tagInterracial LoveLights, Camera, Romance 04

Lights, Camera, Romance 04


Ella sat down heavily on the couch and immediately, Eddie threw his arms around her and planted a kiss on her neck.

"You wanna get back to where we were?" He asked seductively.

She giggled, "That depends on how hard you still are."

He gasped when her skilled hands slipped into his unzipped jeans and fondled him tenderly, immediately causing him to spring back to life.

"I guess I could try to work with this." She gave a little pout at the end of her speech which caused him to harden further until his jeans were painfully uncomfortable. She grinned and him and led him by his cock up to her room.

As soon as the door closed behind her, he attacked her, lifting her up and putting her gently on the bed before ripping the clothes from her body. She giggled at his fierceness and pulled at the button of his jeans and he let out a small groan as he was finally free from his restraint.

Before he realized what was happening, he was on his back, her mouth engulfing his 10 inches of solid man meet, trying to take as much as she could. Her right hand worked up and down on what she couldn't fit into her starved mouth, and the other hand satisfied her curiosity when it reached up and traced all of his muscles, coming back down to take the weight of his balls and measure them in her hand.

Her mouth pulled away from him for a little to inspect the impressive package, and he voiced his protest cupping the back of her head and bringing her back to his quivering dark colored dick. She took him into her mouth again, and swallowed just as he erupted with a manly yelled while she tried to drink it all.

When he finally stopped, she removed her mouth and sat on his lap, her drenched pussy inches from his now semi-hard love stick.

"What now?" She asked slyly.

"I want you." He breathed

Ella squinted down at his cock. "I dont think you're ready." She told him.

"I'm ready." he assured her pulling her by her thighs closer to him. Her heat neared. She got up and sat on him and he watched as inch after inch, he slowly slid into her, groaning when she squeezed him.

When he was completely in, she just sat there. "Do something." he told her.

"What?" she teased, but Eddie had had enough if her teasing, he rolled her over and slammed into her.

"Oh God!" she panted moaning softly and digging her long fingernails into his dark skin. He groaned as when she removed them, half circle marks were left.

He thrusted forward quickly, the contact causing his balls to bang against her ass, his teeth on her neck, leaving his mark.

Ella could feel the swell of his cock inside her, and knowing that he was about to cum, she clenched him tightly inside her, reaching out and fondling his heavy sac, screaming when he brushed up against the most welcoming part inside her, and then her spine was tingling and there were dots in front of her eyes as she came with him, screaming all the way through it.

Eddie pulled out and pulled her to him, slipping a finger and stirring their juices together. When he pulled his finger out, she took it into her mouth and moaned.

"That's the best tasting thing i've ever tasted." she told him.

He dipped his finger back into her and tasted it a smile spreading across his face. "It actually is." Their lips connected and swayed to its own beat as they both tried to taste as much of each other as possible. Eddie's phone went off and he broke away groaning. Ella gave a cute pout.

"One second baby," he gave her a small kiss and ran for his jeans that lay on the floor and pulled out his Blackberry. "What?" he snapped to the person on the other edge, looking at Ella as she looked at him.

"Dude, I need your help," came the breathless voice of his best friend.

"What is it?" Eddie asked, breaking eye contact from Ella as concern took over his voice.

"Just meet me at the boathouse. I'll explain everything there." Danny said.

"I'm kinda busy Dan."

"She's going to have to wait Eddie." he hung up the phone without another word.

Eddie looked at it speechless for a while before he turned and looked at Ella. "I got to go." He said.

She sat up and looked at him doubtfully. "Why?" her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Its my friend and he says this is important and-"

"Yeah right," she snorted, pulling the covers of her bed over her. "Like I haven't heard that one before. I cant believe I thought that you were different."

"No! Listen, I AM different. I'll prove it to you. Give me your number and i'll call you. We'll have dinner tonight. I promise." he begged.

Ella simply rolled her eyes with a disgusted look on her face. "I hate it when guys say that. I bet you're just going to rip up my number when you leave. Go on, see if I care."

"Ella, i'm serious."

"Suuure you are." she answered sarcastically, making her way towards the bathroom, her covers wrapped around her tightly. "I believe you know the way out." she walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Shit!" Eddie buried his hand in his hair and began to dress because he saw no other option.


Eddie pulled his Ford over to the valet and handed the guy his keys without looking at him, stomping his way into the five-star restaurant and ignoring the many disgusted looks from the snobbish old people and made his way into the Boathouse cafe, another place in New York for the painfully rich.

Sitting on a char just staring at his hand was Danny, and as he neared his best friend, Eddie's anger melted away. The guy looked as if someone threw a bucket of ice cold water over his candle of happiness.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Eddie asked as he sat heavily.

"Jenifer." Daniel breathed.


"Her name is Jenifer." he broke off and laughed. "I have no clue why the hell i'm so hung off about it. She just killed me."


"She left me dude. I mean, I was asleep and she just left after a great night of sex. Not even a fucking goodbye." He slammed him fist of the table and huffed angrily.

Eddie's anger returned in a flash and he rose to his feet, noting that all eyes were on him, and people already had their cameras poised. "What the fuck is up with you? I cant believe this shit! You interrupt me in the middle of being with the most perfect girl in the world to tell me that for the first time in your story book life, someone rejected you? Do you honestly expect me to have pity for you? Well this must be the biggest shock of your life because believe it or not, I have a life Daniel, and i'm tired of helping you with yours." with that, he walked out.

Daniel sat there open mouthed staring at his hands.


Eddie left the Boathouse, cameras all in his face, and felt free. He shot a glare at a reporter who was trying to yell questions even though she could not have been more than seven feet from him and walked towards the parking lot, heading into his car, and shooting all who was looking the finger before driving off.


'Welcome back to Hollywood News. Now, for the most shocking story and guess who its about." The tan supermodel said to camera, flashing his super straight and perfectly white teeth to his co-host, a blonde with perfectly combed hair in a designer dress.

Ella sat up straighter, ignoring Jen who rolled her eyes and further snuggled into the old comfy love seat engrossing herself into her romance novel.

'That's right Jack, and this is a guy after my own heart. Danny Pierce Logan was filmed in a really hated argument between him and his best friend, Edward Thompson. We got it all on tape.' Linda, the blonde said.

Ella shot up on his feet as if hit and looked on as the man who she'd accused just that morning called her the most perfect girl in the world and felt tears sting her eyes. She felt like crawling in a hole and dying. The faint thump coming from her right met her ear and she turned to see Jen in the same position she was in, her book on the ground, finger pointing at the screen.

"That's the guy I slept with!" She shouted.

Her best friend turned on her. "You slept with Daniel Pierce Logan and you didn't tell me?!"

"I didn't know. I swear!" Jen said sadly, breaking into sobs.

Ella scooped her up and held her tight. "Its okay honey, I believe you. I just cant believe what I told Eddie."

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