the camera. Slipping her arms around him from behind, she nibbled playfully on his earlobe causing him to turn abruptly.

Kenny was dumbstruck! He had forgotten just how beautiful and sexy Karen was and on this night she looked like a Goddess causing an immediate erection. With the camera rolling, he practically attacked her!

"Slow down baby, just slow down," she whispered, fighting off his overzealous moves. "Let's be romantic, ok?"

"I'm sorry. I got a little carried away seeing you dressed like that. You look so fucking hot!"

Reaching down and taking his dick into her hand, Karen said,"There's no doubt that you got a little carried away." She giggled as she played with his member. "Let's try again."

Once again Kenny aggressively kissed his beautiful wife as she yanked at his hard dick. Suddenly Kenny bolted for the camera.

"Well that didn't work," he said as he walked over and handed the camera to Karen. "Take a look."

Karen pressed play and watched. "It looks ok to me," she said. "What's wrong with it?"

"Even with a hard-on you can't see my dick."

"So what's new about that? It's always hard to see that little thing!" Playfully she tweaked his now-flaccid dick.

"I know I don't have a big dick but unless we zoom in, it won't show up at all." Placing the camera back on the tripod, he adjusted the zoom and hopped back onto the bed. Once again he was taken aback by Karen's beauty. "God you are so HOT!"He gazed at her ravishing body and sank to his knees before her as she looked down upon him with a sexy confidence, running her fingers through his hair. Karen enjoyed being in control and she couldn't wait to get it on tape!

"You want this pussy, don't ya boy?" she asked wickedly. As Kenny nodded submissively, she spread her legs slightly and said,"You can't have it yet, boy. First you've got to lick the inside of my thighs. Lick them good if you want any of this pussy."

Kenny managed to do as she commanded for several minutes. But the sight of his wife's smoothly waxed pussy only inches from his face was just too much! He moved upward, his talented tongue slithered inside Karen's hot box.

As she had so, so many times before, Karen was in complete control. With her pert mouth slightly open, she looked down at her kneeling husband, her own little piece of clay, ready to be molded and shaped for her pleasure.

Clutching the hair on his head with her right hand, her left hand on her hip, she completely looked the part of a woman in charge. Pulling his tongue from her pussy, she tilted his head back and looked into his eyes. Speaking only with a smile of confident dominance, she pulled his face into her pussy and began to thrust her hips back and forth.

The vision of his blond Goddess standing above him, fucking his face so skillfully. He loved the way her soft blond hair moved in rhythm with her thrusting hips. Extending his tongue outward, Kenny surrendered himself to Karen's sexual desires.

Karen enjoyed this position. It wasn't the best for a good deep pussy-licking but she could ride it sensuously, her juices dripping dripping from his chin. Even beyond the physical pleasure was the feeling of sexual superiority she experienced with her boy on his knees, there only for her pleasure. She could see his hard dick peeking out below but that wasn't of any concern at the moment. She couldn't wait to see this on video and she put on a command performance!

The video of Kenny servicing his beautiful wife's golden pussy was ten minutes of erotic action even though there were no close ups. After he had pleasured her to her satisfaction, she pushed him onto his back and began to stroke his dick. Things began to go bad from there.

"Stay right there!" Kenny said as he charged over to the camera. Aiming the camera downward to his crouching wife, he hurried back to bed and lay down and she resumed stroking his dick. Moving sensuously, she took his dick into her mouth, sliding her lips down the shaft until she had taken him to the balls.

Once again he left the bed to check the camera. With a disgusted grunt, he adjusted the camera once again.

"What did you do this time?" Karen asked as he slid back onto the bed.

"I zoomed in some more so you can see my dick better."

"Maybe we should try a magnifying glass."

"Very funny."

"I thought so," Karen said as she resumed deepthroating Kenny's dick. After a very short time, he excused himself once again.

"Let me check it one more time to make sure it's right." Kenny rewound and hit play..."FUCK! All you can see is your head going up and down." He moved the camera slightly to the left, went back to the bed and assumed the position.

Karen grabbed Kenny's dick which had shrank completely with only the head visible sitting on top of his balls. "Maybe we should bring the camera right up here on the bed to make sure we get this itty bitty thing on tape."

"Very funny."

Karen pulled at the head, trying to coax the shaft out of hiding. "That's so sad," she said in a child-like voice. "It so scared. It fraid to come out. Come out, come out where ever you are," she giggled mischievously. Summoning all her skills, she wrapped her pretty lips around Kenny's dick and sucked it diligently.

What had been funny to Karen now turned into frustration. This was to be a night of fantastic sex and now it was obvious that wasn't going to happen.

"Oh no! Fuck! I'm sorry Karen. Try sucking it some more." He guided her head back to his crotch and groaned as she took him into her mouth. Clamping his hands around her head, he began to pump his dick up into her mouth with the same results. Sadly, he gave up the battle and once again apologized to his wife.

"I'm sorry baby. You look so incredible and I can't get it up." Disappointed, he fell back onto his pillow, looking up at the mirror on the ceiling, not liking what he saw.

When fully erect, his dick was between 4 and 5 inches long but now Karen was looking at less than an inch.Attempting to hide her sexual frustration, she moved up beside her husband and cradled his head to her breasts.

"It's not your fault, Kenny. It was all that running back and forth to set the camera. You just couldn't concentrate."

"I feel terrible," Kenny shrugged. "There you are so hot and sexy and beautiful and my dick goes to sleep."

"Like I said, it was all that running around that did it. When you first got that erection, it was HUGE!" she lied. Kenny's dick was never HUGE but she was in damage control mode. "You would look just like one of those big-dicked studs on the pornos if you weren't having to run yourself ragged."

She had gotten quite good at stroking his bruised ego over the years. Because he wasn't equipped with the appropriate tool for the job, he realized Karen wasn't getting the sex she needed, the deep fucking she craved. That's why he had honed his oral talents to their fullest potential.

After more consolation, Kenny drifted off to sleep leaving Karen to wonder about the future of their sex life. She wondered if she was alone in her quandary or were their more women out there with the same problem.

The weekend passed without further incident. Monday came and brought a new week AND a new Kenny! He was absolutely bubbling with excitement when he burst through the door. Wrapping Karen in a happy embrace, he couldn't wait to tell her the news.

"I was talking to Ty at work today. He's younger than me, probably about your age. I guess I was still down about what happened the other night and somehow the conversation kinda drifted to homemade movies."

Karen looked at him uneasily.

"Ty said he and his girlfriend had wanted to make some home movies and he described what happened and it sounded just like what we went through."

"Oh no, you didn't tell him what we did, did you?"

"No, no, no! I had told him about what we had read in a magazine and he took it from there. They both wanted to do it pretty bad so he asked a friend to videotape them. He said asking someone to do that is kind of awkward but now he's glad he did. He said that was the hottest sex he's ever had and anytime things start cooling off, they watch that video and go at it like dogs!" Kenny laughed, "That's what Ty said, not me."

"You're not thinking about getting someone to tape us are you? Cause that would be out of the question. There's no way I could have sex with someone watching." Karen blushed at the thought.

"Well honey I did tell him that sounded cool and I asked if he would be interested in maybe filming us."

"Oh my God, you didn't!" Karen said with a look of astonishment. As Kenny tried to explain, the initial feeling of embarrassment began to turn to a feeling of excitement. To have someone watching her make love was beginning to feel like a turn-on instead of a turn-off.

That night as they lay quietly in bed, Kenny turned to Karen and said apologetically, "I'm sorry baby. I don't know what I was thinking about today. I guess I was just so down about letting you down. Are you mad at me?"

Karen lay there silently, listening and trying to come to a decision. A part of her was firmly against it! That's just not something normal people do. But there was a growing part of her that wanted to do it, partly because of their struggling sex life and partly because it turned her on.

"I'm sorry Karen. Tomorrow I'll tell Ty that I was just kidding around. He'll believe that since he's always thought I was kind of a geek anyway. So don't worry, I'll fix-"

"Oh no Kenny, you don't have to do that. I mean, well you know...uh if he... I mean..."

"Have you changed your mind?"Kenny asked excitedly.

"Well, I mean...uh, I don't know. I GUESS. I don't know. Maybe you can convince me."

"IF I can convince you?" Without hesitation her devoted husband dove under the covers, his mouth quickly finding it's mark.

"YES, YES, YES!!!"


Ty had agreed to come over on Thursday night and Karen was in a frantic way for the next 2 days. She and Kenny talked at length about the upcoming event.

"I'm so afraid I won't be able to do it,"Karen said apprehensively. "I mean, good God! There's going to be a third person in our bedroom...WITH A CAMERA!"

"I think you'll be fine, Karen. Just fine. But if you decide you can't, just let me know and we'll call it off. Hell I'm scared to death too!"

They spoke late into the night on Wednesday and Karen hardly slept that night. The next morning as Kenny prepared to leave, he told Karen to think about it, once again emphasizing to her that it would be fine with him if she changed her mind.

As the day went on, Karen thought about her last conversation with Kenny. Then she thought about her desire to bring the passion back to their marriage. Her sex life had become so boring it threatened the very existence of her marriage. They had reached a point where something HAD TO BE DONE! She picked up the phone and called her husband.

"Dear, tell Ty.....don't be late."

It was a little past 8 and Ty was supposed to arrive around 8:30. She moved closer to the mirror, applying just the right shade of red to her pretty lips. The periods of doubt and nervousness were gone. She was ready to do this! The more she thought about it, the more turned on she became. It didn't even bother her that another man would be in the room, in fact, that was the most exciting thing about it! With her looks and personality, she was a major flirt (tease)in high school, making boys jump through hoops for her even though they really stood no chance of having her. She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help enjoying it. Downstairs she heard the doorbell ring. Her heart raced knowing that the time was near. She anticipated being very sexy and catty, treating Ty and Kenny in much the same way as the high school boys. She stepped back to check herself in the mirror. She loved to look and feel sexy and she felt confident about the night as she looked at her practically perfect body with it's lightly tanned, soft skin, her shoulder length blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She adjusted the see-through top and crotchless panties and felt all of her 5 feet 4 inch frame tremble with excitement. She was going to make these 2 boys her own!

In the bedroom down the hall, Kenny watched as Ty checked his camera. He had brought his camera because he felt more comfortable with it.

"Because this isn't a professional camera, we'll have to leave enough light on to have good picture quality." Ty looked around. "This is a really nice place you have here. You can tell you've got a full-time woman's touch going on."

Kenny laughed and said,"Oh stop with the bullshit Ty. You know I'm nervous as hell!" He left the room to check on Karen.

Karen could hear the guys just down the hall. She slipped into her robe and took a deep breath. Kenny walked into the room looking extremely nervous.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?"he asked. "It's not too late to change your mind."

Sensing Kenny was on the verge of backing out, Karen took charge. "No, no. I'll be alright. I'm ready." As they walked to the door she said,"Let's go fuck like dogs!" Karen laughed hoping to loosen up her husband. Apparently it didn't work. He walked silently in front of her.

Karen entered the softly lighted room and looked around. She had never met Ty and she was glad she hadn't. It would be more difficult to fuck in front of a friend, she reasoned. She didn't see him at first because he was kneeling in the floor loading the camera.

"Karen, this is Ty. We've known each other for about a year now."

When Ty stood, Karen gasped under her breath. Ty happened to be a gorgeous black man with the physique of a pro football player! He towered over Kenny's 5 feet 6 inch frame. Karen walked closer.

Ty was just as stunned as Karen. "Man you didn't tell me you were married to a Victoria's Secret model."

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